Here’s How to Reinvent Learning Management


Allow human decision-making to become informed and empowered, backed by reams and reams of collected data points, putting data to work alongside humans. Tee up an intelligent human to step in at the necessary point of entry to validate an outcome or decision.

How to Get More Results out of your Learning Management System?


A learning management system (LMS) is a huge asset for your organization in achieving training needs. From onboarding to training your employees and preparing them for future challenges, an LMS is your friend that guides you in the right direction

How to Choose the Best LMS for Your Corporate Training in 6 Easy Steps

There are hundreds of LMSs available on the market, each offering different features and functionalities for workplace learning. Traditional LMSs were designed to provide courses and content, however as technology and digital has developed, so have learning platforms.

Why we need Learning Management Systems


Why We Need Learning Management Systems. Have you found yourself fighting your way through the learning and development market without a guide? All the content in the world cannot save you from the harsh reality that an LMS is designed to mitigate. Resource Management.

Why Employees Hate Your Learning Management System


The writer, James Cross, is director of learning product strategy at Workday, and is responsible for the vision, strategy, and roadmap of Workday Learning. Learning management systems—the wet blanket of our working lives. Learning is innately human.

How to Boost Profits with a Cloud-Based Learning Management System


Many of your clients in small to large enterprises have a need for a learning management system (LMS), they just might not realize it yet. How do we know this? Well, let’s ask a few questions first to help determine if your clients even have a need for one.

How To Foster User Adoption In Your New Learning Management System?


How To Foster User Adoption In Your New Learning Management System? As you are planning to transition from your outdated Learning Management System (LMS) to your new LMS application it is important to keep in mind your users’ perception of the change. Successful implementations hinge on how well the user base accepts the new program and what is has to offer. high performance learning organization.

Future-Proof Your Learning Management System

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During their downtime, your workforce enjoys the ease of Netflix streaming, the recommendations of Amazon, and the anytime/anywhere access to media they get from YouTube. Most of all, they want curated, personalized experiences tailored to their wants and needs.

What Is a Learning Management System? Four Basic LMS Functions You Need to Know.

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If you know it or not, you have likely used a Learning Management System (LMS). While some companies may use email or Excel spreadsheets to record training, at the end of the year you have to prove what happened to auditors. What is a Learning Management System?

How a Learning Management System Help Healthcare Organizations Elevate Their Corporate Training Program


It is highly-regulated and extremely fast-paced due to increasing patient expectations, fast-evolving government regulations, and constant technological advances. Here are the types of training healthcare providers need to effectively deliver and how an LMS can support this: .

How to Boost Excitement About Creativity

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You want to be creative and breed creativity in your workplace, right? Do you consider yourself to be "creative?". Len is also a master coach He noted that if you ask first-graders how many of them are "creative," pretty much all of the hands in the class go up.

How To 192

Get the Most Out of Your Learning Management System


Learning management systems may have moved from three-ring binders to cloud-based technology, but their role in addressing skill gaps, training and development hasn’t changed. Find out how to go beyond HR compliance and certification and focus on growing your company

How a Learning Management System Can Help Manufacturers Elevate Their Training Program


From skilled labor shortages, technological changes, cybersecurity threats, and increased customer demands, manufacturers need to effectively stay on top of their training to address these areas. How can manufacturers stay on top of the challenges? Social Learning.

Benefits of a Skill-Centric Learning Management System (LMS)


In the 10/23/15 blog I mentioned, “Skills allow people to succeed at their job, not training.” A skill-centric learning management system (LMS) uses skills as the fundamental building block of training. Managers benefit with.

Use a minimalist Learning Management System to boost training effectiveness


Most Learning Management Systems today are chock-full of features: content management, support for mobile learning, tests and assessments, reports and analytics, e-commerce, gamification, social learning, message boards and more.

How To Help People Learn At Work

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Good managers want their employees to learn and develop throughout their careers. The best way to do that is by coaching them effectively. As a manager, there are two ways in which to coach employees: coaching for performance, and coaching for development. If you’re coaching for performance, you’re usually addressing an issue and finding a … Continue reading How To Help People Learn At Work.

The Benefits of Using a Customer-Oriented Learning Management System (LMS) Vendor


” That attitude may have flown in the day and age where doctors were still attempting to cure maladies of all sorts by zapping the bejesus out of their patients with raw electricity, but today’s customers are better informed and much more savvy as to what they need.

