Top Talent Acquisition Metrics


Ask any HR professional and they’ll tell you the pandemic, and the ensuing effects of the Great Resignation, have turned talent acquisition strategies on their head. Importance of Talent Acquisition Metrics. The Top Talent Acquisition Metrics. Metric 1: Quality of Hire.


How to Measure HR Effectiveness: 12 Useful Metrics


For example, an efficiently designed and executed recruitment and onboarding strategy can help bring top talent on board, leading to increased productivity and, therefore, revenue. We discuss HR effectiveness metrics in more detail below.


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10 Employee Retention Metrics You Need to Know


Implementing a solid employee retention strategy is critical for any company. Let’s have a look at employee retention metrics that help improve employee retention at your organization. Why you need to measure employee retention Common employee retention metrics.


10 Succession Planning Metrics You Should Know

Analytics in HR

Tracking succession planning metrics helps you understand how you’re doing and what you need to do better. Where an organization is going and its ability to execute its strategy largely depends on having the right talent and leaders in place at the right time and in the right role.


A Commitment to Transparent HCM Metrics, and What It Takes To Get There

Speaker: George LaRocque, Crystal Andrews Banks, and Chris Powell

Join Analyst George LaRocque of WorkTech as he sits down with Crystal Andrews Banks, Director of Diversity & Inclusion for Ulta Beauty and Chris Powell, CEO of Talent Data and Analytics at Talmetrix to discuss the journey to transparency.

Which Communication Metrics Matter Most to Leadership?


Beyond output quantity and the quality of the design, you need to collect, analyze, and present valuable metrics to illustrate the ROI of your team’s internal communications efforts (and educate those who otherwise discount it). . Which metrics matter?


The best intranet metrics to measure business outcomes


Your intranet strategy should be aligned with company goals, and it should be designed to drive business outcomes. If you are looking for which specific metrics to measure, you can check our post 8 Key Intranet Metrics You Should be Tracking. Create a Strategy.


Compensation Metrics Cheat Sheet

Analytics in HR

Determining the right compensation metrics to track is a vital step towards fair and equitable compensation. This is why we’ve put together a cheat sheet of 12 key compensation metrics that will help take your compensation strategies to the next level.


5 Metrics for Effective Succession Planning

Cornerstone On Demand

Succession planning is, at its best, the crux of your company's talent management strategy. At Cornerstone, we've focused on identifying five key metrics to gauge existing talent and help current employees grow: 1) Potential. This metric helps managers think about their team balance if an employee leaves—whether he or she moves to another internal position or a different organization.


5 Exit Interview Metrics Your Business Should Be Tracking

HSD Metrics

To mitigate turnover costs, businesses need to implement proactive strategies designed to reduce attrition. What Exit Interview Metrics Should Your Business Be Tracking? Every business is different, and only you can decide which metrics will best enable positive outcomes.


People, HR & Analytics

Speaker: Rodney B. Bolton SPHR, CEO, HR BIZZ

Join us to learn how to empower your organization to align metrics with strategic business goals, using HR analytics.

Top Talent Acquisition Metrics


Ask any HR professional and they’ll tell you the pandemic, and the ensuing effects of the Great Resignation, have turned talent acquisition strategies on their head. ” Now that talent acquisition has finally buoyed to the top of the list of strategic priorities , HR leaders and recruiters are relying heavily on data analytics and metrics to not only support and justify their hiring decisions but also to strengthen their existing workforce. The Top Talent Acquisition Metrics.


Metrics That Matter

HRO Today

Five talent acquisition metrics will be critical to developing an effective hiring strategy post-COVID-19. An important part of that recovery will be metrics: assessing talent needs and hiring processes to ensure they are effective as possible.


A Full Month Of HR Metrics | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

But, many organizations struggle to understand which metrics are most important for them to focus on when it comes to recruiting, engaging, and retaining A Players. In our downloadable calendar, we give you a roadmap for 30 HR metrics to measure.


#WorkTrends: Acing the Metrics: Reading the Data on Engagement

TalentCulture - Recruiting

The January 31, 2020, #WorkTrends podcast quickly went from whether or not we should measure engagement to the best strategies and benchmarks for understanding your workforce like never before.


