HR Metrics to Follow / Implement in 2019


Our goal is to make your job simpler by presenting HR metrics to follow in 2019. To cut the long story short, you have to follow key HR metrics because: Only 20% of employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.

Employee Retention: Tomorrow’s Recruiting Metric


Today I want to talk about first year retention, a measure that I believe is going to continue to grow as a recruiting metric, even though many companies wouldn’t consider it even remotely linked to recruiting as of today. The future of recruiting metrics.

Why You Should Track Training Completion as a Hiring Metric

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A company’s hiring success can be measured using a wide variety of metrics. In an earlier blog post, we outlined some of the key hiring metrics that employers should track in order to stay on top of the success of their hiring initiatives. Many of these hiring metrics are obvious, like time-to-hire and employee turnover. HR training metrics

Cost-per-hire metrics, demystified


Cost-per-hire (CPH) is one of the most intriguing recruiting metrics. Cost-per-hire calcuations don’t include any costs after employees are hired, e.g. training costs. SHRM and ANSI define this additional cost-per-hire metric. This metric can be more useful than CPH.

Key hiring metrics: Useful benchmarks for tech roles


You may know your own key hiring metrics like your average time to fill or how many qualified candidates you need to make a hire, but what’s the significance of these numbers? This metric is part of the overall group of metrics called recruiting yield ratios. Blog Recruiting

The Secret To Selecting and Measuring Key Employee Performance Metrics


Measuring critical employee performance metrics offers organisations key benefits for attracting and retaining top talent while meeting operational imperatives. The primary benefits of employee performance metrics are tied to fostering better employee engagement, which enhances productivity, innovation, creativity, employee loyalty and longevity. That’s why today’s software applications for measuring key performance metrics are so valuable.

Overcoming Internal Communications Metrics Anxiety


Despite the essential, strategic role internal communications metrics play in their profession, many communicators shudder at the thought of crunching numbers. Even communicators leveraging digital tools are still figuring out how to make internal communications metrics materialize. Measurement and metrics are a language business leaders understand, one every communicator should become fluent in. Invest in systems that provide internal communications metrics.

The Three Vital Metrics for Every Employment Role

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The Three Vital Metrics for Every Employment Role. Often this exercise comes about in response to turnover or training issues, which manifest in the first year or two. Typically until training and orientation are complete, that number is zero.

Guide to a Customized Data-driven Training

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Working as an HR specialist or L&D professional and being responsible for corporate training in your company is challenging, but keeping employees engaged and excited about training is even more challenging. Thus the impact of training is even more beneficial.

9 Talent Management Metrics You Need to Use

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Talent management metrics are tools to measure the inflow, throughflow, and outflow of talent in your organization. This article will explain the use of talent management metrics and why they should be tracked by any HR department. This dashboard is often used to keep track of the most important talent management metrics. Before we list the talent management metrics, it’s important to define what ‘talent’ is. Talent management metrics examples. Training spend.

Top Five Employee Onboarding Mistakes - Sapling Blog


Expecting them to figure out their roles and train themselves is a recipe for disaster. A modern employee training strategy consisting of shorter, laser-focused segments will allow the new employee to better absorb and retain the information.

Why Companies Are Massively Integrating Performance Data and Training

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The answer lies in the integration of performance and employee training data. The initial purpose of training is to eradicate this very gap. After the employees go through training their performance is measured again. This data shows whether the training has led to the desired results. The data also shows what part(s) of the training may need to be changed or emphasized. In other words, performance data defines your training content and strategy.

Kazoo’s Top 5 Must-Read Blog Posts of 2018


Through our blog, we strive to make sense of industry news and trends, tackle the biggest challenges faced by our customers and offer best practices to keep your performance management program fresh. In a dynamic business environment, it can be easy to track the wrong metrics for your specific program objectives – or interpret the results the wrong way. This blog post shares five core value statements, and dives into how they influence key performance management components.

HighGround’s Top 5 Must-Read Blog Posts of 2018


Through our blog, we strive to make sense of industry news and trends, tackle the biggest challenges faced by our customers and offer best practices to keep your performance management program fresh. In a dynamic business environment, it can be easy to track the wrong metrics for your specific program objectives – or interpret the results the wrong way. This blog post shares five core value statements, and dives into how they influence key performance management components.

The Future of Work: Intelligent Training That Adapts to Employee Performance

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The rapidly changing nature of work today has ushered in a new, data-driven era in human resource (HR) management and development – fueling the need for intelligent training informed by the power of people analytics. Just-in-time Training Powered by AI Technologies.

3 More Trends Transforming Training

HR Daily Advisor

In yesterday’s HR Daily Advisor we began to explore trends that are transforming the world of training. As virtual reality technology and devices take hold, you can expect gamified training to embrace them, too. Interdisciplinary Training.

How to Engage and Train Your Restaurant Workers Effectively

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Two things that can improve employees’ morale and decrease the turnover rate are a healthy environment and effective ongoing training. Detoxify training. When your employees are stressed out about training, it can’t be effective. Your training should simplify work, not make it even harder. A well-trained staff will feel confident in their duties that, in turn, will improve the level of customer service and enhance overall employee morale.

Why Employee Training Needs To Start From Day #1

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To surpass their competitors and thrive, there’s one vital activity businesses need to engage in: continuous employee training and development. There are two things companies should understand: The brief introductory training an employee receives during onboarding is not enough. Training should be planned and delivered from the employees’ first day and become an integral part of their work life. Training as an infinite loop. Make sure that training is needed.

