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SHRM Certification: You Can Get More Than 60

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To me, recertification is the most important part of the SHRM certification process because it reinforces a commitment to continuous learning about human resources competencies. We can’t make decisions about our professional development based on the number 60.

CPD: Professional Career Development


Have you heard of Continuing Personal Development (CPD) programs? Although supportive management and knowledgeable mentors are both great places to go for solid advice and careers guidance, there are formal bodies out there providing more structured skills development routes.

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How to Create SMART Career Development Plans for Your Employees


SMART and GROW are two popular acronyms that are used as guidelines to shape career development plans. GROW sometimes gets added to SMART for added structure in shaping a career development plan. Before sitting down to work on a career plan , both manager and employee should think through the coming year’s goals, using SMART and GROW as guides. Meanwhile, you should consider where each employee is in his or her career.

SMART-ly Tracking Your Progress

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Whether we’re having a meeting to give feedback, convey information or make a decision, documenting what occurs during the meeting is essential. That’s what I want to talk about – documenting what everyone agreed to during the meeting. Sad to say, we developed a lot of SMART plans.

New Job? New City? An Essential Planning Checklist Just for You

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No matter how much you trust your movers, it’s best to keep most family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, and identifying documents on your person. Do you prefer reading on the train or making a quick trip on and off the freeway? Your career is a huge part of your life.

5 Tips to Launching an Effective Learning Management & Employee Development Program

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Are you considering implementing a formalized employee development program? Organizations with a career development program in place enjoy up to 250 percent higher productivity. A training program is more than just a series of unrelated courses or workshops.

Handy Tips for Sustainable Onboarding

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Share documents and reading material that will help them get to know the organization and its culture. They may also require job-related training. Face-to-face training sessions may not be sustainable if there are large numbers of new hires or the hiring process is ongoing.

10 Tips to Prepare you for an Effective Performance Appraisal


Hence, you should develop the habit to take it in the right spirit. Rather be open to feedback and pay attention to the goals and career development plans that your manager lays out for you. Collect background data Before your next appraisal cycle, re-visit your last appraisal and review your job description, competencies, the goals which were set for you, as well as the career/skill development plans set out for you. Your career is your responsibility.

Interview Series – Career Experts – Jane Jackson

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In this interview series, we caught up with Jane Jackson who shares her expertise and insights about job search, career change, etc. I’m a career management coach and specialize in career development and career transition coaching. .

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


The company helps organizations transform the way they work by enabling the continuous learning, engagement and development of everyone in their people network, including employees, partners, and customers. Your Ving may include: video, audio, images, documents, text and surveys.