The Importance of Documentation


Documentation is defined as the language that accompanies a product, often outlining its development, design, and technical language in clear, definitive terms. Whether you are working on building a business or home-based projects, documentation is critically important.

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How To Document Your Current Processes In 10 Easy Steps


A quick, ten step method for documenting business processes. Perspectives Collaboration process improvement productivity

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HR document storage vs document management: The differences, explained


However, simply scanning paper documents is just one part of the equation. How HR works with files once they’re digital is what determines whether going paperless translates to productivity gains.

Why it’s Necessary to Invest in a Document Management System?


Enterprises should manage and process their data effectively to help business decisions which can enhance overall productivity. Plus, the increasing cost of paper, escalating storage costs, and other expenses involved in managing paper documents can add up quickly.

Enhancing Document Management Workflow Through Technology

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Document management workflow is one of those things which people don’t realize they are missing until they see it in action. This is a reaction we are used to when we demo the Predict360 Policy and Procedure management system , which contains a comprehensive document management system. All businesses use documents and every business has sensitive documents too. Manual workflow and document management. Sharing sensitive documents is always a problem.

Documentation is Key

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Which means documenting your processes is essential to your productivity levels. Workforce systems can help you manage your employee schedules, control and enforce their time punches and automatically calculate their wages – literally documenting everything.

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Employee Documentation and Record Keeping Requirements


While some businesses might try to cut corners when it comes to employee documentation and record keeping, there are some documents that are absolutely necessary. A lack of proper documentation and record keeping can lead to financial setbacks and even legal problems for companies.

The golden rules of proper documentation

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When you’re documenting an incident in the workplace, employ the traditional “who, what, where, when, why” paradigm. You have to assume your documentation will be held under some form of legal scrutiny. Strong documentation systems must be built on three basic principles.

How Employee Scheduling Solutions Boost HR Productivity

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The best employee scheduling solutions help you to organize records, streamline processes, and boost HR productivity across your small business. Read on to learn about how smart employee scheduling solutions boost HR productivity. Productivity

Document Storage vs Document Management: What is best for HR?

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However, it is not just simply scanning paper documents. How HR works with files once they’re digital is what determines whether going paperless translates to productivity gains. Compliance : Document collaboration offers limited search capabilities. Generic Document Management.

Document Storage vs Document Management: What is best for HR?

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However, it is not just simply scanning paper documents. How HR works with files once they’re digital is what determines whether going paperless translates to productivity gains. Compliance : Document collaboration offers limited search capabilities. Generic Document Management.

Reconstructed Travel Logs Inadequate for Documenting Mileage

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Furthermore, the calendar petitioner used to create the logs is absent from the record, and the credit card statements and other documents in evidence are insufficient to corroborate the business purpose or location of petitioner’s expenditures.”. In a recent case, Velez v. Comm’r , the U.S.

How to document interview feedback for your hiring team


Here’s a guide on how to help your hiring teams to provide productive and fair interview feedback they can rely on throughout the entire recruiting process: How to train your hiring team to give effective interview feedback.

Your coworker isn't sending you that document because they can't find it

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Why is it taking her sooooooo loooooong to forward the document you've requested? From the mess on our desks to the even worse mess on our desktops and gadgets, finding That Document is becoming our worst nightmare. You've been waiting all day for a coworker to get back to you.

July 2015 Product Release: Capture

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By using the new Candidate Search Query feature, recruiters can build Boolean searches and customized queries based on requisition fields and candidate status against profiles and attached documents to identify candidates who are truly aligned with a job opportunity.

Working Remotely: Ideal Work Environment Or Threat To Culture And Employee Productivity?


In fact, Softchoice found Millennials twice as likely to feel more productive and better equipped working at home than Baby Boomers. These world-traveling workers are often inspired by the changing landscape, inspiration that pours over into their work product.

How to Add Microsoft Word Borders to Your Documents

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You’ve just typed up a document and you’re thinking to yourself—something’s missing here. Productivity

5 Ways Using Adobe Document Cloud Makes Your HR Function Look Best in Breed

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Regardless of where you are in the HR Tech continuum, many of you know you’re still stuck in a sea of paper documents. Here’s 5 Ways Using Adobe Document Cloud Makes Your HR Function Look Best in Breed : 1. Make all your forms mobile. That’s a fancy way of saying that we’re going to email you a document with a formal application and background authorization forms to make it official. This post was brought to you in partnership with Adobe Document Cloud.

