3 Ways to Use HR Data to Improve Employee Relations.


Everyone knows that data is BIG these days. It used to be that Sales, Marketing and Operations were generally the departments knee-deep in data, but now ALL departments need to collect and leverage data in order to make informed business decisions. HR Data

Are You Tracking These Common Employee Relations Issues?


If you own a business or are a HR manager, maintaining unified employee relations is integral to your company’s success. While this is inevitable, the key to dealing with common employee relations issues is having a plan and multiple supports in place so that when issues do arise, they can be addressed swiftly and effectively. Common employee issues HR should be tracking to avoid legal ramifications : 1) Conflict Management. Employee Relations Software

Why Clean Data is the Best Data

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In today's HR landscape, data is having a moment. HR data is essentially HR business intelligence. All of the cool technology in the world cannot override bad data, which is why the accuracy of HR data is a highly strategic function. Technology as a Data Keeper.

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Brazil's eSocial: Transforming Employee-Related Compliance


If your company is conducting business in Brazil, the eSocial electronic reporting platform will be the new way you report employee-related data

What is HR Data Analytics & How Do We Leverage It?

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Data is now the most valuable currency in the world. But in contrast to the murky ethics of sourcing and selling consumer-driven data , leveraging internal HR data analytics to make better workforce decisions has been a key Human Resources best practice for decades.

Function Over Fashion – Friday Distraction

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For instance, if I wear my Fitbit but never look at the data…what benefit am I really getting? Related posts from HR Bartender: Join an HR Mastermind Group to Strengthen Your Corporate Culture A Bartender’s Predictions for 2014 Other Benefits Besides Money – Friday Distraction.

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The Only 3 Reasons to Send an Email

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A full-time employee (working 40 hours a week) spends over a day of their workweek on email. When we talk about making work more engaging, wouldn’t it be nice to give employees some of that time back? We can send people data to review or analyze prior to a meeting.

Employee Engagement: 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Survey Research

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Their services include employee experience surveys. First, as much as we talk about the dynamics of employee engagement and disengagement, not much has changed. Organizations have an opportunity to find out how to engage employees.

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What to do when the data says you’re wrong

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“As we continue into the era of data analytics, big data, AI, and personal tracking devices every HR professional should be prepared to face data that contradicts their beliefs sooner or later. New data should allow me to re-think my position and I should be fine with that.

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Your Company Needs an Engagement Strategy

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Employee engagement is a clear example. It’s not because they don’t want engaged employees. Well, employee engagement brings results to the bottom-line in several ways: Engaged employees are less likely to leave the organization.

Pre-Boarding: Bring High Tech and High Touch to Onboarding

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Xerox Content Management Services helps organizations organize, classify and manage their most critical data. The hiring manager has invested a lot of time finding the new employee. Maybe this is a new position and the employee will be helping the department achieve their stretch goals.

How To Build a Successful Mentoring Program

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Companies want to make sure their organizational knowledge and history is passed along to new employees, who will lead the organization forward. Most mentoring programs have three goals: 1) to assist in career development, 2) to increase staff retention and 3) to improve employee engagement.

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How To Know If Your Defined-Benefit Pension Plan Is In Trouble.

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workers and offering pension buyouts to 100,000 former employees, as the conglomerate joins the ranks of U.S. which compiles data on the 100 U.S. Benefits Compensation Employee RelationsI'm not an expert on pension plan funding.

The Tyranny of Accent Walls In Corporate America.

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The dirty little secret is that your culture comes down to the quality of your managers of people, and the platform you give them to understand your expectations about how they deal and talk with their employees. Show me the data. Employee Relations HR Insider Innovation Workplace

Men Who Are Uncomfortable Mentoring Women: I'd Guess You're Doing This.

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Here’s what the report says, we'll discuss after the rundown: -- Female employees are now facing a new threat to their careers in the post #metoo era. You feel that, and make the assumption that the distance is related to #metoo.

Stop Wasting Time Measuring HR Data


For goodness sake, please stop measuring HR data. You heard this “ big data ” thing it was a good idea, and you started gathering information. You’re hitting up your applicant tracking system, payroll system, and other data feeds to get what you want. Please.

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The One Thing Employees Love About the Performance Review Process

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My guess is that the one thing employees like about the performance review process – besides really good constructive feedback – is the pay conversation. Employees know that once a year, they get to talk about pay. Even when I had all the data to back it up.

Quick Shots for #HR and Business Pros – #Wellness Edition

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A recent survey from GuideSpark found a big disconnect between wellness programs and employee participation. I think this is going to be a real challenge for both employers and employees – staying motivated and engaged with wellness. I’ve always been a work hard, play hard kind of girl.

