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To help you get started, we take a look at one of the most classic HR providers: Zenefits. Zenefits for HR. Zenefits is online software built for the entire HR ecosystem. Zenefits has really allowed us to set up our game as a small company. Alternative to Zenefits.

[Product Update]: Zenefits + Slack


As we continue to explore the newest features of the new Zenefits, we wanted to take a deeper dive into our integration with Slack. The Zenefits platform is designed to bring you ease and effortlessly connect you to all your HR apps. Be on the lookout for new Zenefits Slack bot tricks!

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Bonusly Integrates with Zenefits for Automated User Management


Zenefits is a modern HR platform designed to dramatically reduce administrative overhead and save thousands of hours by integrating all your small business HR solutions into a single, intuitive dashboard. The Bonusly Zenefits Integration.

Measuring Success with Zenefits


We sat down with Eric to hear what he had to say about using Zenefits, Fireclay’s system of record for benefits, payroll, HR, time & attendance, and onboarding. Which crucial business measurements do you power with Zenefits?

Zenefits Plays Catch-Up With Z2 Release


Zenefits recent call to celebrate the launch of Z2 felt like going right back to 2013 with them. Zenefits launched their new “Z2” platform today. But, this is Zenefits, a tech vendor that came on to the market in 2013 raising enough money to give them “unicorn status” at the time. So, when Zenefits organizes an analyst and influencer call to tout their new platform, you attend. Again, great news for an existing Zenefits customer.

The New Z in Zenefits


Today Zenefits hosts SHIFT: The Culture Conference , our annual user conference and mind meld of some of the most brilliant thinkers on the changing world of work, the importance of culture, and the employee experience. This is also an important day for the future of Zenefits. Zenefit

Introducing Zenefits Pay Connect


As a platform that’s built to empower people, Zenefits delivers a best in class employee experience to your team–regardless of role, department and experience level. Zenefits Pay Connect: More Transparent Than Ever. Interested in seeing Zenefits Pay Connect?

Zenefits Payroll: Now Available in NY, NJ, CT, AZ, and CO


We’re pleased to announce that Zenefits Payroll software is now available to businesses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona, and Colorado. By automating data entry and taking care of taxes and compliance, Zenefits Payroll has made life far easier for our customers.

What You Missed at the Zenefits HR One Event


We launched new mobile features and announced an expansion of Zenefits Payroll availability in five additional states starting March 1st: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona. Not to mention we have seen savings in our HR budget since using Zenefits.”. Zenefits

Up to 75% of Employees Get Immediate EOI Results With New Zenefits & Unum Platform


Zenefits’ employee benefits platform now integrates with Unum’s online Evidence of Insurability (EOI) portal. 1 This is a true advantage for offering Unum insurance through the Zenefits system. 1 Unum internal data, 2017.

[Free Report]: Zenefits Benchmark Report on SMB Benefits in United States


The 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report was released today, offering a snapshot of plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket costs across different regions. So, employers should use the data from the Zenefits report to see how they stack up against similar companies. For more benchmarking data, download the full report now. Zenefits

Aragon Research: Zenefits has potential to disrupt the mid-market HR space


There’s no denying that Zenefits has experienced a lot of change over the past year. As such, we’re thrilled to share the latest analysis of Zenefits from the research and advisory firm, Aragon Research. The launch of a stronger Zenefits HR suite combined with a growing ecosystem of partners on its platform has the potential to disrupt the staid market for HR/HCM in the mid-market,” writes Aragon Research’s principal analyst, Jim Lundy. HR Tips & Trends Zenefits

Does Your HR Vendor Offer Protection? For Your Data of Course


While these two companies fight it out in the press and the courtroom, one of the primary – and extremely important – issues at the heart of the squabble is about security and employee data privacy. What methods do you use to ensure the secure transmission of data?

Course 141

Zenefits Earns >99.9% Compliance Rate After Follow-Up Licensing Audit


A little over a year ago, Zenefits self-reported licensing violations to 51 states. Bill Shepard, Regional Vice President of Sales at Health Net, says “Licensing+ will save tremendous time by eliminating the manual, administrative process of managing agents’ state licenses and also help ensure data accuracy. This is a testament to the diligence and continued focus from every Zenefits employee and the new values that we live every day. The post Zenefits Earns >99.9%

Zenefits integrates with Google, Microsoft, and Slack to Bring HR to Employees


With Zenefits, however, businesses have the ability to seamlessly integrate these everyday business systems within the Zenefits platform, making their day-to-day operations easier. Here’s a look at how Zenefits integrates with Microsoft Teams: How Integrations with Zenefits Works.

Zenefits’ HR Management Software Wins PCMag’s Software Showdown


Zenefits’ human resources (HR) software “has a clear and flexible pricing model and a collection of cool integration partners that your business will love,” making it PCMag ’s top recommendation among the best HR management systems. But, more importantly, Zenefits Z2 offers business intelligence (BI) reporting on benefits data.”. On Integrations: “Zenefits Z2 has 27 prepackaged integrations. Ready to learn how Zenefits can help your business grow?

Zenefits and the Compounding Effect of Cultural Assessment

Women of HR

There is nothing that guides a company to it goals and beyond quite like a dynamic, properly-cultivated corporate culture, and a perfect example of this has recently hit the news: Zenefits. Zenefits’ company values were forged at a time when the emphasis was on discovering a new market, and the company did that brilliantly. Most employee engagement data tell us 86% of people are disengaged, which is a warning sign within itself.

