Compensation Data to be Dropped from Future EEO-1 Reports

HR Counselor's Corner

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently announced that, effective next year, employers will no longer be obligated to provide the compensation data that was added as “Component 2” of the form in 2016. By Laura Pokrzywa, HR Consultant, East Coast Risk Management.

25 HR Compliance Terms to Know for 2018

ClearCompany HRM

In addition to the holiday parties and secret santa gift exchanges, the end of the year also brings organizational compliance processes as your HR department gets ready to wrap things up. Are you up to date on your HR compliance terms?

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HR Moments Matter: 3 Compensation Challenges Solved With People Analytics


In this series, Allison McConville, Visier’s VP of Human Resources , will share how you can use data to support the people moments that matter, enabling the best decisions for both your employees and your organization. In this post, Allison talks about Compensation.

Top Five Compensation Trends from 2016

Compensation Today

Between the elections, compliance changes, and the ever-increasing competitiveness of talent markets, most of us have been on our toes all year. What trends have impacted compensation the most? In the spirit of the coming new year, let’s count the top five 2016 compensation trends!

HR Moments Matter: 3 Compensation Challenges Solved With People Analytics


In this post, Allison McConville, Visier’s VP of Human Resources , will shares how you can use data to support the people moments that matter, enabling the best compensation decisions for both your employees and your organization. . Managing Compensation Costs.

What I Learned About Workers’ Compensation Data Collection from Having Two Young Boys

Prism HR

Reflecting on the incident, I thought about the parallels between what had occurred and the challenges businesses face when responding to and collecting data on workplace injuries. Alleviating the Pain in Data Collection. It’s also the beginning of the data collection process.

Understanding Item 19’s “Other Compensation”

Berkshire Associates

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ (OFCCP) revised Scheduling Letter has been creating quite the buzz throughout the federal contractor community, especially because of Item 19—the request for compensation data. Compensation Compliance OFCCP Audit

Google Sued By OFCCP Over Comp Data

TLNT: The Business of HR

Google is being sued by the Department of Labor for allegedly failing to turnover documents relating to compensation of employees at its Silicon Valley headquarters. Legal - Compliance & Policies Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Featured legal issues

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Compensation Compliance


By adopting a step-by-step process, your organization can also maintain compliance to avoid any risks of litigation. Below is list of steps which can be followed to create an effective compensation compliance process.

7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include

Kitaboo - Employee Training

Compliance training is usually a part of every employee’s initial training process. Compliance training resources and modules generally consist of a long list of code of conduct which includes topics such as anti-harassment, bribery, FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act), protection of company data, client interactions, usage of company property and data security, etc. Are your Compliance Training Resources Effective? How to Deliver Compliance Training?

DOL Appeals ALJ’s Ruling in Google Compensation Data Fight

Berkshire Associates

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) filed an appeal with the Administrative Review Board (ARB), officially challenging a recent decision denying the agency access to some of the documents it sought as part of its highly-publicized review of the compensation practices at Google Inc.’s

?OFCCP Proposes to Collect Detailed Applicant- and Employee-Level Transaction and Compensation Data in 503 and VEVRAA Focused Reviews

Biddle Consulting

Yesterday OFCCP Director Craig Leen and ODEP Deputy Assistant Secretary Jennifer Sheehy participated in a National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) webinar entitled, “OFCCP and ODEP: Section 503 Compliance & Focused Reviews.” Director Leen stated during the webinar that OFCCP intends to “look at” contractors’ hiring, promotion, termination, and compensation data for evidence of potential discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

Pros and Cons of Each Salary Data Source for Employers

Compensation Today

This is an excerpt from our forthcoming whitepaper entitled “The Compensation Data Landscape: A Review of Data Sources, Plus How to Choose.” Much as the employee data landscape is rich , there are a lot of compensation data sources and types of sources available to employers.

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Compliance is The Big Question on Our Minds

Essium HRM

In the world of HR , compliance is the key to reducing risk. Compliance impacts almost every task related to HR. The focus on compliance has certainly changed the role of HR. Regulations: Reporting and Compliance. Sources: The HR Function’s Compliance Role.

2020 HR Compliance Checklist: Know Your Requirements


Small business owners and HR leaders are working hard to manage the people center of their company while also staying on top of compliance requirements and calendar-based deadlines. Use the following compliance checklist to create your HR policies — or as a way to revamp existing ones.

5 Reasons Why HR Compliance is More Complicated Than Ever


Because compliance is changing so quickly on the state and federal level, HR departments are finding it more and more challenging to keep up with current regulations and changes to employment law. A vendor partner can be the HR practitioner’s best support to help navigate the fast-moving legal compliance landscape that includes background screening, reference checks, and employment verification. Non-Compliance in HR is Complicated and Expensive.

Astron’s Yearly Compensation Review Part III: Non-Profit Executive Compensation Planning for 2019

Astron Solutions

This Astronology® , the third in our three-part series, examines non-profit executive compensation. In considering non-profit executive compensation, employers and Board have two primary legal concerns. Any portion of compensation paid to a licensed medical professional (e.g.,

Mitigating Compensation Planning from Spreadsheets to Software


It is not a secret that compensation planning plays a critical role in engaging and motivating your best employees. With that said, it is equally important that companies should conduct compensation planning the “right” way in order to see the best results from their efforts.

