Data Conversion Essentials


Data conversion is never easy. It can be a nightmare for any organization going through an implementation of a new HRIS and payroll system; however, with some preparation and analysis, this process can become a bit easier. There are some processes that can be followed to ensure reduction in errors and bad data loads. Unfortunately, not many people spend the time to clean up their data before data conversion. He joined HRchitect in September 2013.

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5 Payroll Management Tools Every HR Needs

HR Digest

For any business, a handy and adequate Payroll software application is a must-have. These payroll apps not only consolidate the multiple payment processes required into one platform but also offer numerous tools for economic and precise payroll functions. Payroll is the procedure by which their employers pay employees for the work. An effective payroll process involves making sure that the employees are paid accurately and on time.

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What were the major developments in 2013 for global HRO?

NGA Human Resources

At NGA we have witnessed 4 major trends for global HR outsourcing in 2013. Thirdly and specifically on the global playing field, we have seen payroll BPO and RPO stand up as the main drivers (some would say survivors) of HR outsourcing. In 2014, we expect all 4 trends of 2013 to further mature, with strong adoption of cloud & SaaS technology, and a strong shift of core HR technologies. Also, we expect big data to start making an impact on HRO.

10 Easy Ways to Sabotage Your Payroll Process


Running a business means managing a ton of moving parts; payroll is just one of them. With so much going on, even within the payroll process itself, it’s easy for business owners to slip up. Keep an eye out for these payroll faux pas: 1. By using an automated payroll processing system, this oversight can easily be avoided. Failing to keep up with changing payroll tax regulations. Online payroll processing, for the most part, can also help with that.

Namely Announces Integration With TRAXPayroll


NEW YORK, November 18, 2013 –Today, Namely, the cloud-based people management platform, announces their integration with TRAXPayroll , a SAAS solution that delivers trouble-free and simplified payroll processing and administration. With this integration, Namely’s clients can better manage their talent and data through a single platform. News Payroll

3 Things Your HR Department Needs to Be (But Probably Isn’t) Doing


Depending on the size of your staff and your company, they might be advertising open positions and recruiting new employees, onboarding new staff, managing payroll and benefits, investigating complaints, writing and policing company policies, changing employees’ status forms, overseeing staff training and development, and much, much more. Payroll information in one computer system, basic employee data in another system and benefits in a third: Sound familiar? Quick!

How to Avoid Working Late as a Payroll Practitioner


By Wendy Austin Lett, Senior Payroll Administrator for The SSI Group, LLC. Balancing work and personal life is challenging when you’re a dedicated mother and devoted wife; I’m often managing schedules and extra-curricular activities on top of an at times hectic work-life as a senior payroll administrator. From ensuring payroll is accurately delivered on time to the entire workforce to handling unexpected last minute payroll changes, my job is not easy.

5 Ways Employees Could Be Scamming Your Time and Attendance System


Unscrupulous data entry. If your attendance data has to be retyped from timesheets or time cards into a payroll system , a less-than-principled typist can easily change the numbers. The less you have to rekey your time and attendance information, the more accurate your data and the more accurate your payroll. They can even integrate with your HR management software to connect scheduling with timekeeping and payroll.

How to Spend More Time on Your HR Strategy


The problem is, human resources is still responsible for the traditional and administrative responsibilities of the past: maintaining employee data, processing payroll, responding to unemployment claims, resolving disputes, maintaining benefits enrollment and scores of other duties. With an HCM system, recruiting processes, employee data, payroll information, benefits information, training and much more can all be housed in one place.

Human Resources a Mess? Here’s How to Get Organized


If you’re like a lot of small-to-medium businesses, your back-office data is stored on a myriad assortment of computers and software— even paper. Basic systems, called HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) or HRMS (Human Resources Management Systems) store essential data such as employee, benefits and payroll information. Imagine having all this information in one place: Hiring data like resumes and applicant info. Payroll is generated without retyping data.

A paycheck is not a thank-you


Before direct deposit, he explained, the payroll department had to physically hand out checks. Collect ART data: absolute, relative, and trend. David Brennan is a man of strong opinions. First of all, I’d like to apologize to any accountants,” he said in his recent webinar, “Obtaining and Sustaining Executive Buy-In,” “but they ruined engagement.” Although technically, they weren’t the ultimate problem, he ceded—it was direct deposit.

I-9 Audits Increasing at Rapid Pace


Immigration and Customs Enforcement reached its highest number yet of companies audited for illegal immigrants on their payrolls this past fiscal year. The number of company managers arrested has increased to 238, according to data provided by ICE. From the Associated Press : U.S. Audits of employer I-9 forms increased from 250 in fiscal year 2007 to more than 3,000 in 2012. From fiscal years 2009 to 2012, the total amount of fines grew to nearly $13 million from $1 million.

HR Transformation Doesn’t Mean Hiring More Data Analysts

Visier - Talent Acquisition

If this wasn’t true when it was said during a Gartner Symposium keynote in 2013 , then it is definitely true today. These are multidimensional questions that can’t be answered with a single data source, like payroll. All of these pressures might make it seem like you need to hire more analysts to wrangle, cleanse, and interpret your HR and business data. The post HR Transformation Doesn’t Mean Hiring More Data Analysts appeared first on Visier Inc.

