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Sanctuary and Healing Our Relationships with Work

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. Many of the people I talk to and many I work with are in pain about work. They have been treated poorly by toxic bosses, stressed out colleagues and uncaring organizations that regard them as disposable.

The NFL Draft and Risk v. Reward when Finding an Employee

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Caught this tidbit on the St.

How leaders can leverage six social media dimensions for employee engagement

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Social Media Leadership for Engagement. Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton from McKinsey&Company wrote an insightful piece on the six social media skills every leader needs.

To Understand Leadership, Study Followership

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I was at a conference with 50 or so chief learning officers last week and we had a number of discussions about leadership. Despite the fact that there are thousands of models, consultants, books, and assessments for leadership, this group hardly agreed on anything. We did agree that leadership development is a critically important challenge, […]. Leadership Development Leadership Strategy

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Compliance Continuity: Monthly Guidance to Sustain Your Organization's Wellbeing

Natural disasters can result in evacuations, work stoppages, and other disruptions for your employees. With advanced planning, employee benefits can help sustain the overall wellbeing of your workforce before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Why the Best Leaders Open Doors

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It''s amazing how life''s most important lessons sometimes seem to come from the most unexpected places. Read on for how Bill Treasurer learned a key leadership lesson from someone who isn''t even close to voting or getting his driver''s license his latest column I did for Gannett/USA Today.

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Now View This: 500 Videos on Employee Engagement

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500 Videos on Employee Engagement. We now have 500 videos relating to employee engagement posted at the Employee Engagement Network. This is a fantastic eclectic mix of videos on engagement, work, management, and leadership. These videos can inform, disrupt, inspire, engage, enthrall, and excite.

Video 89

Everyone Is A Coach


I''m a big sports fan. Hockey is my favorite. It''s fast, and violent, and graceful, and full of finesse, and power, and endless hours of work away from the ice to get better. As in most sports, players, friends, families and fans are very engaged in every aspect of the game.

Exceptional Talent and Companies Know What to Do


Tuesday, May 7, 2013 :00am. Exceptional Talent and Companies Know What to Do By Kevin W. Grossman. There is nothing wrong with the U.S. labor market today. Our young people are better educated today than they were during the past three decades. We have more qualified applicants in the U.S.

Research Summary: Lessons From the Leading Edge of Gender Diversity

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Study: Lessons From the Leading Edge of Gender Diversity ( McKinsey: Barsh, Nudelman, Yee, April, 2013 ). Finding: By integrating the findings of several years of research, McKinsey has distilled four qualities of the organizations with the greatest gender diversity.

Implementing Technology in TA for the Win: An Agile Approach

Speaker: Denise Dresler, Director of Talent Acquisition, Avature

What was once traditionally used only in the software industry is making its way to the recruiting and talent acquisition space: agile methodologies. Join Denise Dresler, Talent Acquisition Director at Avature, where she will be discussing how to take this nontraditional approach of agile talent acquisition and effectively incorporate it into your hiring processes.

Friday Factoid #31: Don’t Just Manage Employee Engagement, Engage Managers

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Employee engagement: The strength of one and the power of many. 80% of employees dissatisfied with their direct managers were disengaged. [link]. Commentary. Managers have a significant influence on engagement.

5 must-reads for the in-the-know HR Professional: Week of May 10th, 2013


As I prepped for the SocialHR Camp UNconference in Vancouver I couldn’t help but have social media on the brain.

3 Lessons from the Disney University Webinar


Monday, May 6, 2013 :00am. 3 Lessons from the Disney University Webinar By Salvatore Giliberto. Peoplefluent had the pleasure of hosting Doug Lipp in a recent webinar entitled Disney U – Creating the World’s Best Employees.

Modern HR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human.

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In most organisations, top talent recruitment and retention should already be a number one priority. The real challenge will be in adjusting the strategy to accommodate changes in the workforce, thus it is critical for HR

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Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR & Payroll Platform

Not all HR & payroll is the same, but it can look pretty similar. If your current platform isn’t meeting your needs, let us walk you through how to differentiate between providers and give you some tips on how to select a platform that works best for your business.

How to Be More Productive if You're a Night Owl

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Are you a morning person ? Or do you function best at night? For teenagers, science supports the idea that they’re not morning larks – they do better with later school start times and not being forced to function at 7 a.m. But as we grow older and have children of our own, we often experience a shift in our body clocks and begin to function better in the mornings. Instead of getting revved up at 10 p.m. for a night on the town as we did in our 20s, we’re asleep in the Laz-Z-Boy by 9 p.m.

Maybe employees don’t leave managers, after all


For years, it’s been common knowledge that employees leave managers, not companies. But a new infographic from Glassdoor disagrees: according to their research, only 8 percent of employees attribute their departure to their managers.

How to Pinpoint Your Company’s Key Players


Building a staff of well-recruited, well-trained employees is only the beginning of your company’s journey. Things change – constantly. And being able to deal with that change and emerge a better organization is the goal of any business. To do so, you need to know where your top performers are within your organization , what characteristics make them your leaders, and how to strategically position them alongside the rest of your people to get the most out of everybody. Start with structure.

#CIPD #Hackmanagement - Hierarchical ideas dying slowly ~ HR to.

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I've been thinking about posting something on this for a few weeks, linked in to my previous comments on employee engagement becoming more social. As you may know, I'm involved in the Engage for Success movement for

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Wage Growth: The Last Employer Holdout to Attract Candidates

You get a job perk! And You get a job perk! Everyone gets job perks! While these perks may have helped get that stellar candidate’s foot in the door, this dynamic of severely low unemployment combined with a historically high job open rate continues with no immediate end in sight. Employers will do well to zero in on one lever many have been avoiding pulling: the almighty salary increase.

Embedded Analytics for Financial Management in Workday 19


We recently announced Workday 19, which delivers great new capabilities in Workday Financial Management. I''m particularly excited about our continued work in the area of embedded analytics, a unique offering from Workday that demonstrates—and delivers on—our focus on innovation

What Goes Around Comes Around


If hiring the wrong person may seem like a relatively isolated, recoverable mistake, it’s one that is bound to come back around – and with a vengeance. To prevent this from happening in your organization: What are you doing to break this vicious cycle


Clearing the Fog in Communication


Our communication at workplace needs a lot of simplification. Have you seen leaders who throw jargons and so called “hot words” that leave people more confused? When a boss says, “We need to get this done soon ”, people are left to wonder what soon actually means.

Peter Cheese CIPD Progress Update ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human.

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Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 09.50.17.png So Peter Cheese has been in post as the CIPD's CEO for 9 months now and I thought it might be time for a review of progress during this time. That's partly because I feel a level of

5 Culture Trends for 2019

As we approach 2019, major shifts in the work environment will continue to affect the ways companies do business. Companies that are looking to attract, engage, and retain top talent should leverage these trends to create workplaces where employees thrive.

Aurico Named as a Finalist in the 2013 American Business Award


Aurico was named a Finalist today in the category of New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Human Capital Management Solution for our WebACE™ platform in The 2013 American Business Awards, and will ultimately be a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Stevie ® Award winner in the program. The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A.

What Goes Around Comes Around


If hiring the wrong person may seem like a relatively isolated, recoverable mistake, it’s one that is bound to come back around – and with a vengeance. To prevent this from happening in your organization: What are you doing to break this vicious cycle