EEOC Steps Up Data Collection on Discrimination


In case you missed this bit of news on your rush out the door to start your weekend last Friday: In an effort to improve the information available about religious discrimination, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced it will implement changes in the collection of demographic data from individuals who file charges with the agency. Combating Religious Discrimination Today , a community engagement initiative coordinated by the White House and the U.S.

Cafe Classic: Could Big Data Bring Big Dilemmas?

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: Data and analytics are big topics - and big priorities - in a lot of HR shops these days. Specifically, the degree to which Big Data may be creating a new potential and power to discriminate. HR systems are home to a host of demographic data about our employees.

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AI is not a Quick-Fix Solution for Discrimination


However, the emergence of AI has sparked a fascinating and important debate: Do machines making decisions that were once made by humans reduce or even eliminate discrimination—or can they actually increase bias?

Data-driven recruiting 101: How to improve your hiring process


Traditional recruiting used to rely on luck and intuition more than data, which was time-consuming to amass and analyze. But now, with a wealth of software and analytics tools available on the market, anyone can create a data-driven recruiting process. What is data-driven recruiting?

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Confessions of a Reluctant Feminist: My Role In Perpetuating Workplace Discrimination

Inpower Coaching

We need to figure out how to fight the kind of workplace discrimination that creates cultural uniformity in our businesses for two reasons. We have to learn to see discrimination and speak about it in very specific ways to keep from perpetuating it.

Cybersecurity for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

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Cybersecurity” is a bit like plumbing: most everybody thinks it’s a great idea, but we don’t really give it much thought beyond that until something goes horribly wrong, like a data breach. Why would a hacker want to steal data from little-old-me?” By Benjamin Orsatti, Esq.,

Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics: A Practice with Open Data

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Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics: A Practice with Open Data. However, one issue remained unsolved for years: The lack of open HR data to practice on. A Practice with Open Data. For that reason, I constantly search for open HR data and use it in learning sessions.

?OFCCP Proposes to Collect Detailed Applicant- and Employee-Level Transaction and Compensation Data in 503 and VEVRAA Focused Reviews

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The presentation provided a road map of sorts for what OFCCP will be looking for in upcoming 503 (disability) focused reviews. Director Leen stated during the webinar that OFCCP intends to “look at” contractors’ hiring, promotion, termination, and compensation data for evidence of potential discrimination against individuals with disabilities. EEO News OFCCP Veterans 503 focused review compensation data disability focused review Section 503 VEVRAA VEVRAA Focused Reviews

Are You Buying a Lawsuit with ‘Big Data’? HR Must Ask the Right Questions

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But with the federal government eyeing “big data” as a potential area needing nondiscrimination enforcement, experts say HR must ask the right questions before buying any products or services. Despite the risks, “big data analytics work and they’re not going away,” Marko J.

Important 2018 EU Labor Law Changes – Part 1

Global Upside

Some of the breakout trends you’ll see across several EU countries include pay equality, data privacy, GDPR rights and regulations, and plans to make the business environment more attractive to startups and foreign investment via friendlier labor laws. Human Resources will play an important role as they evaluate jobs, classes, and titles – and may even find themselves presenting to boards. EU Data Protection. Disability Discrimination. Data Protection Officers.

English-Only Policies Are Presumptively Unlawful Under New FEHA Regs

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According to data from the U.S. A rogue supervisor or poorly applied policy may lead to a national origin discrimination lawsuit if left unaddressed. Discrimination Because of Accents and English Proficiency also Targeted.

4 Ways HR Analytics Can Improve Workplace Diversity

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In the next 10 to 30 years, census data says that there will be no racial or ethnic majority in the United States. However, after years of trying to promote diversity by eliminating bias and discrimination in the workplace by legal means, it still exists. The U.S.

That EEO-1 you just filed will look a lot different next time. Oh, good…

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I’m presenting 5, yes five , sessions over the next two days. The EEO-1 is an annual, compliance survey that seeks company employment data categorized by race/ethnicity, gender and job category. Pay data. The EEOC is collecting pay data, huh.

That EEO-1 you just filed will look a lot different next time. Oh, good…

The Employer Handbook

I’m presenting 5, yes five , sessions over the next two days. The EEO-1 is an annual, compliance survey that seeks company employment data categorized by race/ethnicity, gender and job category. Pay data. The EEOC is collecting pay data, huh.

What are “Ban the Box” Laws?

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Employers also must be aware of their restrictions and be sure to train everyone involved in the hiring process to ensure that everyone knows when these types of queries can be presented and what employers can and cannot hold against an applicant in terms of criminal history.

5 HR Trends and Best Practices

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In addition to providing you with background information and data, we’ve included insight into best practices in each of these areas. Harassment and Discrimination. The first step is to develop an anti-harassment and discrimination policy.