4 Payroll Software Features Every Small Business Owner Needs


Keeping up with the latest in software is never easy, but this quick list should get you in-the-know on the latest and greatest payroll features you should be using. Whether you’re in the market for new payroll software or you just want to evaluate your current process, here are four must-have features that your system should include: 1. Payroll card. After a solid payment method, perhaps the most beneficial payroll system tool is an employee self-service site.

Compliance checklist for HR professionals for year-end and beyond


In comparison, in 2013, the agency conducted approximately 3,000 audits which was the single-year record until 2018, according to The Associated Press. Payroll compliance checks. The platform handles the full gamut of critical HR tasks all through one interface and helps ensure compliance through automated regulatory filing of I-9s, E-Verify data, ACA compliance reporting and other legally required information.

Namely Raises $4.7M, Launches Payroll Across the USA


The raise comes from True Ventures, Lerer Ventures, Bullpen Capital, and VaynerRSE, all of whom contributed to their Series A in June of 2013. With the additional funding, the New York based startup is launching payroll, benefits administration, and time management throughout the United States. Namely has created a unique platform that integrates all aspects of HR, decreasing the amount of time spent on data entry and increasing productivity company-wide.

Data Analytics Tools are the Magic Wand for Small Businesses


However, many SMBs have restricted access to data analytics tools, keeping them from the robust data that larger companies are able to utilize. Data based on 28 million businesses . Together they create 64% of the total jobs and pay 44% of the total US private payroll. The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 reported that in 2013 there were 860,000 new businesses alongside 788,000 closures. Data Analytics Tools: the need of the hour.

Integrating HR Systems


Data Analytics : Let’s face it, running reports are only as useful as the data within them. By connecting various HR systems it is easier to create accurate data without having to do a manual “v-look up” exercise on a spreadsheet. HR professionals require that their system integrate with background check providers, benefits administration, payroll, time and attendance, and much more. Written by: May Huffer.

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The Recognition Landscape Isn’t Changing Much

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Recognition programs are vital tools in an organization’s total rewards strategy, but beyond the knowledge that “recognizing employees is a good thing to do” we can look to data that back up recognition programs as an important part of an organization’s culture. WorldatWork and ITA Group’s Trends in Employee Recognition 2013 , is a good example of a data driven look into why recognition programs are important.

Top 3 Ways To Forecast Schedules With Time And Attendance Software

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In a single, easy-to-read bar chart, pull together different periods of time and attendance data and compare Scheduled vs. Actual Hours Worked. Understaffed in 2013, but overstaffed in 2014? This can help you prepare a payroll budget. payroll labor analytics business intelligence Manager DashboardIt's hard to believe it's the end of summer. :-( We may not be ready to let go of picnics (and double scoops of ice cream), but we are looking forward to the fall.

Adapting to the New Federal W-4

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Someone who correctly completed their W-4 back in 2013 could still use it instead of a 2020 or later Form W-4, if they chose to. You’ll want to have all this information at the ready because the estimator is only as good as the data provided; it doesn’t know anything about you before you begin. Payroll Best PracticeThe 2020 Form W-4 introduced the most significant changes employers have seen in some time.

Zenefits Plays Catch-Up With Z2 Release


Zenefits recent call to celebrate the launch of Z2 felt like going right back to 2013 with them. But, this is Zenefits, a tech vendor that came on to the market in 2013 raising enough money to give them “unicorn status” at the time. Regarding payroll, Zenefits claims to offer a “Wide Release of Zenefits Payroll, Starting with California” Zenefits payroll has been in beta with 500 clients in CA, and now has a roll out planned that is LIMITED to California.

How Often Should You Pay Your Employees?

HR Daily Advisor

There are advantages and disadvantages to payroll schedules of all stripes. Payroll can be done monthly, semimonthly, biweekly, or weekly. Your state Payroll topic page on is a good place to start. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) collects data about payroll and pay periods. They found biweekly to be the most common payroll schedule, with 36.5% of businesses using it, based on their examination ending in March 2013.

PeopleStrategy Partners with Payfactors to Deliver Enhanced Compensation Management


EDISON, N.J. — (September 11, 2019 ) — PeopleStrategy Inc.® , a full-service brokerage and provider of comprehensive, cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions, and Payfactors , a provider of cloud-based compensation data management tools have partnered to offer small and mid-sized businesses access to the data they need to make smart decisions about compensation. Payfactors Free is all about giving everyone data that’s reliable, timely, and relevant to them.

Global Upside Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Global Upside

San Jose, CA – October 15, 2018 – Global Upside ( ) today announced that it has achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification, the international standard for best practices in information security management systems. The certificate is the latest in Global Upside’s ongoing commitment towards achieving the highest standards in data security and privacy throughout the organization.

