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Not Your Grandma’s Mid-Year Performance Review (No Offense Grandma)


“Summertime and the living is easy.” ” A nice sentiment for Ella Fitzgerald , but for most of us that probably hasn’t been true since grade school.

7 Strategies to Hire Diversity of Thought In Your Organization


If you always recruit from the same places, with the same methods, you will always get the same people. In today’s competitive market you need to be creative. You have to go where the candidates are and have a long enough lead-time to get a good selection of candidates.

How to implement a flexible time-off program


Following the launch of Ceridian’s new Time Away From Work program, Chief People and Culture Officer Lisa Sterling shares how to implement this type of program successfully

Surviving as an HR department of one


With the volume of work today’s HR professionals must manage, being an HR department of one can be daunting. Learning how to juggle everything on your plate takes time and experience, but having the right practices and HR technologies in place can also make flying solo less overwhelming.

Hiring Manager Intake Form

Communication between recruiters and hiring managers is the #1 indicator of successful hiring. Facilitating this communication without interrupting everyone’s schedule is key. Download the intake form and start recruiting better candidates today.

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#SHRM18 Recap Told Through Tweets


SHRM Annual 2018 set some records. There were over 700 exhibitors and about 17,000+ paid attendeesleaving no doubt that SHRM is the largest human. resources conference globally.

Why Starbucks' Unconscious Bias Training Probably Won't Change Much

Cornerstone On Demand

Starbucks made a splash recently by closing 8,000 stores to provide unconscious bias training for over 100,000 employees. The company decided on this widespread training after an employee stopped two black men from using their onsite restroom in a Philadelphia store. As a former Chief Learning Officer at multiple organizations, I don't think this training will change much. And, as a consultant, I can also guess what this training may have cost Starbucks.

Independent contractor or employee? California Supreme Court adopts new classification criteria


The new standard presumes all workers are employees unless the hirer can establish three rigid factors that qualify a worker as an independent contractor


Why HRs pros want to kill I-9 and what they want instead

HR Morning

If you’re in favor of ditching the current employment verification process – the paper-based I-9 form – for a mandatory electronic system, you’re not alone.

Applicant Tracking System Vendor Comparison Matrix

Trying to decide which ATS is right for your company? Newton is the only ATS built by recruiters, for recruiters. Download the comparison matrix to see how Newton compares to other ATS vendors.

Your employees are your best advocates: Four ways to leverage them


The best and most authentic promotion comes from within. Marketing through employee advocacy can drive sales, help your company develop new audiences, and increase engagement, recruiting and retention rates. Here, key ways to encourage your employees to be company advocates

The Northern Hemisphere Gets Lit


Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been. the two most beautiful words in the English language. Henry James. Grab your shades, Northerners — it’s officially summer. The summer solstice, also known as midsummer, has arrived on your side of the equator.

ATS 72

Five ways that data helps HR be more strategic


From smarter recruiting, to identifying flight risks, to increasing employee engagement to boost productivity – HR has an increasingly strategic purpose in companies today.

Data 76

5 Things I Learned From the Gig Economy


Last April, I started driving for Uber. I joined the over one million Americans who drive for a variety of reasons, from lack of full-time work to the independence of being self-employed. Up until then, I was like most people.

Dice's 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report

A vital step to becoming more inclusive is first understanding how inclusive your culture is right now. Dice’s Diversity and Inclusion Report highlights how tech pros currently gauge their industry’s progress – and how frequently they've experienced discrimination based on gender, sexuality, age and political affiliation.

Is your workforce re-subscribing? The new model for employee retention


Chances are that if you think highly of your people, another company will as well. So, start thinking about your relationship with employees as a subscription, and create experiences through which employees choose to actively re-subscribe to your company. Here are four tips to entice them

DOL Finalizes AHP Rule in Slightly Narrower Form

HR Daily Advisor

Employer groups will be able to start offering association health plans (AHPs) as soon as this September 1, under the final AHP rule announced June 19 by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). grinvalds / iStock / Getty Images Plus.

New Jersey passes paid sick leave law


The new state-wide law replaces all 13 existing city-level sick leave laws in New Jersey and bans cities from enacting their own sick leave laws. Here, Compliance Counsel Emerson Beishline discusses how employers can prepare for the new change

can I go barefoot at work?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I work in a legal office. I am the assistant but I sit in an open area outside my boss’s office. I wear business casual clothing and shoes. However, my feet get uncomfortable in the shoes. I often take my shoes off and go barefoot. They’re under the desk for the most part, but occasionally people will have to look at my computer. Is it improper to take your shoes off in the office? I’d like to walk from my desk to the copier with no shoes on.

ATS 93

17 Features Every ATS Must Have

What should an ATS do for you? With so many applicant tracking systems on the market it can be hard to find the best one for your organization. Check out our list and learn the 17 crucial features every ATS must have!

How to Establish a Social Recruiting Strategy

HR C-Suite

One of the most time-effective and powerful tools to aid recruiting is now social media. If you want to stay competitive you can no longer overlook this avenue, and leveraging it to your advantage needn’t be as time-consuming as you may think.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Form I-9 (at the second annual I-9 Palooza)


Once upon a time, I-9 compliance was a relatively simple topic for HR and hiring managers. There was a one-page […]. Articles I-9 Articles

how do you deal with freelancer terror?

Ask a Manager

I meant to make this an “ask the readers” question as per my new Thursday tradition, but I started writing just a short response to it and then it got longer and longer. So it’s not quite that anymore, but hopefully readers will weigh in as well. I’m an avid reader of your blog, even though I haven’t had a standard office job in about a decade. I’ve been a freelancer/independent contractor all that time, in a competitive, creative industry.

Four ways to improve communication with your employees


There are better ways to connect with employees than using impersonal, generic communications. The organizations that set themselves apart use their culture to inform exactly how they do that. Here, four ways to better engage employees with culture-based communication


5 Key Aspects of Accurate Human Resource Management Systems Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free Human resource Management Systems software pricing guide! Don't let price confusion keep you from selecting the best HR software for your organization's needs. Download your free guide today!

Rocking Chair Leadership


"I'm on it!" We're moving fast on this one!" "The The team is all over it!" Everyone is so busy working on this!" Don't. Believe. Activity Does Not Equal Progress How many leaders have you heard describing how 'busy' they are; or, their teams are?

Empowering You with People Analytics


What happens when two HR software innovators like Reflektive and Shape Analytics come together as one ? You get real-time, customizable dashboards and reporting with no assistance necessary from a data science team. .

Managing Your Team More Effectively Using DISC Leadership Tools

Extended DISC

Managing people is definitely one of the most challenging jobs around. The My Team Report: Manager's Playbook, is specifically designed to help a manager lead his/her own team more effectively. Blog News Webinar DISC Webinars blogs

Tools 62

How to use technology to support healthy living and boost the employee experience

HR Zone

Employees. How to use technology to support healthy living

Dice 2018 Tech Salary Report

Dice’s new Tech Salary Report is here. The skinny? While Cloud, Big Data and Process Management skills are driving the biggest pay increases, employers are also offering non-monetary motivators to attract and retain tech talent. Find out which skills and incentives are hot.