5 Ways To Improve Employee Development At Your Company


Help your managers be better coaches. Most managers have been told that they should be a great coach to their employees, but what does that really mean ? Books and seminars don’t just have to be about business.

Professional conferences 101: Get more from employee attendance in 5 steps


Attending a professional conference should be much more than a chance for your employees to polish their golf game or get out of the office for a few days. It’s important your employees understand that approval for them to attend an industry event is a sign your organization values them and wants to invest in their career. Here’s how to help everyone on your staff maximize the value of attending a professional conference.

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Be the Number One Person in Your Life

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When I ask that question during live seminars, most people usually respond by stating, “my spouse/partner,” or “my children,” or they name an aging parent. But no matter how many times I’ve asked that question (and I have asked it a lot), there’s one answer that I’ve rarely heard.

Employee Engagement: Use a Systemic Approach

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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) invited me to sit in on their virtual Employee Engagement: Influencing Workplace Culture Seminar. This is the second SHRM virtual seminar I’ve taken. This seminar focused on developing an employee engagement strategy.

21 Top Talent Management, People Ops, And HR Conferences In 2019


Perhaps this is because many companies don’t know how to create a learning and development program internally, or lack the resources to provide what they see as a perk, via external learning experiences like conferences and seminars. Manage your time. Attend the expo.

How To Convince Your Boss To Send You To A Conference

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Create an agenda of which workshops/seminars you’d like to attend and why. Come up with a quick elevator pitch for your top 3 reasons to attend. When approaching your boss about attending the conference, be concise and to the point, while still making your case.

7 Ways to Develop Effective Leadership Skills

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If you’re someone who regularly falls short of deadlines, or if you very visibly waste a lot of time, your employees won’t be motivated to put forth their best effort. Attend Conferences and Events. This might mean attending conferences, workshops, seminars, or even networking events.

What are the Three Keys to Success in Your Job?


Likewise, a well-known basketball coach responded the three things for winning basketball games are offensive rebounds; transition defense; and free throws when tired. If you were that coach what would you make sure you communicated to all your players?

Coptic Coloring In Egypt’s Painting! #AUCNext100

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Off campus, I had attended a Christmas celebration of a prominent Coptic Church in Zamalek, next to the former American University In Cairo hostel. Listening to the history of Coptic Christian Egypt was an auspicious time. The seminar provided great reflection.

Millionaire Alex Yanovsky: one fateful meeting can change everything

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That time it was a normal situation when all people think in one similar way and nobody is trying to be special. That time Alex met a famous person-personal growth coach Tony Robbins. It was not a magic, it was just the right time for him to hear those Tony’s words and thoughts.

Too Busy for a Professional Development Commitment?

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How many of us have attended an inspiring workshop or training seminar, only to find ourselves slowly reverting to old habits? It happens all the time, the question is – WHY? Often, when coaching, one hears the following-. Coach: What is the success you had?

10 Clever Tricks to Maximise Training for Your Sales Teams

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Use Coaching Effectively. Training sessions, on their own, can be inefficient, which is why leading organisations back them up with coaching. According to the CSO Insights 2017 Sales Manager Enablement Report, sales coaching can improve average win rates, taking them from 41.7

3 Ways to Provide Learning Opportunities In The Workplace


Innovation time: encourage employees to take a certain amount of time each week to learn something new, regardless of whether it connects directly to their current role. Social learning involves connecting employees to the peers, mentors, leaders, and coaches that will help them grow.

13 employee development tactics every manager can take advantage of today

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If your managers spend most of their time looking for failures, they will find them and the work environment will reflect that. By providing opportunities for employees to attend classes and seminars — which is at the core of employee development — they’ll grow their skill sets.

Solving The Leadership Development Dilemma


While the traditional principles of leadership will always be important, effective leaders of the future require more: the development of strong soft skills, such as problem solving, influencing, communication, and coaching. by Dr. Damian Vaughn, Chief Programs Officer at BetterUp.

6 Tips for work that matters and a life you love

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Let these set the tone for how you spend your time and who you spend your time with. Make time for yourself and your physical, mental and emotional well being. Care for yourself daily by developing habits that enable you to have time to be still, physically and mentally.

How to build your first employee training program


Training just for the sake of it costs money and time. Some employees might want training on communication techniques and time-management methods. Here’s a breakdown of both classroom-style and workshop programs: In-house seminars vs. Industry conferences.

Building a Talent Development Program for Millennials


Millennials are assuming management roles in increasing numbers, and will shape the landscape of how we do work for a long time to come. Even worse, a mere 7% of organizations invest in dedicated time for Millennials (even high potential ones) to interact with senior management.

