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Workplace Diversity: ‘The Era of Colorblindness is Over’

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Workplace diversity is a pressing topic among HR pros. That attention often focuses on how diversity affects the company — but what about how minorities' experiences affect people personally and professionally? Talent Management Talent Management Diversity

Legal Hangovers After The Holiday Party


But also include, for example, a menorah and a Kwanzaa basket. Managers should not only be models of appropriate behavior but also look out for inappropriate behavior, such as twerking, and respond proactively. For example, don’t have self-service.

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Are We Ready For Social Talent?


After all these tweets, quotables and brilliant posts, there’s this recurring theme: social talent. Social Talent Is Different. We’re at the opposite of traditional employment, though social talent could be complementary as well. Why Social Talent Now?

Five reasons why diversity and inclusion at work matters


While diversity and inclusion (D&I) has been on the radar of smart organisations for years, in recent months the impetus for true inclusion has grown significantly, with high-profile initiatives such as gender pay gap reporting in the UK, and the widespread reporting of sexual harassment in the film industry , pushing the agenda forward significantly. In 2014, the nearly 12 million disabled people in the UK were estimated to have a combined disposable income of around £80 billion.

How Employers Can Promote Diversity and Inclusion At Work


The most obvious example of this was when I was a Promotions Manager for a radio station where, at age 25, I had responsibility for a small team and a sizeable budget. Diversity and inclusion are imperatives to a business, both economically and culturally.

Winning the War for Talent in the Middle East


The war for talent is a challenge faced on both global and domestic levels. The Middle East is a prime example of how the war for talent is different at a geographical level. Here are 5 steps to developing top talent: Understand your organisation’s talent profile.

3 Ways to Make Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Stick

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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is no longer about filling a quota. McKinsey's 2015 Diversity Matters report revealed a strong correlation between diversity and financial performance. According to the findings, companies in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity are 35 percent more likely to perform above the industry median compared to those in the bottom quartile, while gender-heterogeneous companies outperform by 15 percent.

What’s a Talent Community?


Talent pool, talent network or talent community—semantics shemantics. Part of the problem with understanding talent communities, lies in our attempts to define it. While we could sit around and debate the meaning of specific words, concepts and ideas, a simple definition just doesn’t capture the essence of what a talent community really is at its core. Instead, what if we equate the core purpose of a talent community to the practice of relationship building?

5 Steps to an Effective Internal Investigation

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If you are having some sales ethics issues, for example, you don’t need to review your entire pricing structure. Talent management challenges like Millennials managing Baby Boomers you once thought would have retired years ago. Diversity. Talent Management. HR Policies & Procedures BLR HR Talent Technology In yesterday’s Advisor , Attorney Christine D.

Innovative HR and Why Technology Innovators Can’t Survive Without It


Editor’s note: This popular post has been updated with new data and information to ensure you’re ready for the talent demands of today and the future. When it comes to engineers and developers, the competition for talent is truly global, and getting more fierce by the minute.

True Diversity Is Much More Than A Drive By


What’s the motivation that shot past Benioff and other progressive business leaders doing similar change management initiatives around gender diversity and performance? The post True Diversity Is Much More Than A Drive By appeared first on TalentCulture.

One Way to Revive Tired Old Compensation

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For example, one single man told me it wasn’t fair that the company decided everything about his package and didn’t ask him what he wanted/didn’t want. This was a diverse group and I could see why their needs/wants might be different. We have an increasingly diverse and young workforce that has different values and work-life issues. She has managed both local/ in-country national and expatriate programs and has been an expat twice during her career.

The Intersection of Innovation, Inclusion, and Diversity

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Rather they view innovation as a priority for the whole company, supported by organizational structures, processes, and talent management. Diversity and Inclusion: A Key Driver. In an October 2014 Scientific American article, Katherine W. The Role of Talent Leaders.

#ECTalent - Darren Chlds: Putting himself on the line

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There are smaller programmes too eg any manager can give any emploee a chocolate bar containing a small gift eg a lie in the next day or they can go home early on a Friday afternoon or get a whole duvet day. He doesn''t mind skeptics but he actively manages cynics out of the company.

Piloting a New Era of Talent Acquisition at American Airlines


When Robert Daugherty joined American Airlines as its director of global talent acquisition in 2014, the giant airline was trying to put more than a decade of misery behind it. The state of the airline’s talent acquisition infrastructure was also in dire shape.

Leading in the new world of work: Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends

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This week we officially launched one of the largest-ever longitudinal studies of talent trends and readiness around the world: Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2015. Fig 1: The Ten Global Trends Shaping Corporate Talent in 2015. Posted by Josh Bersin on March 5, 2015.

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The Six Steps To Build A Remarkable Workplace


” Yet when PricewaterhouseCoopers asked 1,300 global CEOs about their operational priorities that same year, talent strategies didn’t make the top five. It’s a matter of what gets measured gets managed.

