Why Employee Health is Your Company’s Business

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annually until the year 2026 [i] , supporting employee health is now every company’s business. Partner with local restaurants and organic eateries that provide healthy options and reward employees with discounts and gift certificates. HR Policies & Procedures Healthy Workplaces

Fringe Benefits Affected by the TCJA: Meals, Achievement Awards, and Other Expenses

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However, beginning in 2026, expenses for meals provided for the convenience of the employer and that meet the requirements of the de minimis fringe benefits will be fully nondeductible.

Healthcare Reform in 2017: American Health Care Act


The certificate of creditable coverage already required under HIPAA would be used to police an individual’s coverage dates. For age-banded rates, Obamacare had limited the premium for older individuals to 300% of the premium for younger individuals on the same policy, while the AHCA proposes to increase that permissible spread to 500%. The CBO estimates a net reduction of the federal deficit by $337 Billion by 2026 under the AHCA. Jordan Mazur is legal counsel for Zenefits.