3 Workplace Articles Every Manager Should Read Right Now

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s article is brought to you by our friends at Kronos , a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Enjoy the article!). The post 3 Workplace Articles Every Manager Should Read Right Now appeared first on hr bartender.

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Organizations: Maximize Productivity with Effective Scheduling

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s article is brought to you by? Enjoy the article!). Here are a few scheduling articles to considering reviewing. Organizational Productivity: Staffing and Scheduling Must Work Together.


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Culture Scout: 4 articles that mix sweet, bitter and scary


This week’s Culture Scout roams over the map with four articles that blend the sweet with the bitter–along with a dash of sci-fi scary. Excerpt from the ProBuilder article: “When the pandemic interrupted life and work … the entire company moved as if it had the same heartbeat.

5 Articles That Reveal The Real Value Of Employee Engagement


” For great tips on how to address each of these aspects and build a work environment that is automatically “safer” to the human brain, you can read the main article here. For his in-depth analysis on each of these flaws, as well as his recommended next steps and solutions, you can read the full article here. You may know that employee engagement is important, but do you know how it can impact your bottom line due to less turnover and absenteeism, and higher productivity?”

Read These Top Articles For Greater Organizational Agility


Because of Netflix’s agility, their quick decision to change into a TV-stream service has created a product that has millions of people across the globe “binge-watching” on their platform. We compiled this roundup of five articles by industry leaders who share invaluable advice for keeping your business sharp: 1) The 3 A’s of Organizational Agility. Productivity began to naturally boom as employees felt heard and valued. Disruptive companies aren’t created by accident.

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5 Top Leadership And Culture Articles For 2018 (So Far)


For perspective, we took a look at five top 2018 articles from leadership and culture gurus. In his article , he talks with David Brown , director of executive education at Imperial College Business School in the U.K., In her Forbes article , Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of Human Workplace, describes Brian, who is a boss-but-not-a-leader. Leadership and culture work bi-directionally, he says in his article, with each affecting the other.

Culture Scout 2021: 2 articles, a survey and a podcast peer into the future


The heartland strikes back, and productivity tech is passe. And companies will shift the focus of their tech solutions from productivity to engagement because“in an era of remote and hybrid work, high levels of engagement will be a competitive advantage.”

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Top 10 Workday Blog Articles of 2020


At the Workday Blog , we worked hard to deliver articles that captured all of these experiences and changes, all the while becoming increasingly inspired by the customers, partners, business leaders, and Workmates who shared their stories. Oh, 2020.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of 2019 (and 1 Bonus Article)

Digital HR Tech

It’s time to kick off the year with an overview of not-to-be-missed Digital HR and HR tech articles of 2019. Granted, this first article on our must-read list isn’t the most exciting one. You can find the full article here. #2. Read the full article here. #1.

7 Ways to Improve Productivity In the Workplace

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At the core of any successful company is productivity. If your employees are productive, more revenues can be generated. If productivity is poor, you’ll hemorrhage money. And in order to improve productivity, employees have to be happy and healthy. Productivity

Managing employees: 10 readers’ choice articles


It’s a new year, and Insperity wants to honor its devoted readership by sharing 10 articles on employee management that business leaders have consistently found most helpful. Not surprisingly, these articles focus on taking care of your employees. You can have a clever business strategy, a differentiated product and spiffy, new technology, but without a dedicated team, your dreams will remain dreams. Recognition can raise office morale and improve productivity.



A Handful Of Expert Tips To Sustainably Increase Workplace Productivity


Over the last few years, employee productivity has become one of those ubiquitous business buzzwords like company culture and employee engagement. I can tell you that when we share posts on social media, the ones dealing with productivity outperform the others by a wide margin. Let’s start by defi ning productivity as performance of stated goals and objectives within a specified time frame. Here too, leadership must set the example of sustainable productivity.

Culture Scout: A perfect week to de-stress with 4 articles and a viral Tiktok


An article in The Ladders shows the science behind how a breath meditation program helped study participants deal with stressors like the pandemic, financial burdens and even trauma from war. Excerpt from the CMS Wire article: “Managers need to collect data on their employees’ working conditions and use that to visualize their headspace before you talk to them.”. The post Culture Scout: A perfect week to de-stress with 4 articles and a viral Tiktok appeared first on CultureIQ.

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Article - 12 Tips To Not Let Meetings Kill Your Productivity


AI is no longer an alien term in the world of technology. AI seems to have now taken Human Resources and Recruitment by a storm as well. The world is moving fast towards intelligent recruitment. Intelligent recruitment comprises smart candidate discovery, integrated and structured interviews, seamless recruitment and accurate data. There are 3 main ways […].

17 Productivity Hacks for Beginner Freelancers

Career Metis

The more hours you put in, the more money you make, and since you are your own boss, you need to keep your productivity levels high at all times. Being 100 percent productive is humanly impossible, but there are ways to work around it. Ready to Become More Productive? .

Using Customer Discovery for New Product Development


This article is an excerpt of an eBook by ProductPlan. Product Innovation

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Product Management OKRs : Examples


For holistically product-based companies, product managers and their product management team is the backbone of the organization. Build and design product roadmaps . Enhance existing feature of the product. – Research on competitor’s products.

November: The 13 best Change Management articles, videos and podcasts

All about Human Capital

November has seen many great articles, and many of them have been about effective management of change in a hybrid or remote workplace. All these questions are answered in the articles, podcasts and video I have selected in November. ARTICLES: 1.

