3 Reasons Why Incentive Programs Fail to Increase Field Productivity

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In order to keep workforces engaged and drive their continuous growth, companies need to thoroughly approach the development of impactful incentive programs. What kinds of incentives drive field productivity in 2019? How to ensure that your company provides the right incentives.

How to Meet the New Overtime Regulation Using People Analytics


In 2016, I shared how organizations could use people analytics to prepare for the changes to overtime pay that were set to take effect later that year. This isn’t the first time organizations needed to analyze their workforce data for regulatory or legal reasons–and it won’t be the last.

Cafe Classic: To Innovate in Rewards, Get Outside the Rewards Profession

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Thank You for 10, 360 and 180,000 Reasons

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He has three metaphors for every occasion and is a leading expert on incentive plan and equity compensation issues. This post is about recognition. The recognition of each of you reading this post, and anyone who has ever read a post on the Compensation Café.

You ARE Being Replaced by AI

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Base with a 31.69% target incentive level, based on the fourteen individually weighted metrics recently established by our big data mining exercise in conjunction with our actuarially-modeled best-case scenario using the recent new pricing model from that academic team at MIT.”.

Cafe Classic: All Decisions Are B.A.D. Decisions

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decisions, relying on the Best Available Data known at the time. Even compensation experts, supposedly the most analytical of HR types, have difficulties with data. decisions, made according to the “best available data” when action was required. .

The importance of HR analytics


Today, most organizations rely on actual data to make informed decisions on how to run their business. Whilst departments such as sales, marketing, and operations have actively been using data analytics to optimize performance, HR experts within a business have been relatively slow to integrate analytics to influence their decision making. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of HR analytics and see how it can help your company. What is HR analytics?

Unleashing Your Inner Scientist: Lab Mindsets & HR/Compensation Experiments

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Feedback can come via data or metrics that measure the impact of the treatment on individuals in the group; this could include things like voluntary turnover, engagement survey results, productivity or operating statistics, etc. Experimentation, it seems, is on a lot of our minds lately.

Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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Bonuses are paid, last year's results are old news and grand plans for this year have been signed, sealed and delivered. Run your bonus plan(s)through the washer periodically. Hoping to get started on data analytics? Looking at clear skies these days?

Relying on Traditional HR Will Lose You the Analytics Talent Race

Analytics in HR

The war for talent is raging across industries and countries, and nowhere is the fight more intense than in data science and analytics. In fact, Gartner anticipates that there will be a shortage of 100,000 data scientists in the United States alone by 2020. The reality: traditional HR struggles to fulfill the analytics remit. Even the most apt HR teams are already struggling to fulfill their analytics remit. Analytics News & Blogs

Leading Vendors Announce Quizzify Partnerships to Satisfy Forthcoming Wellness Incentive Rules


The ruling upends the wellness industry by proscribing “voluntary” incentives for screenings and health risk assessments as of January 2019. Having safe harbor status is just a bonus.”

Your Employee Referral Program Guide: The Benefits, How-tos, Incentives & Tools


Your Employee Referral Program Guide: The Benefits, How-tos, Incentives & Tools. Here’s everything you need to know about employee referral programs, including benefits, how-tos, incentives, and tools. Establish an incentive structure for inspiring employee referrals.

Is Team Chemistry the Next Big Thing in Performance and Rewards?

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Is "making teams better" the new holy grail of performance analytics? Or, as former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson puts it: “The next step in analytics will be how to build chemistry.”. Bonus/Incentives Metrics/Analytics Pay for Performance Performance Management - General

Cafe Classic: Happy Holidays & an Evidence-Based New Year!

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One obstacle: Understanding data analysis. To create and use evidence in our work, we must have a basic understanding of quantitative data analysis. Doesn't sound like a crowd eager to embrace analytics, does it? Creative Commons image "Data Mining" by Jim Kaskade.

Cafe Classic: Get Rich Quick!

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I'm talking about employee data of course. And the reason I'm sending out this reminder is because so many of the companies that I've worked with do not mine their data. When I ask them for data on their employees, they give me their best guess.

Compensation Work and Skin in the Game

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And how efficiently can you identify the obstacles that your current reward programs -- base pay delivery, incentives, benefit plans and programs -- will toss into the path of the workforce transformation that must now happen?

The Overwhelming Power Of Analytics In Retailing And B2C: Part One

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Online grocery shopping and personalized bonus cards – we all face these incentives every day. Each is strongly driven by the overwhelming power of the analytics that are behind them. These dynamics also require online interactive analytical capabilities.

All Decisions Are B.A.D. Decisions

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decisions, relying on the Best Available Data known at the time. Even compensation experts, supposedly the most analytical of HR types, have difficulties with data. decisions, made according to the “best available data” when action was required. .

Pay Differentiation without Performance Ratings: How's That Working for Us?

