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Balancing Life With Kids and Work in a COVID-19 World

Cornerstone On Demand

The world of work changed virtually overnight with the global spread of COVID-19. In this series, we'll share personal stories and perspectives from Cornerstone employees who—like so many of us—are doing their best to balance life, work and learning from their couches, kitchen tables and other makeshift office spaces. ++ When I received the dreaded notification that schools were officially closed I thought of it as something that would be challenging, but not insurmountable.

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Virtual Onboarding (in the Era of COVID-19)


I recently got to experience virtual onboarding due to the Coronavirus pandemic and wanted to share my experience as well as best practices since many companies are onboarding virtually right now. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.


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Post-Pandemic-Proof Your Business: Prepare for “Reboarding”

Cornerstone On Demand

There is light at the end of the tunnel. At some point, the pandemic will end. Organizations and people will attempt to thrust themselves back into something approximating normal. However, expecting normalcy to return without issue invites a second crisis—one that also happens to be preventable. From a loss of income to the loss of a loved one, the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a serious toll on everyone—from working-level to the C-suite.

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Hyrell Teams Up with Global Talent Solutions to Support Franchise Industry’s Hiring Needs


Hyrell Teams Up with Global Talent Solutions to Support Franchise Industry’s Hiring Needs. For Immediate Release North Wales, PA – April 21, 2020 Hyrell, the award-winning franchise recruiting software provider, today announced its latest partnership with Global Talent Solutions (GTS), the premier executive search, recruitment and talent acquisition partner to the franchise industry.

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Investing in HR Software: How to Get Internal Buy-in

Buying HR software is a major decision. That’s why finding the right provider based on your needs and ensuring key decision makers are on board is vital. Download Paycor’s guide for tips to address common concerns across your buying committee.

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A Rare Glimpse at Leading Labor Market Indicators and the Path Back to Work

Allegis Global Solutions

The global pandemic has unexpectedly given companies in the human capital space a unique opportunity to use data and analytics to deliver a leading-indicator glimpse into the road ahead. In a series of special labor market reports on its COVID-19 resource center , AGS taps into a wide range of data sets, including key labor market indicators, job requisitions (reqs) opened, reqs canceled, and start rates for new roles for its managed services provider (MSP) business.

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See into the future: The crystal ball of people analytics

Bersin with Deloitte

Posted by Kathi Enderes , Zachary Toof on April 20, 2020. What if you could look into the future? Imagine if you could: Identify which job applicants may have the greatest likelihood of success. Predict which workers may be most at-risk of leaving. Know how many resources you will need when business conditions change. See how the labor market is shifting and the impact this has on in-demand skills and capabilities.

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Helping Managers Understand and Address Stress


About a year ago I received one my favorite perk s. It was peak season for us – my workload was heavy , and support was limited. This meant late nights in the office with the stress that so commonly follow s. . As my supervisor and I were talking about what could be done to address my stress, I brought up exercise. I hadn’t been going to the gym regularly for the past few months.

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Celebrating National Volunteer Week With a Relentless Heart

Ultimate Software

There’s a shared characteristic amongst Ultimate Software’s employees that is integral to keeping our organization strong. Ultimate’s people are relentless in their efforts to put people first. Whether they’re providing solutions and service that keep our customers smiling, or selflessly serving our communities , making a positive difference in people’s lives is their common thread.

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The Power of Human Interaction in the Current Hiring Climate

Allegis Global Solutions

AI has become an increasingly pervasive part of the talent acquisition landscape. But even the most sophisticated algorithm in the most advanced instance of any talent management product couldn’t have predicted COVID-19.

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Secrets to the Switch: Choosing the Best HR Software in 2023

Speaker: Patrick Sayers - President, Newcastle Research

Does your organization need more productivity (and less pain) from your HR software? With the increase of technology-dependent remote work and highly sophisticated cyber threats on the rise, it's critical to successfully implement an HR platform that can help your organization see actionable information in real-time to hit all your key workforce KPIs.