Zenefits Partners With Aetna to Offer Level Payment Self-Funded Plans


Zenefits Broker Services helps businesses select the best plans for their specific needs. Zenefits offers a variety of level funding options available from Aetna (platform integrated), CIGNA, Anthem CO, BCBS TX, UHC, as well as others. These plans may also by the right choice if a group wants to understand claims data and how it will impact the group’s rates. Zenefits’ Mobile-Friendly Flow Makes Integration Easy. Zenefits Benefits Health Care Cost

What’s Hot in HR: Former Zenefits Employees Weigh In, Closing the Gender Gap, Interview Secrets


20+ Former Zenefits Employees Weigh In (LinkedIn). As Zenefits cuts 17% of its staff in hopes of a fresh start, a look inside the growing pains of a startup that went from 15 employees to 1,400 in less than two years. Zenefits’ dramatic media takedown is no exception. Zenefits Once Told Employees: No Sex in Stairwells,” the Wall Street Journal first reported, followed by aggregated reports from CNBC, Business Insider, Vanity Fair and many, many others.

Data Analytics Tools are the Magic Wand for Small Businesses


However, many SMBs have restricted access to data analytics tools, keeping them from the robust data that larger companies are able to utilize. Data based on 28 million businesses . A problem well-understood by Zenefits, since removing operational overhead for the underserved SMBs was the basis on which it was founded. Data Analytics Tools: the need of the hour. How do small and midsize businesses become more data-driven?

Don’t Get Caught in the Crossfire; Choose Your HR / Payroll Partner Wisely


As a PeopleStrategy employee, naturally, I have been following the reports on the tiff between ADP and Zenefits very closely. For those who haven’t had as vested an interest, ADP is suing Zenefits and its founder, Parker Conrad, for defamation. ADP claims that Zenefits (in cases where the two share a common customer) was obtaining client information used for payroll from the ADP system in an unauthorized manner and that this posed a security risk. Protect your data.

Benefits Insights and Analytics Software

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Aberdeen conducts extensive data collection and research on hundreds of software sectors. Our data and research coverage includes factors such as: buyer demand; buyer selection preferences; buyer perception of vendors; market share; and a range of end-user and buyer behaviors.

The Data Says We Have an Employee Onboarding Problem


The post The Data Says We Have an Employee Onboarding Problem appeared first on Zenefits Blog.

#HotInHR: The Platform Economy; Secrets Of Productive People, How Google Creates a Great Workplace


Zenefits’ Free Business Model Ruled Illegal, 24% Of Americans Have Now Worked In The Platform Economy. But that’s what happened on Thursday, as the state of Washington ruled that cloud human resources startup Zenefits must charge customers for the software platform it currently gives away for free. Related: Zenefits penalized $7 million in California. Newsletter: What's Hot in HR Benefits Company Culture Employee Engagement Insurance Productivity Secrets Zenefit


Mythbusters: Millennials and Gen Zers Aren’t that Different, According to this Data


According to new Zenefits workplace research that polled 400 full-time and part-time U.S. We thought we’d see a reflection of stereotypes we see plastered in mainstream media headlines emerge from the data. Turns out, Gen Zers might not be as different from Millennials as we thought.

Employee Benefits Benchmarking: Employer Contributions


The March 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report is now available. Representing data from more than 8,000 Zenefits customers, the report examines how plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket costs differ across regions.

What Are the Benefits of Bringing Data Analytics to Payroll?


People who work in compensation management utilize a pool of data. Much of the data they use comes from a process called salary benchmarking. They use those data to come up with a market rate for their own company’s jobs. A good compensation management professional will look at all these data and analyze them to come up with an accurate portrayal of the market rate for a particular job, both in salary and non-monetary benefits. The data are incomplete.

Employee Benefits Benchmarking: Choosing the Right Plan Types


The March 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report is now available. Representing data from more than 8,000 Zenefits customers, the report examines how plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket costs differ across regions.

Why Businesses Must Recognize Equal Pay Day


workforce data concluded that when an influx of women enter a previously male-dominated profession, average wages for the occupation as a whole actually decrease,” notes the AAUW report. Zenefits can help you run business intelligent reports for gender and compensation analysis: .

Answering 3 Top HR Questions With Business Intelligence Reports


Because of this, businesses are increasingly investing in tech resources for collecting, storing, and organizing important employee data. . Taking a data-driven approach is crucial when it comes to effectively assessing business costs and employee performance.

ADP Workforce Now Alternatives for HR

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This cloud-based software offers human resource tools, payroll and tax payments, scheduling and time tracking, benefits management, and data-driven reporting. This system has allowed our organization to process data in real-time.”. Zenefits.

ADP 52

Top Rated Fringe Benefits in 2018 (and other statistics you should know)


That’s why we collected data from over 600 small and midsize businesses to give you the necessary insights in developing a competitive benefits package that’s right for your company. Zenefits Featured

Employee Benefits Benchmarking: Insurance Premiums


The March 2017 Zenefits Small Business Benefits Benchmark Report is now available. Representing data from more than 8,000 Zenefits customers, the report examines how plan types, contributions, premiums, deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket costs differ across regions.

Arianna Huffington’s Advice on Employee Culture & Thriving in the Workplace


Arianna Huffington is a renowned author, founder and CEO of Thrive Global, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post – and she also happens to be a keynote speaker at Zenefits’ September 21st event, SHIFT: The Culture Conference. Zenefits

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[Customer Spotlight]: A Conversation with Rebecca Minkoff’s One-Person HR Department


What do culture, data, and handbags have in common? At Rebecca Minkoff, our people and culture are really important, but so is using data to drive business decisions. Using HR software like Zenefits for hiring and onboarding makes my life a million times easier,” says Lauren. The fact that Zenefits integrates with Slack made it that much easier to get everyone on board. ” Data. One way they do this is using Zenefits’ HR software. .