The 5 Most Critical Metrics for Account-Based Marketing

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Embracing account-based marketing means focusing less on the traditional marketer’s favorite key metric—leads. As such, your top priorities will no longer be metrics like clickthrough rates, cost per lead, and cost per impression. Rather than trying to force lead gen metrics to fit your ABM strategy, reevaluate your approach to measurement so that it fits your new goals. But are you finding more success with personalized eBooks as opposed to a webinar-based approach?

3 Recruiting Metrics That Don’t Tell the Whole Story


Across the recruiting industry there is a push to become more metrics and data-driven, and that push comes from a logical place: If we don’t hire the people we need, our companies will be understaffed and resource-strapped. To review, KPIs are: Key – Focused on the most important metrics.

Employee Engagement: How to Measure What Matters


Engagement numbers do provide a window into the general well-being of your workforce, but more important than the raw numbers is how engagement ties back to desired business outcomes. Do you know how well your engagement programs are working?

3 Challenges Facing Employee Engagement Today

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Time was, HR and engagement leaders had to convince the organization of the importance of investing in rewards and recognition, then engagement — and today, holistic solutions have appeared from the possibilities of technological advancement to bring engagement, wellness, rewards, and so many other aspects of workforce management together in one unified platform. Download the ebook: “From Data to Direction: Defining an Employee Engagement Platform for the Modern Workforce”.

What is B2B Purchase Intent Data?

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Well, when a company works with Aberdeen, they provide Aberdeen with a list of target companies and a specific product offering. This metric is critical. If you take a checkbox approach, you’ll never put in enough energy to see if your intent data is accurate or being used well.

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5 Internal Communications Myths Debunked


Download our new ebook, Mobile now, intranet later , to take a multi-channel approach to your communications strategy. When your internal comms strategy is working well, you’ll find it’s everyone’s responsibility, and that your communications tools, such as your company app, belongs to your employees. Truth #5: You need to analyze your metrics to be successful. In addition, only 22% of respondents were confident in the effectiveness of the metrics they choose to track.

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The Key to Employee Engagement: Your Net Promoter Score

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But what if there was an engagement related metric that organizations easily understood? The reason organizations use NPS as a business metric is because they can see a clear line of sight between it and business success. Why not use a proven metric that the organization understands?

This Is What Happens When People “Talk” The Customer

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Other metrics include call speed of answer and average call handling time. At least the customer is in this expression, but it lacks the personal dimension that is so important in serving customers well. Change internal success metrics to reflect your customerized language.

How Objective Setting Can Fit Into Your Performance Management Strategy


Every company has metrics and KPIs in place to regularly observe and measure performance, but when it comes to assessing people, quantitative analysis is only half the story.

Diversity Considerations in Compensation: Part 2 – Workplace Currency, Manager Favoritism

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This is an excerpt from our recent ebook collaboration with BambooHR entitled How to Turn Diversity Into a Major Asset for Your Organization. Download the full ebook here. A metric-driven, performance-based plan is a nice way of taking favoritism out of the mix.

Starting as the Head of Talent in a Startup? Here’s where you can start

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Headcount is growing as well, by 100% every year. You have to build a solid background of corporate culture, HR policies and processes as well as HRIS to support your business growth. Also read: Key metrics that an employee management system should track.

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How to drive customer satisfaction with employee coaching

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This helps to guide employees to make the necessary changes themselves as well as agree that they’re important. The most effective way to do this by basing it on customer feedback, as well as manager/employee and manager/team coaching sessions. Coach on the drivers you see from metrics.

Benefits of Employing a Multilingual Staff

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Download†our eBook on Learning and Development Trends and find out†how technology enables continuous learning in organizations. Not only will you improve customer interactions by having well-trained employees, but your employees will feel more valuable and empowered.

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Compensation Linked To Performance, Feedback, and Engagement


Compensation Practices Driving Cultural Shifts In Performance Management Explored In New #HRWins eBook. Free eBook Download. ” Well, there isn’t any excuse for not knowing any more. Compensation is a key driver of another business metric: employee engagement.

Better Internal Communications for your Workforce – Now is the Time


We recently spoke with leading communicators from Dow, Extreme Network, American Cancer Society, Love’s Travel Stops, and Newell Brands in our ebook, Communications Leaders of Change 2019. If you’re new to the goals/data/metrics trifecta, you’re not alone.

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Why Your 2015 HR Budget Should Include Applicant Tracking Software


With 2015 budget planning well underway, you’re probably in the midst of defining allocation requests and preparing to defend each line item to senior management. Metrics prove the value of applicant tracking software to the business.

3 Ways to Keep Employees Happy at Work

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Effective decision-makers base their actions on a blend of intuition, experience, and logic, as well as an evaluation of facts and how actions will affect stakeholders.

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How To Make A Culture Of Successful Renewal

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The reality is that if there are too many things to do, none will be achieved particularly well. Develop a handful of key performance metrics and examine progress at least monthly (in times of turbulent change, weekly monitoring may be in order).

