State Minimum Wage Increases for 2017 (Map)

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Minimum wage increases will affect numerous states across the country in January 2017. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, but the FLSA does not supersede any state or local laws that are more favorable to employees. The map below shows the states that are increasing their minimum wages, including the new rate and amount of the increase. per hour.

State Minimum Wage Increases for 2019 (Map)

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Minimum wage increases will affect numerous states across the country in January 2019. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, but the FLSA does not supersede any state or local laws that are more favorable to employees. The minimum wage for federal contractors in 2019 is $10.60 per hour. State Minimum Wage Changes Effective December 31, 2018. per hour.


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Overtime Eligibility Expansion, Minimum Wage & Turnover Rate & Other Weekly News


This week in Homebase News we cover The Department of Labor’s overtime pay expansion, the upcoming difficulty of seasonal hiring, Amazon’s new small business awards, and more. Read below to get the details on these stories and other happenings involving local businesses and hourly workers. The U.S. Department of Labor issued a final ruling making the new salary threshold for overtime exemption $684 per week, or $35,568 per year. . an hour. .

State Minimum Wage Increases for 2018 (Map)

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Minimum wage increases will affect numerous states across the country in January 2018. . Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, but the FLSA does not supersede any state or local laws that are more favorable to employees. The minimum wage for federal contractors in 2018 is $10.35 per hour. Loading… State Minimum Wage Changes Effective December 31, 2017.

Is Travel Time Compensable for Technicians Paid on an Hourly Basis?

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As we previously reported , last week the U.S. Important questions were addressed regarding the interplay of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the compensability of travel time for nonexempt employees. Part 2 of this article will address the travel time questions. Whether time spent traveling is paid work time for nonexempt employees depends on the type of travel involved.

10 Tips for Hiring Minors This Summer

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It’s that time again, when employers are considering hiring minors for the summer—in camps, restaurants, resorts, swimming pools, and anywhere else business picks up in the warm weather months. The child labor provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prohibit employers from hiring minors (individuals under the age of 18) to work at dangerous occupations, for an excessive number of hours, and at unsuitable times of the day or night.

Paying Police and Firefighters: Serving the Public and Our Workplaces

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Violence in the workplace is an important safety and health issue; one that is too often overlooked or ignored. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act), employers are responsible for providing safe and healthful workplaces for their employees. Among the controls listed in OSHA’s directive that employers may use to prevent workplace violence is establishing contacts within the local police.

Preparing for the 2016 Changes to Overtime Regulations


December 1: It’s a date that seems to welcome in the holiday spirit in addition to indicating how close we are to the end of the year. But it’s also a huge day for employers nationwide as the Department of Labor’s “final rule” goes into effect updating overtime regulations. The rule effectively doubles the minimum weekly salary threshold under which salaried employees become eligible for overtime when their work week exceeds 40 hours.

California Court: Some of Employee’s Claims Must Go to Arbitration

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However, the California Supreme Court has held that an employee’s representative action brought on behalf of himself and other current and former employees under the Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 (PAGA) is not subject to arbitration. But what happens if an employee files a lawsuit that includes both representative claims under the PAGA as well as individual claims for unpaid wages? Employee Sues for Wage and Hour Violations.

KD Hurlbutt: “Self-compassion is the act of not judging yourself as you learn how to set boundaries”

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Self-compassion is the act of not judging yourself as you learn how to set boundaries, own them through courageous communication, and ask for support. The easiest way to work on this is to bring awareness to when you’re beating yourself up in your head. The other?

Employment and Labor Law in Armenia

Global People Strategist

Despite the landlocked borders hindering its trading capacity, Armenia has established itself as an emerging regional financial center by leveraging its high availability of labor and technology. For sustained economic growth, the government guards its workers’ rights very strictly.

CalChamber to Host HR Boot Camps


Space is filling up fast for the one-day, topic-packed seminars focused on the employment life cycle, from hiring through termination, presented by the California Chamber of Commerce. Wage and hour; exempt and nonexempt classifications. at the following locations and dates this month: Modesto: Tuesday, February 13. For more information or to register for this live webinar, call (800) 331-8877 or go online.