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How a Doggy Daycare is Coping with COVID-19 & Preparing to Reopen


While it’s no secret the dogs of America have been relishing the extra quality time as we remain stuck at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing has prevented them from enjoying quality time with their furry friends due to the closures of doggy daycares. . One of these daycares that has had to close its doors is The Watering Bowl in St.

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COVID Layoff Trendline from Talent Airport [1 Month In]


Yesterday marked the first month since Talent Airport (powered by Ongig) began tracking confirmed COVID layoffs. The first layoffs we heard about were Textio and Amplero on March 20th and were quickly followed by Cisco, DICE, Hitachi Vantara and others. We’ve done our best to track major confirmed layoffs every day since then. Below is a chart of the daily layoffs totals through April 20th.

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Cisco Supports #FirstRespondersFirst to Open Four Bright Horizons Centers to Provide Free Child Care for Frontline Healthcare Workers

Thrive Global

Cisco is supporting #FirstRespondersFirst , an initiative of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health , Thrive Global, and the CAA Foundation. The initiative takes a whole human approach to supporting first responder healthcare workers as they serve on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. #FirstRespondersFirst’s fundraising call to action helps provide essential protective equipment, accommodations, child care, food, mental health support, and other resources to this demographically and soc

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Unemployment FAQs: Tips for Businesses During COVID-19


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, millions of American workers have lost their jobs. Some estimates say 10% of the nation’s workers filed for unemployment insurance benefits over a period of 3 weeks. Under state — and now federal — laws, claims for unemployment insurance benefits are exploding. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides additional funds for states to expand unemployment benefits to previously eligible workers, as well new sectors of the workforce that were

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2023 HR Technology Trends: What's New and What's Next

Speaker: Ben Eubanks - Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

The world of HR has changed so much in recent years, and so have the technologies and tools that support HR and talent leaders. But frankly, keeping up with the ever-changing HR tech landscape can feel like another full-time job. That's why we're sharing with you this webinar session with Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer for Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

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Navigating Digital Information: 3 Questions to Ask

HR Bartender

One of the more popular articles on HR Bartender is titled “ Leadership Power: The 7 Types and How to Use Them ”. Every one of us has power and it’s important to recognize the different types of power we possess, how much of each type we have, and how to use them in a positive way. The reason I’m mentioning this older article is because of the seventh type of power listed, which is called informational power.

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HR Tech Companies Laying People Off: Was It Overdue?

Josh Bersin

Over the last two weeks I”ve talked with more than a dozen HR Tech companies that decided to lay off a large percentage of their workforce, and a new article in the WSJ lists dozens of Silicon Valley tech companies letting thousands of people go. To me, this is another dimension of The Big Reset. Read more» The post HR Tech Companies Laying People Off: Was It Overdue?

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How to reinvent your tech hiring in a remote-first world


Overall, data from Coderbyte , a web application for interview prep and technical screening for engineering candidates, shows the number of software developer interviews has severely declined since mid-February. If your company is fortunate enough to be hiring for software development, you’ll likely find more available and eager talent than ever before – even in a fully remote tech hiring environment.

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7 Tips for Successfully Managing Remote Teams

Call Experts - HR

Businesses must be prepared for emergencies! Business hours will change. You will experience supply chain delays as key service providers react. Sometimes you will experience utilities and internet outages. Most importantly, in extreme cases, operational shutdowns and loss of property can occur. When the entire world is suffering from a pandemic, natural disaster, or recession, business leaders must move to emergency protocols to support the customer experience, remote teams, and business operat

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The HR Leader’s Guide to Recruiting & Hiring

62% of Paycor survey respondents say we’re in a permanent talent shortage. By 2030, we’ll see more jobs than workers (BCG).

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Telemedicine, Urgent Care or the Emergency Room: That is the Question

WEX Inc.

