“Discrimination Against LGBTQ Workers is Illegal” Rules Supreme Court


The Supreme Court recently ruled that sex discrimination, as outlined in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, also prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Aimee Stephens presented as a male when initially hired by R.G. &

Mitigating Harassment

HRO Today

Over the past three years, Google, Ford Motor Company, 21st Century Fox, Bank of America, and the New York Knicks are among an exhausted list of companies that have experienced employment practice liability (EPL) lawsuits due to sexual harassment claims. Companies of all sizes can experience harassment or employment practice-related claims. Could the increase in claims be driven by the #MeToo movement? million from the 2017 fiscal year.


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Sexual Harassment Training for Your Whole Workplace

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Online Workplace Harassment Training for Employees. Teach and train employees through immersive interactive online scenarios. Robust online sexual harassment training is key to improving workplace culture and mitigating business risk. The goal?

The “harassing, stalking, disturbing, and menacing” plaintiff lost her discrimination case. Go figure.

The Employer Handbook

It’s bad enough when a federal judge refers to a plaintiff-employee’s behavior towards her manager as “harassing, stalking, disturbing, and menacing.” And how do you think that went for the plaintiff? 60 pages of text messages are just the tip of the iceberg.

Ask an HR Expert: Anti Harassment Training in IL

Tandem HR

Today’s question is: What are the new requirements in 2020 for harassment training in the state of Illinois? Prior to this, there were no regulations requiring consistent training. It was recommended that a business provide the training once every two years.

Which States Require Sexual Harassment Training?

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Do you need to know how sexual harassment prevention legislation will affect your business? A new legislative landscape and a desire to stay out of a potential harassment spotlight are forcing employers to rethink their sexual harassment prevention strategy. Get The Report.

COVID-19: Asian American Discrimination and Mental Health Resources

Thrive Global

In the past few months, the coronavirus has triggered countless hate crimes against Asian Americans. As this trend continues, there will surely be a mental health fallout to consider given the negative impact of discrimination on wellbeing. 2) Finding an Online Community.

EEOC Busy: Focus on Sexual Harassment


The EEOC continues to collect money from employers in lawsuits and settlements for sexual harassment. The U.S. The agency continues to focus on sexual harassment in America’s workplaces as recent press releases demonstrate: On June 13, 2018, the EEOC announced a multimillion-dollar sexual discrimination settlement against a transportation supplier. The employer must pay $3.2 Harassment Prevention Training.

Sexual Harassment Training Laws 2020: What’s Changing?


With a continued nationwide effort to shed light on sexual harassment in the workplace, several states have implemented sexual harassment training requirements for their employees. In 2020, employers in Connecticut, Delaware, and Illinois will join Maine and New York in the group of states who require employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training to employees. . Here is a list of what the new requirements are for each state.

Why Isn’t Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Working?

HR Daily Advisor

As I write this article, the newspapers and airwaves are filled with more reports of alleged sexual harassment in workplaces around the country. It’s as though the media has suddenly discovered a whole new world of discrimination to report on. Almost every HR department has conducted workplace training that explains what sexual harassment is, the consequences for engaging in such behavior, and the remedies available to the person who is being harassed.

There’s No Place in the Workplace for Discrimination and Harassment


Did you know that retaliation, disability and sex discrimination/harassment comprised more than half of the 65,388 employment complaints filed in California in 2014? Source: “Report to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee,” California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, March 2015). But why wait until you’re the target of a lawsuit? On July 16, CalChamber’s live webinar lays out the framework. Register online or call (800) 331-8877.

The Benefits of Connecting Your Diversity & Inclusion and Harassment Training

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Most companies intentionally select an organizational structure that maximizes the collaboration, engagement, and effectiveness of teams and individuals. Diversity is a critical element of harassment prevention work. There are several reasons for this according to the EEOC: .

Racism: What is and isn?t acceptable behavior when off-the-clock


Racial violence and related events have flooded the news outlets recently, which has sparked questions about what employers can do for off-the-clock racial behavior. Here are the answers to what you may have been wondering. When obesity discrimination is legal.

Price tag for training policy that led to sex discrimination in hiring: $3.1 million

HR Morning

A new lesson in hiring from the EEOC: You can’t get away with discriminating against a specific group of applicants by improperly structuring your training program. . one of the nation’s largest trucking companies, will pay over $3.1 million and will make job offers to women who were victims of the employer’s discriminatory hiring policy, the EEOC announced. The court order and consent decree were entered in the U.S.

