Applying Employee Performance Metrics towards Retention of Key Employees

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One such measure is the employee performance metrics, which gives constructive feedback on whether an employee is performing below, averagely, or beyond the goals of their defined tasks. Employee performance metrics is the best way to track the performance of key employees in a company.

8 key intranet metrics you should be tracking


Defining the right intranet metrics makes it easy to determine and measure success in your digital workplace. But before we get into the actual intranet metrics, it’s useful first to understand the importance of segmentation. 8 key intranet metrics. Community metrics.

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Metrics That Help Gauge GRC Performance and Effectiveness

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That is why it is important to create metrics that can be easily quantified and tracked. Creating the right metrics allows management to assess the benefits provided by the GRC implementation and also helps discover areas where the GRC implementation is not delivering results.

Career Site Metrics Every HR Team Should Track

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Career site metrics are key to tracking what is working and what’s not in your talent acquisition efforts. Here are the metrics we think every team should be tracking: Visits: This seems like a no brainer, but let me ask you this – do you know how many people went to your career site last month? Make sure you get detailed on documenting when you implemented various efforts, and what metrics you think they’ll change, so you can track what actually happened.

Every Need-to-Know About Employee Onboarding


By documenting all your processes, policies, and procedures in one employee onboarding app, every new hire learns the same things the same way! So, we always like to file digital versions of the onboarding documents beforehand.

Tracking employee health metrics: Great idea or big mistake?


Some theorize that tracking health metrics can improve a company’s bottom line and consequently maximize stock performance. HIPAA, as well as similar state privacy laws, could apply to the health information gathered on employees, which may increase your liability as well as the need for extra manpower to handle compliance and documentation. Here are some constructive ways to create a healthier environment without tracking health metrics.

Leaving the Present in the Past


Yes, it is great for consultants who bill by the hour to interview and document, but does it add enough value to be worth the cost? Current-state maps are so much work because, when documenting something real, it’s nearly impossible to stay at a high level.

How to Measure Internal Communications: An Introduction (Defining Your Goals)


And once you understand the metrics behind your internal communications, you’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s not—and ultimately how to capture the attention of all your employees. For many internal communicators, evaluating metrics is a weak spot. You have a merger coming.

Verbal Abuse in the Workplace

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Document the situation. Employees should document what has occurred and who witnessed it. HSD Metrics can help companies identify and remove cases of bullying with our ExitRight interview. The post Verbal Abuse in the Workplace appeared first on HSD Metrics.

Measuring Employee Engagement the Right Way

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Measuring employee engagement metrics. Measuring employee engagement metrics. In addition, the interventions to increase engagement are very well-documented. The business impact of work engagement is documented to a lesser degree.

Episode 2: How to get your recruiting metrics right in 2020 ft. The Crown

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Welcome to the second episode of #NetflixandHire where we learn some great ways on how you can get your recruiting metrics right! You can also see how she strives to be informed—by hiring a private tutor and staying on top of official documents—just so she can keep things in check.

Addressing and Correcting Poor Employee Performance

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If the meeting needs to be delayed for any reason, document why and when to ensure there is record should it be needed. The post Addressing and Correcting Poor Employee Performance appeared first on HSD Metrics.

Q&A: How to Build a Business Case for a New Workforce Communications Platform?


and many other metrics. In most cases, customers have used SocialChorus to replace the news and information stream on their intranet, but they still use their intranet or another document repository platform in some capacity. Your employees make or break your business.

Handling Employees’ Summer Vacation Requests

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Encourage team members to discuss their roles and duties with one another so they are prepared, and have any employee who knows they will be absent leave a list or document stating tasks that will need to be completed while they are gone.

What Is a Safety Management System?

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Provide tools and metrics to help make safety-related decisions. The safety management system starts with a plan, but the system itself refers to the entire process from planning to documentation to implementation. HR Policies & Procedures benefits documentation HR

The Guaranteed Way To Have Better Quality Of Hire

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This is an important, yet little-used metric for assessing the effectiveness of a new employee. Revenue per employee is an often forgotten metric for quality of hire. Remember that quality of hire is a multidimensional metric.

Verbal Abuse in the Workplace

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Document the situation. Employees should document what has occurred and who witnessed it. HSD Metrics can help companies identify and remove cases of bullying with our ExitRight interview. The post Verbal Abuse in the Workplace appeared first on HSD Metrics.

How to Measure Internal Communications: Defining Your Goals {Plus Worksheet}


That’s why we’re launching a How to Measure Internal Communications blog series, a step-by-step guide with everything you need to know about internal communications metrics. For many internal communicators, evaluating metrics is a weak spot. What are the metrics specific to the channel?