7 Steps for Upskilling Your Workforce

Keeping people's skills current is a big challenge. Download our upskilling guide to learn how to: identify key future skills your teams need, tie learning to career opportunities within your organization, and choose metrics that matter to communicate your success. Download the guide today!

Top 10 Recruitment Metrics Every Recruiter Should Know in 2022

Recruiters Lineup

In this regard, they need to integrate recruitment metrics to get the complete picture of their teams’ performance. So, what recruiting metrics do you need to track? What are Recruiting Metrics? Top Ten Recruitment Metrics.


HR Metrics to Follow / Implement in 2019


It requires thorough preparations and the all-encompassing HR strategy if you want to keep everything under control. Our goal is to make your job simpler by presenting HR metrics to follow in 2019. To cut the long story short, you have to follow key HR metrics because: Only 20% of employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. HR guest post hr HR analytics hr metrics human resources


How To Link Recruiting Metrics To Business Outcomes

Cornerstone On Demand

According to LinkedIn's 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report , "quality of hire" is the top recruiting metric that hiring managers care about—and for good reason. Quality of hire is also arguably the best metric to demonstrate the effectiveness of the recruiting department and its value as a strategic business function. The importance of demonstrating quality of hire is nothing new, but how do you actually measure this metric?


HR Metrics – Connecting Goals to Organizational Strategy

New to HR

Human Resource Metrics are a crucial way of analyzing the successes and failures of your department’s outreach, influence, programs and processes. The data hidden within is an important catalyst for the development and change of both your strategies and those of the business. Allow your metric data to guide you financially and highlight your best talent, serving as proof of your impact and a record of progress.


Un”comp”licating Compensation - Building a Brand People Want to Work for

Speaker: Kathy Steele, CEO, Red Caffeine

Are people your greatest asset? Then fair and transparent compensation and benefits are the way to affirm your organization is dedicated to this pillar of the business. However, having a strategic comp philosophy is only one part of becoming an employer of choice. It is critical to showcase your company culture, establish an employer brand foundation, and modernize your talent strategy. With unemployment levels nearing all-time lows, it’s time to get started and embed your comp practices into a part of your overall employee experience. Join Kathy Steele, an accomplished serial entrepreneur, employer branding expert, and CEO of Inc. 5000 winner Red Caffeine, as she tackles the common business challenge of setting a compensation strategy that aligns with your culture to help you build a brand to attract, engage and retain top talent in a job seeker’s market.

5 PPC Metrics to Track in 2021

Take It Personel-ly

Moreover, advertisers can leverage various metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure every aspect of their […]. Source Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are widely used by advertisers and marketers alike.


How to Track Employee Retention Metrics | BerniePortal


Companies can save money and headaches in the long run—and get a leg up on the competition—by overhauling their retention strategy. As you begin this process, use the following metrics to measure your efforts.


Best Practices for Building a Performance Management Metrics Strategy


In this article, we are going to tell you how to make teams work without losing efficiency, why to monitor employee performance, and how to improve performance management metrics. The post Best Practices for Building a Performance Management Metrics Strategy appeared first on Engagedly.


Social Media Metrics that Matter

Advanced Learning Institute

FACEBOOK + INSTAGRAM | METRICS THAT MATTER. Here’s the real question—what do those metrics mean? Vanity Metrics. Useful Metrics. Pay more attention to metrics than trends here. It just takes targeting, honing and optimizing social content and strategy. Attend: The post Social Media Metrics that Matter appeared first on Advanced Learning Institute (A.L.I.).


Enriching the Employee Experience

Speaker: Isaac Mallory, Director of Sales & Business Development at HR Performance Solutions, and Jennifer Dickey, HR Consultant and speaker for HR Performance Solutions

Issues with employee engagement and productivity continue to grow. The power has shifted from employer to employee as employees now have the choice to be very selective about their employer. Top talent knows they can leave mediocre organizations for thriving environments. Understanding and enhancing your internal talent is critical for companies to drive results that will positively impact and contribute to your bottom line. Implementing strategies that support an engaging employee experience will help your company be successful in attracting and retaining that top talent.

Impress Your CEO With These Strategic Business Impact Recruiting Metrics


It’s also important to understand that you can’t impress a CEO with a large volume of tactical recruiting metrics. Instead, you must focus on metrics that demonstrate a direct impact on what CEO’s really care about, the firm’s strategic goals. When you shift to this “WOW the CEO” metric model, you need to begin using business impacts as the key selection criteria for determining which metrics to report to senior executives.


