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Top 10 ways to curb harassment, from EEOC task force

HR Morning

Over the past year-and-a-half, an EEOC task force has been charged with putting together best practices for how employers can stymie workplace harassment. The 16-member task force was comprised of academics, attorneys (from both the employer and employee side), members of employer and employee advocacy groups, and union representatives. Ways to attack the problem. The result? The highlights: Start at the top.

EEOC’s latest, best 10 tactics for preventing harassment in the workplace

HR Morning

The EEOC is looking to publish enforcement guidance to address illegal harassment in the workplace. That guidance is being built around several tactics the agency’s suggesting employers take to address this problem. . Earlier this week, HR Morning reported that the EEOC is seeking public input on a proposed version of enforcement guidance regarding harassment in the workplace (the deadline for pubic input is Feb.


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Five great ideas on how your business can revamp workplace culture to prevent harassment

The Employer Handbook

Yesterday, while you were sneaking Fun Size Peanut M&Ms out of the Halloween pumpkin before the trick-or-treaters showed up — maybe that was just me — the EEOC held a public meeting on Steps to Transform Workplace Culture to Prevent Harassment. The consensus was that employers best accomplish this through a “holistic approach.” But what precisely can you do to address harassment? The three levels of prevention.

#MeToo and the Workplace: HR and Sexual Harassment Policy


#MeToo and the Workplace. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, HR and employee relations managers were sent scrambling. sexual harassment and/or discrimination has always been under the purview of HR, it has become a necessity for HR departments to not only tighten up or edify. In fact, more than half of businesses surveyed in 2018 reported plans of changing sexual harassment policies and how claims are filed and dealt with.

Supreme Court Ruling Protects LGBTQ Employees

HR Counselor's Corner

On June 15, 2020 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That’s because it is impossible to discriminate against a person for being homosexual or transgender without discriminating against that individual based on sex.”. This ruling essentially provided clarity on if sexual orientation and gender identity were covered under sex discrimination.

Harassment: Not Just a Buzzword, Its Liability


The continued momentum of the #metoo movement has made workplace harassment a buzzword not just thrown around by your surly HR rep, but one that we are all acutely aware of. However, the term shouldn’t be relegated to just a buzzword given the high legal stakes associated with running afoul of anti-harassment policies. This is because harassment is typically based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

The Daily Rundown: Sexual Harassment Training and the State of Paid Family Leave


Welcome to the Small Business Run Down. Today we take a look at the debate around Colorado’s proposed paid family leave legislation, the role credit scores play in small business lending, and sexual harassment training in the Big Apple. Republican lawmakers in Colorado have voiced concerns about the impact this would have on businesses, particularly small businesses. The Number: $671. The Number: 300. The Number: 15.

The Failures of Bias Training, and What You Should be Doing Instead

TrustRadius HR

Last year, Starbucks made headlines for closing over 8,000 stores to conduct anti-bias training in response to a racial bias scandal. Starbucks’s response this discrimination, mandatory training, is a common response to social injustice in the business world. Unfortunately, bias and sensitivity training is as ineffective as it is popular. Why is bias training so popular if it’s proven to be so ineffective? Why Training is an Appealing Approach.

Sealy Ignored Noose, KKK Hood at Worksite, Feds Say

HR Daily Advisor

Sealy of Minnesota will pay $175,000 to resolve claims that it ignored severe racial harassment at a manufacturing plant in St. Paul, according to the U.S. After conducting an investigation, the EEOC said it determined that the employer, despite receiving complaints about the harassment, ignored a noose, a Ku Klux Klan hood, and racist epithets and jokes at the plant. She graduated from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.,

Building Your Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard


Despite the fact that human resources has long been considered a “soft science,” 82 percent of business leaders believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage, and more than 50 percent are trying to change their culture in reaction to changes in talent markets and competition. After all, your marketing team tracks the ROI of their efforts in order to analyze and make informed changes to strategy, right? Company Culture Metrics. Retention Metrics.

4 HR Trends That Will Impact Your Workplace Culture in 2020

EverFi - HR

So, what are the top HR trends that will lend to building a positive work culture in 2020 and beyond? Here are four of the hottest employee experience topics that HR professionals will be tasked with addressing in the next decade: Retaliation in the Workplace. Harassment Prevention Training. Retaliation in the Workplace. Learn More! Harassment Prevention Training. At least 65 of the largest U.S.

Employment laws to watch in 2019


A patchwork of state and federal laws was eventually replaced when Congress set minimum age requirements with the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938. At the turn of the last century, workers had few legal protections from wage theft or unsafe working conditions. From pay equity to transgender rights to anti-bullying, the pendulum is once again swinging in favor of greater protection of employees. The federal minimum wage applies in these states.

7 Steps to Reaching Your Workforce Diversity Goals

Digital HR Tech

Other benefits of workforce diversity are the fact that it drives innovation, creates skill diversity and that it makes your company more appealing to a broader customer and candidate demographic. The workforce diversity plan. First off, you need an actionable, achievable workforce diversity plan. Common pitfalls include: Not correctly identifying the make-up of your organization Not having a diverse planning committee Not having data on retention Not setting practical goals.

Building A High Trust Organisation

HR Management

Over the past couple of decades, compliance has been categorised as a defensive play in the realm of workplace relations and safety. For example, the statement “we must prevent physical injury at work” has long been a non-negotiable, and that is why work health and safety regimes will continue to carry a compliance label. We have a growing focus on the mental health and wellbeing of our people, both at home and in the workplace. Are people continuously learning?

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7 Actions HR Can Take to Help Create an Inclusive Environment at Work

Digital HR Tech

When an organization nurtures an inclusive environment at work, employees sense the collaboration and fairness that helps their well-being and ability to embrace their full potential. The importance of an inclusive environment at work. Conduct an employee survey and act on the findings.