How to Engage Employees When Back to Work this September (6 Tips)

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It’s back to work time and some employees will be dragging their heels back into the office – with fading tans and even less motivation. 70% of employees start searching for a new job around this time, spurred on after taking a break from their usual routine.

Increase Employee Retention with Career Pathing


Formal education: Offer opportunities for the employee to attend conferences, seminars and panels. Coach, rather than manage, the employee’s growth. Money and time saved: Recruiting externally is 1.7

Does Performance Management Really Help Every Employee Become Their Best Self?


This launched me into a near decade long inquiry and exploration where I studied everything I could get my hands on, from productivity to psychology (and everything in between) and attended seminars ranging from personal development to business.

Steps to building your own high-performance culture

AssessTEAM Performance Management

As the boss, you should be ready to either coach your employees up or out. Organize internal seminars and benchmarking programs. You can also make sure that your team is consistently attending job-related workshops and training to stay up-to-date with the industry trends.

Paying non-exempt employees: How well do you know the rules?


Let’s say you are sending Ken, one of your top performers, to a training seminar that’s eight hours away. Since he’s a non-exempt employee, he will be paid an additional 16 hours of pay for his travel time. When and how to pay non-exempt employees for training, travel time, overtime and on-call time can be confusing. On-call time. Her travel time is counted as hours worked because it’s part of her main job duties.

Noah St. John: “Persistence overcomes challenges”

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Noah is a keynote speaker, business and performance coach who’s famous for helping people make money. By the time I graduated from high school, my parents, teachers, and friends were telling me that I was going to be a big success.

The 4 New Year’s Resolutions to Strengthen Your Company’s Leadership Culture

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Here’s some food for thought,” our CEO Christine Tao recently said after attending a leadership seminar. Treat your employees like adults and allow them to manage their own time.

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

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Earlier this year, I attended the Edinburgh Well-being Festival while I was studying abroad in Scotland. The festival occurred during the first weekend of February, and each day featured a lengthy schedule of events that included various exercise classes, smaller workshops with individuals such as life coaches and food psychologists (“Conversations”) and larger seminars featuring celebrity-profile individuals such as Kelly Holmes, Dr. Chatterjee, and Max La Manna (“Discussions”).

What Is Performance Appraisal? – Examples


T imely: Goals must have clear time limits that aren’t impossible to achieve. Mentoring and coaching are also powerful tools to help workers reach their performance goals. The plan might include cross-training, skills development, earning industry certifications, developing networks of associates, attending seminars or receiving coaching from a mentor, manager or skilled co-worker.

How Companies Are Taking Care of Employees During COVID-19


In these difficult times, strong leadership teams are playing their part to help their employees, without having previous experience in pandemic response. We spoke with 2 companies to learn more about how they have been helping their employees through these challenging times.

11 Tips for Being an Effective Leader in 2020

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But, things can get even more complicated in case your organization is facing some tough times. For example, you can set up employee training in your company, or invest in courses, seminars, and learning materials. 11) Hire a Coach.

Learning and Development: A Comprehensive Guide

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Education is often non-specific and applicable for a long time and is especially relevant when a person has little experience in a certain area. Trainer-centered methods include seminars, presentations, lectures, keynotes, and lessons. Lectures and seminars.

Upcoming HR Events Ireland & UK, April 2018


Time to get your diaries out. We have the hottest upcoming HR events that you should be attending in April. Location/ Date / Time – St. Upskill yourself and your team to manage, coach and motivate staff to achieve greater levels of performance. Who should attend?

4 Ways Leaders Can Shape Company Culture To Impact Revenue & Profits


It may seem hard to invest time and resources into something as tenuous as “company culture” when the survival of your company itself is at stake. You can encourage employees to attend these events and share their findings.

10 Lessons I Learned About Marriage From Weddings

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In attendance at the weddings will be friends, family, and loved ones of the bride and groom. For the guests, it will be a great time to support the bride and groom as their marriage journey begin. Every wedding I have attended involved a lot of planning, preparation, and hard work. For every wedding that l have attended, I have observed the best products and items are used for the wedding. Attend workshops and seminars that will help you become a better spouse.

7 Ways to Support Employees’ Engagement in their Financial Wellness


These include health plan price transparency tools, health savings account (HSA) value estimators, educational materials, training videos, and even access to professional advisors for one-on-one coaching for investing, budgeting, and managing credit. It''s Time to Get with the New Millennia.

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce: “You can’t do everything yourself”

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As a part of our series about entrepreneurs who transformed something they did for fun into a full-time career, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chanelle Segerius-Bruce. She wanted to show others how to create that same freedom for themselves and Segerius-Bruce Business Coaching was born.