Google Ends Weekly "All-Hands" Meetings: Here's Why.

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In case you missed it, Google has decided to stop holding a weekly "all-hands" meeting they call TGIF in response to leaks and the meetings being dominated by issues considered non-core to the business (my words, not theirs). Communications Culture Employee Relations Workplace

Make Your Next Employee Event “Instagrammable”

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Now that the holidays are well behind us and we’ve recovered from party season, I want to talk about human resources and employee parties. In my career, I planned parties, but I also attended the P&L meeting. The goal of an employee event isn’t to just plan the party.

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Use An “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) To Create Employee Engagement

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The reason I’m mentioning this feature is because I attended a conference several months ago where one of the speakers said that they do AMAs with their senior management team. It’s a great way to allow employees to interact with senior management.

Quick Shots for #HR and #Business Pros – March 2015

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Next week, I will be attending SHRM’s Business Acumen: Integrating HR Across Operations seminar here in Fort Lauderdale. I’m also attending Human Capital Media’s Chief Learning Officer Symposium in Miami on April 13-15. We all know what a bad meeting feels like.

Asking Employees for Reimbursement After They?ve Departed ? Ask #HR Bartender

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Today’s reader note is about a company that’s doing something really nice for employees and ends up with a huge dilemma on their hands. Our company takes all employees (along with their family, significant other, friend, etc.) Last year almost 80 percent of all employees joined us).

Handling Your HR Mistakes – Ask #HR Bartender

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Each employee is being given a severance package of 1 week for every year worked. When I explained my hire date was incorrect, I was told that I had been accruing Paid Time Off (PTO) at a lower rate. Most states have laws that require timely payment of wages to employees.

BREAKING: Big Data Is Going to Tell Us Our Workforce is Hopelessly Flawed.

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Case in point - a company named Synergy Sky, which has the following mission: Synergy SKY that can leverage data from sensors, behaviour and your calendar to make all meetings more efficient. If you believe that fake meetings are a problem, you'll want this type of solution.

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Employees: You Need to Read This

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Take, for instance, the employee handbook. Companies have been writing, printing and distributing employee handbooks for decades. Is there another way to provide employees the same information without killing a bunch of trees? Employees swear they will read it someday.

Employee Well-Being Impacts Your Recruiting Efforts

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We know that one of the most effective ways to recruit is using employee referral programs. Last year, SilkRoad reported that employee referrals in the U.S. So we agree – employee referrals are important to our overall recruitment efforts.

The Ultimate Guide to Workplace Mentoring

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As a good manager , you do everything you can for the good of the company, yet your employees can still get hit. Most times, your employees won’t come to you with how they feel, so you need to step in and intervene. 5) Low Employee Turnover.

Workplace Investigations Improve Company Culture. Really?


Over the last few months, I have been speaking at regional HR meetings on the topic of “Using Workplace Investigations to Drive Employee Engagement and Improve Company Culture. And although I hear some skepticism on how this could be possible, attendance has been at very high levels.

The Heisenberg Rules: What HR Can Learn from Breaking Bad (#2 - Affiliation Matters)

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Rule #2 in the Heisenberg Rules is AFFILIATION MATTERS: One of the best things about Breaking Bad is the time it takes to develop the primary characters in the series. Jesse was a small-time methamphetamine user, manufacturer, and dealer.

7 Tips to Support Your Employees on the Road

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Work commitments see many of us take to the road for long-distance road trips in order to make meetings and visit clients. As an employer, asking employees to travel can often be overlooked as just another part of their job description , but it’s necessary they’re given the right support when embarking on long-distance journeys. A recent study by revealed employee habits on business trips. 5) Choice of car and travel time. 6) Be smart booking meetings.

How Can Your HRIS Improve Employee Wellness?

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Despite how technology, especially AI, is portrayed in pop culture in films such as the Matrix and the Terminator series, it can actually look out for your employees’ health. HRIS technology is capable of prompting employees to perform certain tasks and duties.

When HR Does Something Good “Just Because”.


And although we all try not to bring our personal lives into the workplace, there are times when it just can’t be helped. As HR professionals, we are often aware of employee’s personal situations when no one else in the company knows. employee relations HR Kindness

How HR Can Impact Business Outcomes 100% of the Time

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Instead, human resource (HR) departments need to focus on employee experiences. Shifting the focus from typical HR outcomes of interest such as employee engagement or job satisfaction, to business outcomes such as customer satisfaction or financial performance is the first step.

How to Recognize & Reward Top Performers in the Workplace?

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Remember the last time you were recognized for a job well done? It is important to recognize any employee when they do a good job, which can be as simple as telling them ‘good job’ or recognizing them at a meeting; especially your top performers. 3) Ask Employee Preferences.