How to Help Employees Deal with Holiday Stress

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While the holiday season is a wonderful time of year, it also happens to be one of the most stressful --both personally and professionally, whether you're an entry-level retail clerk or a Fortune 500 CEO. More than half of employees who report high stress are disengaged, compared to just one in ten employees who report low stress levels, according to Towers Watson. And science agrees: Multiple studies point to exercise as a healthy stress reliever.

How to Integrate New Hires into Your Team Effectively


It gets worse for employers – US unemployment rates are at record lows, and businesses are struggling to find and retain quality talent. These stark realities have caused many organizations to focus their efforts on employee retention. Candidates want to see your culture in action.

How To Successfully Implement Your LMS.


How to successfully implement your LMS. Your organization has always wanted a Learning Management System. You have finally selected GyrusAim as the Learning Management System to carry out all of your corporation’s learning exercises.

How to Measure Learning and Development’s Business Impact


Measuring the effectiveness of learning and development on business results is a challenge learning leaders have yet to overcome. Furthermore, only 15% measure the ROI of any learning programs. Learning management system functionality. By how much?

How to Train Managers on a Low Budget

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In 2013, at the end of my first week as Cornerstone OnDemand's first manager of learning and development , I sat down and wrote a three-year training plan. I had learned how to be scrappy after two decades as an educator and training consultant in struggling schools, where "budget" often meant no budget at all. What's truly important is how it is developed, who owns it, and how it gets used." Learning at work should be no different.

How to Persuade your Boss to Invest in an LMS


How to Persuade your Boss to Invest in an LMS. Your learning program has been managing itself for years, or at least that’s what your boss thinks. We are here to help. With a clear roadmap on effectively moving your organization to the finish line.

How to Engage and Retain New College Grads


How can you maximize your training, engagement and retention of this new generation? It’s a way to get extra help over a summer or a semester – while shaping skills of the next wave of employees by supplementing classroom learning with work experience. Track the learning.

How to make learning more productive and engaging


Learning and development, both formal and informal, not only benefits individual employees, but also the company as a whole.

How to Train Your Team’s Emotional Intelligence

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You train them, helping to bridge any skill gaps with sophisticated learning management systems. You design activities to motivate team members. You want them to cling to your company’s mission and values. According to Norman E.

How to (Really) Get to Workplace Satisfaction


It’s a no-brainer, then, that companies should do all they can to keep workers satisfied, right? Business and government leaders know that they need a top-down strategy to align skills and competencies with long-term business and mission goals. How do we close the competency gaps?

LEARN to Shop Smarter


In today’s technologically advanced society, a crucial function of HR is providing a platform for training and development…or LEARN. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software platform used for the managing, recording, reporting, and executing of training/educational collateral.

How to optimally use eLearning for Employee training?

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Training is one of the most essential elements of employee management in any organization. And while you might be considering many different ways of training your employees right, some tricks and tips can always add a great deal to the overall process. But how to choose the right LMS?

How to Use Learning to Retain and Grow Your Team

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Business Leadership business outcomes business tips Culture Employee Engagement Employee Loyalty Employee Retention Engagement Growth HR hrblog Human Resources Humanbiz Improvement learning Management small business Success WorkplaceIn 2014, the median age of the workforce was about 42 years old. This fact means that half of employees are headed toward retirement age sooner rather than later. They’ll be taking a lot of valuable experience and knowledge with them.

How to Measure Learning and Development’s Business Impact


Measuring the effectiveness of learning and development on business results is a challenge learning leaders have yet to overcome. According to an ATD report , 35% of talent development professionals surveyed reported that their organizations evaluate the business results of learning programs to any extent. Furthermore, only 15% measure the ROI of any learning programs. Learning management system functionality. By how much?

How to Generate ERP Leads


As an ERP consultant, you are aware of the mud you have to crawl through just to identify leads, nurture them and (hopefully) get them to sign a contract with you. With that said, mastering how to generate ERP leads for your business can be the most confusing aspect to the job.

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent


HR professionals can avoid this phenomenon in 2019 by modernizing their strategy and relinquishing dated habits in their talent management process. Why You Should be Working to Attract and Retain Top Talent Successfully. Performance management. Learning management.

Your Next "Aha!" Is the Beginning, Not the End

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How many times have you studied, thought, worked, conversed, or meditated in order to reach an "Aha!" It seems to me that we have a tendency to treat "Ahas!" It was a beginning that led to today''s post. Questions to Ponder. Back to the related "Aha!"

How to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process


With the unemployment rate in the United States is sinking to just under 3.7 percent, employers are struggling to invent new ways to attract and retain talented candidates for their teams. Arguably the most important impactful process to focus on is employee onboarding process.