Sign-On and Retention Bonuses Reach All-Time High

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The use of sign-on and retention bonuses appears to be at an all-time high, according to a recently released WorldatWork survey on Bonus Programs and Practices. Note in particular that the use of retention bonuses has nearly doubled since 2010! Retention Bonuses.

Go Team – And Me Too! Incentives for All


Over the past few years, there has been a lot of negative press about incentives. Specifically that incentives don’t work, they are a hangover from “motivation 1.0” Incentives do a great job of focusing attention, focusing behavior and signaling what we think is valuable.

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Leading Vendors Announce Quizzify Partnerships to Satisfy Forthcoming Wellness Incentive Rules


The ruling upends the wellness industry by proscribing “voluntary” incentives for screenings and health risk assessments as of January 2019. Having safe harbor status is just a bonus.”

Do You Know How to Attract Star Employees?

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With certain job levels, the link between incentives and the company's mission would be quite valuable, too. This marks the first time a majority has said this since Gallup began tracking the question in 2001.

Where Have All the Raises Gone?

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Last month The New York Times ran an article bemoaning the loss of pay raises in favor of one-time bonuses and non-monetary rewards. percent in 2001, from a high of 10 percent in 1981. Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Recognition Total Rewards

Part III - Where Should We Take Employee Rewards in the Future?

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Since the recession of 2001, business leaders have made cost control their primary goal for rewards. Organizations would be more effective and employees would be more engaged if at least half of benefits dollars were converted into cash, especially incentive opportunities.

Top 7 Compensation Consulting Firms for Any Sector

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Incentive and variable compensation program development to address particular goals. Annual and long-term incentive plan design. Incentive and equity plan design. Incentive design and payout calibration. Annual, sales-based, and long-term incentive development.

Part I - Malaise in the Employee Rewards: What’s Going On?

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Sales compensation has always been a different beast: it has different buyers and economic cycles than employee rewards, and sales incentives constantly evolve to meet new business needs. Supervisors can use that information to adjust raises and bonuses with no help from rewards experts.

“Listening skills are the best skills” with Fotis Georgiadis & Laurie Powell

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In 2001, Laurie joined Access Intelligence, another publisher and trade show producer, where she served as a Group Publisher of several magazines, websites and events. Sometimes positive feedback means more to an employee than a financial bonus. There is a minor financial incentive (a $100-dollar gift card) but I have noticed that the employees that have won are more about the feedback and less about the financial incentive.

What You Need to Know About the Science Behind Your Baby’s Brain

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That’s a survival instinct (and nature’s strongest incentive), put in place to ensure that you will want to be present and engaged in this crucial, forma tive time of your baby’s life. According to a 2001 study by Flinn et.