4 Things You Can Say When An Employee Prints Out Salary Data From the Interwebs.

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I'm on the record as saying you ought to get engaged with Glassdoor and figure out how to be more of a marketer with sites that include employee reviews. IBM's going to be one of the better patches of salary data, and there you go - the range for a IBM consultant is 45K to 170K.

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The Wall Street Journal's Crappy Take on Glassdoor Reviews.

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While it isn’t possible to determine from the data alone what caused each spike, a statistical test shows the likelihood that so many would skew positive by chance is highly improbable. In some cases, companies have encouraged loyal employees to post reviews as part of a publicity campaign.

9 Lessons for Running a Great HR Function


Use your values statement every day to keep measuring your candidates and employees to make sure they are on target. I once had a great group of employees that worked at a remote site. Employees are people (not resources). This weekend I was doing some spring cleaning.

Employee Data Breaches Result in Major Headaches for Companies


Just how secure is your data? The last few years can easily be defined as the start of a new era – the era of the data breach. An area of particular concern is of personnel data and breaches of employee information when a company is hacked. The vulnerability that accompanies an employee data breach within an organization triggers an inevitable domino effect. So again, the question remains…just how secure is your data?

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DisruptHR Detroit 3.0 Speaker Applications Now Being Accepted!

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For those who don’t know, I’m involved with DisruptHR Detroit with an amazing team of HR pros and leaders, and we are putting on our 3rd event on Thursday, September 19th at 6 pm.

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Opinion: Why ‘bad’ data can be good news for your organisation


When HR professionals talk about data analytics , generally they focus on the good stuff. But every employer is at a different point in their data journey; some we work with have very little or even no people data to draw on at all, while others use a balanced scorecard to identify their financial, internal, customer, learning and growth metrics. The softer metric is bullying and harassment scores taken from latest employee engagement surveys.

Firing Employees Who Are Unproductive


Awhile back I received an email from a reader about how to let an employee go who is not performing adequately. The Time Thief A few years ago a manager called me to see if I could look into an employee’s time card. What advice do you have for terminating employees?

Why your HR data doesn’t have to be 100% accurate

Analytics in HR

Although the urgency for data-driven decision making in HR is increasing, the maturity of workforce analytics is still quite low in most organizations. In this article, I would like to address one specific bottleneck mentioned: Data quality and availability.

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Surveying The Employees

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If well-used and well-implemented, surveys are a powerful means of gathering unfiltered data regarding employee engagement. As long as you keep it front and center on everyone’s to-do list, the return rate should be relatively high.

Why You Shouldn’t Give Annual Performance Reviews

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It’s how employees know that they’re doing a good job. One of the biggest problems with annual feedback is that it allows the employee perception of their work to differ from that of management. Employee Demotivation. Employees will then be more quickly meeting expectations.

Who is responsible for low employee productivity?


Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that, since the 2008 financial crash, the UK’s national productivity (measured as GDP per hour worked) has stagnated while that of other countries has climbed. The post Who is responsible for low employee productivity?

4 Simple Things for HR Pros To Remember as Overtime Laws Change.

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Given the basic economics of the workplace, the new rule—which raises the salary threshold under which an employee is entitled to overtime —is just as likely to create less work for individual employees as it is to increase the amount of overtime American employees collectively earn. 1 is an increase in the minimum weekly salary to the 40th percentile of weekly earnings for full-time salaried workers, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data.

EMAIL + WORK: We Need Tags Like "Facts", "Opinions" and "Danger"

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The Schema community builds markups for structured data on the internet. Why can't email be smarter related to the type of email that's flowing into our work inbox hundreds of times per week? What would help us for work-related to emails? This would be the tag for those data dumps. -- Opinions - This email tag would tell us that an email contains primarily opinion about something in the workplace. Communications Employee Relations Managing Workplace

Data Collection Made Easy With Custom Fields Feature


You’re constantly dealing with and updating company policies, as well as, dealing with employee-related issues that seem never-ending. Custom fields offer you the ability to create and set-up data collection that is specific to your needs and you company.

Employee Surveys Now Uncovering Horrible Bosses at the FBI.

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Some of you that are seasoned HR Pros know the cautionary tale when it comes to employee surveys. Rely on them too much or send the wrong signals to your workforce related to how they can be used, and they can become witch hunts toward capable managers with difficult workgroups. . .

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Surveying The Employees

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If well-used and well-implemented, surveys are a powerful means of gathering unfiltered data regarding employee engagement. As long as you keep it front and center on everyone’s to-do list, the return rate should be relatively high.

Trump's First Labor Nominee: Burgers, Bikinis and Mocking Low Wage Workers.

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At the heart of some of the resistance to Puzder's nomination was a domestic abuse allegation from an ex-wife and some immigration concerns related to an undocumented housekeeper. He claims 75,000 people as employees in the U.S. Employee Relations Leadership Workplace