2018 Compensation Budgeting Forecast Part 3: Trends in Non-Profit Compensation

Astron Solutions

The world of non-profit compensation continues to see radical changes from the past. Previously, it was assumed that non-profits, due to the limitations placed on their abilities to generate revenue, were in the position of compensating their employees much below the market.

Diversity Considerations in Compensation: Part 1

Compensation Today

The big connection between diversity and compensation is fair pay. One key piece of ensuring fair pay is having a compensation plan that outlines how you intend to pay people, and that keeps you in compliance and out of legal disputes. Learn More About Our Compensation Software.

Cafe Classic: The Questions We Should Not Be Answering With Market Data

Compensation Cafe

Solid data on market norms and practices have their place. Too often, though, we Comp Pros use market data to answer questions that should not be addressed simply by what "most" or "the average of" organizations are doing. Editor's Note: Looking for answers in all the wrong places?

Reminder: EEO-1 Component 2 Data Due September 30th!


Deadline for submitting EEO-1 Component 2 data is the end of September! The EEO-1 annual compliance survey requires certain employers to report company employment data categorized by race/ethnicity and gender in each of 10 job categories. Reporting Component 2 Data.

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HR Professionals: Got a Compensation Question?

HR Daily Advisor

For me, one of the neat things about being an editor here at BLR ® is the opportunity to interact with HR and compensation professionals on a regular basis. Question: In a salary data report, what is the difference between the “mean” and the percentiles (10th, 25th, 50th, etc.)?

Developing a Compensation Plan, Step 5: Create Policies and Processes

Compensation Today

This is a lesson from PayScale’s Modern Compensation Planning ecourse. Make clear choices about what you plan to share about each aspect of your compensation plan, including your philosophy, strategy, market data, pay ranges, policies and processes.

The Compensation Odyssey: It’s not a destination

Compensation Today

Compensation planning and administration can be an odyssey. Traversing your way through the trials and tribulations of benchmarking jobs, analyzing market data, and building then communicating a compensation structure can feel like quite the expedition. Compensation is personal.

Unleash 2019: It’s All About Smart Data and Reboot(ing) HR


Your guide to Unleash from a Smart Data Perspective. So, if you are too, here’s your guide to the two+ day event based on perusing the entire “Smart Data” track, for which I actually will be the session introducer. Key sessions to attend on the Smart Data Track.

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The Basics of Governance, Risk and Compliance

360 factors

Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Governance, risk, and compliance influences the formulation of the business strategy and all types of business decisions. The goal of the alignment of the three elements of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is to improve corporate performance by improving decision making. What is governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)? A fragmented Compliance function makes it impossible to operate in global businesses. Compliance culture.

3 Steps You Can Take to Close the Gender Pay and Opportunity Gaps

TLNT: The Business of HR

Gender pay data can be examined in a number of different ways, but no matter how you slice it, the pay gap still exists. Compensation Compensation & Benefits Equal Pay Act (EPA) Executive Compensation Leadership Legal - Compliance & Policies Featured

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Medical C-Suite Compensation on the Rise

HR Daily Advisor

A new survey that reveals that compensation in the medical C-Suite rose steadily throughout 2015, also found the compensation increases may be attributed to greater demand and expanding responsibilities for these roles within healthcare organizations.

Compensation Reigns as the King of Job Satisfaction


The report flies in the face of a body of research that claims compensation isn’t a significant contributor to job satisfaction. SHRM says that 60 percent of surveyed employees rated compensation/pay as “very important,” while another 36 percent rated it “important.”

Five Steps to Simplify Your Compensation Program

Astron Solutions

As compensation professionals we are often asked if there are alternatives to simplify the method by which compensation decisions are made and communicated within an organization. The following are five basic ways to simplify the complexities of compensation.

EEOC Revises Pay Data Collection Rule

Berkshire Associates

EEOC has revised its pay data collection proposal based on the feedback the commission received to its initial proposal published in January of this year. Compensation Compliance

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How to Use Compensation Analytics to Tell a Story

Compensation Today

This is a lesson from our forthcoming ecourse on compensation analytics, and builds on our previous post on how to dig into comp analytics for specific questions. Learn More About Our Compensation Software. You recently completed a pay equity audit and have some compliance concerns.

7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include

Kitaboo - Employee Training

Compliance training is usually a part of every employee’s initial training process. It generally consists of a long list of code of conduct which includes topics such as anti-harassment, bribery, FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act), protection of company data, client interactions, usage of company property and data security etc. Are your Compliance Training Resources Effective? How to Deliver Compliance Training? What Happens in case of Non-compliance?


What Should Small Businesses Know About Data Security?


In 2020, almost a third of data breaches — or 28% — impacted small businesses, according to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report. . They may feel like they don’t have data worth stealing, thus less focus on the security of their data. What is data security ?