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What can Clark Griswold and Buddy the Elf Teach us about Employee Engagement?

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So, we know what Employee Engagement is not …well, then what is it? Companies with the most engaged employees have improved customer metrics, stronger corporate citizenship, less regrettable turnover, increased innovation, higher earnings per share and reduced absenteeism.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Internal Communications in the Workplace


In our recent ebook, Communications Leaders of Change 2019 , we learned lessons from top internal communications programs and their best practices.

Why Managers Have Unrealistic Expectations About Their Team’s Capabilities

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C-level executives and other managers have very different views of how well their teams are executing compared to the perspectives of the rank-and-file, the report reveals. Define key metrics and indicators of success as an organization, and review this data regularly.

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What To Do When Employees Bring Personal Struggles Into The Workplace

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But what if their personal problems begin to take over their work life as well? Not only can this impact their their work metrics, but it can have a negative effect on their team members. Keep your other employees in mind as well, though.

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How to Boost Employee Engagement with Eye-Popping, Scroll-Stopping Content


For HR departments, infographics are a great way to communicate data regarding recruiting activities, internal benefits, and wellness programs in a visually interesting and easily understandable manner. Guest post by FutureComms Partner ScribbleLive.

Why HR Communications Deserves More Attention This Year


For an organization to run well and efficiently, communications must be well-organized, clutter-free, and truthful. The value of your employees extends well beyond what you pay them in salary. How Metrics Helped an HR Team Gain High Levels of Open Enrollment Activity.

How to Identify and Retain Top Performers with Rewards and Recognition


Employee retention is a key goal for every company, but it’s important to drill down into this metric and make sure you’re doing a good job of identifying and keeping your top performers.

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Workplace Inclusion, Diversity and Mentoring

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In simple terms, diversity is the mix; inclusion is getting the mix to work well together.”. Well, it does get worse. Download our eBook on Learning and Development Trends and find out how technology enables continuous learning in organizations.

Combat the Hazards of Dissatisfaction

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In countless organizations, engagement is often conflated with morale–as if engagement is just another metric assessing how employees feel about their work and their roles. Morale fluctuates, and often responds to forces well beyond an organization’s control.

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6 Steps to Greater Sales Efficiency

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The challenge is there are dozens of sales metrics you can measure. See Part 3 for more about measuring performance metrics.) It’s also critical that sales reps have access to their performance metrics as well as regularly scheduled pipeline reviews with their manager.

17 brand tracker sins and how to avoid them

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If you plan on breaking out tracker results by demographic or behavioral groups, you will need to have adequate representation at that level as well. Not including brand funnel metrics in marketing goals. A tracker shows you how well you are channeling people through your brand funnel.

3 ways to build a customer-centric culture

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DOWNLOAD EBOOK. Organizations need to create a mindset for using experience management data to run their business and evolve well beyond just looking for a readout of metrics. The customer is always right. Right?

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4 KPIs to Track Your Employee Engagement


Because engagement is a critical business metric, you may be wondering, how do you accurately measure it? It not only creates a safe way to gather information, but removes potential bias from the situation as well.

How to Achieve More Efficient and Effective Business Reporting


When done well, financial reports can provide insights into the past, present, and future, helping the entire company manage volatility, navigate organizational complexity, meet compliance requirements, and drive the direction of operations. For example, operational leaders might want detailed metrics on their unit, while executives may require a higher-level summary of the entire business. Download the eBook, Your Top Four Reporting Challenges. Late nights.

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How can Internal Communication Be Improved in the Workplace


In our recent ebook, Communications Leaders of Change 2019 , we learned lessons from top internal communications programs and their best practices.

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Here’s the Problem With Your Company’s Goals Program


You’re probably well aware of the growing disdain for annual performance reviews. As they meet metrics, add new challenges. Download our ebook: The HR Innovator’s Guide to Agile Goal Management. Want a surefire way to ruin an employee’s work day? Have their manager talk to them about goals. It’s not that employees are lazy or unproductive—because even high-performers roll their eyes and sigh in angst at the goal-setting process.

The Key to Strategic HR: You Must Be a Strong, Capable Business Partner

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Understand the business metrics (such as profit, margin, ROI, free cash flow productivity) and what drives them. For example, if your company uses Total Shareholder Return (TSR ) as a key performance metric, the HR leader should know the specific metrics that drive TSR.

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What is Customer Lifetime Value and Why does it Matter


As a part of the customer experience program, Customer Lifetime Value is one of the key metrics that need to be tracked. This is an important metric as it keeps you aware of how valuable an already existing customer is and ensure that you take steps to keep them satisfied.

6 Ways HROs Can Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment in 2019

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Like diet and exercise for our personal well-being, sales and marketing alignment can have dramatic health benefits for your business. In the past you could hold your arms out as wide as possible, but that doesn’t work well today.”.