Take diversity and inclusion to the next level in your company culture


I remember feeling totally maxed out on my job some 30 years ago when I was given an additional assignment, and I learned that I could attend to my prior duties differently and still be successful while taking on more responsibilities. By Paul M. Mastrangelo.

3 Steps to Promoting Gender Equality the Right Way

Thrive Global

Supporting gender diversity in a male dominated workplace is hard. By the end of this article you’ll know what I wish I knew years ago – how to promote gender equality the right way. Me teaching some simple actions people can do to help achieve gender equality in STEM.


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4 Actions Leaders Can Take to Improve Gender Equality

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

On September 24, DIAL Global – a community for Diverse Inclusive Aspirational Leaders – hosted the DIAL Global Summit, a virtual event covering topics related to diversity, inclusivity, and belonging.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


The need for companies to solidify their strategy and action to support diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is greater now more than ever. We are just beginning our journey to understand who we are and how we are doing as a company when it comes to diversity. .

High Performing Organizations Have Leadership Diversity – #LeadLikeAGirl

HR Bartender

This year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo is hosting a new event, “ Women in HR Technology.” The cost to attend is included your conference registration. The closing keynote for the Women in HR Technology event is Dr. Tacy Byham, CEO of DDI, a global leadership consultancy that helps the world’s most successful companies transform the way they select, develop, and accelerate leaders. But it’s time for us to become more gender neutral.

22 Examples of Awesome Diversity Goals


We found 22 examples of diversity goals from top companies aiming to boost diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. To make the list, the diversity goals had to be written on their web site or spoken goal by their leadership (e.g. 22 Diversity Goal Examples.

October HR Events Around Ireland & The UK


We have the latest upcoming HR events that you should be attending in October around Ireland & The UK. Pens at the ready (or just simply click on the event to add to your google calendar!). October 2018 HR Events. DisruptHR Dublin is a must-attend event for CEOs, business leaders, HR or L&D executives who want to hear the latest insights and the most innovative speakers on talent. Event Details . This event is all about YOU !

15 Ways to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace


Mention diversity in the workplace and you’ll generally get a positive response from executives. That’s because most of them understand the many benefits of a diverse workforce. Diversity in the workplace benefits. And execs know a diverse workforce (in age, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) brings diverse viewpoints and perspectives to the company; these elements can help you develop great new products and great new ways to cater to customers.

Eliminating Bias from Hiring [Neurodiversity Virtual Event Recap]


On October 14th I attended the Neurodiversity Rising — Eliminating Bias in Hiring virtual conference hosted by Neurodiversity in the Workplace (NITW). This was the event line up: Key Takeaways. lower turnover and time-to-hire. Diversity and Inclusion

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

Digital HR Tech

d&i Leaders is a global community of senior diversity, inclusion and people focused professionals, looking to collaborate, network and accelerate their workplace inclusion strategy. The d&i Leaders Global Forum is a two-day event filled with interviews, panel discussions, and interactive polling that will stimulate your interest in workplace inclusion in a network-encouraging setting. If you like case studies, this is the event for you! Otherwise: enjoy the events!

Brooks: Why every aspect of HR needs to step up for LGBTQ employees


Each June, we celebrate both the historical struggle for equal rights and the rainbow that is the big tent of the LGBTQ community. Advertisement It was my diversity and inclusion work that wound up being my on-ramp into HR and eventually to becoming an SVP at a Fortune 250 firm.

How to apply diverse hiring practices to your business

Business Management Daily

Examining diverse hiring practices encompasses everything from advertising open positions to hiring the selected candidate. In the wake of the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, many companies have launched diversity initiatives. Avoiding backlash for diverse hiring practices.

Accessibility, workplace diversity and Covid-19

Thrive Global

I stopped being able to attend business events years ago and quickly realised that it was impeding my progress, so I started searching for good online membership communities. Being chronically ill has meant I’ve automatically missed out on courses, conferences and networking events ”.

