Talent Management in the Creative Economy


Cultivating creative talent stands to transform companies, industries, and the entire economy. Because creativity is inherently a human trait, however, the basis for a strong and sustainable creative economy lies in the talents and abilities of creative workers.

A Diversity Boost

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In today’s increasingly diverse world, the case for corporate D&I initiatives that deliver real progress is stronger than ever. If it’s not real, it won’t feel authentic to your candidates and your employees, no matter how well you source diverse talent,” he explains.


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The Top 27 Talent Management Resources


UPDATE 8/20/2015: This list of resources has been updated with even more great places to keep up with and learn about talent management based on feedback since publication. You need to have your ear to the ground of the talent industry; marking all the newest developments and greatest ideas for finding, attracting and managing talented people. Fistful of Talent. Capterra Talent Management Blog. Talent Management Magazine.

Challenges & Opportunities for Talent Managers 7: The Talent.

Strategic HCM

1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Fistful of Talent. Social Advantage (Management 2.0 SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management Blog. Challenges & Opportunities for Talent Managers 7: The Talent Management Summit. Right, to finish this little mini-series of posts on talent management, here is further advance warning of the Economist’s 2012 Talent Management Summit, www.­thetalentmanagem­entsummit.­com.

Making Diversity Central to Success: Q&A With Chevron’s Chief Diversity Officer

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Diversity is an overused word, but at Chevron it’s a perfect description of its corporate culture. The company’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights how diversity and inclusion (D&I) feature so centrally in the company’s success story. The spectacular progress reflects a holistic view of diversity which closes the gap between aspiration and reality. Efforts to bring more diversity to the oil and gas industry are working.

Melinda B. Wolfe: “Diversity is a driver of innovation”

Thrive Global

…First, diversity is a driver of innovation, fueling fresh and unique perspectives. By bringing a more diverse team to the table, companies leverage collective intelligence for more effective problem solving. leading the company’s diversity efforts.

Paradigm for Parity® Coalition’s 5 Actionable Steps to Gender Equity


This achievement helped me earn a coveted management role and ultimately positioned me to step up and become the President of Distribution for a large asset manager. Perhaps this is due to broader talent pools, improved quality of decision-making, and innovation due to diversity of thought as suggested by a McKinsey Report. I certainly saw this first-hand with my own experience in building a diverse team. Third, establish a Diversity Recruiting Officer.

When Hiring for Culture Fit, Make Sure You Aren’t Sacrificing Diversity

HR Daily Advisor

In 2015, the Harvard Business Review published tips on hiring for culture fit – less than a year later, the publication featured an article warning that hiring for culture fit can thwart a company’s diversity efforts. It’s a concerning issue to HR professionals who recognize the importance of diversity for strengthening a team’s skill set, expanding the talent pool, and improving employee retention. Diversity also impacts a company’s bottom line.

Top Concerns of CHROs

HRO Today

of respondents, and the same number say that they now consider themselves more of a business executive than an HR manager. But the pandemic has highlighted the need for an individualized approach to talent management as well as the importance of internal communications.


Strength in Support

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Kennelly, CHRO of insurance brokerage HUB International , shares how her organization managed the shift to remote work while maintaining employee engagement and well-being. HRO Today : How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business operations, talent acquisition, and talent management strategies? In areas we were hiring, talent acquisition involved virtual interviews, virtual onboarding, and virtual training. If so, how did you manage the transition?

Kellogg VP Priscilla Koranteng: “Why diversity and inclusion is an investment that leads to true competitive business advantages”

Thrive Global

In my opinion, the goal must be to harness the power of diversity in the workplace, the marketplace and the communities in which we work and live. Diversity and inclusion is an ongoing commitment and investment that leads to true competitive business advantages. Second, my manager at J.P

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, March 23-29, 2020

Brandon Hall

New research on COVID-19, Learning, Leadership Development and Talent Management. Brandon Hall Group analysts are hard at work conducting quantitative and qualitative research on how employers are managing the coronavirus crisis while serving employees and customers.

Equity from the Inside Out

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Companies have become increasingly vocal in their support of Black and minority communities and many look to continue to improve through their diversity and inclusion efforts. Diversity is the numbers, and inclusion is about your culture,” says Tacy M.


New studies reveal employers’ efforts to improve workplace inclusion aren’t paying off


Two recent studies have highlighted persistent failings in employers’ efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, particularly for people from minority ethnic backgrounds and LGBT+ workers. Related: Five reasons why diversity and inclusion at work matters. Research Diversity and inclusion Leadership and management Talent management

New studies reveal employers’ efforts to improve workplace inclusion aren’t paying off


Two recent studies have highlighted persistent failings in employers’ efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, particularly for people from minority ethnic backgrounds and LGBT+ workers. Related: Five reasons why diversity and inclusion at work matters. Research Diversity and inclusion Leadership and management Talent management

Decreasing the Generational Divide

HRO Today

At a time when five generations are working together for the first time in history and talent shortages are forcing organizations to consider more creative talent management strategies, embracing collaboration between workers of all ages may be the key to staying ahead of the competition.

