Cafe Classic: The Truth About Great Compensation Design

Compensation Cafe

Since most of our compensation practices rely on managers, let's be clear that our work can easily become dysfunctional (or just barely functional) if we don't speak the truth about our managers. Editor's Note: The truth hurts. and it can set you free! That's what they say, anyway.

Top priorities for HR due diligence in a corporate transaction


For organizations involved in a corporate transaction, understanding the HR-related impacts and potential risks from a financial, people/culture, and operational/structural perspective is vitally important to maximizing transaction value. HR operations.

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Relying on Traditional HR Will Lose You the Analytics Talent Race

Analytics in HR

The war for talent is raging across industries and countries, and nowhere is the fight more intense than in data science and analytics. In fact, Gartner anticipates that there will be a shortage of 100,000 data scientists in the United States alone by 2020. The reality: traditional HR struggles to fulfill the analytics remit. Even the most apt HR teams are already struggling to fulfill their analytics remit.

15 Revolutionary Ways To Educate Employees On Benefits


These are all questions that your HR team should be evaluating on a regular basis. Despite this, less than 25% of companies are using technology for non-payroll HR functions, like education, benefits and communication. Data via

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