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3 Ways to Make Headcount Data More Impactful to Your CEO


Editor’s note: This post was updated from the original version published on November 27th, 2018. Through my past experience consulting with large enterprises on talent and HR strategy, I have heard countless stories about the CFO and CHRO producing headcount numbers that don’t match.

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HR Operations: 5 Proven Ways to Improve Any HR Team


We’ll explore the key functions of HR operations, sharing updates and trends for 2022. Emerging Trends in HR. Emerging Trends in HR. Credit: Kindel Media/Pexels The following trends have been quickly evolving in HR. According to Gartner, 29% of skills employers looked for in 2018 are becoming obsolete in 2022.


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The world of work is changing, and the CHRO’s role has never been more important or more in flux than it is today. A vast number of economic, business and workplace trends are converging to create an environment that is, at the very least, challenging for even most executives. How CHROs can act on those trends.

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Endeavor CHRO: Linking purpose and talent is HR’s ‘enormous opportunity’


Kerry Chandler, CHRO for global entertainment company Endeavor, was installed recently as one of five new fellows of the National Academy of Human Resources , earning recognition from the nation’s most prestigious HR organization for her work during the pandemic and throughout her career. Kerry Chandler, CHRO, Endeavor.

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8 Benefits of Using People Analytics


By shifting the focus away from isolated headcount metrics towards dynamic trends that matter to the business, strategic HR leaders are commanding attention and gaining C-suite trust. By the end of 2018, women occupied 32% of leadership roles (manager-level and above) group-wide at the organization.

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Episode 386: Paying Attention to Help the Business Be Successful With Amy Cappellanti-Wolf From Cohesity


Workology Podcast interview with Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, CHRO at Cohesity, as part of the CHRO podcast series. Join host Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of as she sits down and gets to the bottom of trends, tools, and case studies for the business leader, HR, and recruiting professional who is tired of the status quo.

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CHRO Briefing: WalMart/CVS Battle Shows Why Amazon is coming to Rx Business.

The HR Capitalist

Here's your latest CHRO briefing that matters: CVS and WalMart have agreed to laid down their weapons, reaching agreement and ending a dispute would have prevented some CVS Caremark customers from picking up their prescriptions at Walmart pharmacies. Walmart and CVS didn't reveal the terms of their new agreement in a joint statement.

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