Mon.Jun 27, 2022

The 12 Biggest HR Trends in 2022

SHRM Organizational Development

What is the biggest trend HR is facing and will face in the future? To help you recognize the biggest trends facing HR, we asked small business owners and HR leaders this question for their best insights.

Are HR Departments A Requirement For Small Businesses?

Genesis HR Solutions

Are HR departments required? Technically, the answer is no —they’re not required for a small business. But for a successful small business, an HR function is required.


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Top 9 HR challenges in 2022 and how to solve them


Changes to the workplace aren’t slowing down, and one of the biggest is the Great Resignation. Employees across industries are saying goodbye and trying their luck elsewhere.

How to Reduce & Prevent Employee Burnout


Discover Mindfulness HR & Executive Leadership Strategies from our partner, Self By Design. The post How to Reduce & Prevent Employee Burnout appeared first on eni. Mindful Living & Leading

Recruiting From Within: Expand Your Talent Pipeline While Driving Retention

Rethinking your internal employee career strategy can help you fill critical roles and retain your best talent. This eBook highlights the benefits of internal migration, outlines how to execute a virtual recruitment strategy, and provides tips to promote internal migration.

Neeyamo Solves Global Payroll Pain Points and Improves Employee Experience 


Learn more about HR Technology and Product Reviews from Workology. See our FTC disclosure at the end of this review. Neeyamo Solves Global Payroll Pain Points and Improves Employee Experience The. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. Reviews

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Employee Listening Strategy: 10 Actionable Tips for Success


An employee listening strategy enables you to improve the work environment by understanding your employees’ needs, wishes, and concerns. In this article, we’ll dive into the employee listening strategy and all you need to know about developing one.

The Digital Workplace – What’s Ahead

TalentCulture - Recruiting

The pandemic has affected the way we live and work and accelerated our transition to the digital world. In 2020, 30% of employees were working remotely, and 60% had the […]. The post The Digital Workplace – What’s Ahead appeared first on TalentCulture.

28 Companies With Unbelievable Work-Life Balance

The Muse

You have a life outside of work—and these companies know it! Here’s how they help their employees find true work-life balance. Finding a Job

How to Respond to an Employee’s Positive Coronavirus Test


Employers of all sizes have to deal the difficult situation of responding to an employee’s positive COVID-19 test. Employers are responsible for handling the situation swiftly to protect the health of other employees while preserving the affected employee’s confidentiality.

HR in 2023: Survey Insights and Predictions

Nearly 6,000 people weighed in on the future of HR. Here’s what they said….

The key things employers must know about HIPAA law

Business Management Daily

Compliance is a top concern for small business owners. There is a variety of sensitive data that business owners need to safeguard including proprietary business information, customer data, and employment records.

Key Takeaways from Weekdays with Bernie 2022 | BerniePortal


Each year, HRIS platform and company BerniePortal convenes hundreds of HR industry leaders and innovative thinkers for best-in-class learning opportunities, networking, and strategic solution-oriented sessions—plus the chance to earn CE credits for attending.

6 Employee Survey Questions to Ask About Culture


The Great Resignation feels like it should’ve ended by now — but people are still quitting in droves. From the employee side, flexibility, benefits, and potential for growth are still top priorities.

These 12 Companies Are Hiring All Summer Long

The Muse

See who’s hiring and what roles they’re trying to fill. Plus, learn what it’s like to work there before you apply. Finding a Job

3 Ways HR Can Enable Your Employees to Thrive in the Modern Work Environment

Speaker: Candace Giesbrecht - Director of the Remote Performance Academy at Teamit

In this session, Candace Giesbrecht, Director of Teamit’s Remote Performance Academy, will unpack evidence-based approaches to leading more effectively when working apart and explore HR’s unique opportunity in today’s distributed workforces.

Efficient, Error-Free Paydays with BerniePortal’s Payroll


There are many moving pieces when it comes to payday. From managing employee hours, PTO , and deductions to ensuring your organization is withholding the correct taxes from each paycheck—running payroll can be time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

How to Write Debt Collection Letters to Legal Clients


Have you encountered a client who failed to pay you for your services within the agreed time? How many times did you have to remind clients to pay what they owe you in your career as a lawyer? The solution to your problem could be a lawyer debt collection letter.