New overtime rule, affecting 1.3 million US workers, finally arrives


The DOL’s new overtime rule takes effect on January 1, 2020. On September 24, 2019, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced the new overtime rule—set to take effect on January 1, 2020. . We’ve written about it again and again and again (20 times, to be exact) over the past four years. And if that seems like a long time and a lot of updates, keep in mind the DOL discussed the topic for over a decade. The current rule was updated in 2004.

All the Reasons You Shouldn’t Work with a PEO


If working with a PEO can boost business growth by 7-9% , lower turnover by 10-14% and make it more likely that a company will increase YOY profits and stay in business from one year to the next, all without adding more work to anyone’s plate (and actually taking a lot of it away), why isn’t every small business using one? A quick search of the Internet will result in some pretty compelling arguments against PEOs. Some of the claims are true, some aren’t. The takeaway?

New Overtime Rules – What You Need To Know!

Affinity HR Group

Many of our clients mistakenly believe it is up to them to decide whether to pay their employees on an hourly (non-exempt) or salaried (exempt) basis. Often, they classify employees, such as CSRs and inside sales professionals, as exempt and salaried when, in fact, the law requires that they be paid hourly and eligible for overtime. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), administered by the U.S. No changes were made to the “duties test”.

Tammy’s Top 10 Q&A’s (Overtime at the White House: Preparing for Change 2 – February 26, 2019)


How do I reduce the risks of doing so? You can reduce your risk by reclassifying in connection with the date set by DOL for compliance with the increased minimum salary level. Participating in DOL’s PAID program is also an option for reducing liability, as the employer will pay two years of back wages, but not the third year of back wages or the double liquidated damages. times the minimum wage. salary divided by 50 hours).

The Day the Skies Parted and the Heavens Sung

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My last job was the morning show at KKJZ in Portand, Oregon and we had recently moved cross country to Connecticut. My ego would not allow me to work for the local radio station for minimum wage! on an early sunny autumn Saturday and drove an hour and a half to Manhattan.

Expert Q&A: Understanding the DOL’s Overtime Rules

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The United States Department of Labor has issued a new set of rules that will cover an additional million-plus workers under it. The overtime rules went into effect on January 1, 2020. Nearly 200,000 comments were received from the citizens regarding this issue.

ADP 51

Overtime Pay: Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt


*This blog is adapted from the second episode of HR Party of One , Overtime Pay: Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt, which you can view below. The Five Stages of Overtime Grief. Change is hard… and compensation is perhaps the most sensitive of all HR subjects. The History of Overtime Pay.

The Power Is the Sound Of Her Music

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Award-winning concert pianist and composer Marina Arsenijevic has spent a lifetime creating music and performances around the globe that offer healing and respite in times of conflict and recovery. Emotionally and economically, the post-pandemic reality for many women in the U.S.

How to Prepare for the New White Collar Overtime Requirements


Big changes could be coming to business payrolls across the country. A recent change to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) white collar exemption rule means the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) seeks greater protection for certain lower-paid executive, administrative and professional (“white collar”) employees who are currently exempt from overtime, though likely work more than eight hours a day (in select states) or forty (40) hours each week. per hour.

Did California Concrete Company Fail to Provide Off-Duty Meal Periods?

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In a recent case, a trial court found that although the employer’s on-duty meal period agreement was invalid, its drivers weren’t forced to sign the agreement or miss off-duty meal periods against their will. The concrete it produces is a perishable product that cannot be stored. The drivers claimed that Graniterock failed to provide off-duty meal periods or give drivers one additional hour of pay for duty-free meal periods.

California Companies Can Impose a Waiting Period on Paid Vacation Accrual

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He sued the company, claiming it unlawfully required him to forfeit his accrued vacation pay. The trial court dismissed the lawsuit because the company’s written policy unambiguously and lawfully stated that employees did not earn vacation during the first year of employment. The California Court of Appeal agreed. The written vacation policy implemented by Automobile Creations, Inc., Todd appealed, and the court of appeal affirmed.

