How Attendance Software Saves Time at Construction Sites


Managing a remote construction workforce without attendance software is not easy. They also must handle the day-to-day duties of creating work schedules to meet the needs of every project at every one of these sites, and then keep track of the hours worked, vacation time taken and overtime logged for each employee. Today, though, construction firms to can handle all of these tasks and more simply, securely and more efficiently than ever before, using Time and Attendance Software.

Flexible Work Schedules: How to Support Even Super Short Shifts of Varying Lengths


Improves attendance. A SHRM Poll on Telework in the Time of COVID-19 shows a myriad of benefits including reduced commute time and better work/life balance—without reducing workload. Flex time. Remote work may require core time and allow the rest to be flexible hours.

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Legal and Compliance Considerations of Furloughs, Layoffs, and Reduction in Force

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Coronavirus and Beyond: The Legal and Compliance Considerations of Furloughs, Layoffs, and Reduction in Force. With these decisions, you must keep in mind the legal and compliance considerations that come along with them.

5 Ways to Mitigate HR Compliance Risk


With the compliance landscape constantly changing, it’s no wonder that 33% of employers find keeping up with state regulations across states extremely challenging. 5 ways the right HR partner can help you manage compliance effectively. Certification Tracking.

How To Deliver Memorable, Engaging Compliance Training


Mandatory compliance courses are one of those facts of life nearly all of us encounter throughout our work life. After all, compliance isn’t known for being an entertaining, engaging topic regardless of the subject matter. But you have to abandon the predictable, formulaic presentation of compliance training. Compliance training doesn’t have to be a slog for the people who need it. Make compliance less cringeworthy.

Post-Lockdown Business Recovery: Unify Human Resources Functions to Lower Costs 20%


HR is tasked with redesigning processes for safety and compliance. Managers can’t be full-time overtime cops. It sends the manager an alert when an employee is approaching the end of their straight time hours for the week. The manager can take the necessary staffing actions to save the labor budget from time-and-a-half. It also shortens time-to-hire which further optimizes your hiring budget. Get rid of spreadsheets that aren’t updated in real time.

Retool Manufacturing Workforce Practices: Shift, Time Clock, Leave, Hiring


It’s time to retool your manufacturing workforce practices. It is time to adopt new workforce practices that make sense for the long run. And if an employee takes time off, others see the shift open. The best schedules consider employee preferences, required certifications/licenses, and compliance rules. Make it easy to reassign shifts when employees need time off. You can keep your teams from overlapping by enforcing clock-in time.

10 Things That Higher Ed Professionals Need to Know About MSCHE Accreditation 

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Graduates from accredited institutions have a competitive edge in the workplace over their peers who attended non-accredited schools. Additionally, accreditation determines whether or not some students can attend your school at all. 10) How to Institute a Continual Compliance Process?

FMLA Retaliation or Unauthorized Use of Vacation Time?

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An employee claimed she was terminated by her employer for taking time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to cope with a back injury. She initially worked full-time, but she took leave in 2010 and 2012 to care for her newborn children. The company asked her to return to full-time status but agreed to postpone the change until June to allow her to obtain childcare services. On June 17, Oticon again requested that Disbrow resume her full-time schedule.

How Resume & Employment Verification Protects Employers


While it is not unusual for applicants to present themselves favorably, problems for employers can arise when it crosses the line into resume fraud with false certifications, degrees, past employment and experience. As a result, employers may hire an individual who isn’t actually qualified to do the job and could end up costing the company a lot in terms of lost productivity, mistakes, lost customers, administrative time, loss of investors and capital, and negative press.

Kronos Spring eSymposium: FREE Learning Opportunity for #HR and #Payroll Pros

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But now more than ever, it’s important to carve out time for professional development. Spending time learning will make us even more equipped to handle the challenges of today and bring additional value to the organization. Find some time to focus on your professional development.

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How to avoid common mistakes with EEOC complaints


Another example: Employee A and Employee B have both had attendance issues. A time and attendance policy – with progressive disciplinary actions spelled out – can explain the disparity in their treatment. Which church do you attend? Regulatory compliance

Hitachi Shares Practical Advice on How to Divide and Conquer a User Conference


One of the many Quick Base apps I built was one developed with input from our graphics guy and part-time game designer. It had a Jeopardy-like look and feel and was created to help make it more fun for about 600 of the bank’s employees to demonstrate regulatory compliance knowledge. Gil was already highly visible here at Hitachi for the work he does in Quick Base; certification just took him up a notch both internally and externally.