Minimum wage increases taking effect July 1, 2022


Many states and cities are increasing minimum wage rates in the second half of 2022. With the exception of Florida’s increase set to occur on September 30, most of these changes are taking effect on July 1. The rate increases impact non-exempt employees and tipped workers. .

Namely Named “Overall HR Solution Provider of the Year” In 2022 RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards

Namely - Talent

Preserving Culture in the Digital Workspace: A Conversation with An Employee Relations Expert

Speaker: KristyAnne Thompson Boyd, Head of Employee Relations & People Operations and Member of the Forbes HR Council

Recently, scheduling 1:1 time for any HR process -- or even a quick check-in -- is bogged down in a back-and-forth scheduling. So how can we reform our processes and eliminate this feeling of missing an integral part of the employee experience?

How to Use Joy to Combat Stress and Burnout

Thrive Global

Joy is one of our most powerful emotions. The origins of the word “joy” date back to the 13th century, coming from the Old French word joie , meaning pleasure, delight, bliss. But joy doesn’t just make us feel good – it’s actually an effective antidote to burnout.

Why is communication important in business? | HR blog


Why is communication important in business and what can organisations do to improve it? Adam Davey, Director at Petaurum Solutions, explains why communication is so crucial for business success and the different types of communication organisations can improve on. Employee engagement HR

ATS 73

Reminders When Hiring Interns, Minors for the Summer


Schools statewide are letting out for the summer, which means thousands of high school and college students will be looking for summer jobs and internships — which can benefit both student and employer. But employers must proceed with caution.

What Is PIPEDA? Everything You Need to Know for Compliance

Learn Hub | G2

Data privacy can make or break your business. Guest Post Tech

Retention Roadmap: Ways to Reduce Talent Turnover in 2022 and Beyond

Employees are now embracing lifestyle over work – with many migrating to other jobs to find opportunities that better align with their priorities. How can you retain your top talent? Get tips to keep your global employees happy, engaged, and productive.

How to Find More Passion and Purpose in Your Workday

Thrive Global

We all go through times when we don’t feel passionate about what we’re working on. When you feel unmotivated, small steps can help you recharge and reframe, so you can find purpose in your work and show up as your most effective and passionate self.

List of Best Facebook Groups for Recruiters

Recruiters Lineup

Did you know that most recruiters now leverage social media in their recruiting? Social media has gained momentum in the talent acquisition industry due to its accessibility and flexibility.

Substance Use & Drug Overdoses are on the Rise – Top 5 Stats for Employers


With increased public opinion on marijuana legalization, the increased use of marijuana and other illicit substances; the challenges and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and managing remote workforces, employers are being challenged with creating safe, healthy, and effective work environments amid an ongoing recruitment and retention crisis.

How fringe benefits work for different types of business owners


When choosing which benefits to offer to their employees, many organizations choose flexible fringe benefits instead of, or in addition to, traditional employee benefits.

The Power of HR & Automation: How to Keep the “Human” in Human Resource Management with Technology

Speaker: Teresa Smith, Senior Managing Partner, HCM Advisory Group at UKG

Shifting existing teams over to new digital processes during remote times can be a challenge, especially when teams are focused on maintaining the ever-illusive sense of "culture." Join Teresa Smith, Senior Managing Partner, HCM Advisory Group at UKG, for this indispensable discussion on the future of work and HR tech.

4 Ways to Feel More Energy and Joy Throughout Your Workday

Thrive Global

We all have days when we wake up in a slump. On those days when you need a boost, small steps can help you recharge and re-energize, so you can make the most of your day and show up as your most effective and joyful self.

Cultivating LGBTQ Inclusion in the Workplace


Quick look: June is Pride Month, but the impact employers can have on their LGBTQ workforce can last all year long. While globally the acceptance of this community has increased, LGBTQ employees still face many challenges on the job.

Why Taking Breaks Can Help You Be More Productive

Thrive Global

Have you ever reached the end of a workday and realized you never took a break? We’ve all been there — often it just means we’re enjoying the work we’re doing.