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HR Metrics – Connecting Goals to Organizational Strategy

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Human Resource Metrics are a crucial way of analyzing the successes and failures of your department’s outreach, influence, programs and processes. Allow your metric data to guide you financially and highlight your best talent, serving as proof of your impact and a record of progress.

Cost-per-hire metrics, demystified


Cost-per-hire (CPH) is one of the most intriguing recruiting metrics. Their cost-per-hire formula is quite simple: Costs and number of hires both refer to a certain measurement period (e.g. Cost-per-hire calcuations don’t include any costs after employees are hired, e.g. training costs.

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Fact or hype: Do predictive workforce analytics actually work?


A full accounting needs to extend beyond hiring and training to include separation, productivity, and lost knowledge. Visier applies what could be referred to as Continuous Machine Learning. This one is for you, Bill Kutik.

Strategic HRM (HR Carnival)


David Richter from OctopusHR offers a great case study into how the HR team aligned training goals with the organizational strategy (with some excellent results). Linda Brenner at Designs on Talent finally gets us to one of the most basic of strategic HR tenets: metrics.

what to say to an employee who’s requesting too much time off, training the person who’s taking your job, and more

Ask a Manager

I am working on establishing these metrics with them and getting to know how they work. We have to train the person who will be taking our jobs. To make matters worse, they actually sent someone over from India and made us train him in how to do our work. For weeks, I came to work everyday with the sole purpose of training the person who is taking my job. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. How can I coach an employee to have more professional polish?

Does Your Company Walk the Talk? More Results of Our Employment Branding Survey

HR Daily Advisor

391 participants responded to the Employment Branding Survey, conducted in June 2015. A minority (43.7%) of respondents try to limit negative comments shared publicly by current employees, and they are most likely to attempt this by policy (60.7%) over training (48.7%) or request (37.6%).

Organizations Have Needs, Too—A Hierarchy for HR Professionals

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Safety” refers to the absence of any type of perceived threat. Basic metrics and reporting, budgets, compensation plans, performance review tools, and communication systems are all examples of organizational infrastructure. By Amanda C. Richards, MS, MA.

Build the Bottom Line by Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement


They learn continually, accept promotions, refer qualified job seekers to the organization, and commit to staying and growing with the organization, at least for a couple of years. With this in mind, here are some of the metrics you can look at to determine employee engagement.

Upping your game: From functional experts to business advisers

Bersin with Deloitte

4 As Friedman states in his interview with Cathy Engelbert and John Hagel, “…the future of companies is to be hiring people and constantly training people to be prepared for a job that has not been invented yet. Capturing line-of-sight metrics. Learning Measurement Part 1.

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Q&A with Shawnee Irmen, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Golden Living


This is where training with facts and examples comes in handy. I believe that HR is responsible for training managers how to not only screen candidates, but how to conduct and close an interview as well as how to follow up or respond to candidates after the interview takes place. Giving a manager training and ensuring they are confident, comfortable and prepared to screen, interview, select and communicate with candidates is highly important.

From Employment Opportunity to Employment Value

Brandon Hall

And according to Brandon Hall Group’s Human Capital Management Outlook 2015 study , “strengthening employer brand” was identified by 78% of organizations as the most important talent acquisition activity (behind only improving the quality of hire and attracting more talent).

Upping your game: From functional experts to business advisers

HR Times

4 As Friedman states in his interview with Cathy Engelbert and John Hagel, “…the future of companies is to be hiring people and constantly training people to be prepared for a job that has not been invented yet. Capturing line-of-sight metrics. Learning Measurement Part 1.

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HR Pros Predict 8 Future Trends


And it also means you can do more in less time: attract more candidates, give more assessments , check more references , train more hiring managers, and get more performance feedback on new hires. Which metrics will shape the way we measure talent? HR is moving fast.

How To Hack Your Culture For Meaningful Results

SAP Innovation

As a result, earnings and other key performance metrics start lagging. Dipping metrics can make managers do some interesting things in an effort to restore their companies to greatness. Companies spend a mind-blowing $130 billion annually worldwide on employee training.