Source of hire: what it is, how to measure it and how to use it


As with every recruiting metric , measuring SoH can be complicated but fruitful. Recruiters and sourcers may document the candidates they sourced, or engaged with, via social media. Also, connect recruiting metrics to other results (e.g.

What HR Professionals Should Be Doing in the Midst of a Hiring Freeze

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Are your onboarding documents, resources and presentations up to date? Recommended first step: Gather all your onboarding documents and see what can be improved or nixed. Have you developed metrics that illustrate your return on investment for retention programs?

Why Haven't You Hired a Recruitment Analyst Yet?


Every talent team readily accepts the need to monitor recruitment metrics. What metrics should this person look at to best help the team? Funnel metrics, recruiting workflows, recruiter ratios, attrition, time to hire, source and quality of hire.

Tools to Measure Diversity Hiring


09/07/2017 // By Tracy Kelly // Recruitment Metrics. Don’t guess about success; use these tools to track diversity conference metrics and maximize ROI for each event. But, you can’t measure diversity conference recruiting without event expenses; this data is necessary to calculate key metrics like cost-per-hire and cost-per-applicant. If paper interview schedules are often misplaced at events, leaving you without interview metrics, you’re missing an important data set.

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The Questions Leaders Ask When Great Talent Leaves

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This happens all the time, especially in organizations that segment and track turnover by performance and hold managers accountable to this metric. The ones that have a documented ‘save’ strategy in place. The one caveat I allow is documented bottom performers that are on a plan. That’s good turnover, but it better be documented, or it’s bad turnover.

Make Your Data Easy to Consume – Friday Distraction

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Years ago, I worked for a company that decided HR was going to produce a “metrics scorecard” each month. Have a document that explains how every data point is calculated. Three full pages of data about HR activities.

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7 Compelling Benefits of Risk and Compliance Management Technology

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Risk and compliance management is based on collecting important documents, information, and data for assessment, audits, and more. Risk and compliance technology can also introduce new data metrics which were not being tracked previously. 5 – External Risk Metrics.

Why It Pays to Invest in Employee Engagement


Employee engagement has emerged as a business metric that can make or break other KPIs. Given that your company’s eNPS may feel less tangible than cold hard metrics like annual recurring revenue, it’s no surprise Chief Financial Officers are often excluded from the conversation.

5 Pro Tips for Quickly Pivoting to a Virtual Employee Onboarding Process

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Create this in a shared document (e.g. Google Docs) that can be edited on-the-fly to include additional tasks as time progresses, as well as hyperlinked resource documents. Mission-critical reports and metrics that must be updated…and with what frequency.

Prepare Your Questions For #HRTechWorld and #HRTechConf

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This is where those “killer” scenarios (and do search my blog on that phrase to find many posts covering the actual scenarios) come in along with your vendor’s own documentation. If there are integration processes/documentation/roadmaps etc.,

The Importance Of Digital Risk KRIs For Mid-Sized And Community Banks

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This means that every metric that the risk managers and the board members want to track will need to be manually measured and all the data will then need to be collected in a report. It is a labor-intensive approach which limits the number of metrics a business can follow.

Analytics Leaders: What You Can Learn from the BI Community’s Mistakes


But standardized and highly pervasive metrics often fail to incorporate new knowledge. Those organizations that had the agility to quickly construct new metrics based on this insight were in a better position to open up an enormous pool of potentially better and cheaper hires.

Efficient Ways to Manage Labor Relations More Effectively


Document, Archive, and Streamline.Oh HR has the lofty job of collecting and retaining confidential employee data, ranging from hiring information to performance data and even documentation of potential termination.

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How HR software eases workforce management for the finance sector

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Steps can then be taken immediately if there is a lag in any of these metrics. Enhances the document management process. Having a document management system can come in handy for a sector like finance, which handles a variety of important documents throughout its function.

Implementing a new tool? Follow these best practices


Employers would be wise to create a strategy document that “lays out the high-level aspect of your project.” She also identified four other best practices for implementing a tool: Have measurable goals and metrics. “It’s

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5 Tips for Implementing HR Digital Transformation Successfully

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The next step is to document how the team will realize the objectives. So starting with the goals you set out, breakdown the path to transformation into high-level and low-level plans that document each step of the way. [link].

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Prediction: Learning will go to where work happens

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L&D leaders need to realize that learning activity does not predict business outcomes, and they should acknowledge that the metrics of learning hours and course completions don’t share the full picture of what learning is and the impact it delivers.