Steps for Reducing Workplace Harassment in 2018


With media coverage of workplace harassment at an all-time high, there’s no question that the topic has become the focus of millions of people worldwide. Celebrities and high-profile executives facing a shocking number of accusations might be taking the spotlight, but this is by no means a topic limited to household names. In fact, 64% of Americans believe that workplace sexual harassment is a serious problem, up nearly 20% in the last seven years.

Sexual Harassment: Was Employee Subjected to Unwelcome Workplace Harassment?

HR Daily Advisor

A recent case from the Tennessee Court of Appeals acts as a reminder of the importance of implementing and enforcing policies aimed at preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. The outcome of the case also shows that while you may not be able to prevent all inappropriate behavior by your supervisors, how you respond to such behavior may end up deciding your fate if you are sued for workplace harassment.

What’s Top-of-Mind Today Regarding Diversity, Inclusion, and Harassment in the Workplace?

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Many of these inequities have been illuminated by the disparate impact of the global pandemic, the resulting mental health crisis that is affecting communities in uneven ways, and the social justice movement. COVID-19, Remote Work, and Workplace Harassment.

Workplace sexual harassment: what it is and how to combat it


Growing public conversations around workplace sexual harassment highlight a harrowing reality: It’s both widespread and frequently mishandled. How do you discern the difference between harassment and conduct that is merely inappropriate? Defining workplace sexual harassment.

Are Millennials responsible for the increase in harassment claims?

OmegaHR Solutions

Younger workers may equal more harassment in the workplace for a variety of reasons. In a report put out by the EEOC they purport that there has been an increase in harassment in the workplace and that it remains a persistent problem. Harassment is up in all areas from sexual harassment to age harassment. I will look at those reasons and see if they support my question in the title of this post. What is the common denominator?

Why HR Should Be Present at Employee Termination Meetings

HR Daily Advisor

Who is responsible for delivering the news to an employee when he or she is terminated? Is it someone higher in the organization? If it’s not HR, is HR always present? The answers to these questions vary by organization—and may even vary within an organization—but there are some good arguments why an HR representative should be present for any termination meeting. The HR representative can lead the conversation, which can help keep it neutral and consistent.

5 more reasons why your workplace anti-harassment training is ineffective

The Employer Handbook

“There’s Little Evidence Sexual Harassment Trainings Work,” wrote Madison Pauly in this article at Mother Jones. Pauly notes that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received over 162,000 EEOC Charges of Discrimination between 2010 and 2015. Here’s my hot take on five more reasons why your workplace anti-harassment training is ineffective. First , you bought flood insurance after the flood.

[Webinar] Whew! Harassment Investigation Done – Or Is It?


You’ve worked closely with your legal department to investigate a harassment complaint, taken corrective action and disciplined the harasser. So why are your employees spreading rumors, and why is the employee who filed the initial complaint now filing a second one alleging retaliation? CalChamber’s live 60-minute webinar on September 17 covers critical steps to “heal the workplace” by implementing a Healing Process Protocol. The post [Webinar] Whew!

DFEH Issues Important Guidance On Investigating Harassment Complaints

HR Daily Advisor

On May 2, 2017, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) released its Workplace Harassment Guide, which advises employers how to develop an effective antiharassment program, respond to and investigate claims of harassment, and take appropriate remedial actions. The guide, found here , follows up on regulations the Fair Employment and Housing Council enacted in 2016. Preventing Harassment. Satisfying the burden of proof.

Celebrate International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month


The 2020 Women’s History Month theme is “Valiant Women of the Vote,” which honors women who both fought for women’s suffrage rights and who continue to fight for voting rights of others. Fortify Your Commitment to a Harassment-free, Respectful Workplace.

New in 2019 – Expansion of Sexual Harassment Prevention Requirements


Effective January 1, 2019 employers, required by California SB 1343, with 5 or more employees, are to provide 1-hour of sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to all employees. In addition, those same employers must provide employees with supervisory responsibilities a 2-hour sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training. These trainings must be completed by the end of 2019 and are to be repeated every 2 years.

Racism in the Workplace: Hostile Workplace v. Employee Rights


Could a company terminate an employee for off-duty actions such as participation in a rally? Our answer: yes, provided the rally or activity meets specific criteria. According to the EEOC , workplace harassment is “unwelcome conduct based on race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.” Could a company fire a worker for off-duty actions, including participation in a rally?

