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Bookmark This! Change Management Edition

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Typically, change involves developing new habits and routines. So, I wanted to put together a list of articles and resources that you could bookmark (hence the title, bookmark this) and refer to it when you’re looking for information about change.

SHRM Talent Acquisition Specialty Credential: All the Details

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You might want to consider bookmarking it for future reference.). However, if you are, the above activities are eligible for Professional Development Credits (PDCs). I’m thrilled that he graciously agreed to share some insights behind the development of the credential.

Developing An Intentional Learning Culture

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It means, of course, to do something on purpose or to be deliberate. In his role at Southwest, he is focused on the professional development of the University’s 300+ staff. In the past, each operational group had its own training department.

I bombed in an interview I asked for, employee wants to skip lunch and leave early every day, and more

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Knowing this was effectively a job interview, I came prepared to discuss staffing, training, expectations, client engagement, priorities and goal setting, etc. Of course I know that, but I’ve clearly made a terrible impression. referencesIt’s five answers to five questions.

Cultivating a Business Culture that Encourages Lifelong Learning


What if lifelong learning promised steady increases in the quality-of-life for your family, better earning power, increased recognition, guaranteed career advancement and greater job satisfaction? Ongoing learning, personal development, and training offer all of these benefits and more. That’s why lifelong learning tips could prove invaluable for career advancement and quality-of-life issues. Personal Development

What is employee retention?


Reduced training time: Long-term employees are highly trained and feel confident to carry out their daily responsibilities. New employees require training and time to adapt to the new environment and its requirements, which can strain team productivity temporarily.

Best Blogs for HRs: These People Write about Industrial Psychology!


The workforce turnover in such companies is rather large, and the business is constantly losing its positions on the market because it has to spend a lot of time, cost and effort for hiring new workers and their lengthy training. Industrial Psychology Statistics Referring Workplaces.

Everything to know about Human Resource Management


Human resource management is primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and systems also overseeing employee-benefits design, employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and reward management.

Using HR Tech to Drive the Candidate and Employee Experience

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I know that idea falls apart a bit, as of course you’re not going to hire someone you don’t want on the team, but the sentiment is that it is a candidate driven workforce, giving the advantage to job seekers.

Leaders, Consider Your Introverts


The author, Kate Rodriguez is a former senior career search researcher and government analyst who covers career development and higher education marketing for The Economist Careers Network. This blog first appeared on The Economist’s Executive Education blog here.

How To Foster User Adoption In Your New Learning Management System?


Imagine the ability to be able to say this line, to a troubled individual concerned with the new change: “Though that one specific method of course creation has changed, you now have the ability to further configure multiple aspects which we had never considered, which will not only improve our course offerings and user accessibility, but also our capability to measure impact on our organization.” How To Foster User Adoption In Your New Learning Management System?

8 Influential Employee Engagement Trends for 2019


When polled on career priorities, 57 percent of younger Americans responded that the most important factor was personally enjoyable and meaningful work. Professional Development. Today, young and ambitious professionals view personal career development as extremely important.

Tips for making a job offer to a candidate


For example, you might offer stock options to senior roles and training opportunities to other positions. You may need to revisit all these if your finalist decides to negotiate, but using your initial factors as a reference helps speed up the process once you have found your best candidate.

What does high turnover mean? Turnover rates, jobs, and causes

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Because then there is whatever you’ve spent on training and onboarding, interview expenses, advertising, etc. In an HR context, (high) turnover refers to the number of workers who leave the organization. This can mean many things, of course.

Top HR Software – 2019 Reviews & Pricing


Human resources refer to people with a variety of skills in charge of the workforce of an office, company or any private establishment. HR software helps you with grooming and developing recruits to grow familiar with the company policies.

3 Trends That Are Changing How We Learn at Work


Employee learning and development is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have – especially if companies expect to hang onto key talent. A focus on learning and development helps companies adapt with greater agility to market, leadership, technology changes and a host of other factors.

The Game Is on in Recruitment

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Uber is using an in-app game to hire engineers , the US Army invested $5 million in developing a first-person shooter game , and there are companies specialized in games for recruitment and brand awareness.

Loving the Way Your Numbers Make Me Feel

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As communicators know from their professional training, people don''t deliberate on numbers or any other information, they react immediately and emotionally. Unless, of course, you have critical business results to improve upon. It includes quite a lengthy publication reference list.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #238: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

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00:04:11] I would say to what’s going on over with Skillsoft some total as well as Cornerstone OnDemand with the sort of personalized development plans program. 00:04:35] They launched a new skills and Career Connections and coaching module. Nobody have a straight line career. [00:13:42]

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Improve Your Employee Satisfaction: 10 Best Onboarding Practices

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Despite those numbers, many companies still forgo thorough onboarding in favor of a meager orientation session or lightning-speed training—after all, when you needed a role filled yesterday, it’s hard to contemplate sacrificing precious time for drawn-out employee onboarding.