Video Interview Usage Went Up 159% in 2020

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We recently released our 2020 Hiring Benchmark Report based on a global survey of over 400 hiring professionals. We also see that 70% of hiring professionals are using reference checks this year. While reference checks are nothing new, one interesting thing to note is that reference check usage went up 9% from 2019, a significant jump when most of the other items on the list remained relatively stable year-over-year.

Compensation Management: Salary Benchmarking and Beyond


This process is called compensation benchmarking. How is compensation benchmarking done? The first step in compensation benchmarking is to build a list of salary ranges for current and future job roles. Lastly, determine the minimum and maximum salary for the range, referring to the midpoint market value of each role as a guide. Compensation benchmarking is designed to maintain fairness for both the employer and the employee.


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Planning your recruitment budget: expert advice from Workable’s CFO


First, before planning your recruitment budget, go back to your last proposed recruitment budget (if you have one). By the way – this highlights the importance of a clear, standardized recruitment process. contacting references. Did we not do enough internal recruiting?

What Organizations Are Doing to Achieve Diversity Goals

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We published the results in our annual Hiring Benchmark Report. For reference, 0% of small companies (fewer than 20 companies) say they have created one, and just 9% of companies with 20-99 employees have created one. Get your copy of the 2020 Hiring Benchmark Report.

The 2019 Recruitment Year in Review


Hopefully that means you’re wrapping up your recruiting strategy for the year, finding a way to spend your last few budget dollars, and congratulating your team on a job well done. Here’s Yello’s 2019 recruitment year in review: 2019: The Year of Recruitment Operations.

Introduction to Recruiting Metrics FAQ


Recruitment metrics help you gauge the effectiveness of your recruitment process. Here are frequently asked questions and answers about recruiting metrics to help you understand recruiting data and use it to boost your hiring: Intro to Recruiting Metrics. What does KPI mean in recruitment? What are recruiting metrics? What can you learn from recruitment metrics? How can I have better visibility into recruiting metrics?

Are Phone-Based Reference Checks Leaving You Wanting and Waiting?


Are Phone-Based Reference Checks Leaving You Wanting and Waiting? This is because CV/resume analysis and phone-based reference checks don’t always reveal the full picture of how well a candidate and his or her skills will (or won’t) succeed in a role within your organization. Let’s say you’re a recruiter or HR manager who calls a private number provided as a reference by the candidate. Online Reference Checking.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Recruiting Process


Recruitment Performance Metrics to Track. Formula: ( External recruiting costs* + Internal recruiting costs*)/ Total number of hires. How to Revamp Your Recruiting Process. Reference Checks. days to get their reference check reports back.

3 Recruiting Budget Templates [with Real Samples]


How much do companies spend on recruiting? I found very few examples of a detailed recruiting budget template on the webosphere. So, I pinged my smart recruiting friends to help guide me. 3 Recruiting Budget Template Approaches. Total Recruiting Spend.

Recruiting costs FAQ: Budget and cost per hire


Here are frequently asked questions and answers about recruiting costs to help you plan your budget, monitor your cost per hire and optimize your spending: What is cost per hire? What should be included in recruiting costs? What’s a good benchmark for cost per hire? What’s a good benchmark for recruiting costs? What should be included in a recruiting budget? How do I calculate my recruiting budget? What’s a good benchmark for a recruiting budget?

5 Major Things Recruiters Need To Know About Diversity Hiring

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Before beginning to dive in at the bottom of diversity hiring , recruiters need to understand more about the superficial items related to it. Recruiters need to understand that a high-quality workforce is significant to any company.

19 Recruiting Metrics You Should Know About

Analytics in HR

Recruiting metrics are an essential part of a data-driven hiring and recruitment analytics. However, if you would keep track of every recruiting metric you could find on the web, you’d have no time left to do actual recruiting! But first, let’s answer the question: What are recruiting metrics? What are recruiting metrics? When used correctly, these metrics help to evaluate the recruiting process and whether the company is hiring the right people.

