How to Plan for an Effective Team-Building Activity

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Improving rapport among employees is a crucial component of any organization. Encouraging your employees to build bridges and form healthy professional relationships is part and parcel of managing a successful business. The Benefits of a Team-Building Activity.

10 Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Employees

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And with the rise of remote workers , the need to employ virtual team building activities have surely gained popularity. And this has eventually led many businesses to adopt work from home policy to keep their employees safe and workflow intact. Team Health Challenges.


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Remote Team-building Series: Virtual Team-building Activities


Being a part of a close-knit team at work is what often makes a job more enjoyable. Employees who are engaged with one another are more likely to take pleasure (and pride) in their shared work. Yet team building is crucial to employee engagement and wellness as well as collaboration.

Team Building Fail


One of the hidden failings of leaders comes disguised as a perfectly legitimate request of the human resources team: " I''d like for HR to do some team building for my employees." Dig Deeper Before any team building session is conducted a series of questions need to be asked in order to ensure the needs of the group are identified, the challenges they''re currently facing are clearly articulated and the desired outcome of the leader making the request is made clear.

The Romper Room of Leadership

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000000000000 Are we still at a point where leaders are unable to provide their employees with constructive feedback regarding their performance? I’ve recently been made aware of several situations where there are clear deficits in performance from a team perspective in companies. In most instances, everyone on the team knows who is and isn’t pulling […].

Employee Relations in the Remote Work Setting [Infographic]

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Employee Relations in the Remote Work Setting. Motivating since 1994 - Our mission is simple - to inspire growth for our clients and employees. While remote work is not an entirely new concept, many companies are left questioning how to successfully approach the employer employee relationship in the altered work landscape and how to maintain the productivity encouraged by an office environment. Enhance Remote Work with an Employee Relations & Recognition Program.

Human Resources and Employee Well-being: Are We Doing Enough?

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One topic that has garnered a lot of awareness in Human Resources is employee well-being. For several years, Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends survey has acknowledged a growing concern surrounding employee well-being and how well-being affects employers.

The All-Too Human Condition of Hating a Candidate Due to the Referral Source.

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Ideally, referrals are made by employees/team members who understand the culture we've created at our company, and only refer the best in their network to us. If you've got enough experience in the recruiting/team building game, you've been there before. You've got an open spot on your team, and you're doing your normal recruiting game. That's never been a part of the narrative you had related to your relationship with Rick.

14 Ways to Invest in your Employees in 2020

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As a business owner, employee turnover doesn’t just take up your time, but it also eats into your margins and by losing good people your business is worse off. Investing in the workforce is a vital part of creating an engaged team and keeping hold of good people. Here are fourteen ways you can invest in your team this year…. When your employees feel as though their career is at a dead-end, that’s when employment opportunities elsewhere become an attractive proposition.

8 Tips to Deal with Insubordination in the Workplace

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They have to walk a very fine line to not get immediately scrutinized for the way they handled the situation, usually meaning they cannot react in the same tone as the offending employee. It could’ve also been a response to the supervisor’s mistreatment of said employee.

5 Ways To Boost Employee Morale of Remote Workers During COVID-19

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, working from home seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime for in-house employees. It didn’t take long for employee morale and, consequently, productivity to decline. . Happy Employees Equals Positive Results. Wanting desperately to motivate remote teams during these trying times, they began implementing strategies to show their support. Remote workers start to feel depressed and disconnected from the team.

7 Employee Retention Strategies and Secrets

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In 2018, leading employee retention researchers estimated 42 million Americans would turn over. As an employer, what does employee turnover mean for you? But salary isn’t as important to retaining employees as it is to attract them in the first place. T hese 7 factors influence employee retention much more than salary or compensation does: Recognition and Appreciation. You need to recognize the value your employees offer to your business.

How to Recognize & Reward Top Performers in the Workplace?

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It is important to recognize any employee when they do a good job, which can be as simple as telling them ‘good job’ or recognizing them at a meeting; especially your top performers. These are the employees who are on the management track and other leadership positions. Even if a top team player is introverted or more extroverted , they all have the confidence that inspires others to do their very best every day. Great employees are always looking for ways to learn more.

