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HR and Event Management Collaboration: Best Practices for Employee Recognition Programs


Employee recognition programs have long been a cornerstone of effective human resource strategies. Recognizing employees for their hard work and dedication is key to fostering motivation, enhancing retention, and boosting overall morale. Encouraging employees to perform at their best. Informal recognition.

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Guide To Drive Employee Recognition


MGM Grand 1 , a Las Vegas hospitality company, realized the need to enhance employee engagement by following a value-driven employee recognition program. In its approach, the company successfully streamed employee satisfaction surveys, which showed an increase from 87.5%    What is employee recognition?


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24 Actionable Employee Engagement Ideas and Activities


Two-thirds of employees in North America are considering leaving their jobs in 2020. For employees under 30, that number is even higher. One of the fastest routes to a better retention rate is by improving employee engagement. Keep employees informed. Show recognition and appreciation. Listen to your team.

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How To Design An Effective Spot Bonus Program?

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Although there are innumerable ways of rewarding your employees, rewards like spot bonuses undoubtedly win it. Unlike traditional performance-based bonuses typically tied to annual or quarterly reviews, spot bonuses can be awarded anytime. Why Give Spot Bonus to Employees? Hands down! Spot Bonus- What is it?

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How To Create an Effective Employee Recognition Program (in 2023)

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An employee recognition program can help your company retain employees, improve productivity and recognize employee performance. In fact, it’s been shown that when larger businesses double their employee recognition efforts, they experience a 9% increase in productivity and a 22% decrease in absenteeism.

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Employee Engagement Metrics Every Manager Should Know

HR Guy

Reading Time: 8 minutes Employee engagement is a critical aspect of the success and overall health of any organisation. Engaged employees perform better, stay longer, and contribute positively to the company’s growth. Employee engagement is a critical factor in the success of any organisation.

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Failed Incentive Programs: Why Some Fail & How to Fix Them


Failed incentive programs waste your company's time, money, resources, and trust. Incentive programs are supposed to incentivize employee motivation and productivity while providing a big "thank you" from the business. However, not every incentive hits the mark. What Is an Incentive Program? Undoubtedly, yes.