What is People Analytics: Examples, HR Metrics & Analytics


The retail giant’s focus is on capability metrics where the processes are rolled out the way they’re designed to be. They also focus on employee turnover and movement through their people analytics program, as it’s connected to their workforce metrics. So, this metric needs to be there.


Don’t Fly Blind: The HR Metrics Every CHRO Should Track

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Here, we identify six key HR metrics to get you started on your people analytics journey. Knowing these employee metrics is the first step in making data-informed decisions. HR metrics aren’t just for CHROs. Download the full report: 12 Metrics Every CHRO Should Track.


The 3 Key Metrics in HR Predictive Analytics

HR Bartender

I like to think of it this way: HR metrics tell you what happened in the past. Both of these metrics are valuable, but it’s not all the information we might need to make business decisions. Fitz-enz’s book “ How to Measure Human Resource Management ” is my go-to book for HR metrics.). HR metrics aren’t going away. The post The 3 Key Metrics in HR Predictive Analytics appeared first on hr bartender.


10 Habits of Highly Successful Tech Recruiters

Speaker: David Nicola, Senior Sourcing Lead, Terminal

Ever looked around at other recruiters and wondered why they're closing when you're not? Is it your candidate journey, or your candidate experience? Are you texting too often, or not texting enough? Trying to figure out what you're doing differently is a daunting task. The blogs are saturated with buzz words, and every other week there's a new opinion about whether or not social is "really" the way to go. When it comes to evaluating your own recruiting strategy, where do you even begin? Join David Nicola for a fun and informative session that will help you lay the groundwork to answer these questions, and determine which actions you can take today to improve your recruiting success!

Key Metric Tracking – How It Helps Enhance Your Hiring Strategy


Organizations that use hiring metrics are better positioned to measure the effectiveness of their hiring strategy. The post Key Metric Tracking – How It Helps Enhance Your Hiring Strategy appeared first on SutiSoft Blog.


How to optimize your hiring & recruitment funnel with metrics


Metrics to monitor at each stage of a recruitment funnel. Create metrics for each step (see below). Metrics to monitor at each stage of a recruitment funnel. Applying metrics at each step of your process helps you know when you’re successful and when you need to make changes.


TA Metrics for Business Results

HRO Today

Get the most from your talent acquisition strategies by keeping an eye on these metrics. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” and there’s no better way to understand the success of a business strategy than by tracking and analyzing a variety of specific metrics.


The New Learning Metrics: Demonstrating Business Value and Impact


Telling your workforce development story — in fresh ways with new metrics — can capture the attention of your business leaders and make your learning program an important business priority. Where We’ve Been: Metrics Important to Learning. The new learning metrics are less transactional.


How 2400+ Recruiting Professionals Are Reimagining Their Fall Strategy

Speaker: Handshakes Find Your Next Conference

Join 2,400+ recruiting peers who have registered for Handshake’s Find Your Next Conference to hear from Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, and 15+ transformational leaders at Disney, Gap, Prudential, Johns Hopkins University, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

10 Smart Strategies to Enhance Employee Experience

HSD Metrics

Increasingly, however, forward-leaning companies recognize the need to track a more comprehensive set of metrics, one which encompasses the totality of interactions workers have with the businesses for which they work.


HR Metrics - Measuring Activities or Creating Value?

PeopleInsight Workforce Analytics

HR is no stranger to data and metrics and the most progressive of leaders in this space are now leveraging robust and holistic people analytics for powerful results – for their organizations and for themselves. Updated on May 27, 2020.


12 Sales Pipeline Metrics to Track in 2022


Sales pipeline metrics can be tricky to nail down, sort of like nailing Jell-O to a wall – especially as your business grows and changes. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore them; tracking the right metrics is essential to a healthy sales pipeline. How to track metrics?:


How to Establish Successful Metrics for Your Internal Communications Strategy


In an age of measurement, however, it’s not enough to create content—you must also align it with the right communications metrics. Here’s a quick overview of what a great approach to communications metrics looks like. More Metrics Wisdom: Quick Tips. As Gregg and Kevin pointed out during the webinar, measurement, and metrics succeed when you match people with the right skills to the task. Conclusion: Measurement Plus Metrics Equals an Effective Communications Plan.