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Here are four ways to BOTCH a sexual harassment investigation

The Employer Handbook

Last month, I told you that an employer’s response to a harassment complaint doesn’t need to be perfect. That’s because an employer that learns about sexual harassment needs to respond in a way that is reasonably designed to end the complained-of behavior. First, don’t follow the anti-harassment policy.

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This Employee Relations Department redeemed itself (sort of).

The Employer Handbook

Earlier in the week, I shared four ways to BOTCH a sexual harassment investigation. My “muse” was an Employee Relations Department that caught the attention of the EEOC for its alleged poor handling of an employee’s complaints of sexual harassment. And I’ve got one for you today.


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Uber, Harassment and HR Business Partner Coverage - Let's Look at the Numbers.

The HR Capitalist

By now, you've heard about this post accusing Uber of creating a hostile, harassing environment for women. Leadership coaching or training is especially important at Uber and other tech companies, where many of the department heads or top execs are often younger staffers who would work their way up at the company.

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Employee Relations: Examples + 10 Strategy Tips

Analytics in HR

Employee relations are about reinforcing the ties between the employer and employees and making the company a better place to work. Let’s take a look at examples of employee relations and what it takes to do it well! Contents What is employee relations?

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Human Resources Generalist: Required Job Duties and Skills

Heyyy HR!

They are responsible for the entire employee life cycle, such as recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, and legal and compliance. In most times, that is for very small companies that have 50-100 employees or less. I created a video that gives a day in the life of an HR Generalist.

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Estimated Time on HR: Employee Relations & Compliance Tasks


Improving employee morale and managing employee disputes are some of the most time-consuming and emotional roles for Human Resource (HR) professionals. How much time do you spend on Employee Relations & Compliance Tasks? ? . Respond to employee dispute or allegations of wrongdoing (follow-up) : 30-60 minutes.

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20 Questions to Start With in Employee Relations Investigations


Are you preparing to launch an employee relations investigation ? Whether there’s been an altercation between co-workers, someone has filed a claim regarding racial profiling, harassment , sexism, or you’re experiencing another complication in the workforce, you may feel that you have your work cut out for you. If not, why not?