Survey: Workplace Diversity Critical to Veteran Recruiting Programs


To compete for and win members of this valuable talent pool , employers need targeted veteran recruiting strategies that align with veteran’s preference about workplace diversity and recruiting. Military Veterans and Service Members Share Their Thoughts on Diversity.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

Digital HR Tech

d&i Leaders is a global community of senior diversity, inclusion and people focused professionals, looking to collaborate, network and accelerate their workplace inclusion strategy. The d&i Leaders Global Forum is a two-day event filled with interviews, panel discussions, and interactive polling that will stimulate your interest in workplace inclusion in a network-encouraging setting. If you like case studies, this is the event for you! Otherwise: enjoy the events!

Striving for Diversity – BCGi 2019 Summit Highlights

Biddle Consulting

This year’s theme was, “Striving for Diversity,” and focused on the challenges and rewards of pursuing “big D” diversity beyond the baseline legal requirements. Attendees were treated to a wide range of presentations by leaders in the Diversity & Inclusion field. Matt is already full of ideas for next year’s Summit, but he also wants to hear directly from the BCGi family regarding what you would like to see and hear at future events.

Spring HR Technology Conference coming to a screen near you


On the final day of HR Tech —which went virtual for the first timeevent organizers announced a new online conference coming this spring. Like this week’s conference, the event will be entirely virtual and free to attend.

Fostering belonging through workforce diversity and inclusion


Is your company fully leaning into workplace diversity and inclusion? Here’s a closer look at the benefits of diversity and inclusion – and steps for achieving your D&I goals. Defining diversity and inclusion. What is workplace diversity?

HR Tech Number of the Day: Nations represented


125: The number of countries represented among the thousands planning to attend the virtual HR Tech Conference. When the event is held in person, about 40-45 nations typically are represented. This year, residents of at least 125 nations plan to attend.

Looking to Celebrate Equal Pay Day? Check Back in 100 Years.


Today is Equal Pay Day, and the news isn’t sunny—women are still paid less than their male colleagues, women of color are paid even less than their white peers, and progress in reaching parity is maddeningly slow. Today is an exercise in calling attention (yet again) to the glaring gap between men's and women's wages, which has been closing by less than a half cent per year since the enactment of the Equal Pay Act in 1963. It’s that bad.

Virtual HR Tech kicks off tomorrow


For the first time ever, the HR Technology Conference & Exposition ® kicks off tomorrow in an entirely virtual format. Analyst Josh Bersin will kick the event off Tuesday with “Dealing With Disruption: How the New Normal is Shaking Up the Technology Market.”

Symposium Events: Wellbeing and Stress Summit

Strategic HCM

Keeping with my recent employee engagement theme, yesterday morning I attended Symposium’s Wellbeing & Stress Summit. Now I loved Gill’s attempt to create love – which I’ve posted on a few times, and will coming back to again soon. And eg the average graduate today will have had 14 jobs by the time they’re 35. Events generally provide strategic analysis of an issue and explore practical solutions for the workplace. Events Wellbeing

Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor: Celebrating Our Differences at Workday


Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is a priority for most organizations. And like most priorities, it takes a team and a set of goals to address diversity and inclusion (D&I). While those are good and necessary things, there’s something even more fundamental that’s required of everyone, says Workday Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor. Workday Chief Diversity Officer Carin Taylor. “As ” —Carin Taylor, chief diversity officer at Workday. “It

#HotInHR: Men & Women Act Same, Treated Differently; Book Time-off Using Alexa, WeWork + Lord & Taylor?


Gender equality remains frustratingly elusive… Numerous causes have been suggested, but one argument that persists points to differences in men and women’s behavior. HotInHR: Men & Women Act Same, Treated Differently; Book Time-off Using Alexa, WeWork + Lord… Click To Tweet. Employees will book time off using Alexa-style devices – (Computer Weekly). Lord & Taylor Building, Icon of New York Retail, Will Become WeWork Headquarters – (New York Times).

