How Attendance Software Saves Time at Construction Sites

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Managing a remote construction workforce without attendance software is not easy. They also must handle the day-to-day duties of creating work schedules to meet the needs of every project at every one of these sites, and then keep track of the hours worked, vacation time taken and overtime logged for each employee. Today, though, construction firms to can handle all of these tasks and more simply, securely and more efficiently than ever before, using Time and Attendance Software.

How To Deliver Memorable, Engaging Compliance Training


Mandatory compliance courses are one of those facts of life nearly all of us encounter throughout our work life. After all, compliance isn’t known for being an entertaining, engaging topic regardless of the subject matter. Make compliance less cringeworthy.

5 Ways to Mitigate HR Compliance Risk


With the compliance landscape constantly changing, it’s no wonder that 33% of employers find keeping up with state regulations across states extremely challenging. 5 ways the right HR partner can help you manage compliance effectively. Certification Tracking.

FMLA Retaliation or Unauthorized Use of Vacation Time?

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An employee claimed she was terminated by her employer for taking time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to cope with a back injury. She initially worked full-time, but she took leave in 2010 and 2012 to care for her newborn children. By Shane A.

Hitachi Shares Practical Advice on How to Divide and Conquer a User Conference

Quick Base

One of the many Quick Base apps I built was one developed with input from our graphics guy and part-time game designer. It had a Jeopardy-like look and feel and was created to help make it more fun for about 600 of the bank’s employees to demonstrate regulatory compliance knowledge.

More Tips for Artfully Handling Bereavement Leave

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Be sure your bereavement leave policy explains who is eligible for this type of leave and how much paid leave time will be available. For immediate family members, more time is usually granted. However, it’s also a difficult time and may affect employee performance.

Make Your HRIS Work for You!


This feature is highly under-utilized, but can bring great value to the employer who takes the time to leverage this feature. If you’ve ever needed to run a census report based on educational levels, or hire for a certain position internally which required a specific area of study, having this information readily available is useful and can save time. Licenses & Certification. Reporting and maintaining organizational certifications. Written by: Stephanie Tuegel

How to Spend More Time on Your HR Strategy


Jump into a time machine set to 1982, and you’ll find “personnel” departments full of forms and paper. Recruiting and training new people makes turnover expensive so less turnover saves money, time and frustration. Where can they find extra time to just strategize? It’s hard for you or your HR people to spend time on strategy when they’re bogged down with paperwork and administrative duties.

FMLA Training Scenario: Doctor’s Note Requirements for Intermittent Leave

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For this reason, employee attendance is essential to the employer’s operation. He submitted complete and adequate medical certification indicating a need for intermittent leave for flare-ups and ongoing monthly water therapy with his physician.

Effective and Flexible Employee Management

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Especially if you are manually keeping track of their time punches, activities, and job - related costs. A comprehensive employee management system can enhance your daily operations – whenever, wherever, in real-time. Set up reminders related to employee certifications.

ADA and FMLA Best Practices Pay Off for Cash-Handling Company

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Marvin,” who was with her in the truck, testified that at the time of the incident, she wasn’t driving erratically, and he didn’t see anything that indicated she was having a seizure. by Martin J. Regimbal. The U.S.

A Day in the Life of a Human Resources Director (HRD)


This is another installment in our “Day in the Life” series, this time focusing on the HR directors out there. Jen Company/industry: K-12 private school plus Day Care Years with current company: 10 Years in HR: 14 Degree/Certification: BS Average day: There is no average day!

Blockchain in HR: 8 Ways Blockchain will Impact the HR Function


Recruitment takes up a lot of time and resources within the HR department, so much so that organizations turn to third party agencies or recruiters to claim back the time. 7 Attendance. 8 Compliance & Auditing. Attendance. Compliance and Auditing.

Are Unpaid Disciplinary Suspensions FMLA Interference and Retaliation?

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Under GM’s attendance policy, employees must notify the company of absences at least 30 minutes before their shift starts. Melvin testified that he understood the use of vacation time to cover unexcused absences as a “free pass.” In a recent decision, the U.S.

Disputed Absences Prevent FMLA Victory for Kentucky Employer

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A federal court in Kentucky recently ruled that a Kentucky employer must go to trial in a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) case in part because there were disputes over whether an employee was absent and whether he had been given FMLA paperwork at the time of the absences.

Ask the Expert: Deeming Employee ‘Ineligible’ for Leave Isn’t Always Simple

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However, she is a kitchen designer and most of the time she is scheduled to open the showroom by herself, so attendance is an essential duty of her job. ADA & Disabilities Leave Management, Policy, and Compliance accommodation employees Leave Management leave of absence

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: A Technology Perspective


Using Preboarding Time to Best Advantage There are many ways that software technology can deliver HR and business benefits while making the most out of the time between preboarding processes and the actual starting dates of new hires. Your company’s culture is non-negotiable, but it might be amenable to evolutionary changes over time. Compliance issues can be fully integrated with the onboarding process so that compliance is automatic.

