20 Creative Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 


Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner — March 6, to be exact. This is the perfect opportunity to show your employees that you value their contributions and that you’ve been paying attention to their needs. . Of course, everyone loves presents!

What These Experts Are Saying About Employee Appreciation


When was the last time you appreciated an employee ? But is that enough to have Phil feel motivated, engaged, and truly appreciated? Her appreciation comes across as condescension. So how does one get employee appreciation right?

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6 Practices That Make Every Day Feel Like Employee Appreciation Day


Every year on the first Friday of March, companies across the world have a chance to recognize the hard work of their people by celebrating Employee Appreciation Day. Appreciating someone without this extra step runs the risk of sounding insincere.

It’s Employee Appreciation Day. Here’s How to Show You Value Yours

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When many HR teams think about ways to satisfy their employees, they often look to trendy perks like cold brew on tap, ping-pong tables and catered lunches. Giving employees what they want doesn’t just benefit them—it also makes business sense.

Employee Appreciation: Definition, Examples and Best Practices

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E mployee Appreciation : Definition, Examples and Best Practice s . Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday in March. Find out what is employee appreciation and how to recognize your employees’ efforts this year. Category.

10 Employee Appreciation Ideas For The Holidays


Whether you are a blog reader or a McQuaig customer, your support is appreciated and we look forward to coming back in the new year with more great content. But you cannot ignore what is becoming a well known truth: if you don’t recognize employees, they will eventually leave.

20 Creative Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 

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Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner — March 6, to be exact. This is the perfect opportunity to show your employees that you value their contributions and that you’ve been paying attention to their needs. Why should you bother with Employee Appreciation Day?

How to Write Employee Appreciation Letters That Really Work


Everyone likes to feel appreciated. After a good day’s work, 85% of employees aren’t looking for a celebration or a gift: they just want a ‘thank you’. In a fast-paced work environment, though, signs of appreciation can all too easily be forgotten.

Did You Forget About Employee Appreciation Day? We Have Your Back.


Tomorrow, March 6th, is Employee Appreciation Day. While we believe that every day should be an occasion to appreciate your employees, it doesn’t hurt to throw a little extra appreciation their way tomorrow. 2) Let Managers Personalize Their Appreciation.

Employee Appreciation Day is March 6th


Give a Shout Out to Your Hardworking Employees! Looking for some innovative ways to show your employees you appreciate their efforts on March 6th and every day? Terryberry has some great tools and resources for thanking employees for their hard work and dedication.

6 non-traditional (but powerful) ways to appreciate employees

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Looking for ways to appreciate your employees for their great work? While gift cards, candy bars, and movie tickets can be fun and are used often, many times employees just want to feel appreciated, even if they don’t receive anything. Appreciate push back.

5 Eye-Opening HR Stats: Why Employee Recognition Matters


Employees are arguably the most important component of a successful business. Employees put a human face on the product, build relationships with customers, and define the work culture that feeds business performance – yet 32% of companies struggle to retain top talent.

How to Empower Leaders to Become Engagement Champions


Engaged employees positively impact retention, absenteeism, productivity, customer ratings, profitability, and many other business outcomes – as outlined by Gallup. employees are engaged – meaning they are “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.”

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appreciation tips from o.c. tanner’s coolest companies

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In preparation for Employee Appreciation Day, we asked some of our coolest companies about the unique ways they show appreciation to their employees. Read on for appreciation ideas, and learn about the benefits the companies see from recognizing their workforce.

applauding employees’ good work – you can do it

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Employee recognition is important in every company that employs Millennials, Gen Xers or Baby Boomers (that’s all of us, right?). And how do you know what to give and how each employee will receive it? Positive feedback should be a part of your daily interaction with your employees.

Recognize Your Employees and Strengthen Your Bottom Line


If you’re a supervisor or manager, you probably know how much more productive your team is when you make the effort to recognize each person’s contribution. With a solid positive ROI to back it up, an employee recognition program can be treated as part of your company’s overall strategy.

Why More Vacation Time Will Make Your Employees (and Your Company) Healthier


Furthermore, even though it might seem like this excessive diligence will contribute to your company’s productivity, the truth is that such excess work habits are harmful to employee happiness and to your company culture as well. Many Employees Skip Vacations Due to Fear.

How To Make A Great Employee A Brand Ambassador

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Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can also have a major influence on how clients and potential employees view a particular brand. So what your employees are a saying about the organization will hold a lot of weight with potential candidates.

