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The Psychology of Achievement: Developing a Growth Mindset

Partners in Leadership

Companies with a growth mindset set themselves apart from the pack through innovation and creative problem-solving. The post The Psychology of Achievement: Developing a Growth Mindset appeared first on Partners In Leadership.

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How to Improve Employee Engagement: The One Word to Remember

Jason Lauritsen

When we realize that our team isn’t engaged, there’s a lot of advice out there for how to improve employee engagement. More recognition. More development. More flexibility. More autonomy. More pizza and beer and ping pong. More, more, more.


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Psychological Safety at Work and Its Impact on the Performance of Your Teams


An empowered employee feels psychologically safe in the workplace — they know they can be honest and make mistakes, without fear of judgement or dismissal. So are your teams empowered to perform

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Keeping Employee Records: Everything You Need to Know


Here at BambooHR, we like to say that human resources is about the peoplework, not the paperwork. That being said, keeping employee records accurate, up-to-date, People Data & Analytics

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HR Playbook: How Paycor Helps You Manage Compliance Risk

There are few certainties in life. Death. Taxes. Changing compliance laws. Keeping up is a full-time job many companies can’t staff. That’s why finding the right HR provider is critical. Learn how Paycor helps you stay ahead. Download the guide today!

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How AI Will Reconfigure Human Roles Over the Next Decade


Innovations like self-driving vehicles, intelligent virtual assistants, and healthcare robots have fueled both anxiety and optimism about jobs and automation.

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Reignite Your Leadership Skills


The world is full of leaders. Some are easy to identify; they may hold political office, run successful businesses, minister at churches, command troops, or quarterback their teams to victory. Surprisingly, however, these highly visible leaders are but a tiny fraction of the women and men who lead.

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How HR Managers Can Play a Role in Preventing Employee Burnout Before It Happens


You can tell when workers are burnt out by the looks on their faces and the way they carry themselves. They show signs of exhaustion and have trouble performing at their optimal levels, losing some of that spark they had when they were enthusiastic new hires. .

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Why Every Manager Should Be a Coach, Not a Boss


The difference between a leader who achieves commitment from employees versus one who achieves compliance, is effective coaching. The most effective leaders are those who see themselves as coaches and leaders rather than managers or supervisors. But what makes a leader an effective coach?

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5 Exit Interview Metrics Your Business Should Be Tracking

HSD Metrics

The negative impact of employee turnover on your business can manifest itself in several important ways. The most obvious is financial.

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Reworked CONNECT - Empowering the Modern Workforce | May 10-12, 2023, Austin, TX

Speaker: Kristine Dery, Professor of Work, Technology and Innovation, and Academic Research Affiliate at MIT-CISR; Dion Hinchliffe, Chief Technology Officer at Constellation Research

Reworked CONNECT is a must-attend conference for HR professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of work. See the latest trends, technologies, and strategies powering today's most successful workplaces. Secure your conference pass today!

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Offering Child Care Benefits to Employees

Best Money Moves

Offering child care benefits to employees. Employers can address work-life balance and aid recruitment and retention efforts with child care benefits for employees.

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The 4 Most Important Mindset Shifts to Make in 2020

Cornerstone On Demand

My head is spinning. As someone consumed with workforce trends, January is my jackpot. Each day I probably receive 100 or more emails, newsletters and Google alerts about what thought leaders and experts suggest will be dominant 2020 workplace trends.

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A Lesson from RTI International: How to Leverage Influencers to Drive Cultural Change


The post A Lesson from RTI International: How to Leverage Influencers to Drive Cultural Change appeared first on Fuel50. CareerLabs Events Influencers leaders Organizational Change Organizational Culture RTI International strategy Workplace Influencers

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Bring your own problem(s): Leader development reimagined

Bersin with Deloitte

From Zen garden to the arena. Posted by Wayne Robinson , Neil Alger , Kyle Sandell , and Natalie Elghossain on January 23, 2020. .

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Secrets to the Switch: Choosing the Best HR Software in 2023

Speaker: Patrick Sayers - President, Newcastle Research

Join Patrick Sayers, president of Newcastle Research, to learn the biggest mistakes to avoid when switching your HR software and gain insights into the most important things companies consider on the path to a successful HR technology strategy.