The Top 20 Most Popular Performance Appraisal Software Solutions [Infographic]


Talent management software focuses on the entire employee life cycle, and can include everything from recruiting and applicant tracking to training and goal-setting. It takes into account metrics of popularity and distribution, and does not rank vendors on functionality or fit.

How To Inspire Millennials In A Growth Business

SAP Innovation

I’m also easily impressed by millennials who have a proven background in leadership roles (such as competitive sports or small businesses), as they come with collaborative qualities which are hard to train in at a later date. This is where you want to start to leave marketing behind and continue the story, introducing real people – references, product engineers, services teams – to build out a case with your champion.

Sure, She Works Here. But, Do We Employ Her?

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The August 2015 Browning-Ferris ruling brought a new, broader joint-employer test: Is there a common-law employment relationship? Check references of the agency and determine if it belongs to associations or other HR-related groups that keep them up to date.

Build vs. Rent: Don’t Crash on the Do-It-Yourself Iceberg for People Analytics


To achieve this, the company hired an HR business intelligence team, standardized their reporting metrics, and invested over $3 million in a data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) software. Analysts to determine metric definitions and create reports.

How Do You Improve Your Candidate Experience? Look At Your Data


However, their 2015 North American Candidate Experience Research report found that despite more attention and investment in this area, many recruiters are still failing to provide the “friendly and straight-forward experience” candidates expect.

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How the Fogg Behavior Model Can Drive Change & Revolutionize Your Team


Ability : This references the level of skill that one has to accomplish the task at hand. When it comes to training, regularly reassess your methods– 50 percent of respondents in a 2015 InterCall survey reported that their company’s techniques aren’t a productive use of time. Moreover, in the same survey, one third reported that the training wasn’t interesting or engaging. Train them well so they have the ability to carry out the task. Change is the norm.

15 HR Analytics Case Studies with Business Impact

Analytics in HR

For each case study, I will refer to their original publication. On March 13 2015, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled: “The Algorithm That Tells the Boss Who Might Quit”. Nielsen created a similar predictive model back in 2015.

Why We Need Retail Employee Engagement Now More Than Ever


At the National Retailer Federation Big Show 2015 conference, the Answers Corporation announced it had discovered a causal link between retail employee engagement and customer satisfaction in retail.

How to build and grow an SDR team like Looker


Data chaos , where different groups of users are reporting different numbers for the same metrics, likely because the metrics differ depending on the source. For example, a couple years back, in November 2015, Kyle Coleman was interviewing a potential SDR candidate. Not only was she hired, but Coleman picked up the novel; even as she’s gone on to become an Account Executive at the New York office, it’s a conversation they still refer back to.

Authority Magazine Snapshots: Sebastien “Seb” Tron, CEO of Hopsy

Thrive Global

Often referred to as “the Nespresso of beer”, Hopsy was founded in 2015 and is revolutionizing the way beer drinkers drink beer at home by delivering a rotation of beers — in their proprietary mini-kegs — to be used in a counter-top beer machine (the SUB Home Tap). There’s no shortcut.

HR and the Cloud: What You Need to Know


According to the 2015 Annual HR Technology Survey , published by PricewaterhouseCoopers US (PwC US) in partnership with Oxford Economics, the great shift of HR applications to the cloud continues—with 44 percent of respondents currently using the cloud for HR.

How to build a social media recruitment strategy: An FAQ guide


Social media sourcing: Tools, training and process. Where can I find training courses for recruiting with social media? Most companies ( 84% ) use social media to recruit candidates, according to a 2015 study by the Society for Human Resources (SHRM).

Words from Steve Grant: Resume vs. Euology


He wrote this blog shortly before he passed in December, 2015. My focus group experience over 20 years has revealed a very consistent metric: the worst managers dislike themselves. Steve Grant was always full of wisdom and challenging us to be better leaders.

The importance of employee recognition


This is due to what social psychologists refer to us the ‘overjustification effect’ Simply put, once you place an expected external incentive – such as money, prizes or rewards – on a task, a person’s intrinsic motivation to perform that task decreases.