CalChamber to Host Seminar on Leaves of Absence


California employers will find clarity and guidance about the state’s complex leaves of absence policies at the August 18 seminar hosted by the California Chamber of Commerce. With all of the law’s intricacies, employers are clearly confused — and with good reason. Other leaves such as paid time off (PTO), kin care, jury duty and military service leave under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). Register now!

“There is always a cost to doing business; It may not always be transparent” with Donna Heidkamp and Tyler Gallagher

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Costs to the beneficial owner may not always be transparent relative to the notional value of the investments from reviewing statements. As a part of my series about strong female finance leaders, I had the pleasure of interviewing Donna (Grotegut) Heidkamp.

Is the ‘New’ Overtime Rule Actually Rising From the Dead?


It seems as though everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded by advertisements for pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween pop-up stores, and the ninth season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”. And speaking of zombies, the Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA ) overtime rule — the one that was initially proposed by the Obama administration back in May of 2016 — has been resurrected from the dead once again. The idea of a new overtime salary threshold is born.

Your Action Plan for the DOL’s New Overtime Rules


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires workers to be paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours a week. However, since the law’s passage in 1938, certain employees have been exempted from this requirement. Wages are part of that equation— and effective this year , the minimum salary to exempt an employee from overtime is doubling. If you have not already started preparing, the time to do so is now—the countdown to December is on.

The New Proposed FLSA Regulations and What They Mean for Employers

OmegaHR Solutions

Work now to adapt to new regulations on the FLSA. On June 30, 2015 the United States Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division released to the public proposed regulations for the revision of the Fair Labor Standards Act. These proposed regulation changes were published on July 6, 2015 in the Federal Register. A date for implementation of the changed regulations will then be set, most likely early 2016. The Proposed Changes.

HR Legislation: Joint Employment, Independent Contractors, Overtime Exemption, and COVID Disability

Netchex HR Blog

As a fourth wave of COVID spreads across the country, the Biden administration is working to refine existing COVID legislation, while also passing new measures designed to protect people. The U.S. The U.S. The review will come as part of its Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda.

“It is complicated!” With Tyler Gallagher & Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro

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Because organizations still value long inflexible hours, women bear the brunt of this as they tend to take responsibility for the bulk of childcare which reduces their ability to match the working hours of men. After the presentation, there was a tap on my shoulder.

WIRTW #459 (the “weeps” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Last summer, The Beatles released a remix of my favorite song of theirs, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles’ show, LOVE (an absolute must-do if you find yourself in Vegas). The new arrangement is the final work of legendary Beatles’ produced George Martin before his passing. HR’s Stand in the Face of Fox News — via Rick Bell at Workforce Magazine. Should You “Facebook” the Jury?

update: my workplace pulled a mean April Fools prank on employees

Ask a Manager

Remember the letter-writer at the company where, as an April Fools joke , the managers all told employees they were required to work four hours of overtime that night and the following day? And where the HR lady thought it was hilarious that some people “turned white as a sheet”? Here’s the update. I had commented on the original post on April 2: “I just confided my opinion to my manager about this prank.

Valentine’s Day at Work: Cupid as Career Killer

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Caught in a bad romance… Is love in the air at your workplace on and around Valentine’s Day? While office dating can send you to the honeymoon suite, it’s more likely to land you in the heartbreak hotel, outside on the company doorstep, or in a red hot legal mess. Employees should recall the age-old adage about the perils of mixing business with pleasure. Make sure to abide by the norms and values which reflect your company culture and brand image.

Equivalence (for women)

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“While looking at the issue of gender pay equity for work purposes I thought it seemed unnecessarily complex. I asked the eldest of my three daughters what she knew, and she answered that she understood women were paid less than men, but that she couldn’t readily explain why.” While looking at the issue of gender pay equity for work purposes I thought it seemed unnecessarily complex. Are you paid the same? Maintaining your Independence/share the load.

Is the Definition of Independent Contractor Changing?


California made headlines recently when the state’s top court changed the guidelines that apply to independent contractors, creating more stringent rules for when and how employers can classify a worker as an independent contractor. The ruling was the result of a lawsuit filed against package and document delivery service, Dynamex. In 2004, the company converted its delivery drivers from employees to independent contractors.