Telemedicine, urgent care or ER? Should I go to urgent care or the Emergency Room? Is urgent care cheaper than the ER? What does urgent care treat? What is telemedicine and when is it the best option? These are just a handful of common questions associated with health concerns and where to go for treatment. While the severity of one's condition is the most important factor in choosing healthcare, other variables such as cost, convenience and whether a facility accepts insurance also play a role.

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Managing Workforce Reductions in Today’s Remote COVID-19 Environment

Career Partners International

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shock waves rippling through the world economy. Almost immediately, we shifted to a work-from-home environment across virtually every industry sector. Many organizations are now facing the very real possibility of furloughing employees, implementing layoffs or eliminating jobs completely. These actions might be critical for the sustainability of the organization, but they will be more challenging to implement while unprecedented numbers of employees are temporarily

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What’s Next to Achieve Your New Normal: The Four Phases of Workforce Recovery

HSD Metrics

Start of Floodlight Tag: Please do not remove Activity name of this tag: HSD Retargeting URL of the webpage where the tag is expected to be placed: [link] This tag must be placed between the and tags, as close as possible to the opening tag. Creation Date: 12/10/2019 --> We know it’s not business as unusual, but most companies and their employees are getting back to business albeit in different ways.

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#WorkTrends: Culture That Counts Right Now


Now more than ever, the culture of a company matters. From values to purpose to behaviors, culture is what crosses through every level of an organization and connects its people together. This week on #WorkTrends, Meghan M. Biro and Organizational Culture Strategist Josh Levine got into the power — and the importance — of work cultures today. As companies have transitioned their workplaces to remote, grappling with new policies and tough decisions, it’s the leaders who have […].

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Upskilling HR: Future-Proof Your HR Career

Speaker: Jeanne Achille - CEO, The Devon Group

Is your HR department running around barefoot like the shoemaker's children? If so, you're on a collision course with the ever-changing realities of the workplace, which necessitate strong HR tech skills. In this webinar, we'll look at why HR should invest in learning to ensure organizational resiliency and employee retention. Consider it self-care as we discuss how to future-proof your own career through the opportunities provided by upskilling.

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Benefitexpress Announces New Regional Sales Executive, West Coast

WEX Inc.

Schaumburg, Ill. April 24, 2020— Benefitexpress™ the leading provider of cloud-based technology software and services for employee benefits administration, announced today that Cosmo D'Aquila has joined its sales team as regional sales executive for the west coast territory. In this role, Cosmo will develop strategic, consultative relationships with benefits administration leaders at mid-market employers, health insurance brokers at leading insurance firms, and benefits technology search consult

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Exhausted? Blame Zoom. Or Skype

Evil HR Lady

I cannot even begin to count the number of video conferences I’ve done since the beginning of March. I’ve worked exclusively at home for 11 years, and so I thought I was as up to date as anyone on remote communication. I teach a daily class via Skype and thought I was prepared for all my real-life meetings to replaced with video conferences–mostly Zoom.

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Why Employee Listening Is Your #1 Crisis Management Strategy

Quantum Workplace

As this global pandemic unfolds, it is undoubtedly impacting your organization, the people inside it, and the customers or communities you serve. As an HR leader, you’re likely taking on new responsibilities that didn't previously exist and your leadership team may be facing difficult business decisions or creating contingency plans for the future. Like many organizations, you may be concerned about the unknown economic impact of COVID-19 and unsure how to move forward.

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Why Team Building With Remote Employees Is More Important Than Ever


The trend towards remote work has certainly been exacerbated by the onset of COVID-19 and resulting social distancing. However, even before most of us had learned the term “coronavirus,” remote work was trending steeply upwards. So the answer to the question, “Why is team building with remote employees more important now than ever?” has nothing to do with team building becoming suddenly important, and everything to do with the fact that remote work has become more prevalent sooner than we origin

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Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.