Five common workplace distractions ? and how to handle them


Whether you’re in a busy office, working flexibly in a coffee shop, or spending the day working at home, there is a near-endless range of distractions that could tempt you to spend time away from what you’re supposed to be working on. Meetings were blamed for low productivity by 60% of respondents, while 58% said that, although they don’t need social media to do their jobs, they just can’t make it through the working day without checking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sometimes You Get Sued and Your Best Employees Come To Your Defense.

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You did the right thing with some problematic employees, but then you got investigated/sued. The Tigers have appeared in a NCAA regional every season of Earleywine’s tenure, advancing to a super regional eight times and appearing in three consecutive Women’s College World Series from 2009-11.

How to Approach Your Employer About a Mental Health Issue?

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This is because the employer was unaware of your condition at the time of your appointment. . Time off work for treatments and rehabilitation . Similar adjustments can include permission to withdraw from networking events and mass attended social events if this provokes anxiety. .

Throwing a Company Party at Home? Prevent an HR Nightmare With These Tips

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However, certain HR concerns can come up when meeting outside the office. Distribute memos before a gathering, reminding employees to be responsible and establish an expectation of moderation and professionalism for your event. Don’t take any sort of attendance at the event.

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5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Performance Evaluations

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This helpful feature may allow you, your managers, and your HR professionals to attach notes to employee files regarding performance, attendance issues, any feedback that has been given, and relevant KPIs. Plan and Schedule Performance Review Meetings.

How HR can support Business Continuity in Current Uncertain Times with Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Directives from HR in response to Covoid-19 have ranged from the cancellation of face to face meetings, restrictions on non essential business travel to an increased move towards remote working. Providing Support for Employees.

How To Ruin The Office Party for Everyone


In Alaska, many…and I mean many…non-profits utilize this time to host fund raising events. Holiday parties have become THE place where employees are “recognized.” The employee who doesn’t like rap music is pissed that the DJ is playing some.

Frictionless Fitness

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It is a well-known and well researched fact that healthy employees lead to a happier and more productive work place. Most company health programs offer their employees gym memberships, but according to the YMCA, only about 10 in 1,000 signed up for such a thing actually go.

Turns Out, There Is Political Discrimination and Harassment Too


You see, while I’ve always been an advocate for fair and just treatment of employees, I’m not a huge fan of protecting every little group of folks. If they did so, they could terminate anyone who didn’t meet that behavioral standard and still sleep like a baby at night.

7 Workplace Practices That Ensure Employee Happiness


HR departments are often tied up with day to day processes like recruitment, training, performance management etc, that there’s no dedicated time left to see the welfare of the employees. According to a Gallup study, “Only 30% of employees said that they feel engaged in their job.

2nd Chance Employers Give 2nd Chances (and employees love them for it)


Editorial Note: This is a guest post from Max Dubroff, an HR guy I met in Tulsa while attending the OKHR State HR Conference this year. We had a great conversation about 2nd chance employees and employers.

Running the Foot Race

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I spent some time with a client this morning and the organization’s leader used an analogy during his comments at an all employee meeting that resonated quite strongly with the group. better organizations culture employee relations

Would You Like to Hear the Opinion of Real HR People? I Knew You Did.


Back in October (I know – I’m a bit behind) Steve ran a meeting where the group addressed the issue of behavior. I wasn’t at this particular event, but Steve does a great job of sending out notes from these meetings. At times it must feel that way.

Keep Smiling, Keep Singing, It’s Okay to Whistle While You Work!


I supervised about 25 part-time data entry clerks and it was our job to enter fisher/hunter information into the licensing database, manage and distribute thousands of big game tags and king salmon stamps, and microfilm every document for “proof” that a license/tag was properly purchased and processed. Francie would tell me I wasn’t doing my team (mostly high school and college students) any favors by not demanding quiet and order during this time.

7 tips to avoid the holiday party nightmare

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It a time to reflect on the past year and celebrate all your organization has accomplished. It is also a time to avoid liability, hopefully. Shiner attended the 2010 party despite her reservations about sexually inappropriate conduct and sexually explicit comments made by Colombo and Fabiano during the 2008 and 2009 parties. Puller her on his lap and asked her to meet him somewhere after the party. Review your insurance policies for alcohol-related exclusions.

SHRM13 Why Your Talent aren't Talent - Jon Ingham's Strategic HCM

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Employee Engagement Zingers. Employee Engagement Strategy: What’s Your Story? There were some great sessions going on, and it was wonderful to catch up with and meet lots of great HR people too, though I ended up working in my hotel room more than Id wanted.

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GetFive Names Its 2020 HR Heroes


Workfront continues to boast high employee engagement scores and to increase diversity, as a metric, for both hiring and retaining talent. Strategic HR can mean different things in different situations and Laura’s prescription was exactly what Workfront required at this time.

A complete guide to choosing the right HRIS for your organization

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It’s a centralized system that stores, tracks, and manages all data related to the human resources operations of your organization, including employee demographics, time off balances, attendance hours, medical details, benefits, policies, schemes, and more.