Balancing Empathy and Accountability with Remote Workers


Maintaining a supportive environment while still encouraging employees to be productive is a tough balancing act. Requiring employees to work from home with family staying hone as well, adds a new element to the balancing act. However, there are a handful of ways that you can maintain contact with employees this balance and ensure that your employees will come out of this situation productive and happy with your organization. . Offer opt-in team building activities.

14 Proven Tactics To Improve Employee Morale and Job Satisfaction

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It’s not a secret that the most valuable asset of any company is its employees. Simply put, when team members are satisfied, you can expect an excellent performance that manifests in various ways: more clients, additional projects, and operations branching out to different locations, among others. Improve employee morale and job satisfaction. 4 Factors That Influence Employee Morale and Job Satisfaction. This vote of confidence helps improve employee satisfaction.

Balancing Empathy and Accountability with Remote Workers


Maintaining a supportive environment while still encouraging employees to be productive is a tough balancing act. Requiring employees to work from home with family staying hone as well, adds a new element to the balancing act. However, there are a handful of ways that you can maintain contact with employees this balance and ensure that your employees will come out of this situation productive and happy with your organization. . Offer opt-in team building activities.

HR Functions and Outsourcing

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Some employers have found benefits in having a third party provide employee support for routine questions on areas such as benefits, payroll, and employee onboarding. It is thought that this particular shared service provides an organization’s employees with quick, reliable, and consistent responses. Do you have your HR team organize social activities and team building to boost employee morale?

5 Ways You’re Losing as an Employer


There’s a phenomenon that many HR nerds refer to as the employee lifecycle, and if it’s something you’re not managing, you may be losing out as an employer. The employee lifecycle refers to the various stages of relationship that an employee has with their employer. Human resources plays a key role in every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Consider a prospective employee with incredible talent who doesn’t get the right impression of your business from day one.

A Laughing Matter – Does Humor Belong in the Workplace?

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It’s been shown that a little humor & fun can increase productivity, enhance team building, and improve morale. In a time where employees are consistently being required to work harder & faster, the ability to de-stress and laugh is even more important. Individuals who make exclusive or offensive jokes may not realize that their attempts at humor may affect employees negatively, causing them to feel uncomfortable, angry, or upset. Weight-related issues.

Setting Boundaries with Your Employees – How Personal Is Too Personal?

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For a lot of employees, getting involved in casual conversations with their boss is a bonus that naturally allows them to build a much stronger bond with him or her. When you get too personal with such employees, their sense of boundaries might diffuse. Entering a team as a new leader? Hiring a new person for an already established team? Prioritize Work-Related Relationships with Your Staff. Team-building is never a bad idea!

Opinion: Why ‘bad’ data can be good news for your organisation


The softer metric is bullying and harassment scores taken from latest employee engagement surveys. This kind of data is fundamental for understanding your workplace: for identifying specific issues around management styles, work practices, employee relations and workplace culture. Such costs surely need to be taken into account when planning and assessing people resources and ‘profit per employee’ or EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation).

Why Empathy Is Key To 21st-Century Business And Why You Should Care


When was the last time you went out and listened to the people who matter in your business — employees, customers, partners, vendors, community members — and found out what is in their hearts and minds? We too often like to lump employees into a category called “internal stakeholders” and customers into one we label “external stakeholders.” We would set up teams to come up with fixes, but not much ever got implemented, and the same issues came up year after year.

Team Communication Doesn't Have To Be Hard: Read These 5 Key Tips

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Team communication, a term frequently used in the business world to describe how teams work together to bring workplace effectiveness and efficiency. And if you do, how exactly has it helped the management and the employees? The benefits that come with good Team Communication.

Top Careers for HR Professionals to Pursue

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You can pursue the traditional role and become a human resource executive responsible for hiring, firing, onboarding, employee management, and engagement. Consultants can specialize in benefits, employee incentives, pensions, team building, company culture after mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and even labor dispute settlements. Training managers hold workshops, conferences and other gatherings pertaining to the company, and team-building exercises.

10 Tips to Increase the Engagement of Remote Employees

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Employee engagement is essential to all organizations. We provide some tips to increase employee engagement under the circumstances: Increase sense of belonging. Empower the employee. This means that employees cannot afford to return to work just yet.