12 Traits That Make a Great Manager


Moreover, a skill set that accounts for over 70 percent of the variations in employee engagement scores should not be left to each manager’s instinctive talents. Productive teams know that mistakes are just milestones on the road to the next great innovation.

leadership development: solving australia’s leadership woes

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Diversity leads to greater innovation and creativity and often higher productivity. . The gender representation gap can only hinder organisations from possible growth that comes from the talents and abilities that women present. A Dire Situation.

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webinar recap: onboarding, inboarding, and connecting people to purpose

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Our latest webinar, presented by the ever-engaging Jeff Birk, Manager of Speaking and Training at O.C. Tanner Institute’s own research on the subject of engagement, appreciation, and connecting people to their purpose. But what do you do with current employees?

12 Traits That Make a Great Manager


Moreover, a skill set that accounts for over 70 percent of the variations in employee engagement scores should not be left to each manager’s instinctive talents. Productive teams know that mistakes are just milestones on the road to the next great innovation.

The Currency and Culture of Trust: 5 Ways to Improve Trust Within the Workplace


According to famed productivity and organizational behavior expert, Stephen Covey, trust is a real and important economic factor. With a high trust culture, you are also creating a happier and more engaged workplace which boosts productivity. Show appreciation. By: Bobi Seredich.

an underdog story: finding hidden employees in the workplace

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The diligent character who has our sympathy, but seems to always lose out on appreciation. From the intern who designs those elaborate presentations, to the junior executive who does all the number crunching to create those exhaustive Excel sheets; we have these unsung heroes all around us.

How to Make a Mandatory Training for Employees Fun

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At a lot of companies, employees have a tendency to dread mandatory training because it’s just not designed to be enjoyable. Also evaluate what kind of presenter that person is and how well liked that individual is likely to be by your staff members.

China Gorman on the Role of Trust in Changing Cultures and Creating Great Places to Work


It was my honor to present an interview-style session with China Gorman at the Evanta CHRO Leadership Summit in San Francisco. Is the relationship between employees and their work one that makes employees proud? Employee appreciation is a key driver of trust.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

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Every January 9th, we honor the bravest and strongest in our communities on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. For over 40 years, MTM has provided recognition products for Law Enforcement teams all over the world. We were thrilled with the finished product.

35 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Company Anniversary


Host a company anniversary celebration for employees, partners, customers and friends of your organization. Add a tagline to employees’ email signatures to celebrate the company anniversary. Honor long-term employees with service awards.

How Annual Reviews Damage Engagement, Career Jumping, Organizing Your Office and Closing The Skills Gap #FridayFinds

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It’s March already (I feel like we’ve skipped a month) and it’s Employee Appreciation Day in the US! And here are this week’s most remarkable articles from the world of HR: Why The Annual Review Process Damages Employee Engagement. Clutter is one of productivity’s worst enemies.

Ten Employee Feedback Questions To Quickly Boost Workplace Morale


2017 sure has been one for the books… Productivity shattering political debates, California wildfires leave thousands homeless, hurricanes ravage Houston, Puerto Rico, and Florida, and sexual harassment continues to rear its ugly head.

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The Seven Behaviors of Effective Supervisors


We gathered our consultants together in this roundtable to discuss the power supervisors wield on the employee experience. We like to recognize people or give them positive feedback, but corrective feedback presents quite the challenge.

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Create the Performance Management of Your Dreams with the Best of ClearCompany

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9 Must-Read Performance Reviews and Employee Engagement Statistics. Start the Conversation: A Flowchart for Employee Reviews. In most organizations, it’s a critical part of performance management, and yet, more than half of employees say they have no impact on how they perform at work.

Staff Appreciation Ideas That Reinforce Your Workplace Culture


Leaders who develop a culture of staff appreciation cultivate a loyal and productive workforce– and who doesn’t want a loyal and productive workforce? Fortunately, there are ways to display staff appreciation that are neither difficult nor costly.

How to Succeed at Employee Recognition

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Increasing your employee engagement, offering the best employee experience, and decreasing turnover & burnout are all influenced by one thing – an excellent employee recognition program. Make sure your employees have a way to recognize the outstanding members of the group.

PDS Leadership Award An Easy Way to Recognize Your Leaders

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Recognition is a powerful motivator and is one of the things employees appreciate as much as a monetary reward. That’s it, except waiting until the conference when your award will be presented. Over the years, PDS has formally recognized leaders nominated by their organizations.

4 Ways to create an exceptional company culture


A positive culture can boost employee happiness, collaboration, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. But a negative culture can wreak havoc by increasing employee turnover and decreasing motivation. Make your employees feel valued and appreciated.

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: What Managers Need to Know

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Managers have the most influence on the engagement and productivity levels within an organization. When it comes to retention and employee engagement, managers must know that they are the strongest influencers of employee health within your organization.