Bookmark This! #SHRM18 Conference Edition

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Over 22,000 human resources professionals were in attendance. Speaking of things certification-related, SHRM also recently announced a new specialty credential for talent acquisition professionals. And I can spend time getting to know new bloggers.

Why GPS Tracking is a Must-Have for Home Health Employee Management

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New mobile time clocks ensure timekeeping accuracy wherever your employees are throughout the day or night. The last thing a mobile worker needs to deal with is difficulty logging work hours, uncertainty about scheduling, or time card hassles. 5 minute read. Last updated April 2, 2020.

Make Your HRIS Work for You!


This feature is highly under-utilized, but can bring great value to the employer who takes the time to leverage this feature. If you’ve ever needed to run a census report based on educational levels, or hire for a certain position internally which required a specific area of study, having this information readily available is useful and can save time. Licenses & Certification. Reporting and maintaining organizational certifications. Written by: Stephanie Tuegel

More Tips for Artfully Handling Bereavement Leave

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Be sure your bereavement leave policy explains who is eligible for this type of leave and how much paid leave time will be available. For immediate family members, more time is usually granted. Also: Consider whether your policy will account for the need to travel away from the local area to attend services, which may necessary regardless of the employee’s relationship with the deceased. However, it’s also a difficult time and may affect employee performance.

How to Spend More Time on Your HR Strategy


Jump into a time machine set to 1982, and you’ll find “personnel” departments full of forms and paper. Recruiting and training new people makes turnover expensive so less turnover saves money, time and frustration. Where can they find extra time to just strategize? It’s hard for you or your HR people to spend time on strategy when they’re bogged down with paperwork and administrative duties.

Free HR and Payroll Learning Opportunity: Kronos Fall eSymposium

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As human resources professionals, we’re often so focused on everyone else’s development that we forget to schedule time for ourselves. As someone who has attended Kronos conferences and their eSymposium in the past, I can speak from experience that Kronos delivers quality professional development. But before I share some highlights from the agenda, I want to talk about some other reasons you should attend.

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FMLA Training Scenario: Doctor’s Note Requirements for Intermittent Leave

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For this reason, employee attendance is essential to the employer’s operation. He submitted complete and adequate medical certification indicating a need for intermittent leave for flare-ups and ongoing monthly water therapy with his physician. The stated frequency for flare-ups on the medical certification was 1 to 2 times per month. What are the FMLA’s requirements for certification of intermittent leave?

ADA and FMLA Best Practices Pay Off for Cash-Handling Company

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Marvin,” who was with her in the truck, testified that at the time of the incident, she wasn’t driving erratically, and he didn’t see anything that indicated she was having a seizure. Melissa’s personal neurologist, Dr. Gladney, gave her a fitness-for-duty (FFD) certification on June 12. However, Loomis determined that the certification was based on false information Melissa had provided to Gladney. by Martin J. Regimbal. The U.S.

Blockchain in HR: 8 Ways Blockchain will Impact the HR Function


Recruitment takes up a lot of time and resources within the HR department, so much so that organizations turn to third party agencies or recruiters to claim back the time. 7 Attendance. 8 Compliance & Auditing. Attendance. Compliance and Auditing.

A Day in the Life of a Human Resources Director (HRD)


This is another installment in our “Day in the Life” series, this time focusing on the HR directors out there. years plus pastor of 6 churches Degree/Certification: BS in PSY, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry Average day: I spend half my day trying to attract and retain great employees at non-profit pay.

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: A Technology Perspective


Using Preboarding Time to Best Advantage There are many ways that software technology can deliver HR and business benefits while making the most out of the time between preboarding processes and the actual starting dates of new hires. Your company’s culture is non-negotiable, but it might be amenable to evolutionary changes over time. Compliance issues can be fully integrated with the onboarding process so that compliance is automatic.

The Power Of Holistic HCM

Analytics in HR

When employee information is siloed in many different systems, it becomes difficult to access key information, generate reports, meet compliance obligations and ensure the accuracy of data. It also results in a lack of visibility and is an inefficient use of HR time and resources.

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It’s Not Like It’s Written in Stone!

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Performance Assessments – The employer can state when the employee will receive their first work evaluation and the timing of all subsequent regular evaluations, whether annual or otherwise. It is important as the employer may wish to avoid having employees take traditionally busy periods off, for example, Christmas time for hospitality, retail or entertainment industries. Our global compliance software (GPS) has a country-by-country list of the statutory requirements are.

Are Unpaid Disciplinary Suspensions FMLA Interference and Retaliation?