Managing Employees’ Salary Expectations


Two, recruitment efforts are stronger and more ferocious than ever. The reality is your best employees are receiving recruiting notices on LinkedIn weekly, if not daily. That’s why keeping salaries competitive through annual salary benchmarking is so important. Try to reference salary guides specific to your geographical region and industry for more accurate benchmarking. HR Blog salary benchmarking salary expectations salary guide

Planning your recruitment budget for 2020: expert advice from a finance VP


But when it comes to recruitment, do you have a deeper understanding of planning your recruitment budget for 2020? First, before planning your recruitment budget for 2020, go back to your last proposed recruitment budget (if you have one). Once you’ve lined up your projected numbers against your actual numbers for 2019, sort out all the costs related to your recruitment into sections, such as: Posting job ads. contacting references.

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


We’d love to tell you that the recruitment process is as simple as posting a job and then choosing the best among the candidates who flow right in. There are 10 main areas of the recruitment process that, once mastered, can help you: Optimize your recruitment strategy. What is the recruitment process? Recruitment Marketing – find and attract better candidates. Reporting, Compliance & Security – be compliant throughout the recruitment process.

Gamification in recruiting: How and why to give it a shot


This, Google’s famous billboard mathematical riddle , is a sensational example of how useful gamification in recruiting can be. To help you get inspired for your own gamification efforts, we look into the mechanics of gamification in recruitment and dig into some actual results. Gamification in recruiting doesn’t refer to one single type of game. To determine whether gamification in recruiting works, let’s turn to companies who’ve already been seeing results.

Gamified Assessment as a Recruitment Tool


More and more organizations are nowadays using gamified assessment as a recruitment tool. The intersection of technology and human resources has led to the emergence of this new and very interesting scientific area, which aims to transform the stressful recruitment process into a fun and useful procedure. c) Summative, which is used at the end of the recruitment process for sorting and ranking purposes. Successful Gamified Recruitment Implementation.

Tools 63

Top 10 Out-Of-The-Box Recruiting Strategies for 2020


From communicating your company’s values through job ads until onboarding the candidate in your organization, the kind of recruiting strategy plays a vital role. The Recruiting Strategies that you use can either strengthen your employer branding or break the image.

Recruiting email metrics: how to measure your email success


Recruiting email metrics help you measure the impact of your messages. Whether it’s to find out if a referred candidate would be a good fit for your company, or to inform a past candidate about a new job, use metrics to shed light on your digital recruiting techniques. Here are four types of metrics you can use to analyze your recruitment emails : Measuring recruitment email open rate. How to calculate recruitment email open rate.

Qualified job candidates per hire: recruiting metrics that matter


How and what we need to measure in recruiting remains an active discussion. While there is plenty of data on offer from key recruitment metrics, interpreting that data in a way that will improve your hiring process is complicated. Following the release of Workable’s new Reporting Center we’re taking an in-depth look at the four key performance indicators (KPIs) we think are worth tracking in recruiting. and why it’s a recruiting metric that matters. Blog Recruiting

Hiring process FAQ: A guide to structured recruitment


What are the typical steps in the recruiting process? What steps in the hiring process do recruiters manage? What is a good benchmark for application process length? What is a good benchmark for average interview process length? What are the typical steps in the recruiting process? The typical steps of the recruitment and selection process vary depending on the role and company. recruiters, candidates) and recruiting tactics (e.g.

Simplifying the Hiring Process with Recruitment Automation


How AI Can Enhance the Personal Touch in Candidate Recruitment. Recruitment automation is giving hiring teams a much-needed advantage in a highly competitive market. Inside this complete guide to recruiting automation, you will find: In this article: How a recruitment automation process streamlines hiring. Recruitment Automation Case Studies. What AI can do for your recruiting efforts. Recruitment automation tools. What Is Recruitment Automation?

IDC Benchmark: Digital Maturity Check For Self-Assessment

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Companies can refer to the independent IDC MaturityScape model to find out what level of digital maturity they have reached and to develop their own strategy for the digital transformation. The first step uses an independent benchmark to create a company-specific output report. If it’s clear where a digital omni-experience could provide the edge over competitors, then it’s the job of human resources to recruit suitable experts.

How Recruiters Can Drive Diversity Efforts

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The entire recruiting and staffing industry has been upended in the past few months. Live recruiting events and conferences have been canceled. These recruiters are in high-demand and this demand is increasing. We refer to this idea as “Win-Win Hiring.”.