The Unknown Cost of Conflict in the Workplace

Pollack Peacebuilding

From gossip to claiming turf, retaliation, culture interventions, and recruiting, there is a lot of company time devoted to processing conflict in the workplace. From time spent away from the work to customer headaches and the dollars lost in between, it’s important for managers and business owners to understand the true cost of conflict in the workplace. The Cost of Conflict in the Workplace. The Actual Cost. Harassment.

Building a Female-Friendly Company Culture


With Weinstein-gate, the #MeToo movement, and companies getting publicly called out for sexism and harassment, the past 12 months have shown that gender bias and workplace inequality issues can no longer be ignored. The answer: start from the top. “This highlights the fact that companies and leadership are prioritizing culture in a way they have not in the past,” Manning said. Today is International Women’s Day.

Most Important Developments in HR for 1/24


Delta Air Lines employees are going to be feeling the love on Valentine’s Day this year. The airline’s CEO announced Monday that Delta will pay out a record $1.6 The bonus payment to the Atlanta-based company’s 90,000 employees on Feb. 14 will be equivalent to about two months’ salary, Delta CEO Ed Bastian said at a Cobb Chamber event Monday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Delta was recently ranked the No.

Everything to know about Human Resource Management


People are crucial to the success of any organization and are not merely means to achieve end objectives and goals of the company. The Workforce is today one of the most critical company asset and organizations are paying a lot of attention in building and cultivating a strong asset in them. To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace. It is designed to maximize employee performance in the service of an employer’s strategic objectives.

The Importance of Creating a Gender Inclusive Workforce


In previous decades, gender inclusivity referred almost exclusively to creating opportunities for women in the workplace. By many metrics, this is still an ongoing struggle - by recent studies, women still only hold around 21% of executive roles. Millennials and those under 40 years old account for a solid bulk of the workforce and champion on behalf of the LGBT+ community. The natural world is full of examples supporting this idea.

Without Retention, Diversity Efforts Fall Short


Building diversity in the workplace is an initiative HR leaders cannot afford to miss. Therefore, many technology companies are directing large sums of money to increase internal diversity metrics and cultivate a broader pipeline of minority candidates. Yet, anecdotes abound of poor treatment and discrimination in the tech industry due to race, gender, sexual orientation, and more. It is possible the competitive job market is to blame. The Unfairness Factor.

How Healthcare Employers Can Manage Nursing Talent More Strategically


Nurses are a critical part of the healthcare workforce, so the ongoing nursing shortage is a big challenge. Research by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses says that while nurses report being highly satisfied with their career path, 54 percent said they plan to leave their current job within three years. Problems with the work environment were a major contributor to this restlessness, especially the lack of appropriate staffing.

Gender inequality in the workplace: A lack of women in leadership


Don’t talk to us about it at the parties tonight. It was March 5, 2018, when Frances McDormand during her Oscar acceptance speech for Best Actress sent a powerful message: women have ideas and, to put those ideas into action, they need a seat at the table. This message goes beyond Hollywood and the film industry; women in the workplace today should be equal with their male colleagues. The good…. and the bad. Benefit from the ripple effect.

Embrace Your Inner Whistleblower! (And Fight Retaliation Claims)

HR Daily Advisor

Bahm; but from the other perspective, it’s the ultimate betrayal by a divisive malcontent. The applicant or employee must have had a reasonable belief that conduct was unlawful when reported. In other words, says Cave, the complainer does not have to be right about complaint! Complaining about discriminatory or harassing conduct. Refusing to follow orders that would result in discrimination. Regarding adverse action, says Cave, the U.S.

Gender inequality in the workplace: A lack of women in leadership


Don’t talk to us about it at the parties tonight. It was March 5, 2018, when Frances McDormand during her Oscar acceptance speech for Best Actress sent a powerful message: women have ideas and, to put those ideas into action, they need a seat at the table. This message goes beyond Hollywood and the film industry; women in the workplace today should be equal with their male colleagues. The good…. and the bad. Benefit from the ripple effect.

Gender Fluidity and HR: Moving Beyond M/F Labeling (i4cp login required)


How are organizations acknowledging heightening awareness and evolving understanding of gender, identity, and orientation in the workplace? Is HR adjusting by expanding beyond the typical M/F labels in policies, practices, and metrics? These questions and others were posed recently to 150 HR leaders by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp). But it’s never too late—ask at any point during the conversation.

From the courtroom: Firing an employee do’s and don’ts

Business Management Daily

The steps to firing an employee are full of legal landmines. Take these four recent court cases that highlight the right way to fire, and the wrong. Whether it’s a new employee who isn’t working out, or you suspect FMLA abuse , proper documentation is the best thing to have on hand if you end up in court. Before you fire her, possibly triggering a lawsuit, take the time to document why she’s not working out. The court tossed out the case.

Everything About Job Satisfaction


We often hear the term ‘job satisfaction’ being used to describe how a person gauges his/her nature of work. Interestingly, job satisfaction is also a metric used by organizations to determine employees’ perceptions when they’re at the office. Job satisfaction cannot be quantified by a numerical value, but it is a metric that works well to determine an individual’s positive emotional response towards their job.

The ClearCompany Authoritative Guide to HR Technology Terms

ClearCompany Recruiting

When you’re unsure of the difference between API and RSS, grab this resource to help you keep it all straight (and help you pick the best HR tech solution for your company). Integration: Using various technologies effectively and efficiently with different functionalities in the business processes. Fun fact: Did you know the average company has 31 systems in its HR tech stack? Do you know the difference between HRIS and HRMS?