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Under GM’s attendance policy, employees must notify the company of absences at least 30 minutes before their shift starts. Melvin testified that he understood the use of vacation time to cover unexcused absences as a “free pass.” Using up vacation time for unexcused absences triggers a progressive discipline procedure that moves from two written warnings to unpaid disciplinary suspension to termination. In a recent decision, the U.S.

Disputed Absences Prevent FMLA Victory for Kentucky Employer

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A federal court in Kentucky recently ruled that a Kentucky employer must go to trial in a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) case in part because there were disputes over whether an employee was absent and whether he had been given FMLA paperwork at the time of the absences. He was released to return to work on June 30, but he did not report to work at that time. He never completed or returned FMLA certification paperwork. his attendance and disciplinary record.

Ask the Expert: Deeming Employee ‘Ineligible’ for Leave Isn’t Always Simple

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However, she is a kitchen designer and most of the time she is scheduled to open the showroom by herself, so attendance is an essential duty of her job. You can require that the employee provide medical certification that her migraines are a disability under the ADA and that she needs an accommodation. ADA & Disabilities Leave Management, Policy, and Compliance accommodation employees Leave Management leave of absence

Effective and Flexible Employee Management

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Especially if you are manually keeping track of their time punches, activities, and job - related costs. A comprehensive employee management system can enhance your daily operations – whenever, wherever, in real-time. Below are five specific areas where you – as a manager - can utilize time and attendance solution: Automate your employee schedules. Set up reminders related to employee certifications.

Case Study: Price Brothers, Inc.


Managers and employees alike appreciate the mobile app features which allows them to check paystubs and request/approve vacation time. Compliance verification. You’re coming out with new features all the time and combined in one unified system makes it easy to use.

Employer Strategies for Successfully Hiring Justice Involved Job Candidates

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Increased awareness and support for inclusive hiring practices coupled with historically low unemployment suggest that the time is ripe for employers to implement strategies that successfully source and retain justice involved individuals. The time is now.

Refusal to Undergo Medical Exam Tanks Michigan Worker’s ADA Claim

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Sam’s performance began to suffer about the same time. The city later sought certification from his therapist that he was “capable of performing his duties, as required, so that he and his fellow employees’ safety is not compromised.” ” Also, the city required all employees to attend training on respect and responsibility in the workplace. Leave Management, Policy, and Compliance ADA business discrimination employeesThe U.S.

PlatCore LMS – Update Announcement: What’s New In Version 1.4?

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The PlatCore LMS, coupled with Now Platform® will: Simplify compliance audits of regulatory required training, driving cost reductions. Reduce implementation time by leveraging tools you already know and use. Track course attendance and completion in a learning system or record.

Is Your Organization Ready for Employee Self-Service?


ESS is designed to give you time back so you can focus on what matters most, being a strategic HR leader and impacting your bottom line. The benefits of employee self-service go far beyond saving time. This includes: Training certifications. Manage Time-Off Requests.

M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals


CVC to buy TMF Group, a Netherlands-based provider of compliance and administrative services, for $2 bln. Get These Updates and More Timely News via Email. Sign up for our weekly email summary of the week’s funding, M&A, partnership and other timely news from the HR technology, recruitment, talent management and employee benefits space. Executives Rank Talent Management Among the Top Priorities, Finds Survey Conducted by HR Certification Institute and Dow Jones.

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Case Study: CertaSite


Paycor’s payroll and time solutions provide a seamless experience and don’t require manual entry of individual hours worked per job. Customizable learning tracks and certification. Time & Attendance.

Case Study: County Fire Protection


Paycor’s payroll and time solutions provide a seamless experience and don’t require manual entry of individual hours worked per job. Customizable learning tracks and certification. Time & Attendance.

What is an HRIS? An HR Practitioner’s Guide

Analytics in HR

HRIS certification. Compliance. Some data is collected and stored for compliance reasons. This includes material for the identification for employees in case of theft, fraud, or other misbehaviors, first contact information in case of accidents, citizens identification information for the tax office, and expiration dates for mandatory certification. Having all this information in one place not only benefits accuracy but also saves time. Time & Attendance.

June 2019 HR Events, Resources and Programs

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Attending the June 2019 #SHRM Annual Conference can really help advance your #career! Dive deep into workplace issues, technology and innovation, leadership, compliance, and so much more. Tuesday 6/25 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM Compliance Conundrum: Top 10 Issues That a Department of One Must Address. You stay on top of HR programs, manage and ensure compliance, and guide the organization through regulations while trying not to become a roadblock to moving the business forward.