Benchmark Myopia and the Need for Business Drivers


It is a typical practice in many industries to be curious about, and focus on, benchmarks to get an idea of “where you stand” on a particular metric. To be clear, benchmarks are a good piece of information to know when examining your performance—but when leaders, particularly in HR, live and die (i.e., When you stop and think about it, a benchmark is just a pursuit to achieve somewhat better-than-average against a number that may not even reflect a true reality. Reference.

2017 Hireology Product Year in Review


On the product side of the business, we made several updates to the Hireology platform in 2017, including the following: Payroll and Talent Management Integration.

20+ Wellness Tips for the Workplace That Rejuvenate Employees and Boost Productivity


20+ Wellness Tips for the Workplace That Rejuvenate Employees and Boost Productivity. Other surveys suggest most (83%) of workers in the United States suffer from stress, which can add up to billions in lost productivity. . Healthy snacks may boost productivity and happiness at work.

When You Need to Move Beyond Data for Pay Decisions

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Often folks will begin market benchmarking by looking at data cuts for jobs in their specific industry, location or company type/size. Just keep in mind that you should still reference market data to make a conscious strategic decision to pay at the high end of it! Data, data, data.

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who prefer the less formal terminology may refer to these as guidelines. Often misunderstood, but a very critical part of evaluating compensation, is the benchmark job. benchmark job is what you use to compare pay at your organization with pay in the market.

IDC Benchmark: Digital Maturity Check For Self-Assessment

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Companies can refer to the independent IDC MaturityScape model to find out what level of digital maturity they have reached and to develop their own strategy for the digital transformation. The first step uses an independent benchmark to create a company-specific output report. Digitally enabled customer experiences and products are inconsistent and poorly integrated. Business provides consistent but not truly innovative products, services, and experiences.

Supporting Workday Customers on Their Diversity Journeys


Benchmarking. With Workday Benchmarking , delivered via the Workday Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering, customers can gain a better understanding of their company’s relative performance in comparison to peer organizations. With these benchmarking insights, business leaders can make more informed decisions on what actions to take to achieve optimal performance. Human Resources diversity and inclusion pay equity Workday Benchmarking Workday Human Capital Management

Retaining Managers: New Data Reveals the Impact of People Analytics


Not only are the direct costs of hiring replacements expensive, but there are costs associated with lost productivity while new managers are coming up to speed, as well as the lost revenue while a position is vacant. Great managers are turbochargers for team and business performance.

How To Grow Your Team & Company Without Losing Them: An Interview With Rand Fishkin


I’m referring to the founder, former CEO, and self-proclaimed “Wizard of Moz”, Rand Fishkin. The benchmark for a subscription business is that you are looking for globally under 5% churn monthly and less than 2% annual churn rate for your most loyal cohorts.

CandE Awards Showcase Organizations Getting Great Feedback on Candidate Experience


One of the top questions recruiters often ask of references is “would you hire that person again?” The Talent Board is a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and benchmark research of a quality candidate experience. Candidates are asked if they are ‘likely to apply again,’ ‘likely to refer a friend’ and for other feedback. One area where that can especially occur is reference checking. Plus, the experience is enhanced for the references themselves.

What is HR Data Analytics & How Do We Leverage It?

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HR analytics may be referred to as people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics depending on the context of the data. The analysis reveals how to best attract , manage , and retain employees—improving employee satisfaction, productivity, corporate culture, and ROI.

Don’t Panic! Background Screening Explained

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So here’s what they look at: Based on HireRight’s 2018 Benchmark Report which surveyed over 6,000 HR professionals, the most popular types of background checks are criminal or other public records searches, verifications of previous employment and/or references, identity, education and motor vehicle records. They may also contact references you have provided to ascertain performance and character. Consumer Information FAQs Product InformationYou did it.

How to Improve Culture Using Real-Time Data


Engaged employees are more productive, enthusiastic about the company mission, actively develop their skills, and provide superior customer experiences. Defining Methodology and Benchmarks. Then, you need to define comparative benchmarks so you can understand what success means.

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IC ROI: 8 (surprising) ways internal communication technology impacts your bottom line


The increased attention and research means we’re now finding more ways to measure and benchmark success. A searchable, centralized reference point also gives employees a go-to place to seek out help or advice from their peers.

Using Passion To Drive Purpose: Three Tips For Writing Effective OKRs


You can continually reference them as you create new ones each quarter and as a guide for managers and employees when writing their team and individual OKRs. This foundation allows you to create manageable benchmarks so that every employee is successful, and in turn, so is the company.

6 Changes Your Company Must Make To Develop More Female Leaders


Remember, these key practices : never judge, always refer to specific examples of what was said or done and provide suggestions for how the person could improve.

