It’s Time to Modernize Your Learning and Development (L&D) Ecosystem

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Meanwhile, 80% of managers and HR professionals contend that they still cannot overcome internal skills gaps, 69% lament low or declining productivity, and 67% report that they are unable to meet internal financial and performance objectives. Aberdeen has reported time and again that the average employee today is looking for career opportunities beyond simply filling a role. The skills gap is here, and it is a pressing issue.

How Recruiting Automation Can Improve Candidate Experience

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Cornerstone OnDemand and Aptitude Research Partners studied Boston College as one example of thoughtful automation. Boston College partnered with Cornerstone OnDemand to modernize and automate pieces of its hiring system. “In

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Despite the Onset of Automation, the ILO Calls For a Human-Centered Future of Work

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As part of its "Future of Work Initiative," The International Labor Organization (ILO) has issued a recommendations report , compiled by a commission of 27 global figures from think tanks, businesses, academic institutions, government and non-governmental organizations.

Prepare Your Healthcare Workforce for the Skills Economy

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And a 2017 McKinsey & Company report said consumer choices now "have the potential to affect 61 percent of all health care spending." Check out the webinar from Cornerstone OnDemand, " Developing a Healthcare Workforce to Outperform in the Skills Economy."

Webinar: What Government Leaders Need to Know About Succession Planning

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Panel members will explore key insights from Bersin by Deloitte's latest report, including the new Succession Management Maturity model, and provide examples of how other agencies have optimized succession management in the past.

Enemies to Allies: 6 Ways Employee Relationships Affect the Workplace

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A new study recently released by Cornerstone OnDemand with Northwestern University provides new life to the old adage, “No man is an island.”.

July 2015 Product Release: Capture

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Reporting: Custom Charting. Add customized charts to reports to present complex information in a way that is easier to understand and consume, show trends, and share data with others. Company Cornerstone OnDemand New Releases

February 2015 Product Release: Drive Visibility, Accuracy, and Productivity

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Cornerstone Recruiting. Cornerstone Mobile. The Cornerstone Mobile App now allows users to search through the entire course catalog, find training, request or assign training as needed, and complete training from any mobile device. Cornerstone Performance.

The New Skills Economy Needs A New, Skills-Based Resume

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HR Gets an AI Assist “It will be extremely helpful for employers to have access to honest reviews from people who have been directly impacted by the candidate's work, including managers, peers and direct reports," says Elvis Ha, Cornerstone OnDemand's manager of product management. An emerging set of digital tools are entering the workforce today—replacing jobs, but also creating them.

Why Public Sector Compliance Management Needs an Upgrade

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According to “ State of Human Capital in Management and Government, " a report by HCMG, WBR Insights and Cornerstone OnDemand, 62 percent of government employees said their organization is currently investing in technology to support digital transformations, or will be in the next 12 months.

October 2015 Product Release: Save Time, Boost Productivity, and Make Smarter Decisions

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This requires a shift from focusing on reporting to offering more strategic advice about critical people matters – such as recruitment, retention, development, etc. Cornerstone Learning. Cornerstone Recruiting. Cornerstone Mobile. Cornerstone Insights.

In Healthcare, Employee Engagement Comes Down to Communication

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To hear the full conversation between Christine Corning, RN and healthcare director at Cornerstone, and Vicki Hess, check out the Creating Connections webinar ! According to Gallup's State of the American Workplace report , 51% of U.S.

How Collaborative Learning Will Revolutionize L&D

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As a result, companies are investing heavily in L&D: A recent Bersin by Deloitte report revealed the LMS market grew by 24 percent in 2014, with predictions for similar growth this year. Learning Learning Collaborative Learning future of work Cornerstone OnDemand

How Development Helps Government Organizations Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Talent

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Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce long term has been a challenge for a number of public sector organizations. Sometimes seen as having too much bureaucracy and lower-than-average salary offerings, many have been turned away from government work.

Cornerstone Study Finds Extreme Workloads are Destroying Employee Productivity

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A recent study by Cornerstone OnDemand found that 68 percent of employees have suffered from work overload in which they have too much to do on a daily basis. To read more findings from The State of Workplace Productivity Report, click here.

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Here Are 3 Ways to Foster a Learning Mindset At Your Company

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Digital Fluency: Accenture reports that while a majority of executives are planning to invest in AI in the next few years, only 3% plan to increase investment in training programs. Today, my job is AVP of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness at Cornerstone OnDemand.

5 Things Keeping Financial Services HR Teams Up at Night

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The daunting responsibilities even push some businesses to reconsider their service lines—some banks and other financial institutions are shedding capital-intensive ventures in order to lighten the burden of regulatory compliance, research from Cornerstone OnDemand reveals.

Three Ways Metrics Can Help Avoid Common Compliance Mistakes

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The problem, reports Harvard Business Review , is that compliance training is not enough. Shawn Flynn, head of global value, analytics and industry solutions for Cornerstone OnDemand, sees a strong link between the lack of measurement and compliance failures.

Your Most Pressing Questions About Recruiting in the Digital Age, Answered

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The skills gap is palpable, and while L&D teams focus on helping close it internally, the pressure is on recruiters to attract outside candidates that can hit the ground running, says Thomas Boyle, principal consultant at Cornerstone OnDemand.

How Apple Watch Will Change the Way We Work

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million units, and a new report from market intelligence firm Tracticta predicts that 75 million wearables will be deployed in the workplace by 2020 (with smart watches making up the majority).