A Tribute to a Pioneer of Workplace Diversity


Written by Susan Magrino You likely know that one of the most important talent management practices you can focus on this year is creating a diverse workforce. In fact, sometimes the people who can add diversity to a work environment don’t even see themselves in that light. So, it’s up to recruiters and talent management personnel to be open and creative in the way they seek out potential employees and consider what they can bring to the table.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 30-August 2, 2020

Brandon Hall

A new webinar and 16 solution provider profiles illustrate how technology helps organizations manage change in learning, talent management, leadership development and workforce management. . Most organizations believe diversity and inclusion is a powerful driver of business goals, according to Brandon Hall Group’s latest research. However, the majority don’t leverage the strategies, programs and processes to build an inclusive culture of diverse talent.

Key to Success: Piecing Together A Top Notch Personal Board of Directors


There is growing consensus that executives, managers, and junior staff alike need a board of directors – a thoughtfully developed group of 8-10 mentors and role models you can consult regularly to get advice and feedback. Magazine notes , “I’ve met a half dozen true connectors in my life and without them, I would not have had as much success. Diversity of experience makes for a great personal board. January is National Mentoring Month.

Shaping HR Priorities

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With so many people-related issues affecting business success, HR leaders recognize they must continue to guide top management and upskill their employees if they want to lead rather than merely react. Reinvent talent management. Workforce Management April-2021 Magazine Article

Study 79

The Changing Role of HR


Human resources is often in charge of many roles from planning and overseeing the administrative functions of a company to strategizing any talent management or hiring tasks. But the world of HR 10 years ago is very different from the realities of managing a modern workforce. From spearheading change initiatives to driving performance management to improving culture and employee engagement, what exactly is HR's role in a modern workplace and how can it keep up?

Higher Learning

HRO Today

Despite the economic and employment uncertainties caused by the pandemic, a recent survey conducted by InStride showed that business decision-makers rank investing in talent development and new technology as their top two business priorities in the current environment.

Flexibility is the Future

HRO Today

Many organizations quickly realized some of the benefits, including greater agility in talent management, access to broader and more diverse talent pools, increased productivity, and reduced operational and real estate expenses.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, May 4-8, 2020

Brandon Hall

It starts even before someone is hired and is critical to talent engagement and retention. Diversity & Inclusion/Leadership Development. Brandon Hall Group Featured in Training Magazine. Managing Remotely During Disruption.

HR 3.0 Puts the “Human” Back in “Human Resources”


As told to HC magazine , Willyerd says that if HR 1.0 There’s a big emphasis on diversity. Human Resources Culture development human resources learning recruiting talent acquisition talent managementWhen companies release the next major version of software, it’s easy to mark the transition. We know when Product 2.0 gives way to Product 3.0, and how the new iteration changes the way we’ll interact with the software.

Restructuring Hiring

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As offices have closed and social distancing becomes the norm, new techniques and technologies have been deployed and relied upon by recruiters to find, onboard, and retain the talent their clients need. That led to many considering a partnership with talent providers,” he says.

The New Talent Experience

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Today’s HR leaders face the challenge of becoming a top talent destination, building the workforce of the future, and providing critical insights to key decision-makers. Today, talent management systems have the capabilities to do a lot of work before the first contact with a candidate.”.

Training in a Virtual World: The New Normal


Research from Training magazine estimates that U.S. Adam Schouela, vice president of product management at the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, says his group looks at new and emerging technologies and builds proofs of concept to determine potential use cases within Fidelity. We recently held our Accenture Inclusivity and Diversity Excellence awards, and this [Gender Swap] was one of our winners,” says Shook. “We’re HR Technology Learning Talent Management

Driving Innovation

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Whilst companies may have slowed down their hiring plans, new talent management strategies are going full speed ahead. In recent months, this has been illustrated by how companies have regarded the importance of talent management to their business.


Donna Morris of Walmart on Leadership in Rapidly Changing Environment

HR Digest

Integrity, passion, and teamwork – these are the values that Walmart looks for in its employees and fosters through its talent management. The HR Digest: You have been critical in pushing for progress in diversity & inclusion (D&I) in the workforce.

Adobe 58

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights 11/13/20

Brandon Hall

Meritocracy, Talent Pipeline Fuels Diversity and Inclusion (Research Note). This incisive research note, based on frank interviews with an HR leader for a medical technologies producer, focuses on diverse talent and leadership pipeline built through a strict adherence to meritocracy. Talent Management. Diversity & Inclusion. Bridging the Diversity and Inclusion Gap Between Intent and Reality (KnowledgeGraphic). Talent Management.

The Mentorship Manual

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With more employees working remotely than ever before, mentorship is an important tool to navigate the nuances of the virtual workplace and to establish a human connection,” says Erin Lau, manager of HR services at Insperity. knowledge management and transfer (37%).

Coming Together

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The upcoming virtual HRO Today Forum will cover topics ranging from talent development to employee engagement and D&I. Developing an Inclusive Talent Development Strategy. Uncategorized HRO Today Forum Magazine Article November-2020


Joe Lorenzo: “Don’t live to work, you must work to live”

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As a part of our series about pop culture’s rising stars, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Joe Lorenzo, former renowned casting director/producer and talent manager, now CEO of Society Performers Academy. Angeles, for a position in a Talent Management Company.

Strategic Moves

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So, a move of this magnitude required support to match, including efforts by Spencer and her team to connect with the local community by meeting with every school district, providing spousal job search services, and establishing a partnership with diversity chambers and others in the city. “We