Kick Your Cookie-Cutter Hiring Strategy to the Curb

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Hiring managers have typically taken a cookie-cutter approach to finding top talent, relying on resumes, references and a standard set of interview questions.

SurvaleTM Announces Record Growth, New Capabilities and Awards for 2018

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2018 was another year of explosive growth for Survale, fueled by partnerships, strong new product capabilities, and high client satisfaction.

Perceptyx Webcast - Best Practices in Getting Action with Survey Data


Question: How important are external benchmarks in analyzing data? do you recommend any references to generate benchmarks? External benchmarks provide helpful context when interpreting survey data. Having said that, benchmarks have their limitations.

Using Passion To Drive Purpose: Three Tips For Writing Effective OKRs


You can continually reference them as you create new ones each quarter and as a guide for managers and employees when writing their team and individual OKRs. This foundation allows you to create manageable benchmarks so that every employee is successful, and in turn, so is the company. ?David

Build vs. Rent: Don’t Crash on the Do-It-Yourself Iceberg for People Analytics


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) refers to software that is licensed or “rented” to customers for use over the web or in the cloud. At Visier, we refer to this as “add data and stir.” Product updates.

Here’s the Latest North American Candidate Experience Report


This year, the North American Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research Program included 200 participating companies willing to take a closer look at their recruiting practices and ask their job candidates to give them feedback about their recruiting experience and to rate those experiences. The candidates provided that feedback and 130,000 job seekers shared their thoughts and experiences via the Talent Board benchmark survey.

19 Recruiting Metrics You Should Know About

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This refers to the time it takes to find and hire a new candidate, often measured by the number of days between publishing a job opening and hiring the candidate. Time to hire by industry benchmark. Cost of getting to Optimum Productivity Level (OPL). Time to productivity.

Keeping it Simple: Driving HR analytics Value in 1 week

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It’s up on the wall for reference when discussing our internal analytics, product direction, and client support. Other organizations have transformed themselves by using a shared reference point to co-ordinate change. Should we prioritize sales of product or sales of services?

Does Performance Management Really Help Every Employee Become Their Best Self?


I wasn’t producing the results I had hoped for, and I felt this sense of emptiness about the products and services we were building for our customers. What if our product was designed to help unlock the potential of each person at the organizations we served?

Hireology 2018 Year in Review: See How Our Customers Saved Time and Money While Driving Quality Applicants


In 2018, Hireology customers have seen great success with hiring, including the following key metrics: 2018 Product Updates. On the product side of the business, we made several updates to the Hireology platform in 2018, including the following: SmartPost. Insights Benchmarks.

The Source: Weekly Roundup – May 6th, 2019


This Week in PlanSource | Benefits Benchmark Webinar & Free Report. million consumers receiving their benefits on the PlanSource platform and more than 91 million benefit elections to reference, we’ve got plenty of user data to draw insight from.

Designing for efficiency and adaptability

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Done wrong, it can do exactly the opposite—destroying productivity and efficiency and crippling the organization’s ability to make decisions and take action. Span of control refers to reporting relationships within the organization.

The 8 Most Effective Drivers of Employee Engagement


The study authors underscored the importance of the work environment by writing, “The work environment is metaphorically referred to as the ‘second home’ of employees due to the fact that it occupies a central space in the entire life of every worker.”.

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These 5 Management Practices Create Uncommonly Successful Workplaces


We’ve been extraordinarily capital efficient, and based on a reputable benchmark , we were recently producing about 2x the average revenue per employee of companies at a similar size and stage. This is the core of the 15Five product, and whether you use 15Five or not, this piece is critical.

Candidate Assessment: Why to Hire for Cultural Fit?


In cases where there is no culture fit between a candidate and the company; you are likely to see teamwork suffer, low morale and productivity; and increased turnover. Who should you hire? The technical superstar with all the right qualifications but low to average social/people skills?

Broker Forum: Your Official Guide To Open Enrollment Success


Come prepared with a detailed outline of the current year’s plan mix and related costs for reference, in addition to a comprehensive list of recommendations for the upcoming year. Know Industry Updates And Comparable Benchmarks.

Tapping the top 3 sources of high-quality candidates

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Good cultural fit— employees tend to refer candidates with similar skills and attributes. A tip for tapping in: Offering rewards for employees who refer candidates that become new hires can be a fraction of the cost of conventional recruiting.

3 Talent Acquisition Tips for Unmasking Candidates

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A candidate who is serious about the job should have done some research on us beforehand and should know about/at least have some kind of opinion on: Our products. One of the biggest challenges in talent acquisition is one that nobody talks about: masked candidates.

5 Essential Workforce Planning Tools for any HR professional

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What products and/or services are we already producing? No, you want to outsmart them through process, product or business model innovation. The simplest analysis has two elements: Set an internal pay benchmark and group people in (severly) overpaid and (severly) underpaid categories.