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How to Prevent Conflict Within an Organization Before it Begins

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The mood and energy of employees has a direct relationship to output, collaboration, and customer relations. But the best way to manage employee relations and conflict resolution is to take preventative measures so disputes don’t break out in the first place. Workplace culture sets the tone for how people show up; are employees stressed because management is always looking over their shoulder? Remember Employees are Human.

Is HR the Right Career for Me?


If you work in a large company, you’ll be part of an HR team and may function in one or more areas below: Training. Employee relations. Industrial relations. Employee engagement. Employee development. Employee law. Employee health and safety.

Are You Considering A Career In Human Resources?


Before I started my career in Human Resources , I had a perception that the HR lady sat behind a desk the entire day, listening to people complain about problems at work, pushing a box of tissues across the table to emotional employees and dispensing motherly advice. Employee Benefits. From medical and dental, through disability and equity compensation, an employee benefits specialist must be on top of the laws concerning benefits on the federal and state level.

Business Expectations After Working Remote

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Providing information to your Clients and employees will always be essential. Consider having daily standups or daily team meetings. These team meetings are important, but make sure managers are also setting up frequent 1-on-1 meetings. If there’s nothing business-related to discuss, these interactions can serve to maintain positive relationships and develop trust. . Build a Culture of Compassion. Find ways to protect the health and safety of your employees.

Is HR the Right Career for Me?


If you work in a large company, you’ll be part of an HR team and may function in one or more areas below: Training. Employee relations. Industrial relations. Employee engagement. Employee development. Employee law. Employee health and safety.

The benefits of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in your business


There’s a lot a HRIS can do, from organising and managing people-related data including: . Employee demographic data (date of birth, gender, contact information, etc). Employee job information (designation, department, compensation package, etc). Employee benefits inclusion. Employee time-off and leave requisitions. TalenX offers a unique Rank Fit List that will help you hire the employee you need. Remember that, happy employees make happy employers.

11 Employee Recognition Awards Your Employees Really Want

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1 1 Employee Recognition Awards Your Employees Really Want . Give these 11 employee recognition awards to your employees and watch their productivity, satisfaction and happiness improve. Employee recognition awards are a g reat way to show appreciation to your employees. However, there are many employee recognition awards to choose from, and it might be hard to always pick the right one. . 1 1 Employee Recognition Awards Examples .

What is a PEO? – Top 10 FAQs Business Owners Have About PEOs

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It’s your responsibility to ensure your employees are paid on time, stay safe throughout the workday, and have access to benefits like workers’ compensation, health insurance, and 401k. A PEO is an ideal option for small and mid-sized business owners looking to minimize administrative burden, gain HR expertise, increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and improve employee experience so they can get back to growing their businesses.

Retaining the Millennial Workforce and Why It Matters

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As such, HR teams are tasked with the critical job of developing programs and putting benefits in place that lower turnover rates and set their employees up for success as they grow with the organization. Retention starts from the first interaction a potential employee has with an organization. Before Millennial employees join a company, there are certain characteristics or benefits that attract them to it—be it company training programs or flexible work policies.

4 Reasons For High Employee Turnover


Employee turnover is an element of change that directly affects your bottom line. Here are four of the top reasons many good employees resign: 1. In addition to traditional “pay and benefit” compensation, some companies also opt to offer additional perks such as flexible schedules, remote work privileges, on-site fitness rooms or day care, discounts on services or travel, and employee assistance programs. A bad boss can make any employee miserable.

Do Employee Relationships Matter?

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In the years that followed however, our friendship waned and in the process we went from being best buddies too, well, not and as the tension between us rose and spilled over to others on the team, my boss had one piece of advice. The corporate world is filled to conversations about the importance of teamwork, team building and the value of working together but how much importance do companies really place on the person to person dynamics and the day to day interactions of their employees?

33 Amazing Employee Appreciation Ideas [2021 Update]

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When you think about having a great company culture, you think about building trust, honesty and a great team of workers. Here’s what you might be missing- employee appreciation ideas. 33 Employee Appreciation Ideas To Inspire, Lead and Motivate. Recognize Your Employees.