What Makes a Workplace Diversity Program Successful?

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Facebook publishes an annual diversity report —a way to catalog the efforts the company is making toward diversifying its staff, and to report on its progress. Diversity initiatives are policies and practices designed to improve the workplace experiences and outcomes of target group members.

Making Diversity Central to Success: Q&A With Chevron’s Chief Diversity Officer

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Diversity is an overused word, but at Chevron it’s a perfect description of its corporate culture. The company’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights how diversity and inclusion (D&I) feature so centrally in the company’s success story.

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12 Critical Competencies For Leadership in the Future


The cumulative impact of these forces demands a new mindset and competences for leaders to be able to stay relevant and make a positive difference to people and hence, business. This article originally appeared in People Matters Magazine, Dec 2015 issue ).

Putting the Micro in Microsoft

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Embracing Diversity in the Talent Pool. Last year, we identified 10 of the most common entry-level roles for recent college graduates, and then we unbundled those to understand specific competencies and skills that were required for success in those roles,” he says. “We

The New Talent Experience

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According to Armer, intelligent talent management tools are also improving other HR processes, including: • automating resume screening for basic qualifications; • fact-checking resumes; • writing gender and tone-neutral job descriptions to increase diversity; and.

Mind on Mobility

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Rather, HR leaders should evaluate all of their talent for interest and competency in handling an assignment. This supports diversity, increases the talent pool, and provides an appropriate forum for discussion with management,” suggests Morris.

The Self-Disruptive Leader

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Future-ready leaders aren’t a distant ideal but a group that is here now, in many of our major companies, that can be used as a blueprint to help develop others with a similarly diverse skill set.”. Engaged Workforce Innovation Learning APAC APAC-JulyAug-2019 Leadership Magazine Article

Cutting-Edge Change

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Subsequently, my previous company realised they needed a more diverse team. And we’ve introduced HireFit, which helps us screen candidates based on Li & Fung’s leadership competency framework. Now our recruiters do not need to spend too much time doing competency analysis.

A Two-Way Street

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Temp-to-hire provides a cost-effective opportunity for an employer to ensure that a candidate’s skill level and competencies meet the requirements of the position. MSP / Contingent Labor Talent Acquisition Employee/Candidate Experience July-August-2019 Magazine Article MSP RPO

“5 Things We Need To Do To Close The Gender Wage Gap”, with Megan McCann, CEO of McCann Partners

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It’s a win-win approach, as the company gets to keep valuable internal talent with less time needed to recruit and/or onboard, and women get a better shot at competing for leadership roles. Community Authority Magazine WonderRecommend women for internal career opportunities ?—?Studies

Women Of The C-Suite: “Always, always be transparent about your expectations” with Michelle Tipton and Fotis Georgiadis

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Hire people with diverse competencies that complement and complete yours. Hire people with diverse competencies that complement and complete yours. Community Authority Magazine WonderAlways, always be clear and transparent about your expectations.

“5 things I wish someone told me before I became a CEO” with Robin Fleming CEO of Anvl

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I am the poster child for the young woman who didn’t think she could compete with the guys in computer science. Community Authority Magazine WonderCarve out time to read and think. I have found over the years that it’s easy to fill every moment with bits and pieces of life and miscellaneous information. Taking time to just think without music, without emails, messages or social media is rare and it’s important just to be and to think.

“5 things I wish someone told me before I started leading my company”, with John Carrick of Integrated Capital Management

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We closed our inaugural real estate private equity fund with a diverse base of investors including several large family offices, registered investment advisors, high-net-worth individuals and foreign capital sources. Community Authority Magazine WonderLead by example.

sHereos: How Mariah Hale of Neon Kids is providing kids with an exciting and educational gaming experience in a safe and fun group environment

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I played sports and enjoyed the nature of competing and being in a team environment. Decision making power needs to be diverse and I knew from day one I’d be one of the first to pave the way for other women and minorities in the gaming industry. Community Authority Magazine SHEROS

“Five things we need to do to close the VC gender gap” with Sara Batterby of Equity Capital Collective and Jason Malki

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EqCo’s mission is to offer underserved entrepreneurs, such as women, people of color and LGBTQIA access to the skills, strategies and insights they need to competently and confidently fundraise for their companies. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Internal recruitment: right or wrong? ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human.

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One of my readings today has been an article in HR Magazine: ‘Internal Recruitment: Right or Wrong?’ The first thing to note is that this is obviously a rather theoretical question – in practice you need to do both - the HR Magazine article calls this a balanced approach.

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2019 HR Leaders of the Year

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I would say [HR is] moving from processing paper to making sure individuals feel valued in the organization,” said an employment attorney to SHRM magazine. Here is a list of HR leaders who are bringing in diversity, engagement, and innovation to their jobs.


How Proper Goal Setting Can Help Your Team Achieve Their Goals


Figure 1, Performance Magazine Goal Setting Theory: What is it? Build a Learning Goals Orientation Mindset — Someone with a learning goal orientation strives to develop knowledge and competences by mastering challenging situations.

