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Employee Turnover: It’s Time to Focus on Retention


Employee turnover is one of the most difficult challenges businesses face when running a people services operation. Turnover causes major disruptions to normal business operations for businesses and clients alike, and if it is not managed properly, can be detrimental to a business’s revenue stream and reputation.

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4 Economic Trends Impacting Talent Today

ClearCompany HRM

However, for the last 15 years, ClearCompany has been working in the talent economy, and we’re here to identify the trends most likely to impact your role as an HR professional. The latest and greatest #economic trends impacting the #workforce explained: According to the June Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey , there were just shy of 6.7


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How to Conduct a Successful Employee Engagement Survey

Tandem HR

employees feel engaged at work. To combat “quiet quitting,” companies use employee engagement surveys. These surveys measure employees’ job satisfaction and commitment to their workforce. Leveraging employee engagement surveys creates a more engaged and motivated workforce.

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Causes of Employee Turnover


Turnover is influenced by many factors that generally come from two directions: external forces and internal forces. We’ll start with external forces, though, because it helps to be aware of how much they contribute to fluctuations so that you can make effective decisions about retention. Average turnover rate. businesses.

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Why You Should Focus on Employee Experience Over Employee Engagement

ClearCompany HRM

Employee experience is one of those terms that’s just now gaining some traction in talent acquisition discussions, and some people in the industry believe it to be a trending buzzword sure to lose ground sooner rather than later. Want to improve employee engagement? The tools and technologies employers provide.

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3 Ways Compensation Policies Can Cause Employee Turnover


Did you realize that the way your company approaches compensation policy can actually create (or reduce) employee turnover? What Causes Employees to Decide to Leave. In these regions employees are loyal to their jobs but move for additional experience and greater career advancement (instead of compensation alone).

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Event Activities at ACE 2017 in New Orleans, September 12-13, 2017


The effect of employee engagement on key business objectives is staggering. According to Gallup , highly engaged business units see: a 17 percent increase in productivity. 24 percent less employee turnover. Join us to rub elbows with the top performers and thought leaders in the HR and employee engagement space.