How Big Data is Changing the Recruiting Game

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The giant retailer hires up to 160,000 new sales representatives per year from an applicant pool of about 6 million, according to a report last summer in Briefings magazine.

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Skills-Based Volunteering Boosts Engagement: 3 Ways to Make It Work

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Skills-based volunteering, or pro bono work, is five times more impactful than traditional, hands-on volunteering, according to a report from Independent Sector. The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation offers skills-based volunteerism as a core program around empowering and enabling non-profits.

How to Help Employees Deal with Holiday Stress

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End of year reports. More than half of employees who report high stress are disengaged, compared to just one in ten employees who report low stress levels, according to Towers Watson. A couple of years ago at my company, Cornerstone OnDemand, we introduced a "Stress Management" curriculum into our internal learning management system under the premise that we can't remove stress, but we can learn to control it.

3 Trends Blending the Worlds of Learning and Work

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Today's employees report they can only dedicate 1 percent —24 minutes—of their work week exclusively to training and development. In reality, we are always talking to our peers and managers, we're on Twitter reading and watching content, or listening to podcasts—informal learning is actually happening all the time," says Elvis Ha, manager of product management at Cornerstone OnDemand.

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Don't Miss the Talent of Tomorrow Virtual Event on Tuesday, April 25th


Last year more than 40 percent of global employers reported talent shortages, the highest since 2007. These are just a few of the questions leaders from Thermo Fisher Scientific , Smashfly , Cornerstone OnDemand , General Electric, and Entelo will consider at the Talent of Tomorrow virtual summit on Tuesday, April 25th. The world of recruiting and hiring is changing. Millions of baby boomers are retiring each year as millions of millennials join the workforce in their stead.

The Modern Workforce Favors Flexibility and Digital Collaboration

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Nearly two in three employees think a flexible and remote work schedule increases productivity, according to a recent survey by Cornerstone OnDemand. To read more findings from The State of Workplace Productivity Report, click here.

A Look at the Numbers Behind the 31M+ Employees Learning on Cornerstone [Infographic]

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In honor of Digital Learning Week Cornerstone is offering a sample of 150 modern eLearning courses for free from February 25 through March 11. Register here to access the eLearning portal.

5 Ways to Empower Employees with Future Skills

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But many simply do not possess the necessary knowledge: according to a new report from Deloitte Insights, there could soon be too few college graduates to fill the over six million currently vacant jobs—52 percent of employers say they consistently can't fill open positions. With the onset of artificial intelligence and automation, the demand for a highly-skilled workforce dedicated to continued learning is growing.

Why Asia-based Companies Should Lean on Learning to Stop the Talent Slide

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Other Asian countries tumbled in the overall ranking because they fell behind in investing in and developing homegrown talent, said the report. Align Employee Capabilities with Business Goals Talent retention is essentially about harnessing people’s capabilities and keeping them engaged, according to Mark Chan, Cornerstone OnDemand’s regional sales director of ASEAN and HK.

How Four Companies Show Appreciation for Their Employees

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According to a SHRM/Globoforce report, companies that utilize strategic recognition are 48 percent more likely to see high employee engagement. Cornerstone OnDemand Adds a Personal Touch to Appreciation Cornerstone , which calls its employees “Cornerstars," gave out appreciation cards to employees last year, and encouraged them to write notes to each other to express their gratitude.

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DirectPath Partners with Sovos Compliance to Offer Comprehensive ACA Reporting Solutions. Cornerstone OnDemand Announces Los Angeles Rams Homecoming Partnership. Happy Friday.

5 Things Every New Manager Should Know

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It’s no secret that American employees wear “busy” like a badge of honor , and at the management level, the urge to be “busy” is compounded by the pressure to understand why your direct reports are (or aren’t) busy, too. A Gallup report on management found that clarity of expectations is the most basic of employee needs and vital to performance. As Senior Director of Talent Management at Cornerstone OnDemand , I know you’re not alone.

Top Applicant Tracking Systems Leading Employers Migrate To (2019)


As part of our research into ATS market share (see Top ATS Systems Used by the Fortune 500 in 2019 (Workday Beats Taleo) and The Top Applicant Tracking Systems Report ) we see which employers are moving applicant tracking systems. Adaptive Biotechnologies Greenhouse ATS OnDemand. Mazda USA iCIMS Cornerstone. Amryis Lever Cornerstone OnDemand. Christie's Workday Cornerstone.

The Future of Workplace Wearables: Employees Are In

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Nearly two-thirds of employees would be willing to use wearable technology if it helped them do their job better, according to a recent study by Cornerstone OnDemand. To read more findings from The State of Workplace Productivity Report, click here.

Is Your Google Calendar the Next Data Frontier?

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According to Michael Housman, Chief Analytics Officer at Cornerstone OnDemand, there are three major possibilities: predicting employee flight risk, finding ways to save time and mapping out a company's internal social networks.

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7 of the Best Questions to Screen for Toxic Employees in the Interview

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A study conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand found that good employees are 54 percent more likely to quit when they work with a toxic employee. But self-proclaimed “rule followers” are 33 percent more likely to be toxic employees, the Cornerstone OnDemand study found.

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Cornerstone OnDemand nets $300 million investment from Silver Lake, LinkedIn; reports strong Q3. ENGAGE Recognized for its Pioneering AI Science in HRExaminer Report on Emergence of Intelligent Software. HRO Today Releases Annual Cost of Bad Reputation Report.