Employment laws to watch in 2019


A patchwork of state and federal laws was eventually replaced when Congress set minimum age requirements with the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938. At the turn of the last century, workers had few legal protections from wage theft or unsafe working conditions. From pay equity to transgender rights to anti-bullying, the pendulum is once again swinging in favor of greater protection of employees. Minimum wage.

Yes! 8.8 Million Workers are Getting a Raise!

Compensation Today

This is great news for the 8.8 million workers in CA and NY who can expect their current wages to rise over the next couple of years—a movement that’s long overdue since the fast food worker strikes in 2012. Historic update to the FMLA And that’s not all. Tess C.

Workplace drama: What’s it costing your company?


The office gossip. The resister to change. The persistent arguer. The projector of made-up stories. Drama creates “mentally wasteful thought processes or unproductive behavior,” wrote drama researcher Cy Wakeman in “No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Workplace Drama, End Entitlement, and Drive Big Results,” her book on the subject. . What are the costs of workplace drama? Their annual wages equal $6.24 of the hard costs.

Is Salary History Becoming History? Tackling The New Trend

HRO Today

As the trend continues to build steam, employers need to assess how to assess compensation and hiring practices in a world in which salary history is becoming history. Key differences between the passed laws. • HOST: Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise, HRO Today Magazine.

The Difference Between Good and Great Managers


If Hollywood and the humdrum of our everyday lives have taught us anything, it’s that bad bosses far outnumber the good ones. And, more importantly, what separates the beyond awful from the good, and the good from the great?

WIRTW #484 (the “happy place” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Where do you take your mind when you’re just having a bad day, when you have to deal with that employee, when a client chews you out (I know, that never happens), or when you otherwise need a mental breather from the world and all of its evil and other craziness? via The Tim Sackett Project.

The All-New Innovation Culture: 6 Ways to Involve Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day

HR Daily Advisor

What’s needed to keep up in today’s digital and global economy is a culture in which innovation is the mission of everyone, everywhere, every day. innovations come out of the blue. New products and services are just 10% of the innovation opportunity; 90% of the opportunity lies in systems for working smarter. They need to be focused on one of the organization’s strategic priorities. That’s not the purpose of Innovation Engineering. The U.S.

Future Friday: Are we creating enabling technology or replacement technology?

OmegaHR Solutions

In many of the scenarios about the future, there are many dystopian predictions of robots replacing workers on a whole scale basis. What is the difference? He said that while it is comforting to think that productivity to better wages and jobs doesn’t hold true.

5 steps to a foolproof social media policy for employees


Much of social media can seem like a high-tech version of the Wild West these days, with emotions running high and few hard rules to govern what’s happening. The corporate road has become littered with major PR disasters sparked by employee activity on social media. What can your company do to protect itself should an employee’s comments cross the line? In almost all cases, the answer is: It depends. Spell out what’s OK when talking about the company.

The Gig is Up: A Deep Dive Into the Future of Casual Work


More and more people are opting for temporary jobs over full-time positions, but are the tradeoffs worth it? The gig economy is certainly up, but there are some pitfalls that workers should know about before joining the masses. What is the gig economy?

WIRTW #459 (the “weeps” edition)

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Last summer, The Beatles released a remix of my favorite song of theirs, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles’ show, LOVE (an absolute must-do if you find yourself in Vegas). Should You “Facebook” the Jury?

WIRTW #447 (the “Gorsuch” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Did you hear that Donald Trump appointed 10th Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill to SCOTUS seat vacated by the death of Antonin Scalia? via Eric Meyer’s The Employer Handbook Blog. Where Does Gorsuch Stand on Tech and the Law? — Technology & the Workplace.

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #325: Joey Price, Founder and CEO, Jumpstart:HR

HR Examiner

HRx Radio – Executive Conversations: On Friday mornings, John Sumser interviews key executives from around the industry. The conversation covers what makes the executive tick and what makes their company great. Businessweek, AMEX Open Forum, Money Magazine, and more.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Once again using HRmarketer software, we analyzed the #HRTechConf conference website and tweets to come up with the following Conference Twitter Primer — all the information you need to socially prepare for the world’s largest HR technology conference and exposition hall!

Last Week in Talent - Monday, April 17th


If you’re one of the estimated 1 in 7 people who wait until the last minute, good luck and get moving! Without further ado, here’s the news: Last week Google launched a private beta of its new ATS , HackerEarth raised a $4.5M The News. You can see the full list here.”.

How Direct Selling Companies Turn Gig Opportunities into Distributors’ Successes


As Forbes reports, 57 million people in the US have made a living over the past year thanks to side hustle gigs. Although these side hustle gigs are often considered to fall under the same umbrella, not all of them offer equal opportunities in terms of personal development, earned income, and other factors. The ugly truth about some gig opportunities. If we double the amount of drivers, our workload is cut in half.”. The gig economy is tricky.

Meet Your New Coworkers: Robots


This guest blog has been provided by Kevin Sheridan, best-selling author and innovator in the field of Employee Engagement. Recent research has shown the dramatic degree to which robots are replacing people in the workplace. million people in the U.S. of the total U.S.

What’s Hot in HR: Low-Cost Employee Loans, Threat to ‘Prada’ Economy


President Obama’s Overtime Pay Plan Threatens the ‘Prada’ Economy – NYT. For decades, bosses at publishing houses, glossy magazines, consulting firms, advocacy groups, movie production companies and talent agencies have groomed their assistants to be the next generation of big shots by working them long hours for low wages. Trending topics from the last week impact the stories this week. How to Calculate the Right Parental Leave Policy.

This Uber Driver Makes $252K But Are We Headed Back To The 19th Century?

SAP Innovation

The first thought that ran through my mind? The gig economy has really got some legs and is opening up the door to well-paying opportunities. Although the story was very inspiring, Gavin Escolar isn’t really just an Uber driver per se. The list goes on.

WIRTW #449 (the “do-over” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Whether you are left or right, blue or red, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, it’s hard to argue that the first 28 days of POTUS 45 have been anything other than a dumpster fire. He nominated someone eminently qualified to run the Department of Labor. Wage & Hour.

The pros and cons of offering employees unlimited PTO


Several prominent companies like Netflix and Groupon already give workers as much paid time off as they need. According to a study conducted by The Society for Human Resource Management, only about 1 percent of companies give their employees unlimited PTO. What are the pros?

WIRTW #484 (the “what I’m listening to this week” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Had I waited a month, Hostile Work Environment would have topped the list. And while we hope that you find these cases as interesting and amusing as we do — and laugh along with us in the telling — make no mistake, we’ll also be bringing analysis and legal discussion of those cases. You cannot go wrong discussing an employee’s fear of the mark of the beast, or a company that disciplines poor performers by spanking them with yard signs. via The Tim Sackett Project.

Survey Finds the Gig Economy is Really Getting to Us

Workplace Diva

A new Canadian survey finds the "gig economy" is stressing workers out and damaging their mental health. Let's take an Uber ride to the nearest coffee shop to #discuss this topic while we wait for more work to arrive in our inbox! Understand the dichotomies of freelancing.

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #315: Richard Milam, EnableSoft

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HRx Radio – Executive Conversations: On Friday mornings, John Sumser interviews key executives from around the industry. The conversation covers what makes the executive tick and what makes their company great. That is the first day of the year.

Data 64

#ECTalent - big data analytics ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital.

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It’s not outrageous to imagine him as the next Ulrich.". #1 1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Stop Checking the Box. 10 hours ago. The HR Capitalist. 5 Things Every HR Pro Can Learn From Riley Cooper and the Eagles. Learning. (55).