Global Payroll Management Institute Returns to Hold 2nd European Masterclass


Covering 4 modules across 2 days, the extensive certificate program will examine your organisation’s payroll model including vendor management, data privacy, compliance and creating sustainable business processes to streamline your operations. Certification Credits.

What is an HRIS? An HR Practitioner’s Guide

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HRIS certification. Compliance. Some data is collected and stored for compliance reasons. Having all this information in one place not only benefits accuracy but also saves time. Time & Attendance. HRIS certification.

5 cost-friendly training ideas using LMS software

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The cost, however, of hiring instructors, renting a physical classroom and coordinating times when all employees can attend classes can often be too high. They may not have the experience or time necessary to prepare course materials or accurately assess performance.

June 2019 HR Events, Resources and Programs

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Attending the June 2019 #SHRM Annual Conference can really help advance your #career! Dive deep into workplace issues, technology and innovation, leadership, compliance, and so much more. She’ll be at the SHRM certification event for sure! There is still time to register!

It’s Not Like It’s Written in Stone!

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Performance Assessments – The employer can state when the employee will receive their first work evaluation and the timing of all subsequent regular evaluations, whether annual or otherwise. It is important as the employer may wish to avoid having employees take traditionally busy periods off, for example, Christmas time for hospitality, retail or entertainment industries. Our global compliance software (GPS) has a country-by-country list of the statutory requirements are.

The Power Of Holistic HCM

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When employee information is siloed in many different systems, it becomes difficult to access key information, generate reports, meet compliance obligations and ensure the accuracy of data. It also results in a lack of visibility and is an inefficient use of HR time and resources.

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Refusal to Undergo Medical Exam Tanks Michigan Worker’s ADA Claim

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Sam’s performance began to suffer about the same time. The city later sought certification from his therapist that he was “capable of performing his duties, as required, so that he and his fellow employees’ safety is not compromised.” The U.S.

M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals


CVC to buy TMF Group, a Netherlands-based provider of compliance and administrative services, for $2 bln. Get These Updates and More Timely News via Email. Executives Rank Talent Management Among the Top Priorities, Finds Survey Conducted by HR Certification Institute and Dow Jones.

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May 2019 HR Events, Resources and Programs to Advance Your HR Career

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It’s just about the end of the month, so that means it’s time to look ahead at the May 2019 HR events, resources, and classes that can help you advance your HR career. We’ll also take a look ahead to events that require a little more planning to attend.

How to Boost Profits with a Cloud-Based Learning Management System


Do any of your clients need to track mandatory courses or certifications in order to stay within compliance of local, state and/or federal laws? Provide ongoing training and certifications for internal employees who want to enhance their skill set over time.

Why Even the Best Companies Fail at Inclusion


Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the WorkHuman regional forum at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Mass. I particularly enjoyed the session delivered by Great Place to Work ®’ s Sarah Lewis-Kulin , vice president certification production.

PlatCore LMS – Update Announcement: What’s New In Version 1.4?

PlatCore LMS

The PlatCore LMS, coupled with Now Platform® will: Simplify compliance audits of regulatory required training, driving cost reductions. Reduce implementation time by leveraging tools you already know and use. Track course attendance and completion in a learning system or record.

FREE Learning Opportunity: Kronos Spring #HR and #Payroll eSymposium

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But I also know that sometimes we’re so focused on everyone else’s development that we forget to schedule time for ourselves. You’ll notice when you check out the complete agenda on the Kronos website that there are more sessions than you have time.

SumTotal Workforce Management is Outpacing Competitors


They also recommend SumTotal as a consideration for compliance-driven organizations, “especially when an employer’s workforce requires up-to-date credentialing (e.g., certifications, licensing).”.

3 Things HR Needs to Know for Sexual Harassment Training


Although the laws mean well, they are another layer of compliance human resources need to worry about. As part of some state requirements, you will be required to provide proof that your employees have attended a sexual harassment training.

Creating a Game-Changing Full HCM Solution with BirdDogHR and InfinityHR


ACA Compliance. Time-Off Manager. Time and Attendance Tracking. SOC 2 certification. HIPAA-compliance. Earlier this month, Arcoro —a proven human capital management software company for high consequence industries— acquired InfinityHR to add as their third piece to their overall easy-to-use cloud-based software and services package.

Ascender Preceda is Certified for Single Touch Payroll


The legislation required a significant change in the way Australian businesses run their payroll and reporting schedules, and for payroll providers to update their technology to support this move, reducing the risk of non-compliance. This certification provides significant cost and time savings for employers as it allows them to work with a single vendor, reducing the need for additional vendor contracts.

Getting the Most Out of Your Global Payroll RFP, Part I


Additionally, it will save you time and effort down the line. Think about your reasons for wanting to change a provider or update your solution: Time-consuming manual tasks (data entry, reporting). Lack of integration with systems (HR, finance, time and attendance, etc.). Data security—No ISO certification and fear of data security implications. Lapses in compliance or lack of experience and knowledge.