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Rising Music Stars Chad, Dennijo, and Andy Sitze of The Flat River Band: “Always find the best in people; despite what some people say, try to find the positive in it; If you look hard enough you will find it”

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The music industry can sometimes be like a roller coaster and is full of critics. The Flat River Band is an Americana Country Music Band that was formed in 2006. We are very interested in diversity in the entertainment industry. I believe that diversity is important.

“Dreams do come true if you put in the work”, with Chef Rosalind “Roz” Tucker

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She worked her way up in the city’s culinary scene before making a name for herself and eventually starting her own catering company in 2006. I grew up in a small town in Connecticut with a diverse food scene and was always cooking at home. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

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Rising Star Drew Sidora: “Take one teach one! If each of us could help just one person achieve their dreams imagine the domino effect that could create”

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Drew is an American actress and singer known for her recurring role as Chantel in the Disney Channel Original Series That’s So Raven, also as Lucy Avila in the 2006 movie Step Up. This industry is super competitive and you can never stop learning and growing.

Jessica L. Mazzeo and Emily Griesing: “Identify your areas of expertise”

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In addition to her role at the Firm, Jessica is co-founder of Bossible and GriesingMazzeo Leadership, a company that focuses on diversity and inclusion, bullying and bias elimination training. I turned them down because I was intent on leaving the legal industry.

“Keep hold of who you are and what your passions are.” With Beau Henderson & Craig Hudson

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I played for the Sevens again and in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, but ultimately the virus was career-ending. What advice would you suggest to your colleagues in your industry to thrive and avoid burnout? Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Stay focused on your strategy and don’t fret over what you can’t control”, with Journera CEO, Jeffrey G. Katz

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They are building an “experience management” platform for the travel industry based on the idea that the journey is the essence of all travel, and that by better connecting all the flights, cars, hotels, meals and experiences of your trip, they can make travel easier and more meaningful.

“We need more positive coverage of cultural accomplishments.” with Len Gaincola & Patrick Pennie

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Media coverage is the number one way to enlighten the public on the benefits of diversity. In 2006, Patrick received FDA clearance to release the second-generation Platelet Concentrating System called the GenesisCS Component Concentrating System. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

How Proper Goal Setting Can Help Your Team Achieve Their Goals


Figure 1, Performance Magazine Goal Setting Theory: What is it? Diversity and Inclusion, job enrichment, employee well-being, and testing and selection are just a few of the topics that Rebecca is passionate about. 2006).

Conference Twitter Primer #SHRM18


BenFanning1 : #INC Magazine Leadership Columnist and Speaker: Free report to get the most out of your workforce. Deployed to Iraq in 2006, shot in the head by a sniper. Our debut conference Twitter primer for #Unleash18 in Las Vegas was a hit (really, people told us so).