Future-Proof Training: Getting Ready For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

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Provide just-in-time training and microlearning. Just-in-time training and microlearning provide a smooth connection between working and learning, offering clear and concise chunks of information when employees need it. Curate the training content you need. Many companies have a lot of experience in training their new hires and teaching them all the necessary hard skills for their job.

BICCs And BI Metrics – Measuring What Matters

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What metrics should you use measure your BI program? Related metrics could include end –user satisfaction ratings, number of self service workers and number of BI services available. The repository supports training, support and also efficiency gains. Other metrics.

Remote Workforce NPS: The Most Important Metric You’re Missing


There are so many different metrics and acronyms, you’re forgiven if you don’t recognize this one. NPS may be the one metric you’ve never heard of that meets the speed and flexibility of the modern workforce. You’re going to be so happy you read this blog post. Rather than complex survey data stuck in lengthy analysis at corporate headquarters, this is a metric designed for frontline teams to prioritize issues and act.

The First 90 Days: Transitioning New Hires into Valuable Team Members - Sapling Blog


Early training for accelerated successEarly tasks and projects can build confidence and highlight where new hires might need more training. A performance plan consists of goals they want to hit, metrics and activities. Everyone is new at some point.

Get More from Performance Reviews—Use Metrics to Link Pay

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However, 57 percent do not train managers how to speak with employees about compensation, and 38 percent are not very confident in their managers’ ability to perform this task.” Tess C.

Turn Quality of Hire into insights for a competitive advantage

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According to Forbes, the most valuable metrics for staying ahead of the labor market competition provide an understanding of the sources and drivers of employee retention, future leaders, and highly successful employees over time 1.Each of these metrics measure Quality of Hire. Some types of metrics that are used to measure QoH are: Performance metrics, evaluations, and feedback. QoH is an effectiveness metric that is used in calculated analytic or predictive measures.

5 Must-Have Metrics For Recruitment Success

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These metrics just won’t cut it in a place like Silicon Valley, where skills and expertise (quality) trumps fast and cheap. Here are 5 indispensable metrics that will help you determine whether you are finding top-quality hires who will move your business forward — in short, whether you are actually recruiting people you want to retain. Remember: For all these metrics there is a spectrum in terms of success. Must-have recruitment metric #2: Offer acceptance rate.

How HR Can Use Metrics And Data To Speak The Language Of Business


In this blog, I’ll explore some of the common reasons I’ve come across and recommend how to move your analytics up the scale. If high-level metrics are like seismic surveys, then data segmentation is like test drilling. They then measured the impact of this training on sales.

How to Weave Diversity and Inclusion into your Employer Brand - Sapling Blog


It’s more than just training and workshops, I think the most important thing you can do for D&I is to share experiences. Transparency helps our employees understand where we are, and what we are doing to improve our community.SH: I’m trying to remove the fear around unconscious bias training.

Employees on the Brink: What’s their breaking Point? - Sapling Blog


In addition to compensating employees at a fair market value for their positions, companies should consider weighing in the value of industry-specific “hot skills” and the merits of advanced experience or training.

HR Metrics and Business Partnering in South Africa

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I’ve just booked my flights back to South Africa where I’ll be delivering a session on HR metrics in a couple of weeks time (22nd & 23rd February). And I’ve got another blog post on metrics coming out shortly (hopefully tomorrow!).

The Guide to Interviewing Metrics: What to Track, How to Track it, and why


On recruiting teams, it’s the recruiting operations managers and recruiting directors who use performance metrics. Recruiting teams often use two metrics to evaluate their interview processes: Time spent per hire. While these are good KPIs, especially for a whole team, there are newer metrics that can help managers and directors improve their recruiting and interviewing processes. It’s important to track interview metrics for similar positions.

What Does “Strategic HR” Really Mean? (And are you doing it?)


appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR HR analytics business partner business strategy company strategies HR principles human resources metrics professional development strategic HR trainingHave you ever gone fishing? Some people love the relaxing rhythm of casting and reeling, while others are competitive about actually catching fish. People who fish to bring home dinner may become frustrated if the act of fishing doesn’t actually contribute to catching fish.

Sold Out: A Lesson on Event Content (and the Future of HR)


SOLD OUT – #707: HR Metrics that Matter: The Process of Developing a Business Scorecard It made me stop and think, especially in light of some of the conversations I had with others at the event about what sort of content was being offered.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Talent Management Process

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When employees feel like they’re being heard, challenged and trained (among other things), there is a big chance they’ll feel satisfied with their job and the company they work for. Learning and development, or training, has the same purpose.

How You Can Become a Simply Irresistible Organization

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The articles talk about developing outstanding products, killer marketing strategies, and focusing on metrics and numbers. Business and Strategy HR Tech and Social Media Leadership and Management Recruiting and Retention Training and Development talent management

Key Findings from the 2019 L&D Tools and Technologies Research

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58% of L&D professionals indicated boosting performance through training to be the #1 challenge. At the same time, more than half (56%) keep measuring the success of L&D programs by training completion rates, not by their actual impact on performance.

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5 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of June 2018

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The top articles of June feature a piece about best-in-class diversity, five simple tactics to turn employee feedback into a habit, a piece on how HR metrics and analytics both can add value, what to think of when building a social army, and a video about robots replacing human beings (or not).

Developing a Talent Analytics Function: Build, Buy, or Borrow


If you’re interested in more details that don’t make it into my blog or LinkedIn Pulse content, feel free to reach out to me. These dashes contained a wide array of metrics – everything from time to fill, to phone time, to pipeline funnel metrics.