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Event Activities at ACE 2017 in New Orleans, September 12-13, 2017


The effect of employee engagement on key business objectives is staggering. According to Gallup , highly engaged business units see: a 17 percent increase in productivity. 24 percent less employee turnover. Join us to rub elbows with the top performers and thought leaders in the HR and employee engagement space.

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3 Ways Compensation Policies Can Cause Employee Turnover


Did you realize that the way your company approaches compensation policy can actually create (or reduce) employee turnover? What Causes Employees to Decide to Leave. In these regions employees are loyal to their jobs but move for additional experience and greater career advancement (instead of compensation alone).


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6 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Retention


When it comes to retention, HR leaders and their teams are always looking for ways to keep turnover rates down, especially for managers and key employees. Retention starts with onboarding and continues through the employee lifecycle. According to the Work Institute’s 2019 Retention Report , 41.4 million U.S.

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Occupational Wellness Examples & Why it’s Critical for Boosting Employee Engagement


But between the Great Resignation, quiet quitting, and the latest trend - lazy girl jobs - companies will need to start emphasizing occupational wellness to retain and engage their employees. In fact, one report found that 92% of leaders believe their employees are happy at work.

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Employee Engagement in Healthcare: 5 Facts You Need to Know


Amidst this turbulence, employee engagement in healthcare has emerged as a key strategic tool for righting the ship. A focus on employees’ commitment and emotional investment in their work is, as Healthcare Finance News describes, a “must-have” core competency for leaders. hospital employees are highly engaged.

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HR Tech Preview: Humans and Trends of HR to Follow for 2018


Here are some HR Tech sessions we’re interested in and covering; there are too many to list in this post: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 (8:30 AM – 9:45 AM) – From Moonshots to Roofshots: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Innovation and How to Get It Right; Laszlo Bock, Google: session link. Three HR Trends We’re Plugged into Big Time.

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Study Shows Rising Trend in Employee Engagement May Be Reversing Itself

Rallyware for Human Resources

A study published earlier this year indicates a surprising two percent decline in global employee engagement levels after four years of 2-3 percent annual growth. The study found that globally, only 24% of employees are highly engaged and 39% are moderately engaged.