High Profile or Not, Sexual Harassment Claims Require Employer Action

HR Daily Advisor

Sexual harassmentthe subject has exploded in recent weeks as people from all walks have spoken up about a menacing workplace problem. Even though antiharassment efforts are a priority in human resources circles, recent revelations about the actions of some high-profile executives are likely to cause employers to ask the question, “Are we doing enough?”. Over the years, he had even paid to settle several sexual harassment claims without the company taking action.

Smell Harassment: Yes, That’s a Real Thing and There Is Training for It

HR Daily Advisor

What is smell harassment? However, it can be defined as a person—or group of people—who is offended by the way another person smells, particularly via a person’s body odor or bad breath. This touchy subject can also open Pandora’s Box for discrimination-related claims, so how can HR handle this stinky situation? The Mainichi is reporting that several firms in Japan have recently come up with a solution to handling smell harassment in the workplace.

I filed a complaint, yet more women were sexually harassed by the same employee. What now?

Workplace Coach

Although I disguised some of the facts to protect myself, it was clear to me and perhaps to others that it involved a senior manager in my company. After it published, I learned two former employees of my current employer had written similar stories about the same man. I can’t tell you how mad I am, not just at the man but at my company. When I went to HR last fall, I was told my company took the situation seriously and would investigate my allegations.

Today’s Sexual Harassment Case: Elf v. Santa

HR Daily Advisor

Drelling shared the story of a sexual harassment complaint in Santa’s workshop and how the company handled it so very ho ho horribly wrong; today, Drelling shares how the company should’ve handled the situation with this mall Santa. Drelling, who serves as general counsel of the Restaurant Division at Specialty Restaurants Corp., wrote the following analysis. He should have been promptly removed and replaced with a look-alike from the North Pole.

Our harassment laws are not the reason for our sexual harassment problem

Ohio Employer's Law

Last week, the New York Times ran an Op-Ed titled, Boss Grab Your Breasts? That’s Not (Legally) Harassment. It argues that our lax sexual harassment laws, and the courts that apply them, are responsible for our current workplace harassment problems. The trial court judge dismissed her suit, declaring that this conduct did not meet the threshold for sexual harassment, and the appeals court affirmed the dismissal. harassment

Bystander Intervention: A Critical Part of Effective Harassment Prevention

EverFi - HR

We’ve likely all heard the phrase, “if you see something, say something.” Now that phrase is making its way into workplaces around the country as organizations continue to look for new ways to address the age-old problem of harassment. Traditional harassment prevention has taken a primarily punitive tone—focused on what employees should not do, versus what they should do. 4 Pillars of Harassment Prevention Companies today are facing difficult workplace issues.

Number of the Day: HR Tech countdown


190: Days until the 2021 HR Technology Conference & Exposition begins The virtual Spring HR Tech Conference wrapped up Friday, after four jam-packed days of keynotes, demos, tech talks and other sessions full of insights and trends for HR leaders and technologists.

Disability Discrimination: I Can See Clearly Now, My Job Is Gone

HR Daily Advisor

In a recent decision, the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey ruled that an employee who claimed he was terminated for discriminatory reasons based on his disability was laid off for legitimate nondiscriminatory reasons in a reduction in force (RIF). The MITRE Corporation is a nonprofit research and development organization that provides services to the federal government. In 2010, he transferred to a position supporting the U.S.

Senate Bill 1300 Training: The New Workplace Harassment Laws in California

EverFi - HR

Workplace harassment laws in California are the topic of ongoing discussion these days. The #MeToo movement and what can seem like almost daily reports of egregious behaviors by employees—at all levels and in all industries—has kept this topic front and center. Both employers and legislators are taking steps to tighten up rules, regulations, and reactions to workplace harassment in California. California laws regulating workplace harassment.

Does Unconscious Bias Training Work?

EverFi - HR

As companies are being called to address racism in today’s workforce , there have been responses suggesting that merely providing unconscious bias training isn’t enough to eradicate racism. Does Unconscious Bias Training Work in the Office? Learn More!

Should an Office Romance Be Allowed at Work?


Since they’re probably already happening, a better strategy is to be aware of the dangers and to have a plan in your back pocket of how to cautiously handle any workplace love connections. Although they make work much more exciting for the couple involved, office romances provide a number of workplace issues. Include this as part of your employee handbook that employees must sign when first hired, and review it during your annual anti-harassment training.

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