Survey: 93% of Managers Need Training on Coaching Employees


Organizations that dedicate 1% or more of payroll to values-based rewards and recognition are more likely to perceive greater impacts on retention and financial outcomes. ( 1% of Payroll: The Magic Number for Social Recognition Investment ). Let’s look closer at the data within this finding. And although 41% believe they are an accurate appraisal, this has declined from 50% in 2013. 1% of Payroll: The Magic Number for Social Recognition Investment.

Coffee With Wilson Silva

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We performed “lift-and-shifts” to give clients the same or better quality in their processes at reduced costs, and I managed the associated payroll operations. From 2005 to 2006, Hewitt underwent major growth, and by 2007 I had become global payroll process lead, where I determined the direction for the service delivery model. Then around 2013 to 2014, we saw a big transition to cloud, and with it a change in focus from customization to configuration.

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Global Upside Announces SOC 1 and SOC 2 Compliance

Global Upside

San Jose, CA – Global Upside ( ) – a leading provider of accounting, HR, payroll, PEO, and talent acquisition services in 150+ countries – today announced that it has achieved Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 1 compliance. This achievement is the latest in Global Upside’s ongoing commitment towards maintaining the highest standards in data security and privacy.

HR Horror Stories

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The employee was laid off in 2013, and claimed to be on sick leave since 2015. But due to an error in payroll, he’s been collecting his paycheck every 2 weeks for the past four years. “That’s not my problem, that’s payroll’s problem,” the boss allegedly responded. It’s unclear how the employee ended up back on payroll in 2015, two years after the alleged termination.

Cloud HR Software is Now Changing the Workplace


Thanks to technology, HR professionals now have the tools to reduce and simplify administrative tasks like payroll and record keeping so they can focus on issues that can make or break a company in this era of fierce competition — employee engagement.

10 Best HRMS Softwares in 2020: For Small & Medium Enterprises

Vantage Circle

People Data & Analytics. No payroll. Payroll. Provides payroll outsource service in addition. Process Payroll. Payroll Management. Zoho provides a complete HRMS solution under three different product heads namely Zoho People, Zoho Recruit, and Payroll. Founded in 2013, SumHR is a cloud-based comprehensive HR software in India that lets the startups and SMEs scrutinize and manage the daily HR chores. Payroll. Payroll Software.

SBDR: January Job Numbers, Skills Over Degrees, Census Seeks SBOs


of payrolls. . last month, the highest number since 2013. . Currently, the Census Bureau is inviting SBOs to call, write or visit to get important data to help make future business decisions. .

Findings from CEO pay rate disclosures

HR Times

We first wrote about this disclosure requirement here on HR Times back in 2013. One of our research findings indicates a number of companies included language in their disclosure warning shareholders the data is specific to the company and not comparable to other disclosures.

Lost at Sea or. No Safe Harbor

Compensation Cafe

On October 6 Europe’s highest court struck down an international agreement (Safe Harbor) that has allowed thousands of companies to easily transfer personal data from Europe to the U.S. This lawsuit appeared to be the “final straw” in a string of incidents involving data privacy beginning in 2013 with the revelation that American intelligence agencies had access to people’s online activities. The ruling highlights the different views towards online data protection.

The Real Impact of HR Technology on Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

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S ave on Manual Data Entry Costs U nlock the Power of Self-Service R aise Compliance Level E fficient Time Tracking W orry-Free Remote Working I ncreased Employee Development N ew Role of HR as a Profit Center. S ave on Manual Data Entry Costs. How can something so mundane such as data entry cost so much? on an average per manual data entry depending on the document. Manual data entry is an invisible and unrecognized money pit among small and medium-sized businesses.

Could Fintech Companies Provide a Lifeline to SBOs Seeking PPP Loans?


Banks and credit unions began accepting applications for new Small Business Administration loans under the Payroll Protection Program on April 3, but the many small business owners have found the program’s rollout frustrating and confusing.

STUDY: Less Negative Spillover of Paid Parental Leave than Hyped

HR Digest

The data was collected from 2001 to 2013. There are three states, California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, which offer paid family leave and finance it through payroll taxes that pay into the states’ existing temporary disability insurance programs.

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3 Reasons Why the Risk of Receiving an ACA Penalty is Increasing

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That likely involves digging through the historical data from your payroll, benefits administration, time-tracking, and COBRA systems dating back as far as October of 2013. If you have switched any of those systems since 2013, the challenge is exponential.” We achieve a higher standard of accuracy by combining our ACA software and expert ACA services to turn payroll and benefits information into ACA-ready data throughout the year.

How to Comply with the New Overtime Rules in 2020


Bureau of Labor and Statistics found that in 2013 fulltime workers averaged 42.5 Employers would do well to evaluate their systems for several payroll items, including bonuses, overtime tracking, and daily time-keeping of time worked. Fortunately, there are several financial maneuvers and tactics that can allow companies to maintain compliance with the new laws while still maintaining their payroll costs at a manageable level for financial success.

How Compensation Impacts Your Business

Compensation Today

In other words, your payroll has a major impact on your bottom line. Most companies invest heavily in technologies such as cloud based CRM software, accounting systems, big data analytics, and project management tools to scale their business and become more efficient. But, the truly innovative companies invest in compensation management software to help get the most value out of their payroll—ultimately getting the most bang for their buck.