3 Signs Your Company Culture Isn’t as Inclusive as it Could Be

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Surprisingly, Merriam-Webster Dictionary's 2014 Word of the Year wasn't "selfie" or "twerking." Take a look at your top ranks and ask yourself if that group reflects the kind of talent you want to attract. " Talent Management Corporate Culture Diversit

The Rise of the People Strategy Platform


PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO survey, which included a report on People strategy for the digital age: A new take on talent , identified six key priorities for CEOs and HR: Rethinking people strategy. Embrace diversity.

10 Innovative Thinkers Who Will Up Your HR Game

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According to a new study from MIT Sloan , the more diverse your Twitter network, the more likely you are to be innovative. "Who's a good example of an introverted leader?" — Annie Murphy Paul (@anniemurphypaul) October 6, 2014.

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ICYMI: 3 Companies Using Big Data to Change the Recruiting Game

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Talent Community. The Zappos approach is just one example of a Web 3.0 talent community, a loosely defined buzzword that describes a variety of online communities where companies and individuals come together. Talent Management ICYMI Weekly Must-Reads We Blog Therefore We Are

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Using people analytics to improve health care performance

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percent in 2015 (slightly below 2014), 2 bedside registered nurse (RN) turnover increased from 16.4 percent in 2014 to 17.2 Culture and engagement —identify diversity roadblocks, skill gaps, and other barriers. Posted by Brian Augustian on August 18, 2017.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Generational Labels in the Workplace

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My father-in-law Grampa Limpic, for example, is 95 years old. In 2014, IBM conducted the Institute for Business Values Millennial Survey and the findings revealed that generations are really much more similar than different in many ways. Photo: Creative Commons Categories: Talent ManagementIt has become the norm to identify and categorize people along generational lines.

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Four Reasons Private Equity Firms Are Rethinking Their Workforce Investments


Most methods used by private equity (PE) firms for enhancing business value, beyond pure financial engineering, involve optimizing people management in some way, such as restructuring teams, bringing in new talent, refreshing training programs, or modifying incentive structures.

Why your talent acquisition strategy should include veterans…and 5 ways to help make it happen

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Veterans often have strong leadership skills that include the ability to foster cultural inclusion, promote teamwork, motivate a diverse workforce, and attain goals. For example, technology giant Cisco Systems, Inc., Transportation and supply chain management provider Ryder System, Inc.,

Using people analytics to improve health care performance

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percent in 2015 (slightly below 2014), 2 bedside registered nurse (RN) turnover increased from 16.4 percent in 2014 to 17.2 Culture and engagement —identify diversity roadblocks, skill gaps, and other barriers. Posted by Brian Augustian on August 18, 2017.

A Guide to Strategic Workforce Planning

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In this article, we will dive into what workforce planning is, the process, give a number of examples, and end with a toolkit on how to get started when you want to start planning your workforce. An Example of Workforce Planning. Overhead and management are of secondary concern.

13 HR Podcasts You Should Subscribe to Right Away

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In 2014, only 15% of individuals reported listening to audio podcasts each month. . Think of your daily commute, your weekly ironing session or your evening run for example. . Here’s a good example. . Podcasts are still booming.

10 Tips for Fostering Team Success


According to a 2014 Harvard Business Review article , the vision says what the organization wishes to be like in some years’ time. Embrace diversity. Diversity is a meaningful competitive advantage for any team. Diversity provides a broader vision and a stronger team.

Retail talent in the spotlight

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It’s also when many of the talent challenges pervasive in the retail industry come to a head. As part of studying retail disruptions, Deloitte examined the talent practices of a wide range of retailers in our recent publication, Retail Talent Disrupted. Talent Strategies.


Retail talent in the spotlight

HR Times

It’s also when many of the talent challenges pervasive in the retail industry come to a head. As part of studying retail disruptions, Deloitte examined the talent practices of a wide range of retailers in our recent publication, Retail Talent Disrupted. Talent Strategies.


Does Your Organization Have a Language Strategy?


As organizations increasingly develop internationally, every organization must be able to leverage talent, expertise, creativity, and relationships from multiple geographical areas, cultures, and languages. Today's workplaces are often linguistically and culturally diverse.

Recognizing Across Cultures: Scandinavia


Receiving a personal feedback for a well done work from the manager or a colleague, maintains the employee in a positive thinking way about their job and make them give an extra mile to achieve the organization’s goals.” Avoid manager-focused recognition. Do you know the Law of Jante?

Workday’s Leighanne Levensaler: Helping Shape Enterprise Applications for the Future


In 2014, she was appointed senior vice president of products, and Workday now has more than 5,500 employees and 1,100 customers worldwide. She’s responsible for application direction and strategy, including Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management. Levensaler is an opinionated and decisive leader, yet at the same time, takes a collaborative approach to management.