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Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « Wikis, wellness and knowledge | Main | Collaborative tagging » April 09, 2006 Conversation & knowledge In a world of information and knowledge, the key process for business is conversation. Conversations enable experience sharing via story, metaphor and analogy, - key steps for gaining understanding, learning, sense-making and becoming aware.

Knowledge-at-work: 05 Retrospect


Knowledge-at-work Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation « CoP2.0 - January 2006 | Main | Structured Settlements3.0 ? » January 01, 2006 05 Retrospect A year where KM lay in limbo - poised on a knife-edge, will KM rise with the web2.0 tide or be relegated to the dead fad bucket? KM bloggers kept the meme alive while new books, conferences and articles wained. and the library2.0

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Three Things to Consider When Moving Brick & Mortar Assessment Centers Online


As the popularity of virtual assessment centers increases, more and more organizations and consultancies are moving their brick and mortar assessment centers online. But the transition is not as simple as one might think. Here are the three biggest considerations.

Three Things to Consider When Moving Brick & Mortar Assessment Centers Online


As the popularity of virtual assessment centers increases, more and more organizations and consultancies are moving their brick and mortar assessment centers online. But the transition is not as simple as one might think. Here are the three biggest considerations.

The Top 8 Free and Open Source Time Clock Software Systems


The acronym was popularized by Robert Heinlein’s 1966 science fiction novel, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress , which is about a lunar revolution. To the inhabitants of the penal colony on the moon, not even the air they breathe is free. Anuko Time Tracker.

#AmericansInLondon A Collaborative Look at HR Learning in London

HR Ringleader

One of those times when I didn’t even realize how long it’s been since I’d eaten and I’m thinking, “Holy Crap, I’m so hungry, I’m dying here”. Come to find out I wasn’t really hungry for food, I was hungry for learning. All leaving very little time to feed my learning needs. I was REALLY, REALLY hungry when I saw Bill Boorman’s Facebook post at the end of February about how the fast-approaching March #trulondon was shaping up. At the front of a room.

5 Popular Entrepreneurial Development Programs in 2019

Career Metis

In an era where start-ups are the norm, and small businesses are budding from every corner, entrepreneurship is flourishing around the world. However, the growth of startups and small businesses is accompanied by a rise in failure rates of start-ups. The course is Ranked No.1

Why It's Up to HR to Illuminate Company Culture

Cornerstone On Demand

But that's a sorely outdated notion, according to Denise Domian, SVP of HR at the Bon-Ton Stores. As Domian put it at Cornerstone Convergence , it's the responsibility of HR to "be the light, not the lampshade," on company culture. She demonstrated this philosophy powerfully in 2006, when The Bon-Ton Stores acquired the Northern Department Group from Saks, Inc. What is "outside the box" probably depends on the company.

meal trains for coworkers in crisis, I have more experience than my resume indicates, and more

Ask a Manager

Meal trains for coworkers in crisis. I’m curious about your thoughts on meal trains (or other forms of support) in times of crisis — is that in a different category than regular gifts? It feels different, but it definitely has all the same problematic potential in terms of lower-level staff feeling pressured to participate and to spend money and their free time on their higher-earning bosses. Meal trains for new parents are a different category.

5 Amazing Team Events for the Summer that Promote Teamwork and Collaboration


Here are a few ways to get your people together this summer, after all, ’tis the season for picnics, summer Fridays, and baseball games! Make the clues based off of specific aspects from each department so that your employees have to collaborate and work together to find the clues.

5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to #WorkHuman

Jason Lauritsen

Next week, I am headed out to speak at and attend the WorkHuman conference in Austin, TX. While I am always excited when given the opportunity to speak, I’m really looking forward to this event for a few reasons. ” It’s inspired by the ideas in my new book.

Did Supervisor Discriminate Against Reservist Due to Possibility of Deployment?

HR Daily Advisor

An Army reservist claimed that he was discriminated against after informing his supervisor about the possibility of an upcoming deployment. . at work and was denied an opportunity to participate in a training program. From 2006 to 2010, “Louis” served as a major in the U.S.