50+ Ideas for Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion at Your Company

Linkedin Talent Blog

Following widespread protests against police brutality and systemic racism, companies around the world are taking a hard look at their diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs and policies. Explicitly request a diverse range of referrals. Sponsor an event. Diversity

8 Reasons to Attend WorkHuman 2018


WorkHuman, in its fourth year, is unlike any other HR conference, and this year’s event has even more for attendees. As we get closer to April, we’re sharing our top 8 reasons to attend (and a tool to help get your manager on board): 1. The keynote lineup is comprised of activists, celebrities, New York Times best-selling authors, and some of the most inspiring thought leaders in the business.

The Glass Ceiling

Thrive Global

The first time I was asked to deliver an address at a women’s network, it was on the topic of Glass Ceilings and the issues I had faced throughout my career in competing with men. I attend events with inspirational female speakers who have made it to the top and are succeeding in their roles.

Diversity and Inclusion: The business case


Taylor said that the answer to this crisis is diversity and inclusion. In fact, Taylor says there is a strong business case for hiring employees from diverse groups such as the formerly incarcerated. “It’s They found: More than 82% of hiring managers in the nationally representative poll indicated workers with a criminal history are a high-quality hire equal to or even more effective than those without a criminal history. All diversity dimensions,” Taylor said. “If

Jorge Sun of LendingFront: “Hire smart and from diverse backgrounds”

Thrive Global

Hire smart and from diverse backgrounds. Thank you so much for your time! Following some time at OnDeck, I returned to the banking world and joined Capital One as Head of Small Business Credit. Being patient is crucial as most sales take a long time from start to finish.

Top 5 Themes at HR Tech 2017


Essentially, AI reduces the amount of time a customer has to spend in the software and increases the value the customer gets out of the software. But decision-making varies (based on market changes) and every time you hit one of those points, the AI has to go back and learn again because AI is a digital employee. … [AI] is lazy, literal, will only do what you tell it to do, and will only know what you told them. [AI] Diversity & Inclusion.

Our plan of action for an inclusive and anti-racist workplace


Diversity and inclusion had always mattered to us, but these events made us realize that there was so much more we could be—and should be—doing. Engage with outside consultants and experts to train and educate our staff on anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion.

Women in Leadership: #BalanceforBetter

Ultimate Software

We are passionate about achieving gender equality in the workplace and hope to inspire others to do the same. The event’s hashtag, #UltiWomenLeaders, trended on Twitter. The speakers received dozens of thoughtful, poignant questions, too many to address during the one-hour event. Director of Human Resources, SafeStreets USA , graciously took time after the event to answer the audience questions we didn’t have time to address.

The First National Healthcare Diversity Conference: 15 Years in the Making


The First National Healthcare Diversity Conference: 15 Years in the Making Jun. For 15 years, the National Diversity Council (NDC) has been a resource and an advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion (D&I). NDC’s efforts include its annual diversity and leadership conference, but this year, the healthcare industry will also receive its very own diversity conference focusing on the issues unique to healthcare organizations.

Is It Time To Reimagine Our Startup Heroes Wearing Dresses?


The focus on increasing gender diversity in investor-funded startups has gathered momentum recently, but it remains more of a philanthropic women’s issue than an economic imperative. “My The most important component to solving the equal-access problem is to enable female founders to expand their network. Equal access is not what you know or even who you know, but who knows you. We tell them to be a good girl and go to awkward networking events or to find a mentor.

6 Sessions On Diversity You Can’t Miss at #SHRM16


We get you the parties and must attend SHRM events first. . In this post I’ll direct your attention to sessions on diversity that offer practical advice for diversifying your workforce, or that get at the fundamental barriers that get in the way of creating more equitable and diverse workplaces. Creating more diverse teams requires more than setting up and maintaining a diversity program ( itself a bigger challenge than it might at first seem ).