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How to Increase Productivity in a Hyper-Connected World

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Are new communication tools actually increasing productivity or are they just wasting everyone’s time? It’s safe to say it has helped humans improve productivity. With a greater dependence on technology, how do companies increase #productivity?

DIY Office Organization Ideas to Boost Productivity

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Do you realize that your personal productivity level depends directly on the space in which you work? If you want to be more productive with your work, you have to organize your work environment. They also should be labeled in case you want to take your productivity to the next level.

3 Workspace Hacks To Boost Productivity

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Because of this, more and more businesses are looking for new ways to increase productivity and decrease workload. These companies are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to boost workplace productivity and, in the process, improve workplace conditions. Productivity

How To Prioritize Education Production For Cloud Software


Cloud software, by its nature, is released through continuous deployment , a regular release cycle that keeps customers happy but sets a difficult pace for the production of enabling materials. It’s a living document, transparent to all internal stakeholders.

5 Proven Tips For Productive Remote Working

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Instead, before putting together process and procedure documents, it’s smart to consult the entire team on many different issues. Equip your team with clear, well-produced standard operating procedure documents to ensure things are done the way you want.

During discipline meeting, ask productive questions

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Always document why discipline differed. That documentation will be valuable in court if the fired employee decides to sue. The post During discipline meeting, ask productive questions appeared first on Business Management Daily.

Beliefs, Deadlines and Productivity Measurements

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Here are three questions my friends asked, and Hyrum’s answers: How do our beliefs inhibit our productivity? How do you stay productive when you don’t have a deadline? A registered dietician asked, “I calculate my productivity percentage monthly and I give it to my boss.



We have also made some major additions to our voluntary product offerings. Because of this, employees can now submit a “Special Enrollment” Life Event that acts as an Open Enrollment, complete with a qualifying reason and document (if required).

“What Federal Contractors Can Expect” Document Released by the OFCCP

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Coinciding with the National Industry Liaison Group’s national conference in Anaheim, the OFCCP released a “What Federal Contractors Can Expect” document last week. The document is a result of the areas of focus identified in OFCCP’s Town Hall Action Plan released in April 2018: training, communication, and trust. The two-page document provides a concise version of the assistance federal contractors can expect from the agency.

How Banning Email Can Boost Productivity And Work Satisfaction

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Email is hurting our productivity and our well-being. That equals to hours of lost productivity per day. Not only does email make you less productive, it also increases your stress level. The participants themselves even said they felt more relaxed and productive without email.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Document Signing Online

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When it comes to document signing online, e-signature software is the way to go. In fact, document signing is the top-rated feature of e-signature software products, according to thousands of reviewers at G2 Crowd. Use e-signature tools for document signing online?

The Documents that you Need, but Haven’t Had Time to Work on… Until Now!

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If you’re working to build and then sell your business, there will come a time where you need to provide the relevant documentation to coincide with a business valuation. If you’re working to build and then seek investment, there will come a time where you need to provide the relevant documentation to obtain an investor. These documents are many and varied. This isolation period, I would use the time to take control of the documents required to ignite business growth.

How to boost productivity for remote teams

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But just because many can now start their daily commute at 8:55am, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to see a drop-off in the productivity you’re used to seeing in the office. Documentation.

“Social Distancing”: Building a Productive Team Remotely

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I can finally get enough sleep and go to the gym and be more productive.”. Here are the three actions that can help make it a much more positive and productive experience as your team works remotely. Community Coronavirus COVID-19 COVID19 anxiety Productivity remote work

How to Maintain Productivity When Working From Home


No matter what your role – employee, leader, business owner – the challenge of working from home is to stay just as productive, focused and energised as you are in the office – sometimes with dogs barking, children playing in the background (especially since schools are closing), and untimely deliveries knocking at your door. The key to being equally, if not more, productive at home is structure – and maintaining connection with your peers, leaders, and employees.

Four Employee Applications To Improve Business Productivity


Many companies with over 2,500 workers find remote working enhances productivity and efficiency. Following are some great tools to sustain employees’ productivity and increase workplace efficiency. Recent tech trends have caused a shift in nearly all business operations.

Understanding productivity after switching to a fully remote workplace


How do we track their productivity? Is there an opportunity to be even more productive than we were previously? The concern with employee productivity is nothing new. Productivity isn’t just about quantity. Every organization will measure productivity differently.