Mindset Is The Key For Success And This Entrepreneur Shows You Why

Thrive Global

A big part of business success nowadays is dependent on having the right mindset. More and more business owners realize that the right mentorship is essential for their business to succeed. I discovered Bob Proctor in the movie ‘The Secret’ in 2006.

Future of Work Agenda Newsletter: May/June 2011

Future of Work

This is the May/June 2011 issue of our free monthly newsletter, Future of Work Agenda. You can also access the newsletter directly on our website, at this link. You’d think taking a couple of weeks off to join my wife in a visit with our daughter who lives and works in London, being a genuine tourist for once, and soaking up history, both in London and in Edinburgh, would mean I wouldn’t have much to report on this month. The Future of People and Organizations.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


To qualify for inclusion in the Performance Management category, a product must: Facilitate the employee performance review process. The HR TechStack for Performance Tracking Tools. 5000 use 15Five to scale their culture and bring out the best in their people.

Be Sure to Care for Yourself While Caregiving

Thrive Global

I was in my mid-40s when I began caring for her in 2006. From that time on, she became my best friend. I would be visiting the beautiful sites of Venice or Rome and would call my mom or my sister to share the experience. I loved living in Italy but I didn’t want to leave my mom out on the adventure. I took them to a few of the places I had told them about. However, the final cell phone bill was a shocker. I needed time to repair myself.

What This Entrepreneur Taught Me About The Importance Of Getting The Right Mentorship

Thrive Global

A big part of business success nowadays is dependent on having the right mindset. More and more business owners realize that the right mentorship is essential for their business to succeed. I discovered Bob Proctor in the movie ‘The Secret’ in 2006.

How Universities can Better Support Students from Education to Occupation


The unemployment rate for recent college graduates is close to 9 percent , and nearly half of those grads are underemployed in jobs that don’t require a college degree. Not all students are at the same stage in career planning even if they are in similar spots in school.

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer Engagement, Leadership and Power of Storytelling Last week, I had a short conversation with one of my colleagues in HR about the all important topic of employee engagement. They make a point at the end of each story. Show them the future.

Gut Check: Are You a Class Act?

Lee Hecht Harrison

If you were among the more than 103 million fans that tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday, you witnessed one of the most exciting championship games ever. As a Patriots fan, I was a bit disappointed in the outcome, a narrow but thrilling victory by the Philadelphia Eagles.

A Discussion with Elfatih Ibrahim on Being Versatile and Open To Breaking Out Of Your Routine

Thrive Global

Elfatih Ibrahim attended the University of Khartoum where he graduated with an Honour Degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy, Second Class. In 1985, Elfatih became a registered pharmacist by the Sudan Medical Council and then in 1992, he became a Registered Pharmacist by the New York State Education Department Board of Pharmacy. In 2006, Elfatih started his own pharmacy organization, Maxwell Pharmacy Inc., with the result. love the industry I am in.

Six HR Leaders Inducted into NAHR


The National Academy of Human Resources inducted its 2015 class of Fellows at its annual dinner and installation ceremony Thursday night in New York. Barclay, who retired from her post as senior vice president of human resources for The Kroger Co.

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


This is largely because we believe it’s a great resource for business owners (and others working within the HR function) to gather ideas from the insights and articles they share, enabling followers to improve their own business practices. Companies that have women in leadership roles have traditionally fared better than their counterparts,” – The Benefit of More Women in Leadership Roles, a , Member of the board/Survey team leader, Fontes Vad?bas

The Social Impact Heroes of Social Media: with Chris Strub the ‘Giving Day Guy’

Thrive Global

My good friend and colleague in the social media industry often says it best: “Think Like a Fan.” As a part of my series about social media stars who are using their platform to make a significant social impact, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Strub.

Video 36

Map your Digital HR journey to the successes of Uniper, Thyssenkrupp, Solvay & AmRest

NGA Human Resources

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a marked change in the conversations we’re having with HR leaders. Coupled with the rapid increase in the number of HR transformation projects we’re now working on globally, this suggests we’re on the cusp of change.

