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Effective Performance Management for Employees Returning to Work


Effective performance management is essential during this time to ensure employees feel supported, motivated, and engaged in their work. Employers need to take a strategic approach to performance management, understanding the unique challenges employees face, and providing them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

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What is the Difference Between Benefits, Perks, Gifts, Awards, Incentives, and Rewards?


While most companies talk about employee perks, benefits, incentives, gifts, awards, and rewards in the same breath, the truth is, they each have their distinct characteristics and impact people in different ways. What are incentives? An incentive aims at improving the overall performance of an organization.


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Pay-for-Performance Management and Compensation: A Symbiotic Relationship


Alternatively, when compensation is poorly managed or allocated, it can result in the loss of key talent, misaligned objectives, and poor company earnings. In this article, we’ll explore the connection between performance management and compensation, including what they are, how they work together, and the importance of leveraging them.

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Performance Management 2.0: Improving Your Employee Motivation Strategy


In my book, Next Generation Performance Management , I differentiate between Performance Management 1.0 (PM and Performance Management 2.0 (PM is shorthand for last generation (traditional) performance management. Focus more on base pay and less on bonuses. Webinar Recap.

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Behavior Bonus: Performance Enablement


While the Kazoo Employee Experience platform is primarily driven by spontaneous, timely employee recognition — some employees want specific incentives and directions for their behavior. It’s a key part of a successful performance enablement program. Using Incentives for Performance Enablement. Goal: Reduce Turnover.

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Cafe Classic: Are You Watching the Store?

Compensation Cafe

A new business year brings with it both the end and the beginning of the company’s annual management incentive plan cycle. While the left hand is busy processing performance assessments and award payouts the right hand is getting ready to launch the new cycle. Editor's Note: Are you rolling into the New Year on autopilot?

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Performance Appraisal: The Ultimate Guide

Analytics in HR

It can also be referred to as the performance review, performance evaluation, or employee appraisal. Performance appraisals are a platform to provide feedback, offer a formal moment in time to evaluate job performance, and help distribute raises and bonuses among employees. In my view, this is a mistake.