Around the Bonfyre: Talking Change Management Strategy with EY’s Eric Biegansky


The disruptive nature of change is now a constant. It’s a sentiment that’s lingered on the lips of business leaders since the beginning of The Great Recession. What are your responsibilities with respect to talent in change management.

Cafe Classic: Are Employees "Costs" or "Assets"?

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: We often hear leaders cite the "employees are assets" but often do they walk that talk? Jacque Vilet, channeling Josh Bersin, shares some Classic information and insights about the economic value an organization's people bring to the table.

Cafe Classic: Putting on Your Explorer Cap via Appreciative Inquiry for the Compensation Pro

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: More than a few of us number nerds populating the field of compensation have a Classic deficit in the soft skills required to constructively explore and understand the territory and circumstances surrounding employee and organizational performance. .

When Virtual Reality Meets Plan Design

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Today's article is the second in a series on the Virtual Reality (VR) of compensation plan design. This time, we're going to visualize what it's like to design with the future in mind. Just ask the Compensation Cafe staff!).

Dice 2018 Tech Salary Report

OFFER OTHER INCENTIVES. Tech Talent Motivators Top-Paying Skills and Experience Salary by Industry Willingness to Relocate Salary Satisfaction Reasons for Changing Employers Top Tech Metros by Salary Salary by State Tech Promotions Salary by Generation Salary by Level. CHANGE YR/YR.

Implementation Matters

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Companies who are more effective at implementation are those that are most admired and deliver the highest financial returns -- I thought you''d like to know. Pay for performance is a form of change management if we do it right. Put your fingers on the keyboard and take notes.

Which Job Perks Do Employees Value?

HR Digest

With the unemployment rate dropping to 3.6 percent - the lowest rate since December 1969, and the U.S. job market the tightest it has been in half a century, human resources managers are struggling to attract and retain top talent. appeared first on The HR Digest.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of November 2018

Digital HR Tech

The top articles of November feature a piece on employee referrals, an item about recruiting podcasts, and an article that gives you 7 practical tips on how to start with Continuous Improvement in HR. An incentive (in $$$) always helps. Go here for the full article. #2.

Principles for Managing Organizational Change


Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” ” To remain competitive and up-to-date, companies must change; sometimes more than once. Regardless of the purpose, every employee feels the effects of your company’s change. Often, members from the C-suite get caught up in the end game; the purpose of the change; the final solution. Make the Change.