SHRM Certification: Why Should #HR Pros Pay Attention

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Since then, SHRM has developed a certification that aligns with the competency model. Alex] SHRM certification is the world’s first competency-based certification for early-career and senior HR professionals. The answer is they focus on both knowledge and behaviors.

SHRM Talent Acquisition Specialty Credential: All the Details

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However, if you are, the above activities are eligible for Professional Development Credits (PDCs). Of the 50 questions, 80 percent are knowledge items and 20 percent are scenario-based items.

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SHRM’s Best Kept Secret: the SHRM Foundation

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Every employer I’ve ever worked for supported my membership in SHRM and allowed me to attend SHRM professional development events. My thanks to Beth for sharing her knowledge with us. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) is my professional association.

Why Becoming A Mentor is the Best Thing You can do for Your Career

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Remember the day you had to make the choice about what career to choose ? Choosing the right career is without a doubt the most important decision you will ever make – the path you choose shapes the remaining years of your life. Benefits for the mentor’s career?

Myth #1 for Women Entrepreneurs: Corporate America Has to Change for You to Succeed

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I believe that women have some limiting beliefs about what they can achieve based on old thinking about business. The traditional beliefs for how a company should operate aren’t serving us well in the new knowledge-based, information economy; we need to explore new methods. Some corporations want to leverage startup operations so they can transition into the new knowledge-based economy focused on making customers happy. All organizations are now knowledge-based.

Why Compensation Doesn’t Drive Motivation


More than 70 percent of today’s workforce are knowledge-based employees, meaning their performance is driven by their skills, attitude, and their ability to innovate and drive change. It includes a number of variables, such as company culture , career development, as well as meaningful and challenging work. Use Development as a Driver. A greater degree of employee responsibility means a greater need for ongoing training and development.

Are Growth Opportunities Important In Your Job? - DecisionWise


“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” – Harvey S. To promote personal and professional growth, we organize monthly knowledge-sharing workshops. Firestone, founder of Firestone Tire & Rubber Company.

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9 simple but effective ways to improve employee productivity


You’re missing out on good sources if you’re not tapping into your employees’ knowledge base and experiences. To keep employees productive, don’t focus so heavily on the here-and-now of your company’s needs that you overlook training and development. Also remember, what employees want in their career development changes throughout the stages of their lives. Download our free e-book: How to develop a top-notch workforce that will accelerate your business.

Workday People Experience: An Advantage in the Changing World of Work


Workday People Experience is a personalized, more intelligent employee experience aimed at improving efficiency, knowledge sharing, and collaboration; it’s supported on any device, from desktop to tablet to mobile. . Everything is becoming personalized.

Show Them the Money: Pay Programs for 2015

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Faurote, who is president of Total Reward Solutions, and Ahlrichs, a consultant and business developer for Gregory and Appel, shared their expertise in a recent webinar presented by BLR® and HR Hero®. Purpose of a Base Pay Program. Lay out potential career paths.

The Future Doesn’t Belong To The Ones Who Know

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We all know Francis Bacon’s famous statement, “ Knowledge is power, ” but does that statement still hold true today? Since Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1440, knowledge has increasingly been democratized, probably even commoditized. Become a knowledge entrepreneur.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


There are hundreds of software & cloud based apps for modern recruitment process, at WhoKnows we have handpicked 62 most popular, widely used & recognized vendors in the market. Web Human Resource (WebHR) is a cloud based HR application. Employee Engagement Software Definition.