December: The 11 best Change Management articles, videos and podcasts

All about Human Capital

December, which seems so far away due to the recent holiday, produced many great resources; articles, podcasts and videos. ARTICLES: 1. This article, written by Namrata Malhotra and Charlene Zeitsma – two associate professors in strategy and management, respectively.

September: The 14 best Change Management articles, podcasts, and videos

All about Human Capital

Many of this month’s articles focus on the effects of Covid-19 and New Ways of Working; how do employees feel like working from home, how to reignite purpose, how to deliver training in the future, how to embrace agility in the future etc. ARTICLES: 1.

August: The 11 best Change Management articles, podcasts, and videos

All about Human Capital

The articles below are a testament to that. This is a collection of my 11 favourite change management articles posted in August 2020. ARTICLES: 1. The article reminds me of the three levels of resistance, as described by Rick Mauer. Great article.

How to Boost Your Employee’s Productivity and Morale During a Pandemic

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In this article, we’ll discuss how you can boost your employee’s productivity and morale during a pandemic. By allowing flexible work hours , you can ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to take care of their families, thus improving productivity.

July: The 10 best Change Management articles, podcasts, and videos

All about Human Capital

This is a collection of my 10 favourite change management articles posted in July 2020. ARTICLES: 1. David and Kevin – two Bain & Company partners – have written a great article about their Change Power Index (CPI).

Free Credit Union Marketing Articles and Resources

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Most consumers should be able to start an account online, chat with customer service, request custom quotes for loans or mortgage, sign up for information content, and download brochures or product information online.

Monitoring Employees: Productivity Booster or Buster?


Let’s imagine another scenario, in this case, involving a specialist team, such as a group of product managers, software developers or marketers, whose daily remit is usually a blend of team projects, individual contribution, administrative tasks and independent research.

The stress-productivity shortfall

CLO Magazine

Countless articles document ways to reduce stress. Individual stress inhibits productivity, causing a shortfall that will stifle profits. In sum, these costs are the shortfall from potential productivity experienced by the firm. Direct productivity loss.

OTC Meds and Feminine Products Now FSA-Eligible


CARES Act allows purchase of OTC meds Besides financial incentives, the CARES Act allows you to use FSA and HSA dollars to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) medical and menstrual products for additional tax relief. Which menstrual products are eligible FSA/HSA/HRA expenses?

Employee Experience Books & Articles for 2019


That’s why we here at Bonfyre have assembled a handy reading list of employee experience books & articles to help out. Below you’ll find a list of the best employee experience books, articles, and miscellanea that should be on your radar as you build out your strategy for 2019 and beyond. Employee Experience Articles & Miscellanea. I feel all of these articles help to articulate the importance of examining our workplace and employees holistically.

Productive Meetings: a Shared Responsibility

Business2Community Leadership

The good ones look like this: The meeting is productive with creativity, energy, and people leave that meeting in a better place than before they arrived. They not only learned something new, but there was productive disagreement or debate, attendees felt listened to, and maybe they solved a problem or made a decision. Productive meetings are a shared responsibility. This article was originally published on the Growth Partners Consulting blog.

Product Update: Improvements for a Better Product

Vantage Circle

We are back with another article full of updates that shows our commitment to delivering the best products to our customers. We love feedback to improve our products and provide a seamless experience to our customers. Product Announcements

Product Update: Improvements for a Better Product

Vantage Circle

We are back with another article full of updates that shows our commitment to delivering the best products to our customers. We love feedback to improve our products and provide a seamless experience to our customers. Product Announcements

HrDive Article


” In their press release , Bakalov says, “By building the right sets of skills via informal and formal learning goals, and setting a personalized professional development path for each employee, we can help transform work cultures, enhance employee productivity and improve overall job retention and satisfaction.” Read the original article on HrDive here. BetterSkills launches SaaS platform geared towards tracking employee performance.

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5 Productivity Hacks to Improve Your Work from Home Results

Julie Winkle Giulioni

Productivity” takes on new meaning when working from home. If you’re one of the thousands of workers tasked with staying put but staying productive, here are five doable strategies that simplify your day and transform potential into productive outputs.

How to Maximise Your Remote Working Productivity

Thrive Global

I asked Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics whether there is substantial evidence to show that remote working is just as productive as in-office working, if not more. has what you need to take team productivity to the next level. 5 Free Templates.

New Report: This Simple Leadership Hack Will Improve Employee Retention and Productivity


Workhuman’s CEO Eric Mosley discusses the findings from Workhuman’s recent Employee Appreciation Day survey and why recognition is so critical to retention and productivity. Click to read the full article on Inc. .

Productivity During a Time of Crisis

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Work Productivity During a Time of Crisis. Well, I will say it’s very odd to be writing about productivity at such an unproductive time. Maintaining work (and learning) productivity in a crisis can feel a truly Herculean task. .

3 Ways to Increase Productivity Using Workers’ Personality Types


Maybe that’s why the web is stuffed with productivity articles outlining how to be more deliberate, engaged, and focused at work. Going down that rabbit hole — and we share your enjoyment of the irony here — could lose you a few productive hours all on its own. But at the end of the day, what do we really know about productivity? Personality Types and Productivity in Noisy Environments. 1 factor that would make them more productive.