Future Friday: AI is not as perfect or unbiased as you may think

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In his article 4 challenges Artificial Intelligence must address , Ben Dickson says: Machine Learning, the popular branch of AI that is behind face recognition algorithms, product suggestions, advertising engines, and much more, depends on data to train and hone its algorithms….The

A 5-part checklist that works for any ADA accommodation request

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With this question, employers should get objective medical data supporting the direct threat. Discrimination & Harassment Employment Law Special Report 2017 SHRM accommodation ada interactive process

5 costly employment myths we need to discard

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During SHRM’s 2016 Annual Conference & Expo , HR consultant Hunter Lott presented on a few of these myths with the intent of stopping employers from acting on them. Discrimination & Harassment Employment Law In this week's e-newsletter Management documentation eeoc myths

EEOC on Wellness Programs and EEO-1s

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Starting March 2018, the EEO-1 will collect summary pay and hours worked data, in addition to demographic information, from certain employers. The new information will improve investigations of possible pay discrimination, which remains a contributing factor to persistent wage gaps. This webinar provides an overview of the EEO-1, describes the process of reporting and submitting summary pay and hours worked data, and gives examples of how to enter the data on the new form.

People Analytics and AI in the Workplace: Four Dimensions of Trust

Analytics in HR

Companies use surveys and feedback tools to get our opinions, new tools monitor emails and our network of communications (ONA), we capture data on travel, location, and mobility, and organizations now have data on our wellbeing, fitness, and health. The Risk of Data Abuse.

Top 3 worldwide recruiting trends in 2017


The highlight was the panel of 6 experts who spoke about the top problems recruiters face, the importance of data driven soft skills analysis, and the overall trends they foresee for recruiting in 2017 and beyond. Data pulled from the 2017 Annual Global Recruiting Trends Report 1.

Amazon's AI Recruiting Troubles Aren't Unique—And They're Not All Bad, Either?

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But in addition to the promise of productivity, many implementations of AI (recruiting included) may be subject to unintended bias—not because the AI is biased itself, but because the data input expresses a bias.

HR Moments Matter: 3 Compensation Challenges Solved With People Analytics


In this series, Allison McConville, Visier’s VP of Human Resources , will share how you can use data to support the people moments that matter, enabling the best decisions for both your employees and your organization.

HR Moments Matter: 3 Compensation Challenges Solved With People Analytics


In this post, Allison McConville, Visier’s VP of Human Resources , will shares how you can use data to support the people moments that matter, enabling the best compensation decisions for both your employees and your organization. .

Addressing AI Bias: Diversity-by-Design

Analytics in HR

is tricky: the very insights to counter discrimination might also be used to discriminate. And while analytics could provide new insights for more targeted action, the required data often sits squarely in the no-go zones of privacy and ethics. Historical data.

ICYMI: Potential, Mindfulness and Communication at Convergence 2019

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Below, we gathered our biggest lessons about work from the keynote speakers and breakout presentations at the conference—we'll see you all next year! That's a wrap on another Cornerstone Convergence, our annual event that this year brought together over 2,000 attendees.

Why your sexual harassment policy needs a contingency plan

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Several employees claimed this made them uncomfortable, given that she had access to confidential data that could be used for identity theft. Discrimination and Harassment Employment Law

Evaluating Whether You Should Hire Candidates with Past Criminal Histories


percent, SHRM data says that more than 7.8 The Discrimination Consideration When Hiring Employees with a Criminal History. Because of the potential for discrimination, many states and cities have laws known as “Ban-the-Box” legislation. The EEOC recommendations relate to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), or national origin.

Use 'The Interruption Strategy' to Tackle the Diversity Gap

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When looking at the statistics presented by some of the most innovative companies in the world, the picture is painfully clear. population will soon be more diverse than ever: Census data suggests there will be no ethnic majority in the next 10 to 30 years. " There are many emerging strategies to increase diversity and eliminate bias in organizations — including several focused on using big data to tackle the problem.

Are Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Only Skin Deep?


Opportunities to meaningfully contribute in the organization and recognition for those efforts must be present. Social science data shows that overt discrimination has decreased in organizations, but subtle biases are still rampant.

Horrible workplaces: The signs of a hostile work environment and what to do


Harassment , sexual harassment , discrimination , victimization, violence and many other kinds of offensive or inappropriate behavior qualify as unwelcome conduct. Discrimination of any kind. Present a list of changes that should happen or a course of action.

Ethical Employer Branding: How to Attract Candidates With Shared Values


So organizations must think carefully about how they present their values. . According to the Great Place to Work Institute ’s data, approximately one-third of Dun & Bradstreet employees have been with the company for 10 years or more. Check Yourself For Discrimination.

Most Important Developments in HR for 1/17


But it’s also a reflection of how allegations of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace are often received, despite data that supports an increasing number of claims in recent years.

Follow These Steps When a Complaint is Filed with the EEOC


As an HR manager or company owner, you would probably agree that one of the last things y ou’d want to deal with would be a discrimination charge notice from the EEOC. of discrimination or harassment , he/she can file a complaint with the U.S. Is Your Company At Risk?