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Learning leaders reexamine sexual harassment prevention in light of new state laws

Chief Learning Officer - Talent Management

Effective Jan. 1 in the state of Illinois, the Workplace Transparency Act mandates workplace sexual harassment training for public and private organizations with more than 15 employees.

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HR Transformation In The Experience Age

Josh Bersin

HR Transformation is a big topic. The human resources function starts small, and as the organization grows, the HR team becomes complex. We need recruiters, business partners, specialists, designers, technologists, and a variety of other specialists in diversity, culture, learning, and more.

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How a higher minimum wage can benefit workers and employers in 2020


“Back to the Future Part II” predicted hoverboards, flying cars, and self-tying shoes by 2015. Today, we’re a little bit closer to producing (granted, less awesome) versions of that tech. But we’re not quite where Doc Brown and Marty McFly predicted we would be. .

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How to help employees through grief


The process for how to help employees through grief is, unfortunately, one of the hardest and most delicate tasks you’ll undertake as a business leader. In any circumstance, death is extraordinarily difficult. When we lose someone important to us, life as we know it feels as though it has stopped.

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Creating Benefits Flexibility Your Employees Will Value

Speaker: Alex Anderson - Total Rewards Strategist at Lockton Companies | Leo Tokar - President, People Solutions and Partner at Lockton Companies

Join two total rewards experts, Alex Anderson and Leo Tokar, for an in depth discussion on how your organization can implement transparent and flexible benefits and compensation plans.

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5 Ways to Address the Healthcare Industry’s Turnover Crisis


The healthcare job market is booming. In fact, the US unemployment rate decreased 0.2 percentage points to 3.5% in September 2019 , the lowest it’s been since December 1969. In 2018, the healthcare industry alone added 346,000 new jobs , outpacing every other sector for job growth. .

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Top 5 Best Job Search Apps for 2020

Professional Alternatives

No matter what you’re into or what part of your life you need to optimize, there’s probably an app that will help. From fitness to relationships, from food to travel and beyond, the convenience of having a tool to make sense of it all is somewhat irresistible.

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3 Metrics that Should Matter Most to a Bullhorn Staffing Agency User

Hire Vue

Safe to say, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably someone from a staffing agency.

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Making Progress on Diversity and Inclusion Means Getting the Data Right

HR Digest

Collecting and using data in the right way and employing the right tools can help business leaders make progress toward their biggest D&I challenges. A global manufacturing company knew they needed to make progress on their diversity and inclusion goals.

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Onboarding Retrospective - A Different Path to Better Onboarding Experiences

Speaker: Carrie Missele - Practice Lead, Learning and Development at Inspirant Group

In this webinar, Carrie Missele will walk you through the process of developing an effective onboarding program that leads to a happy a happy new hire!

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ICYMI: How to Actually Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Cornerstone On Demand

Editor's Note: In today's fast-paced news cycle, we know it's difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest HR trends and stories. To make sure you're updated, we're recapping the most popular trends, events and conversations every month in our " In Case You Missed It " series.

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8 Accounting Interview Questions to Ask

Professional Alternatives

In the effort to optimize your interviews, shortlist more effectively, reduce your time-to-hire, work like a true accounting recruiter , you need to ask your accounting candidates the right accounting interview questions.

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In search of (artificial) intelligence


Go to LinkedIn and search for jobs with this title and you’ll get 47,747 job openings. Go to, put in the same search term, and you’ll get 53,216 jobs. If that’s not enough, go to, enter the same search term, and you’ll get 47,692 job openings. What, pray tell, jobs are we talking about? Artificial intelligence jobs are hot, hot, hot. And they probably will be for quite a while.

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Sirenum Adds Staffing Industry Veteran Ben Harper as Sales Leader and Increases Focus on Channel


London-headquartered dynamic workforce management platform introduces channel sales department and adds seasoned recruitment sales executive as VP Sales Sirenum, the leading provider of cloud-based workforce management to the temporary staffing industry, is proud to announce the addition of industry veteran Ben Harper as its VP Sales.

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What You Really Need to Know to Build an Effective Global Hiring Strategy

Speaker: Carrie Corbin, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Hope Leigh Marketing Group

Join Carrie Corbin, Global Workplace Executive, Strategist, and Consultant, for this discussion on some of the most common questions around building a global hiring and attraction strategy.