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It's still a very limited data set, but I have now encountered several organizations who have seen employee satisfaction with compensation decline in the years following a decision to drop performance appraisals and performance ratings. I'm picking up what might be an interesting pattern.

Competitive Market Surveys Rarely Produce Identical Pay

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Examination of the official weather report offers more refined data with greater credibility. Each employer using an identical survey published by a reputable professional analytical organization ends up with its own unique number as the appropriate target.

Clearing Away the Cobwebs

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In the meantime, the work world has changed immensely in terms of regulatory policies, economics, workforce priorities, data analytics, productivity through technology and so on. Somehow it felt like time to hit the reset button, so I went looking for inspiration.

Santa, Where Do Best Practices Come From?

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We're likely to pay more attention to findings that support our beliefs and to ignore competing facts and patterns in our data. Start by following a data and analytic approach that is specified ahead of time.

The Next Big Idea Begins Here

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Front-end topics included eliminating duplication and redundancy in the functions of your compensation services team, in addition to recurring themes of disruption, innovation, predictive analytics and transforming organizations. .

4 Questions HR Leaders Need to Ask About Holiday Workers Now


Instead of copying others, you need to identify where you will gain the most advantage from adding to the costs of your workforce — whether it’s by investing in employee perks or weekly retention bonuses. The incentives to stay are not working as anticipated and should be changed. “HR”

Are Your Variable Pay Practices Factoring into the Gender Pay Gap?

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What role does variable/incentive pay play in that overall inequity? Enter the work being done by the ADP Research Institute and Ahu Yildirmaz, Vice President Market Insights and Analytics and Head of the Institute.

Why Using Data Is Your Key to Increasing Diversity, According to This Tech Leader

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It takes courage to push for diversity, but using data—which comes naturally to an engineer like Leslie—has helped him drive change. While arguments for diversity are sometimes dismissed as too emotional or not urgent, data can help you make a powerful case that leads to progress. “It’s

The future of talent acquisition: Two experts talk about recruitment tech in 2020


But then, “candidate data escaped the database,” said Hung, “and people started looking at unstructured data and infer who’d be a viable candidate. But, the social era allowed different types of people to come in, people who were a lot more analytical and less sales-y.”.

The True Source of Company Culture

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They even petition their bosses for raises and bonuses sometimes. Typically, this type of company culture offers commission-based pay and regular bonuses or incentives that must be earned. Data-Driven. Gartner is an organization with a strong data-driven culture.

How Does Integrated Business Planning Support Profitability Analysis?

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In the past, companies focused on developing standard products and standard service lines and then incenting their sales force to push and sell them to existing customers and prospects. He is the founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC www.garycokins.com.

Year-Round Recruiting 101: What You Need to Know

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Use predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is kind of a new trend in HR and recruiting, and the data collected by these emerging tools is proving to be a game-changer in helping employers identify talent gaps and future hiring needs.

Sports and Compensation – A strategy for success


The more information and data that you armed yourself with, the better a team you were able to assemble. Take advantage of access to real time data and analytics to make critical decisions. Are you a sports fan?

So, you’re implementing Workday. Now what?


Every day we talk with compensation professionals who share with us that they can no longer rely on spreadsheets because of their inability to find data quickly and efficiently; not to mention the potential for inherent calculation errors, version control, and security issues. However, after implementation, users who have complex calculations in their Total Reward programs – such as Merit, Bonus, Long Term and Short-Term Incentives may wish to add additional functionality.

8 Influential Employee Engagement Trends for 2019


With access to those kiosks and the Bonusly mobile app, everyone can easily give each other bonuses." – Andrew Schrader, Human Resources Manager at Chobani. People Analytics. We live in the age of big data, and HR is the next industry poised to make the most of analytics.

13 Top Recruiting Strategies to Use in 2020

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use data) 13. You can use a dedicated augmented writing tool that uses data and predictive analytics to determine what kind of writing works for your company and culture. use data). When it comes to recruiting strategies, it’s good to bet on multiple horses.

Minimum Wage Increase: The Positives and the Pitfalls


To fund the wage increase, the company is eliminating its variable compensation pay (VCP), bonuses for employees with good attendance and who hit productivity targets. VCPs can earn Amazon workers an 8% monthly bonus and a 16% bonus during the hectic November and December seasons.

Counter-Offers: Know When to Hold’em or Fold’em


Instead of accepting an intuition-based decision, consider taking an analytical approach: by accessing the employee’s detailed work records and performing comparisons against like employees and employee groups, you can make better decisions based on evidence.

If It Feels Good, Do It: Top 3 Upsides To Employee Referrals


The latter: at least, given the rise of analytics and Big Data, is far more able to be quantified now that we can send in the Cloud and conjure up scopey benchmarks and juicy reports. Love is a mystery, as is hiring. The former: we can talk about that complexity some other time.