“Five Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Successful Service Based Business” With Charlie Katz & Wade Brannon

Thrive Global

In our business, we have wait times on busy days. Our customers tend to come in at a lot of the same times resulting in their having to wait for a cut. If we are doing our job, the customer knows about how long they’ll have to wait or hear less busy times should they not be able to stick around that day. I had the pleasure to interview Wade Brannon. Brannon purchased the franchising rights for Pigtails & Crewcuts in 2004.

Zachary Misko: A rare blend of competence and courtesy in the HR industry


By Marylene Delbourg-Delphis I do not attend too many tradeshows and conferences per year. Among the ones I like is the HRO Today Forum that takes place annually in May. He didn't need to: the simple fact that Zachary had joined that organization made it interesting to me.

Two Pressing Priorities for HR Executives: Social and Analytics

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Smart CHROs know that the social media phenomenon is not a trend that organizations other than their own have to contend with—it’s an essential business reality that permeates the entire business. These developments support a role for HR in architecting the future of how work gets done.

Women In Wellness: “Why you should find a place to volunteer after you retire”, with Dr. Deanna Hope Berman and Beau Henderson

Thrive Global

Through becoming a master composter, you can help others learn about organic gardening and decreasing food waste. Or you can volunteer to walk dogs at the SPCA. She received her medical training and Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Midwifery at Bastyr University.

Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor: Celebrating Our Differences at Workday


In order to make stronger connections with each other, we need to share our experiences—including the difficult ones. Taylor, who joined Workday as our first chief diversity officer in December 2017, acknowledges that starting the conversation isn’t always easy.

Former Reporter Jason Simms: “Here Are 5 Steps We Can Take To Win Back Trust In Journalism”

Thrive Global

However, it’s important at this moment for all outlets to recognize they face an existential threat in the current climate of media distrust and to band together in solidarity. First, don’t forget to credit the reporting of others. The Metal Shakespeare Company in 2007.

What Everyone Needs to Know About A.I.

Thrive Global

There is the everyday country of the senses, and then the country made of numbers—the analyst’s country. One is overwhelming, the other is confounding. The India of the senses tells us about the challenges its citizens witness every day.

“We need more positive coverage of cultural accomplishments.” with Len Gaincola & Patrick Pennie

Thrive Global

It would be great to promote the positive things that immigrants and born citizens alike have accomplished to impact our society. Media coverage is the number one way to enlighten the public on the benefits of diversity. Instantly, a bell went off. The Netherlands.

“The best leaders are the ones who cast the clearest vision” With Charlie Katz & Joel Thomas

Thrive Global

I truly believe that the best leaders are the ones who cast the clearest vision for their company. At my company, we don’t just hand new hires a training manual with our company’s vision buried somewhere in the introductory paragraphs. It is the lifeblood of our company and why we exist. I had the pleasure to interview Joel Thomas, the President of Stratos Jet Charters. We’re going to lunch in the Bahamas.” You’re the CEO. ?

Creating an Impactful Culture - A View of NUMMI From the Inside


During my formative working life I was very fortunate to be able to work at the NUMMI plant for six years. For those not familiar with NUMMI, the joint-venture was born in an old General Motors Fremont, CA, plant. What can be learned from the NUMMI experiment.

Top 5 HR trends for 2012


These resolutions are traditionally based on what is valued in someone’s society and community at that time. With high unemployment & debt levels, a renewed appreciation of family & friends and emphasis on health issues in North America, it wasn’t surprising the top resolutions for 2012 are weight loss, getting more sleep, reading more books, making better money decision and journaling “awesome moments in life.”. Guest post written by: Sarah White.

Managers, Nurture Creativity. Don't Kill It!


Bob, the project manager, was busy communicating with client via MSN Messenger, his eyes focused on the computer screen and fingers fiercely hitting the keyboard in a fine synchrony with his brain. Jay, the team member, approach Bob with a suggestion - “Sir, for this particular requirement of the project, I have a suggestion that can save us a few lines of code, time and may also improve the performance”, there was a spark on Jay’s face as he put forward the suggestion.