Wed.Oct 13, 2021

Preparing for the Great Resignation: Webinar Recap

Intoo USA

Recently, Caroline Vernon, INTOO’s Career Transition Practice Leader, spoke with #HRSocial Hour Half Hour Podcast hosts Wendy Dailey and Jon Thurmond about how HR professionals can meet the challenges of the Great Resignation. .

Experience is Everything: How To Attract and Retain Candidates By Improving Your Staffing Firm’s Onboarding Process

Essium HRM

The candidate experience you provide applicants during the hiring process is extremely important. After all, these are the first interactions with your business and your brand as an employer. So, you want to make a good impression.


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The Power of Sign Language to Create a More Connected and Inclusive World

Thrive Global

Like most college and university presidents, I find this fall to be an especially promising time as our schools have resumed face-to-face instruction across the country. We no longer take for granted the power of learning in the physical presence of others.

September Jobs Report: Putting People First


The September Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report released last week was anticlimactic, to say the least. Just 194,000 jobs were added, significantly fewer than the 500,000 jobs economists predicted.

The 2021 Global Employee Survey

In our third annual survey of employee sentiment regarding working on a global team, we analyzed results from 1,250 employees from 15 countries. We look at perception of their company, intention to stay in their role, and overall job satisfaction.

Overcoming Unconscious Bias in Healthcare Recruitment

Hospital Recruiting

In healthcare recruitment, unconscious bias may be limiting the number of candidates you select as well as the quality of talent from which you can choose. Whether we admit to them or not, we all carry biases.

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Penny Queller joins Impellam Group as Chief Customer Officer

HRO Today

Queller will build a robust customer success team that enhances global to local delivery for enterprise clients. ATLANTA , Oct.

The Top 5 Tips on How to Negotiate Salary

Professional Alternatives

Knowing how to negotiate salary is a good skill to have especially when you receive a job offer and the starting salary you are offered turns out to be less than what you were expecting.

Vaccinate or test mandate: will staffing firms have to abide?

COATS Staffing Software

by Lynn Connor, COATS Staffing Software. It was announced on September 9th that all U.S. private-sector firms with 100 or more employees will have to ensure staff are fully vaccinated or tested regularly.

Measuring Employee Satisfaction Through Voluntary Turnover

Benefit One USA

Schedule, workload, environment, salary, culture, values, management – these all affect employee satisfaction in one capacity or another. Although there’s no such thing as the “perfect job” (or the perfect employer, for that matter), odds are that high turnover means there’s an issue in one or more of these areas.

A Training Company’s Guide to Selecting an eLearning Platform

Training companies have an opportunity to embrace the change and create meaningful change in their organizations by moving online. Discover the advantages of a digital-first approach, using an eLearning platform.

The Importance of Creating an Effective Employee Wellbeing Strategy

Thrive Global

The COVID-19 pandemic and multiple national lockdowns have once again highlighted the importance of employee wellbeing. One survey found that 36% of employees struggled with their mental health because of the way they were working during the pandemic.

Is salary important to workers? Bet your bottom dollar it is


The only real ‘surprise’, if there’s one, is that other studies show a growth in value placed on job attractors besides compensation – such as the willingness to take less salary in order to remain remote according to a TeamBlind survey , and the value of perks over salary as a motivator according to Staples.

The OCD Wedding Planner: A Tale of Disability in the Workplace

TLNT: The Business of HR

There was a time in my life when I would worry every single day that I had ruined a wedding. The couple didn’t know it, and I would have to tell them. . Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) (ADAA) Disability Discrimination Legal - Compliance & Policies Reasonable Accommodation Featured

Personality Traits to Look for in a Candidate

Get Hppy

Personality is something that many job seekers and sometimes even employers automatically assume is subservient to technical competency. If the person can use the programs and speak the technical language, everything should fall into place naturally.

Innovative HR Tech to Tackle New Compliance Challenges

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Prepare for New COVID Regulations & I-9 Reconciliation with our November 17th Webinar HR teams already juggle compliance standards for many governing bodies, but two important policy changes are creating new headaches for businesses around the country. Between the DHA requiring reconciliation of virtually-inspected I-9s and OSHA recommending organizations of 100+ collect and maintain vaccination and/or testing records, many employers are scrambling to build systems to comply with these new standards.

A Guide to Planning Your HR Budget for 2022

Analytics in HR

HR budget planning helps HR departments prepare for the future and effectively manage their resources to work in a productive way. How can you plan your HR budget for 2022?

Employee Value Proposition Guide

Stories Incorporated

Reading Time: 2 minutes. Download our Employee Value Proposition Guide and start activating your EVP with stories! EVP statements are useful and important guideposts to building your employer brand.

The 5 Most Common HR Nightmares & How to Avoid Them

Namely - Talent

Disengaged employees. A toxic culture. Errors on paystubs. As an HR professional, you’re bound to encounter some haunting moments that keep you up at night.

ATS 81

The Great Resignation & its Antidote: The One Thing


When organizational psychologist Anthony Klotz coined the phrase "the Great Resignation”, little did he know how ‘great’ of a wave it really would be. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021.

ATS 81

Leverage Powerful Data, More Actionable Plan for Better Workforce Engagement

Engagement surveys deliver volumes of data, but leaders often need a path to actionable insights. How do leading survey platforms help to build better employee engagement? Explore Gallagher's latest whitepaper to leverage data with insights that work.

3 Ways Leaders Can Create Psychological Safety Within Their Team

Select International

Productivity and inclusivity in a team have become more important than ever as we shift and transition into a hybrid world of work post-pandemic. An inclusive workplace fosters employees that are more engaged , more productive, and less likely to leave.

Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace


Executive coaching isn’t limited to the C-suite anymore. More and more companies are beginning to embrace a coaching culture, all the way down to frontline employees.

Studies Suggest Employers Should Focus On Physical Activity Over Weight Loss


When it comes to improving the health and wellness of employees, the common approach appears to be that weight loss is an unquestionably good place to start. This is unsurprising given that 74% of US adults are overweight.

Study 75

Movement as Medicine

Thrive Global

Helgi Olafson studies the map during his 2,855 mile Trans Triple Crown adventure. Photo by Nathaniel Bailey Photography.

How to Make the Hybrid Model Work for Your Team

Can you give your employees the best of both worlds? Research has shown that when executed correctly, hybrid working models can allow companies to recruit better talent, achieve innovation, and build a flexible, productive future.

our head of security took upskirt photos of an intern

Ask a Manager

This post, our head of security took upskirt photos of an intern , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: Curious to hear your take on a situation that came up a long time ago at a previous workplace.

Is Employee Turnover Healthy? | Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway

Fueling business growth through a focused employee experience.

boss says we can’t share our lunches, employee fell for a scam, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, boss says we can’t share our lunches, employee fell for a scam, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Our boss told us we can’t share lunches with each other.

Employee Retention Credit Owner Wages: Do They Count for the Credit?

Patriot Software

Along with other COVID-19 relief measures, the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) took the world by storm in 2020 and 2021. Eligible employers who are able to keep employees on payroll can claim the credit (up to $28,000 per employee in 2021) through the end of 2021. But, what about shareholder wages?

Does Your Company Need Help Solving These 4 Common eLearning Challenges?

If you want to know how to get ahead of the game and avoid the common mishaps in selling your eLearning courses, you’ve come to the right place! Lambda Solutions has identified the most common and costly challenges faced by eLearning providers today.