When You Need to Move Beyond Data for Pay Decisions

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Often folks will begin market benchmarking by looking at data cuts for jobs in their specific industry, location or company type/size. Just keep in mind that you should still reference market data to make a conscious strategic decision to pay at the high end of it! Every once in a while, you’ll have a job in your organization that is fairly specific to your company or industry that doesn’t have a great market benchmark. Data, data, data.

Effective HR Recruitment Matters


With employers fighting tooth and nail to land quality candidates, the role of recruiter is more important than ever. Let’s take a look at why effective HR recruitment isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must in today’s current environment. The Role of the HR Recruiter. On the surface, the task may seem straightforward – your company has an opening, your HR recruiter finds someone to fill it. Creating the Perfect Recruiting Strategy. Recruiting Success Factors.

How I “Unlearned” to Recruit


Musings from my first six months at Shortlist As a hardcore recruiter from the recruitment consulting industry, the last six months have been a journey of unlearning what I knew (or what I assumed I knew ??) regarding hiring, and learning the way recruitment should really happen. I switched my job a little over six months ago to join Shortlist’s Mumbai office, where tech-powered recruitment is our core business. As a recruiter, I can level the playing field.

Yield Ratio: All You Need to Know

Analytics in HR

However, a yield ratio is also an HR metric that greatly improves your recruitment and selection process. It is a must-use metric for any manager, recruiter, or HR team. The recruiting yield ratio measures something else but is equally as valuable and essential to any organization.

The Compensation Odyssey: It’s not a destination

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Traversing your way through the trials and tribulations of benchmarking jobs, analyzing market data, and building then communicating a compensation structure can feel like quite the expedition. Taking the time to analyze jobs gives you a leg up later when it comes to benchmarking and legal compliance. Benchmarking Bypass. Benchmarking answers the question: how much jobs are like mine are paid in our talent market.

Supporting Workday Customers on Their Diversity Journeys


Benchmarking. With Workday Benchmarking , delivered via the Workday Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering, customers can gain a better understanding of their company’s relative performance in comparison to peer organizations. With these benchmarking insights, business leaders can make more informed decisions on what actions to take to achieve optimal performance. Human Resources diversity and inclusion pay equity Workday Benchmarking Workday Human Capital Management

5 Hiring Traps That Sabotage Your Entire Recruitment Process

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As a recruitment manager, you are always on the hunt for the best talent out there. This means that hiring managers need to perfect their recruitment process so that you are able to get your fair share of the talent. Writing a clear and elaborate job description, doing consistent follow-ups, asking appropriate interview questions and cross-checking the prospect’s references are the basics that must be covered by any recruitment manager.

Costly Mistakes Recruiters Make When Hiring Construction Managers

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Recruiting in the construction field behooves a samurai-level mental equilibrium, for the plainly frustrating reason that you won’t find many qualified candidates. They will then benchmark your in-house talent’s ability to execute projects effectively. 5) Not automating the recruitment process: The recruitment cycle has tasks when performed manually can waste productive hours.

Double Your Productivity With These 6 Recruiting Tips

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When I first became a recruiter, one big frustration was having hiring managers reject good people for bad reasons. For everyone involved — the recruiter, the hiring manager, and the candidate — this is a waste of time. Before I became a recruiter, my job involved identifying and improving manufacturing and distribution process problems. It’s important to only spend time with semifinalists or people who can refer you to semifinalists. Recruiting Tips

Top 4 Ways to Increase Your Employee Retention Rate

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Employee retention simply refers to how many employees actually stay under your employment. Regularly benchmark your positions against the market annually and ensure that you compensate your employees according to market rates.

CandE Awards Showcase Organizations Getting Great Feedback on Candidate Experience


One of the top questions recruiters often ask of references is “would you hire that person again?” The Talent Board is a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and benchmark research of a quality candidate experience. Candidates are asked if they are ‘likely to apply again,’ ‘likely to refer a friend’ and for other feedback. One area where that can especially occur is reference checking. Plus, the experience is enhanced for the references themselves.