How Our Core Organizational Values Elevate Our Team


A capable Everest expedition hinges on a team that can competently divide and conquer. David speaks and writes about leadership and was named “The Most Connected Man You Don’t Know in Silicon Valley” by Forbes Magazine.

Seven Powerful Ways to Use Tech to Overcome Recruiting Bias


The answer is a qualified yes—if the companies that use them are serious about achieving diversity. Rather than trying to replicate ourselves in our hiring practices (a common pitfall that stymies diversity), tech boosts objectivity with dispassionate and non-personality-driven metrics.

Building Psychological Safety

Sergio Caredda

Charles Duhigg, What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team , The New York Times Magazine, Feb 25, 2016. Psychological Safety is not a competency or a skill but is an attribute that is required for the success of any work that is based on teams and collaboration.

Top 15 Employee Engagement Strategies for 2020


An employee enters an organization with three key expectations: Career Competence. Competence. Most employees after spending a couple of months look for competence-boosting opportunities within the organization so that they can grow and shift to the next level of their careers.

The Changing Role of HR


It might also require new policies to include more diverse candidates from other regions and processes that ensure remote workers have the positive long term career experience they are seeking.

How to Watch Out for Unconscious Bias in Hiring

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While overt bias is thankfully rare in today’s business environment, unconscious bias could be wreaking havoc on your genuine efforts to hire a diverse, effective team. Diverse teams are essential to competing in today’s melting pot economy. “First impressions are everything.”.

Strategies for Leading a Successful Global Team

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Organizations that looked beyond the borders of their home countries to compete with anyone and everyone from around the world. The magazine found that in eight out of 10 sectors examined, global companies saw aggregate sales grow more slowly than their domestic peers.

How to develop business acumen in your employees


Diverse perspectives help produce more creative and comprehensive solutions to problems. Establish business acumen as a core competency. Do you struggle with how to develop business acumen in employees? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common concern of managers and business owners.

HR Trends 2020: Top Insights of what's to come.

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Gartner has identified 3 top priorities for HR leaders in their annual research: Build critical skills and competencies for the organisation. HC Magazine looks at a few of these, with Employee Wellbeing not a Nice To Have anymore.

How JLL Retooled Leadership Development to Accelerate Digital Drive


Last year alone we were honored and acknowledged for our training and development programs in quality (ISO 9001) and excellence ( Training magazine’s 2018 TrainingTop 125). JLL (NYSE: JLL) is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management.

How Your Job Descriptions Can Drive Company Culture

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Demonstrates competence and character that inspires trust.”. The “What You’ll Do” section of the position read in part as follows: “Foster a culture that values critical thinking and problem solving, and encourage constructive feedback, engagement, inclusion and diversity at all levels.”.

Talent Pooling: Myth or Silver Bullet?


TA needs proactive strategies to align with your organization’s people strategy, hiring needs and to compete for top talent. Even Google and Amazon, who actually have top talent knocking on their doors, make operational decisions around aggregations of talent (Barro, “Why Amazon and Google Chose New York Instead of a Place That Needs Them More”, New York Magazine , 11/10/18). By now, everyone gets the need for proactive recruiting.

How 13 organizations climbed the best employers lists


Korn Ferry Hay Group – The world’s most admired companies 2016 Every March, Fortune magazine publishes The World’s Most Admired Companies list. Apple’s Fortune 500 profile also includes information on how Apple is creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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An Interview with Diane Gherson, CHRO at IBM, on Driving Organizational Transformation

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According to Diane Gherson, “speed and innovation” are two essential organizational competencies in the digital era. It laid a good foundation for what was to come, but the process mindset was optimizing for efficiency rather than speed and innovation - two essential organizational competencies of the digital era. This article was published in the April 2019 issue of The HR Digest magazine.


Conference Twitter Primer #SHRM18


bakermckenzie : Helping clients overcome the challenges of competing in the global economy. BenFanning1 : #INC Magazine Leadership Columnist and Speaker: Free report to get the most out of your workforce. wgu : Online, accredited, competency-based university.

How to Lead in Today’s Changing Workforce


Listen to Jim Link, CHRO at Randstad, lead by moderator Shannon Pritchett speak about his work passions and insights around 1) Generational strategies, 2) Re-imagining today’s workforce structure, and 3) New leadership competencies for GenZ.

What Google, Adobe, and Cargill Changed About Their Performance Management Strategies

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It has been named the number one “Best Company to Work For” by both Fortune magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute a total of seven times.

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You Want March Madness??Try Letting Go of Your Top Performers


Even a magazine declared "TECHNOLOGY IS A DIVERSITY GAME CHANGER" in its headline. In my experience, there's a big difference between playing the game well and being that individual who literally changes the game.who reinvents the rules, creates new ways to win, and ultimately makes the competition compete differently. Let the games begin. Today is the first day of March Madness and we are sure to witness superstars in the making, historic upsets and game changing decisions.

How to hire senior executive level employees

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In 2016, The Economic Times Magazine “did a quick poll with India’s leading executive search firms to understand how MNCs from different countries vetted some key attributes for top-level hiring.” Try to hire for diversity, be it in terms of skills or perspectives.